Friday, 30 December 2016

10 things that annoy me

10 things that annoy me

I'm generally quite a complacent person but when something annoys me it really annoys me. Whilst there's more then 10 things I find annoying in life, I wouldn't want to bore you all day. Here's my round up of the 10 top things that annoy me the most.

1 . Queues
They say you'll spend at least 6 months of your life queuing and I don't doubt that for a second. I absolutely detest it. Hell I'll even avoid theme parks in the summer as the thought of waiting 2 hours for a 1 minute ride is my worst nightmare.

2. People who stop dead in front of you
So you're walking along quite happily and then boom you walk into the back of the person who's just decided to stop in the middle of the pavement. It happens mostly in London but you'll also find such people in most public vicinities. If i'm planning on stopping I'll head to the side where I won't bother anyone, common courtesy people!

3. Searching for my Oyster card
Everytime I go on the tube my Oyster cards seems to hide somewhere in my bag. It doesn't matter how small the bag is it will envelop itself in a magazine or a pocket somewhere. It would probably be better if I put it in my purse but I never learn.

4. Ice on my windscreen
This is only really a winter issue but it's such a pain in the backside. I never leave extra time to clear my windscreen and then get annoyed when I'm running a little late.

5. People who try to read over your shoulder
You always know when they're doing it as you can just 'feel' their presence. It's quite annoying and intrusive of my personal space.

6. Tailgaters
There's nothing that annoys me more than a car zooming right up behind you then sitting flashing their lights so you'll move over. Sometimes I like to sit there and wait till I need to move over before changing lanes just to annoy them more.

7 . People eating with their mouth open
It's pretty gross - do I really want to see what you're eating?

8. Noisy eaters
Another thing that makes me cringe is hearing people sound like they've morphed into a couple of pigs. Sadly my family are some of the worst offenders :-<

9. People who drive under the speed limit
You'll always find those drivers who will bumble along like they're out for a Sunday morning drive. Admittedly I'm one of those who tends to go a little over the speed limit so it frustrates me no end to sit behind someone doing 30 in a 60. Yes it happens, even on the motorway sometimes!

10. Brown Nosers
I know a fair few of these individuals who believe the way to prosper in life is to suck up to those above them. It's quite transparent and really does show how low they can stoop.

What things annoy you most in life?


Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016 year in review and aims for 2017

2016 year in review and aims for 2017

So 2016 is almost at a close, I swear the years seem to fly by as I get older.

This year I had lots of plans for my blog and I really wanted to put my head down and focus on building my social media audience.

At the end of December 2015 I wrote down my aims for this year:


  • In December 2015 I had 3,277 followers and I wanted to aim for 7,000
  • In December 2016 I finished with 5,532 followers


  • In December 2015 I had 2,327 likes and wanted to aim for 6,000
  • In December 2016 I finished with 3,185 likes


  • In December 2015 I had 334 subscribers and really wanted to get up to 1,000
  • In December 2016 I finished with 740 subscribers


  • In December 2015 I had 297 followers and really wanted to aim for 1,000
  • In December 2016 I finished with 403 followers

As well as building my social media followers I really wanted to focus on my Youtube and post at least one video a week.

So at the end of the year I haven't quite hit my social media targets but they have grown and I've put a lot more focus into having a consistent social media promotion schedule. I'm really happy with how my Youtube has grown as I almost hit my target and I grew from 50,000 views at the start of January 2016 to 121,656 views by December 2016. I'm also pretty pleased that a big makeup brand showed interest in my blog and added me to their blogger outreach list.

In 2017 I want to achieve even more with my blog and actually try and hit some of my social media targets. I plan on reading more books to help my development and listen to any tips I come across.

My targets for 2017 include:

  • Youtube - 1,100 subscribers
  • Twitter - 8,000 followers
  • Facebook - 5,000 likes
  • Instagram - 1,000 followers
  • Pinterest - 1,000 followers

I will be putting my head down and hope to achieve these and more!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Know Cosmetics No Bare Brows 4-in-1 brow pencil review

Know Cosmetics have previously only been available on Sephora and were pretty unheard of in the UK. Offering a range of beauty hacks, Know Cosmetics are perfect for enhancing your features.

The range includes:
  • No my lips are sealed - a transparent gel that will help to seal your lipstick without fading or smudging
  • No bleeding lips - say goodbye to your lipstick drifting outside your lip line. The lipliner helps to stop bleeding and feathering so your lipstick or lip gloss will last as long as you want.
  • No dark shadows - dark shadows are the worst and leave you looking so tired. No dark shadows comes in two shades (Wow and Pizazz) to help wake up the eye area and highlight any dark patches. 
  • No thin lips - if you're like me and have thin lips this will probably be your new best friend. The colourless gloss gently works at plumping and volumising lips.
  • No bare brows - this 4 in 1 kit has everything you could possibly need to shape and style your brows.
The range is currently available at Superdrug.

