Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Steamcream Moisturiser - Keep your skin moisturised

Before I received it in a Carmine beauty box I had never heard of Steamcream (the beauty of Carmine). It did rouse my interest, coming in a bright orange small square box with just the words steam cream on. What is this curious product?

Inside was a circular round tin in a quirky leopard skin pattern. The leaflet that came with it explained all, listing the full amount of gorgeous skin loving nutrients inside:
  • Oatmeal Infusion - a proven anti inflammory that helps soothe and moisturise the skin
  • Orange Flowerwater - helps to improve elasticity
  • Almond oil - contains high levels of vitamin E which conditions the skin and keeps it plump
  • Lavender Oil - from Provence, contains Antiseptic components which can help heal and reduce inflamed and sore skin
  • Organic Jojoba Oil - helps produce an easily absorbed cream and is an excellent moisturiser and skin softener
  • Cocoa butter - seals in the essential oils and softens the skins surface
  • Steamcream -topped off with a fragrance created from a natural blend of pure essential oils selected for their toning, soothing and healing qualities.
Just from reading the enclosed leaflet I thought I'm in for a treat - or my skin was. However I'm always a bit wary of these products full of all these amazing skin reconditioning vitamins etc, you never really know if they're going to work. The moisturiser has a screw top lid that's easy enough to open once you've removed the plastic(!)

Inside is a milky white moisturiser that looks thick and inviting. The product has a very recognisable smell of lavender which I'm not a huge fan of but once I applied it the smell diseppeared. The cream sunk really well into my skin and didn't leave any excess product on the surface.

At the moment my skin is quite sore in places which some moisturisers can aggravate so I was a bit worried. However the next morning whilst the patches haven't gone over night they haven't been irritated either. I'm sure with long term use the moisturisers nutrient products will really start to show their dividends.

The tins come in a large number of patterns which you can collect and save to use as a jewellery holder, stamps, paperclips etc when the product is finished with.

Overall a decent moisturiser with no real disadvantages.

  • Didn't irritate my skin
  • Is full to the brim with skin loving nutrients
  • You get a lot of moisturiser in the tin
  • Has a quirky design which you can store and collect
  • Can be used to store stuff when it's finished with - a forever product
  • If you don't like lavender you may have a problem 

February Carmine Box Has Arrived!

Hip hip hooray! The Carmine box arrived in time for February!

February's box came in a similar exterior box to January so I was worried it would be a carbon copy. Alas it wasn't. Phew!

Inside there was:
  • Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish in Naomi (scarlet red) which was developed by the celebrity nail technician Andrea Fulerton. Used and adored by celebrities like Kylie Minogue the shades are popular and long lasting.
  • Balance Me Rose Otto Super Moisturising Body wash, perfect for a luxurious shower or long soak in the bath. Leaves your skin velvety smooth and smelling like heaven.
  • Steamcream Moisturiser. These gorgeous little tins are full of moisturising goodness, they smell strongly of lavender so not so great if you're not a fan, but are full of nutrients for your skin
  • Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick - Not the best product Carmine has ever produced, it's a tiny sample size. Clearly a very expensive product! 
  • White Glo professional Chic Whitening Product - It's always interesting to try whitening toothpastes, to guesstimate whether they actually work! The Australian brand that makes formulas for coffee and tea drinkers claims your stains will be wiped away with this stuff. The truth will out!
  • Yardley London Peony Fragrance Sample - a fresh feminine scent that encompasses the smell of the peony flower and compliments it with delightful fruity notes. Just like Spring in a bottle!
With only 3 full size products out of 5 Carmine isn't delivering as many full size items as previous months. However if you want to try new things then Carmine's for you!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Snap it up quick!

It's not often you get a huge bargain in one bag but on this occasion HalfPricePerfumes have come up trumps.

The Borghese roman holiday kit has a number of items worth £45 for the small price of only £10.

Set includes:

  • 1 x Luxury Compact with Mirror
  • 1 x Gleamer - face highlighter flash balm
  • 1 x Precisione Lash Defining Mascara in Black
  • 2 x Mini B Lip Glosses
  • 1 x Eye Accento Pencil 
Stock is running out fast so get clicking!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

JackyMac Eyeshadow in Chameleon - You're not joking!

