Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Fantastic half price Revlon makeup buy today!

Revlon could be considered quite a pricey makeup so when it's going half price it's a real investment buy - even if you don't need any makeup.

Halfpriceperfumes have got a fantastic combination foundation reduced from £12.49 to £6.50 and a Revlon photofinish blusher from £12.99 to £5.99.

What are you waiting for? Get them now!

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Don't forget the blusher !


Monday, 28 November 2011


The other day I received this mascara in the post as part of a competition win so I thought I'd share my results with you all. The mascara comes in a light green tube with the brand name Revlon and its claim to 'grow your lashes luscious.' The wand was average sized and coated pretty much all your lashes in one stroke. However I felt that the mascara was a little dry, that it lacked the consistency of most other leading mascaras. For example when I applied the mascara it didn't feel like there was enough product on the wand even though I had just taken it out of the tube.

It takes quite a while to get your desired effect on the lashes, and with me I expect lengthened, slightly volumised fluttery lashes. The product claims to have Fabulash ingredients in it which I must say does surprise me as I would've expected that to mean instantly lengthened lashes, however it may indicate that if you keep using this product your lashes will grow in time.

The mascara didn't really clump which was good and saves time in the morning. However in regards to my perfect mascara Revlon Grow Luscious doesn't really fit. Shame.
 Click to enlarge                                                                                                    Click to enlarge

  • May have possible lash growth effect over time due to Fabulash ingredients
  • Lashes don't get left clumpy like some mascaras
  • Perfect for a day look
  • Felt really dry like it was lacking product when you apply
  • Takes a while to get your desired effect - not good in the mornings!
  • Not really worth its pricey retail price of over £8
Now to get yourself a bargain, and avoid paying the price of Revlon in the shops head over to Cosmetics Skin care where you can get it for a cheap£5.99. But hurry there's only 1 left!


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Christmas is coming and that means Xmas shopping!

If you've ever done your Christmas shopping, walking in one shop to another with no idea what to buy someone you're probably not alone. Christmas is one of the busiest times of year with the holidays looming, and numerous friends and family to buy for you end up more skint then a 16 year old on minimum wage!

It's not all doom and gloom though, the lovely people at Half Price Perfumes are always looking out for ways to make life more simple. For under £6 you can buy a 20 piece goody bag filled to the brim with hair products, eyeshadow, lipstick, nail varnish and more. Why not treat yourself and the women in your family :)

Buy it here


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Feminist poem

A feminine predicament

while giving birth

to sadness, fear and empathy

the female turned down a chance to prosper

she didn't sign

she didn't copyright

she didn't remember to record

or to witness

while small faces suckled at her soul

the feminine being

continued to garden her love

now, what has she got?

a small planet

with well-fed predicaments

This is an entry for the Mookychick blogging competition, FEMINIST FLASH FICTION 2011. Enter now.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Rimmel's Scandaleyes mascara

Rimmel has a brand new mascara out - the very eyecatching Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara in a bright orange tube. The mascara claims to capture every lash to create a real eyecatching look. So how does it fare? The mascara has quite a fat long wand so you get quite a lot of mascara on your first application which saves you pumping the brush in again and again.

On occasions it does come out with too much product and your lashes can end up looking clumpy however this doesn't happen on too many occasions. At about £7 its about average for a highstreet brand mascara and it does do quite well in its claim to capturing every lash.

There's probably an increased volume level of 3x natural lashes and you only need one or two applications which saves a lot of time - perfect for those rushed mornings.

Before                                      After

  • You don't have to keep pumping the wand to get a lot of product on
  • Gives off quite a bit of volume
  • Keeps to its claim to capture as many lashes as possible
  • Doesn't break the bank
  • On occasions too much product comes off and your lashes can end up clumpy
  • Does tend to go on your eyelid a bit so try to leave eyeshadow to the last minute

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