So I got to try out No Bare brows which is a great little tool for enhancing brows. Watch on to see what I thought.


Get yours for £18.00 at Superdrug

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The best essential oils for your skin

the best essential oils for your skin

Introduction to the best essential oils for skin
Scientists and doctors worldwide have acknowledged the skin problems as a very serious threat which they battle every day. After extensive research, we’ve compiled some of the best prescriptions and recommendations that we could find, but we also kept in mind that these solutions had to be natural.
Organic Essential Oils can prove to be of much use to you if you decide to try them out – they’re extremely healthy and exceptionally quick. We’ve listed the top 10 along their main attributes and recommended uses.
Best oils for the skin
  • Tea Tree – Used for clearing, purifying and removing acne. Can easily dry out any blemishes. Best used when your skin is swollen and red from irritation.
  • Jasmine Oil – Very versatile essential oil. It is perfect for people with regular and sensitive skin, and it’s great for the removal of scarred tissue and larger stretch marks. Combining it with another skin care piece might be a good call.
  • Lemongrass – People with pores are advised to use the Lemongrass oil. Just a couple of drops would be sufficient to make your skin firm and supple. Helps improve your tone as well.
  • Peppermint – People refrain from using this essential oil mainly because they don’t know how healthy it is. It might be a bit odd on the skin, but it’s one of the healthiest oils. Perfect for calming down an irritated skin or a rash.
  • Chamomile – Can be used before and after the damage occurred. If used before, it will shield the skin against cuts and infections. If used after, it will soothe the pain and purify the skin. Very easy to make and quite affordable.
  • Carrot Seed – One of the essential oils that has additional properties, carrot seed oil can be used as a sunscreen, as a rejuvenator, or to improve your sight.
  • Ylang-ylang – A catalyst essential oil, Ylang-ylang is able to revert the outward appearance of most damages caused to the skin.
  • Sandalwood – Older people would find much use of sandalwood oil as it hides the wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Coriander – Very smooth and sensitive, Coriander oil can be used on virtually any type of skin.
  • Rose – Rose oil is capable of normalizing the tone of skin after extensive usage. It’ great for people who have problems with photosensitivity and who get sunburns easily.
Take a look at the infographic below to find out more about the best essential oils for skin.

        10 Best Essential Oils For Flawless Skin This Infographic – 10 Best Essential Oils For Flawless Skin - Was Created By

Monday, 26 December 2016

Pink Parcel December unboxing

That time of the month can be a real pain - quite literally - and leave you feeling down and cursing that you were ever born a girl. Whilst everyone has a different way of dealing with periods it's always good to get a bit of pampering when you need it most. Pink Parcel are great for offering everything you could possibly need including tampons, pads and a whole array of treats.

Pink Parcel got in touch with me to  offer me the chance to sample their December box. Considering how cheap the box is (it's only £10.50 including postage and packaging) it's great value for money as you get so many treats in addition to your essentials.

Watch as I reveal what I got in the box.

   What do

What do you think of Pink Parcel, have you ever tried them?

Find out more here


Friday, 23 December 2016

Next Make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadow review

next make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadows

What the brand says
Next quad eyeshadows are perfect for illuminating eyes with four perfectly matched shades.

The lowdown
next make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadowsThis quad palette has four shades that make it great for the festive season. It has a combination of light gold, gold, light brown and dark brown shades that can be used alone or together for lots of different looks.

The eyeshadow is super soft and glides on beautifully. Each shade is really pigmented and packs a lot of colour on my lid when applied.

I went for a smokey gold look which you can recreate using the instructions below:
1. I applied the lightest gold shades all over my lid
2. I shaded the light brow onto the outer third of my lid.
3. Finally I blended the darkest shade of brown onto the very edge of my lid.

It took quite a while to fully blend the shades together to make it look more natural. I like how the eyeshadow stays together and doesn't crumble around my eye when I'm applying it. The gold shades seem quite light in the swatch whilst the brown shades seem quite vibrant and strong. I found both gold shades appear a lot more defined on the lid and the brown shades are quite a bit lighter. The finished look was a subtle smokey gold brown that was only let down as the shades didn't seamlessly blend together.

next make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadows gold/brown

I do like the strong colour in this palette and I love the shimmer. The colour lasts all day without fading and I didn't end up with eyeshadow underneath my eye.

