Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A 2010 plate... really?

The other day my dad signed the deal to get a new Ford KA for me as my little peugeot is getting on a bit (12 years) loves to play up, has issues and has many many miles on the clock. However whilst that is all well and good the car might have a '10 plate but it certainly doesn't have any features that match its year..

As their ultimate basic model it has nothing. But a cd player. It just annoys me due to the principle of the thing really.. you just expect that year car to come standard.. that's why it annoyed me so much. The model up had it but my dad has to have the offer.

Hey ho I'll get some exercise winding up those windows!

Just goes to show...

Competitions are worth the effort!

I've just been checking my emails today and I received one from a competition I entered where I've won a eco weekend which includes meeing some eco celeb with a eco dinner and a 4* hotel stay in a London hotel. Woop!!

Not sure if I can do the celeb meeting thing as it's such short notice... mmm I don't know, interested in the hotel stay though and the dinner. Hope they can rearrange things!

Then clicking on further through I received another one saying I had won £100 worth of Marks and Spencers vouchers!

My horoscope did say things were on the up... :)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Oxis International - target ageing from the inside

Everyone tries their best to hide the signs of ageing - be it by religiously applying anti ageing creams from the first signs of a wrinkle to slapping on factor 60 to combat sun damage. But what if the signs of ageing went deeper then that ? When you start ageing from the inside there is very little you can do and over time free radicals can attack cells causing oxidation which in turn causes cell damage.

As I'm sure you're all aware ageing begins on the surface, when skins looses elasticity and starts to sag causing wrinkles, droopy bits and a loss of youthfullness. Inside however it cause even more damage such as organ detioration, cell ageing and general mental composition over a period of time.

When outside components such as cigarette smoke, UV rays, pollution and fatty foods hits the skin a process called oxidation starts to take place and starts to disrupt the structure of human cells (stress oxidative). Over a prolonged period this can start to cause cardiovascular disease, premature ageing, cancer and so on.

So if there was a chance to prevent such a process wouldn't you jump at it? Oxis International are in the process of developing a number of antioxidant products that will help tackle free radicals and help eliminate inner ageing. These antioxidants normally available to apply from the outside produce their own free radicals that can help tackle the oxidation process. These products can be taken orally or intrevaneously and include enzymes that include glutathione and penny stock.

Oxis International http://www.oxis.comis a company that is engaged in the research of development in produts targeted against anti-ageing both inside and out, and is in the process of producing further lines of skin products.


Friday, 18 June 2010

England 0 - Algeria 0 = TERRIBLE!

Yet again England have scored a brilliant result in the World Cup (not). I wonder what causes world class players to suddenly lose all the excellence they have in their club games and turn them into a bunch of opportunity missing jessies!

It looked like the star play Rooney was home sick and missing his baby, and the rest of them clearly couldn't support the rest of the team. I may not be the expert, but if a formation aint working then the simple solution would be to change it wouldn't it?

Still onwards and upwards to the next game - England V Slovenia let it be 5 - 0 - I'd like to win one of my free bets on Opinion World!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Mystery shopping special

After joining several more mystery shopping panels I'm starting to get a bit more then the occasional job in. Last week I did two visits for the panel I've worked on for 2 years, to Abbey and Thomas Cook, and with another two panels to Chelsea and Macdonalds.

Whilst the pay isn't amazing, (varies from around £7 to £25) for the panels that I do use, if you consistently carry out these the money will begin to build up. For example when all my shops are confirmed I should receive in the region of about £60.

So for those who are dithering over whether it is worth it, I recommend if you have the spare time and the means of getting there do it. It's a bit of extra cash for doing something you would probably do anyway, it isn't difficult and it really doesn't take long to write up the report either.

To start on your mystery shopping journey why not try signing up to the following panels:
BARE International - I've not had any assignments with this panel yet as they've always been further then I wanted to travel. Quite a few available though
GAP Buster - Gap Buster is perfect if you like your food. It has assignments with a number of food groups, along with petrol stations and select high street stores.
Grass Roots - I have been with Grass Roots for around 2 years now and would highly recommend it. Fast payers, easy assignments and I've never had any queries about the work I've submitted.
Optimum Contact - I have just completed my first assignment with Optimum Contact and have to say they are very good payers and well worth signing up to.

There are other mystery shopping panels available, and some are accessible on Money Saving Expert, however the above panels I have used and been succesful with so I can easily recommend them. Remember when recieving notifcation of job available for mystery shopping never leave it to the last minute as everyone else pinches the work!

Remington video

Hello, finally the pictures of my Remington shoot are now officially on the Remington micro website. Check them out at Remington Hair Flick Challenge

Watch the video of the shoot here:

Let me know what you all think! :)
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