I don't believe these palettes are limited edition but there does appear to be quite a few palettes (including this one) missing from their website. I picked this up in the Next store and you'll find a fair amount of their makeup available there to buy. I believe there are currently two other palettes in addition to the gold/brown shade I've reviewed today.

I give it  4/5
wearing next make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadows


  • Four shades to wear together or separately for lots of different looks
  • Heavily pigmented for really strong colour
  • Lovely shimmery shades        
  • Doesn't drop around my eyes when applying
  • Lasts all day without losing vibrancy


  • Brown shades seem quite faint  

Thursday, 22 December 2016

What does your bedroom reveal about you?

Loading What does your bedroom say about you?

So today I'm going for something a little different, a quiz. I know how you all love a little quiz :)

Does your bedroom look like something out of showroom or is it so messy you can't see the floor? It can tell a lot more about your personality then you might think! Click on to find out what your bedroom will reveal. I got I love stuff which seems pretty accurate as I do love to hoard.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Next Nail Colour Collection in Well Jel review

next well jel nail varnish

This nail varnish is simply stunning. The shade Well Jel is a gorgeous metallic sparkly pink colour.

The varnish has a fairly long brush which is just the right size for coating my whole nail. One coat of nail varnish was like coating my nails in liquid diamonds, the sparkle was unreal. It has a matte glitter finish that sparkles beautifully in the light. The varnish dries to a light pink shade. Unfortunately one of my nails did chip a day or so after application but the rest seem ok at the moment.

At £4 this nail varnish is a real bargain and looks amazing. The formula is the perfect consistency - not too thick - not too thin and glides on without feeling gloppy. It does lose a point for chipping so quickly when the varnish states it's a long lasting formula. Highly recommended.

next well jel nail varnish review
I give it 4/5


  • Has a beautiful sparkly finish
  • Lovely shade
  • One coat is enough to fully cover the nail so the varnish gives great value for money


  • Maybe a little tricky to remove

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How to survive Christmas shopping

how to survive christmas shopping

Christmas shopping can be like a minefield. Whether it's dodging those cranky shoppers who started shopping at the crack of dawn or every shop being so busy you feel like a sardine this is one annual ritual you probably wish you could avoid. If you're not one of those smug people who have all their Christmas shopping done by September this article on how to survive Christmas shopping is perfect for you.

1. Do all your shopping online
If there's one way to avoid shops at Christmas it's to shop online. You can sit comfortably at home on your sofa binge watching telly whilst clicking away. You might spend a bit more than you anticipated but hey what's the price of comfort !

2. He's making a list - he's checking it twice...
If Santa made a list to cater for the millions of little girls and boys it's obviously a foolproof way to keep track of the gifts you need to buy. Write a list of everyone you need to buy for, what sort of stuff they'd like and the maximum amount you want to spend. It will help you to keep focused.

3. Do your research
To avoid trawling around the shops clueless of what brand is best or what will give you the best value for money do your research online. You'll be able to read reviews and see which one is best.

4. Make it yourself
What could make your loved one happier than knowing your gift to them was handmade with love. If you're the crafty type you can easily make something lovely whether it's cute earrings, handmade soap or a batch of yummy cookies. You can make your creation even more special by decorating it with pretty packaging. I get all my inspiration from Pinterest.

5. Dress appropriately
Whilst it may seem chilly, it's guaranteed that every shop will be so warm you'll be regretting you ever wore that wooly parka. To avoid overheating work out what shops you want to go in and decide whether you'll be inside more than out. As long as it's not -10 out you'll probably survive without getting frostbite.

6. Stick to a deadline
You don't want to be trawling through the shops for weeks on end. Set yourself a deadline so you'll have time to do more than shopping this Christmas. Once you've finished you can treat yourself to a lovely glass of mulled wine.

7. Plan when you shop
With extended opening hours you can avoid the typical shopping crush you get at Christmas. You'll have a great time whizzing around the shops without having to dig your elbow out of everyone within arm's reach of you.

8. Use cash only
When you've only got a debit card or credit card it's so easy to blow your budget as you can't actually see what you're spending. Take the money out that you want to spend and once it's gone it's gone.

9. Buy in bulk
If you see something that you know a lot of people will like and it's at a great price, then buy it in bulk. The people you're buying for won't necessarily know you've bought several and it will save you time and money.

10. Buy a few extra gifts
If you're anything like me you're going to forget someone. To avoid the frustration of realising you need to buy more presents when you're in the midst of wrapping why not buy a few extra gifts. This will save you having to rush out at the last minute when you'd rather be watching Elf.      

Have a great Christmas!

Monday, 19 December 2016

Top christmas gifts for her under £25

christmas gifts for her 2016

These days people seem to have everything and this can make gift buying incredibly difficult. If you've been racking your brains for what to buy that female close to you- whether it's your friend, mum or aunt this gift guide will give you some great inspiration to get going. All presents are £25 or under so you won't be breaking the bank!
christmas gifts for her beauty 2016

1. Yves Saint Laurent The Art of Highlighting Christmas Set £22.50
Let your loved ones discover the iconic Touche Eclat pen in this set which contains a highlighter and a handbag sized Touche Eclat primer.
Get it here

2. L'Occitane Cares Collection Gift Set £19.00
This set is perfect for discovering some of the best products in the L'Occitane collection. The travel sized treasures have been handpicked to have the finest flavours and textures. Includes favourites such as L'Occitane Verbena Shower gel and L'Occitane Shea Rose hand cream.
Get it here

3. Style and Grace Deluxe Robe gift set £20.16
Perfect for a pamper night this gift set includes a 250ml bodywash, 100g bath fizzers, 200ml body lotion, bath robe and shower flower.
Get it here

4. Bomb Cosmetics Gift Set Candy Land £13.99
They're prettier than Lush and smell amazing. This gift set has all the festive treats that will brighten up anyones bath time. What's even better is that it's pink!
Get it here

5. Mikey Pearl Stud Spread Leaf earring £14.40
Another show stopper - these earrings have a pearl base that is surrounded by diamante leaves. Perfect for adding a bit of glamour to your outfit.
Get it here

christmas gift guide for her fashion and beauty

6. DKNY Women Gift Set  £24.29
Give the give of fragrance this Christmas with this DKNY Women gift set. With a  30ml Eau De Parfum and 150ml body lotion you're getting amazing value for money.
Get it here

7. OPI All Stars Nail Polish gift set £15.81
Who doesn't love beautiful nails? This set has 10 OPI varnishes in fabulous shades to make her nails look on point.
Get it here

8. Izabel London Gypsy Style Feature Cuff top £10.00
This Gypsy top is super flattering with its flowy design and neutral colour. It's only available in size 8-12 unfortunately but at £10 it's still a bargain not to be missed.
Get it here

9. Mikey Star Flower Stud Drop Pearl Earring £14.40
These diamante and pearl earrings are simply gorgeous. With a flower and stud design contrasted against the pearl base they'll be sure to attract compliments.
Get it here

10. Ted Baker Tella Enamel Button pendant £17.40
Who would've thought you could get a Ted Baker necklace for under £20!? This simple little necklace is perfect for that understated look.
Get it here

christmas gift guide for her perfume 2016

11. Accessorize Super Sparkle Stone Pendant £15.00
This cute little gem will make your loved one sparkle with glee. Even better that it's only £15.00.
Get it here

12. Beyonce Gift Set £20.24
You don't have to be a single lady to love the bootylicious stars perfumes. The set contains Heat Eau De Parfum 15ml, Rise Eau De Parfum 15ml and Wild Orchid Eau De Parfum 15ml all for just £20.24.
Get it here

13. Revlon Moisturestay Lip Colors gift set £17.22
This set contains 5 of Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick in some of their most powerful shades. It includes Buff, Toffee, Dusk, Violet and Crimson.
Get it here


Friday, 16 December 2016

9 smart ways to save money on clothes

9 smart ways to save money on clothes

Whilst I probably spend most of my money on makeup, clothing is a pretty close second. You only have to buy a couple of tops, a pair of jeans and a dress and the price has already rocketed. So what can you do to save a bit of money on clothes? Here's a few tips to help you out.

Buy better quality clothing
Whilst it may sound a bit crazy to spend more on money there is method to the madness. By spending more on clothing you're more likely to get better quality materials which will in effect make your clothes last longer. We're not talking Primark here - aim for Karen Millen or Coast.

Have a swap party
If you have a lot of friends or know a lot of people who are a similar size to you why not swap clothes? Swap parties can be held anywhere and gives you all the chance to have loads of new outfits without spending a penny. You never know you may find yourself wearing something completely different that you'd never try if you had to buy it yourself.  

Buy clothes at the right time
You can save yourself and your family a lot of money by buying clothes in a sale. Sales are normally held every January and at the end of the summer and there are lots of bargains to be have. If you feel like you're just rummaging through junk, be patient and make sure you go through the rails thoroughly. There will undoubtedly be a gem or too that someone else will have missed.  TK Maxx is perfect for buying just out of season clothes that are still on trend.

Don't wash your clothes as often
Don't worry I don't mean going without washing your clothes for two weeks or anything ridiculous. Sturdy items like jeans and jumpers can be worn a few times before they need to be washed. You'll get a few days wear out of them and you'll save money on washing/electricity too.

Take care of your clothes properly
If you don't take care of your clothes this can make their shelf life a lot shorter. If you reach for your jumper this winter and find it full or holes or realise your favourite handwash top has been shrunk in the washing machine it can be really frustrating. Jumpers can be protected by being stored in vacuum storage bags when they're put away for the warmer months which will avoid them being eaten by moths. Simply washing your handwash garments by hand will avoid any chances of your clothing shrinking or losing their shape. You'll find over time with a little love and attention your clothes will be around for years to come.

Give new life to your jeans
If you're bored of your jeans there's so much you can do to give them a new zest of life. Why not change the dye, cut the legs off and change them into a pair of shorts or even cut parts off and use them to add pattern to a top.

Do you really need it?
When you're out shopping it can be really easy to make a impulse buy. I should know I've done it many times in the past. The only problem is once you get it home you realise it doesn't really go with anything else in your wardrobe or you don't like it that much after all. You promise yourself you'll take it back but it's still sitting unworn in your wardrobe 6 months later.  The best thing to do is think of what's in your wardrobe and work out if the item will go with at least three of these. Otherwise it's probably a buy you'll regret.

Be creative with your own wardrobe
You can add a bit of excitement to any wardrobe by mixing up your look. Why not dig out a top you've not worn for months or wear that new necklace with a old top. If you put your mind to it you can give your wardrobe a whole new lease of life.

Go to a tailor
If you find the perfect item of clothing the sale but it's too wide, or too long you can still buy it. Take the item to a tailor and they should be able to adjust it for you so it should fit you correctly. You will still save money and you'll have a fabulous new outfit that you love.


Thursday, 15 December 2016

Top stocking filler gifts for her under £10

top stocking filler gifts for her under £10

Secret Santa is a bit like marmite - you either love it or hate it. The annual office tradition can be both frustrating and fun trying to find the perfect present within a tight budget. Whether you want silly or fun there's some great secret Santa gifts for her and they're all under £10. Here's my pick of the best!

top stocking filler gifts for her at the office

Joules Cuppa Labrador mug in pink £9.95
This mug is super cute and will brighten up anyones desk.
Get it here

Happy Jackson Wake up Cosmetic Bag £9.95
Who couldn't help but smile at this super cheery bright pink makeup bag. It even has the perfect quote for you to start your day.
Get it here

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blaster Snap Cracker £7.99
I love Bomb Cosmetics, they make the cutest little bath bombs and melts. This cracker eptimoises the feeling of Christmas with a santa bomb, reindeer bomb and a cute little heart bomb. What a bargain at just £7.99
Get it here

Extreme Dot to Dot Spectacular Places £9.99
When I was a kid I used to love dot-to-dots. This little book takes it a bit further as you can bring to life some of the most famous buildings in the world.
Get it here

Jelly Bean Gourmet jelly beans Christmas Pouch £6.00
Give the sweet lover in your office the gift of festive jelly beans this Christmas. The cute little box of sweets will certainly get them in the Christmas mood.
Get it here

Pocket Guide to Wine £7.99
There's always one wine lover (or two) in the office and this pocket guide to wine is the perfect gift. Let them educate you on the best red or rose at the Christmas party.
Get it here
top random stocking filler gifts for her
Gelicity Spa £9.99
Want to surprise someone with a trip to a spa but it won't fit in your Secret Santa budget? Why not try the Gelicity Spa instead. The goo mixture is made of tiny beads that make your skin tingle. It'll open your pores, soften skin and soothing aching muscles whilst chilling you out. It contains essential oils like lavender, bergamot and jasmine.
Get it here

Emojinal Mood Calendar £5.00
Always know what mood your colleague will be in with the Emojinal mood calendar. It even comes with monthly stickers!
Get it here

Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Chocolate puddles £5.50
Gives the gift of chocolate with Hotel Chocolat's Salted Caramel puddles. Who could turn these down!?
Get it here

RED5 Selfie Snap Stick £10.00
Perfect for the selfie lover this little stick will let them snap pics to their hearts content.
Get it here

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts gift set £9.99
This gift set is perfect for your colleague who is always stressed. Help them relax with these dreamy bath melts that fill the bath with essential oils and cocoa butter. If you don't fancy giving it away why not buy two!
Get it here

Unicorn for cats £5.99 
It's a bit daft but perfect for the cat lover in the office. If you can't get a unicorn this is the next best thing!
Get it here


Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Ciate London paint pot in Amazing Gracie/Antique Brooch review

ciate london paint pot in amazing gracie/antique brooch review

What the brand says
Ciate have combined some of their most popular shades in their Duo to Go nail varnish sets.

With a long wearing chip resistant colour, the nail polish has a flat brush so you can get professional results from the comfort of your home.

The Lowdown
Despite doing a quick Google I haven't really been able to pinpoint exactly how many Duo to Go sets Ciate are on sale. I have been able to find four sets:

  • Sheer pink/glitter
  • Lucky Penny/raincheck
  • Amazing Gracie/Antique Brooch
  • Mistress/Razzmatazz

I'm testing Amazing Gracie/Antique Brooch which is a duo of creamy white and sparkling gold shades.

ciate london duo to go paint pot review

I decided to layer the nail varnishes and applied Amazing Gracie first for a base layer. Amazing Gracie is the creamy white shade and is quite thin so I needed to apply three layers for full coverage. Once it had dried I applied Antique Brooch on top. Antique Brooch looks lovely on top of Amazing Gracie and really stands out on the white background. My nails look really Christmassy and are perfect for the festive period.

For this particular set I would probably say the best way to wear the nail varnishes is together. Both the shades are pretty thin so unless you're going for a sheer look you might want to avoid going solo.

I give it 4/5

Available for £10.00 at Very

ciate london paint pot in amazing gracie/antique brooch nails


  • Two shades in one which you can wear alone or together for different looks
  • Quick drying


  • The duo to go sets are quite hard to get hold of now in the main shops but probably can be found on Amazon/Ebay
  • Both shades are quite thin when worn alone

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

How to get an entire outfit for £50

how to get a outfit for under £50

Buying new clothes can be expensive and with Christmas coming up that's probably something you could do without. I love primark as it has so many fashion and accessories available that look great at a really low price.

Whilst not everything is my cup of tea it certainly it possible to get a entire outfit for under £50 there.

Want to see what I got and find out how much I paid? (Clue it was quite a bit under £50) watch on to find out.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Give the gift of you this Christmas

unique video christmas cards

Don't you just love how creative the internet allows you to be. You can totally rock Christmas this year with Christmas cards that have a video of you. Yes that's right these totally unique cards by Choosey have a link to a video which the receipt can visit and play. Whilst it's not as hitech as having a hologram of you appearing out of the card it's the next best thing !

choosey variety of video cards

The technology which is known as ar basically incorporates a barcode in your card allowing for private viewing of your video.

The process of creating the card is pretty easy. The site has a wide selection of cards for every occasions like birthdays and of course Christmas. You can narrow things down even further with options like 'for her', 'friend', 'age' etc.

how to attach a video on choosey
attaching a video to your card on choosey

Once you've picked your card you can upload your video. There is the option to download the app and upload a video through there or through the website on your desktop. I would probably recommend using the app mainly because there is a timer when you're doing your video which stops your video being too large. The site is restricted to 10mb videos which you can very easily go over as I did!

I made a Christmas card for my dad, picked a design then uploaded my short video through the app. Once I'd uploaded the video I could add a extra message in the card as well.

adding a message to a card with choosey

The only downside I would say is you can't really have lengthy videos so if you wanted a sentimental video for a friend it probably won't work. It is however great for a novelty greeting card that will stand out from the rest of the cards on the mantelpiece!

Choosey are giving you all a chance to win £40 to spend on cards. To enter simply follow the instructions on the widget below.

Win 10 free Choosey greeting cards inc postage #16

If you don't want to take part or can't wait for the competition to win you can get a 25% discount with the code BGCHRISTMAS16. The competition will end on the 15th December 2016. Good luck!


Friday, 9 December 2016

NYX #Nofilter Finishing Powder review

nyx #nofilter finishing powder review
What the brand says
With instagram came filters and the ability to make our photos look amazing. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't need that filter to make your skin look on point?

NYX #Nofilter Finishing Powder has been designed to eliminate the need for filters on apps like Instagram. It has been formulated to give a flawless and soft finish to make your skin look fab. It's currently available in 14 shades so there should be a shade to suit most skintones.

The Lowdown
As a lover of a good selfie, the idea of a powder that gives skin a #nofilter effect sounded fantastic. I generally have good skin but whilst everything may look fine straight after doing my makeup, I find that after a few hours everything seems to slip south.

nyx #nofilter finishing powder before and after

nyx #nofilter finishing powder swatch
The powder feels satin soft to the touch and is really gentle on the skin. It has a slight beige tint to it but this blends fairly well into the skin when applied. I chose Ivory and was surprised by how good a colour match it was for my skin. There is a very slight shimmer in the powder which gives my skin an extra glow. I would say the overall effect is very subtle but it does give more of a airbrushed finish then I'd get wearing just foundation.

By the evening I found the majority of my makeup was still intact. I did find it clumped a bit when mixed with cream makeup i.e. cream blusher but seems to be fine with powder products. It does help in regards to controlling oily skin and
I feel my t-zone is a lot dryer then when using other products.

I do like the powder as it does warm up my skin and feels really soft to apply. It does give a soft airbrushed finish and is fairly good at keeping most of my makeup intact. Bear in mind in the photos one is in natural light and the other is in artificial light.

I give it 4/5
how long does nyx #nofilter finishing powder last

Get it for £11 at Boots 


  • Really soft and kind to the skin
  • Has a subtle glow
  • Fairly good at increasing the life of your makeup
  • Available in quite a few shades so it should suit more skin tones


  • Does tend to clump on occasions especially with cream makeup

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Work that trend - catwalk scissor flick

catwalk scissor eyeliner flick
With the big day looming, your diary is probably full of Christmas parties and festive dinners. With so many occasions to dress up for what could be a better occasion to try a daring new look!

If you've mastered the cat eye then it's time to try the scissor flick- a uber glam new way of wearing eyeliner.
step 1 catwalk scissor eyeliner flick

Step 1
Firstly grab a neutral beige eyeshadow and sweep it all over your lid. This will make your eyeliner stand out more. Using your eyeliner (I used Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick & Thin eyeliner) slowly draw a line along your upper lash line.

work that trend - catwalk scissor eye flick step 2

Step 2
Once you reach the end of your eye extend out a further 1cm. Make sure this line is aimed towards the top of your ear.

catwalk trend - scissor eye flick

Step 3
Using the liner go from the outer edge of your eye again and draw another line; extending it out so it points towards your temple.

Voila you're done and ready to party!


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Santa Dreams nail tutorial

christmas nail tutorials

So with Christmas coming up I want to do something a bit christmassy for you all. You will probably see quite a few of these Christmas nail tutorials coming up as the big day nears!

Santa baby eclipses all the colours of the season; red, green and white and has simple and statement nails. To get started here's what you need to do:

christmas nail tutorial how to

1. Grab a dark green emerald colour (I used Avon Noir Emerald) and paint your little finger, ring finger and thumb. Two coats of nail varnish should completely coat your nails.
2. Get a sparkly gold and paint small circles on your emerald green nails. I would recommend using a nail tool but as I have seem to lost all of mine I just used the top of a nail art pen.
3. Get a sparkly red (I used Max Factor Deep Coral) and paint your index finger.
4. For your santa face you will need a base. Grab a peachy pink shade (I used 17 in Pink Lemonade) and layer it till your nail is fully covered. Once it's fully dry grab your red and paint a thick line like you would get on a French Manicure.
5. Get a white nail varnish or nail art pen (I used Barry M white nail art pen) and  paint small white circles for bobbles of the santa hat.
6. On your index finger use a white nail varnish or nail art pen to create stars.
7. Back to the santa face - grab a black nail varnish or nail art pen (I used Barry M nail art pen in black) and draw two small circles for eyes.
8. Grab your white nail art pen and create a white fluffy beard.
9. Next it's time to add a nose - get your red nail varnish and add a tiny dot in the centre of the santa face.
10. Use the white nail art pen to create two white dots in the centre of santa's eyes to complete the look.


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Surprise your loved ones with chocolate greetings this Christmas

chocolate christmas cards

Paper cards are so last year. What says I care more than a fabulous Christmas card made out of chocolate.

Morse Toad is a unique company that allows you to personalise your greeting cards for any occasion. Whether you have a 40th birthday, anniversary or even want to treat someone for christmas they've got a card to suit every occasion.

I was lucky enough to be offered a credit of £15 to sample Morse Toad and create a card for someone close to me. My mum is very hard to buy for and can be quite finicky when it comes to cards. Who would be better to surprise with a unique chocolate card!

chocolate greeting cards morse toad

The creation process is really easy to do. You can choose a pre selected design or make your own. I choose to make my own and wrote the message 'Merry Xmas mum'. You have up to 4 rows to write your chocolate message with 11 characters per row. The first row starts off at £11 and slowly goes up with 2 rows for £14, 3 rows for £17 and 4 rows for £19. It's very easy to go over the rows without realising so you will have to watch out if you're watching the pennies.

morse toad add a picture

Once you've completed your chocolate message you can add a photo for a extra £1. If you're worried you won't have anywhere to write a longer message you don't need to worry as there's a box to add your text. Delivery is also free if you spend over £5 which is a massive bonus. At the moment Morse Toad only offer Belgian chocolate but they hope to offer more alternatives in the future.

morse toad chocolate card packaging

My package arrived probably a day or two later beautifully packaged in a secure box. Inside the card was wrapped in blue tissue paper in another box. The chocolate pieces are very thick belgian chocolate and are presented lovingly in the centre of the box. My photo is on the lid with the message on the other side.

morse toad chocolate greeting

Morse Toad is a brilliant way for giving a unique gift to a loved one which will make them remember you a lot more then a piece of card. Whilst it's probably too expensive to consider dishing out to all your work colleagues it's perfect for those special ones in your life.

Buy your unique card today at Morse Toad using the code Happy Toadmas. The code will you 10% off and will expire on Christmas day.

What do you think of the idea of using chocolate as a alternative to paper cards?

Monday, 5 December 2016

Marks and Spencers Christmas beauty event goody bag contents revealed

m&s christmas beauty event goody bag contents

So last week I headed off to Marks and Spencers beauty blogger Christmas party and took in all the lovely gifts available. Amongst the fun, christmas music, yummy food and pampering we left with a packed goodybag.

Here's what was in the bag:

m&s christmas beauty event goody bag contents revealed

1. Twiggy Amber Blossom Eau De Toilette (RRP £16.00)
2. Gatineau Discovery collection (RRP £20.00) - contains:

  • Gentle eye makeup remover
  • Melatogenine cleanser
  • Radiance enhancing gommage
  • Melatogenine futur plus anti-wrinkle radiance mask
  • Melatogenine AOX Advanced rejuvenating cream
  • Age benefit integral regenerating cream

3. Ciate Paint Pot (RRP £10.00)
4. Crabtree and Evelyn Pomegranate Argan and Grapefruit skin cleansing shower gel (RRP £15.00)

What a great way to start the run up to Christmas!

Friday, 2 December 2016

Look Incredible November beauty box review

This post is coming a little late but it will give you some insight into future boxes. This months box was a bit of a mixed bag if I'm honest. The products were all new to me but I'm not quite sure whether Look Incredible really aimed the products at their main age group this month. If you're not sure what I mean be sure to check out the video.

If you want to sign up to the boxes head over to Look Incredible. The basic box is £18.99, by buying one box you're agreeing to a subscription but you can cancel any time.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

How to make your concealer last longer

makeup tips

I have suffered with dark circles all my life so concealer has always been my holy grail product. Throughout my teens and early adulthood I have tried so many concealers I've lost count. The one thing I find most frustrating about using concealer is how quickly it fades in comparison to the rest of my makeup. This frustration led to me researching ways to make my concealer last longer, here's some tips that helped me along the way.

Make sure your face is clean
Makeup lasts longest on clean skin as it has a clear base to settle on. Try to get in a routine and clean your face morning and night with a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Alternate with a exfoliator so you can remove all the oils, impurities and dead skin cells that can cause dullness and break outs.

Hydrate your skin
If you don't apply moisturiser your skin will get really dry especially in winter. Once you've washed your face use a good moisturiser to give your skin the moisture it deserves. Opt for a moisturiser that suits your skin type and try to aim for one with a high SPF. A good place to start is Kiehl's Blue Herbal Moisturiser (on offer for £23.85 at House of Fraser)

Use a makeup primer
Makeup primers are essential for getting your concealer to last longer. By applying primer first your makeup has a base to cling to which will avoid it sinking straight into your skin. I recommend Nars Cosmetics Multi Project Primer (on offer for £23.40 at House of Fraser).

Choose the right concealer 
There are so many concealers on the market it's probably quite overwhelming trying to find the right one. Try to find a concealer that is branded as long lasting and suitable for your skin type. The best way to see if it's right for you is to try it out in store or ask for a demonstration. Find out which concealer will suit your skin type below:

  • If you have dry skin opt for a liquid concealer 
  • If you suffer from acne or combination skin, cream concealer is good as its normally medium to full coverage
  • If your skin is oily you'll want to choose a matte concealer that won't add extra moisture. 

It's time to apply
Once you've find the perfect concealer it's time to apply. You can use a concealer brush or your fingers depending on which you find easiest. Apply a small amount and blend along the problem area. If you're applying concealer to dark circles aim for one shade lighter so the area looks brighter. If you're covering acne you'll want to aim for a concealer that matches your skin tone.

Set with a powder
The best way to set your makeup is using a face powder that will give your makeup sticking power and prevent shine. Use circular motions to blend the powder in.

Resist the touch!
Nothing ruins your makeup quicker then having dirty fingers running over it. It's so easy when you're at work to scratch, itch or touch your face without even thinking about it. I know I do it all the time!
Try to resist this as it can cause your makeup to smudge and transfer oil and dirt onto your skin.
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