If you read my last review you know I was pretty impressed by JackyMac's eyeshadows. This morning I tried out the Chameleon shadow and I have to say the colour was quite a shock!

The eyeshadow comes in a traditional clear pot with a black lid, that is slightly larger then normal shadows (Barry M for example). It has a clear pull back lid which proved a bit problematic as I had a white top on and powder shot all over it. If you get in that situation do not rub it in!

To apply I simply patted out a little bit of powder (a little bit goes a long way) and then applied it to my lids. That was when I saw the amazing colour it created. Despite appearing brown in the pot the colour is like a chameleon a shimmery yellow gold with hints of green. It is quite the most amazing colour, and not one i've seen before.

The only real issue with this product is it doesn't last forever, and a few hours later the colour had unfortuantely faded. You could still see it but there was only a faint shimmer by the evening. Overall a fantastic coloured eyeshadow which is really good for you, and you'll get compliments all night long.

  • Easy to apply
  • A little goes a long way
  • Amazing colour
  • Can go everywhere if you're not careful (don't wear white anywear near it!)
  • Colour starts to diseppear after a few hours

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

JackyMac Eyeshadows Bursting with Colour

JackyMac mineral makeup was inspired by the creator's own experiences with makeup. Having sensitive skin that broke out regularly with traditional makeup she sought out a solution that would mean she could still wear makeup but not suffer for wearing it - the answer was found in America - mineral makeup.

From there JackyMac bounded ahead in leaps and strides and now is a very successful makeup site offering a large number of mineral makeup products.

The Jacky Mac eyeshadow in chocolate brown comes in a standard package with a clear container and black lid. To access the shadow you have to pull of the plastic seal which means the product is very hygienic and there are a few holes in which you can tap the product out. The main problem I find with this version of eyeshadow is sometimes it can be very difficult to get the powder out and you're left tapping for ages.

The colour is a lovely brown with mixtures of gold within - something I've not seen before. It applies really easily and leaves a lovely shimmering sheen on the eyelid.

The eyeshadow is great for a casual day time look or glammed up for a evening with a bright red lipstick.

Overall a lovely product that is long lasting, great colour and it's good for you!

  • Gorgeous colour
  • As it's mineral it's really good for your skin
  • The pot is quite big so longer lasting
  • Only a little comes out at a time so you won't be using more then you need
  • Whilst the products design means the product lasts longer it also means its hard to get out
You can buy Chocolate Brown eyeshadow at Jacky Mac for £5.99

Monday, 20 February 2012

Benefit Hervana Blusher

At the recent Hervana launch night I got my own free exclusive beauty product.

The Hervana blusher comes in gorgeous girly packaging with the image of clouds, a gold halo and what looks like a sunset. I believe Benefit are trying to achieve the you'll be in heaven when you use this product image.

Inside the powder is a mixture of different colour shades that when mixed together will create the ultimate glow. There is also a really handy mirror so you can reapply whilst on the go, perhaps whilst on the train trying to impress that gorgeous hunk in front of you!

The product comes with a pint sized brush which is also useful as it means you don't have to haul your makeup brushes along with you every time you go out. The only problem with the brush is when I was trying to gather up the product it was quite difficult as the brush was the same size as the box so it kept bashing on the sides.

The colour is quite a nice pink blush which applies quite easily and rubs in well. There is a slight shimmer to it but not as much as there would be with a shimmer product. I do feel that the product isn't really much different to a typical blusher, and you can probably save quite a few pounds by buying a more high street brand.

  • Cute packaging with a mirror
  • Handy brush so very travel friendly
  • Nice colour
  • Getting the product out with the brush can be quite arkward
  • The product's end result isn't that different to a typical high street blusher so on this occasion I would say save your pennies 
                                                  On the right side Hervana was applied

Vita Liberata Day to Night

This gorgeously packaged makeup kit was sent to me by the wonderful Premium Fragrances.

It comes in a smart black box so on first glance you would have no idea there's makeup inside. Once opened you'll find a smart metallic silver box with the print Vita Liberata Day to Night on and the quote: "Passion. Freedom. Life."

Initially I am already very impressed and I haven't even opened it yet!

Inside I find 6 eyeshadows, a blusher and what I believe is a bronzer. The kit is clearly designed for a day to night look so you can easily update your look on the go - perhaps after work.

The gold eyeshadow is a lovely colour that adds a bit of glamour to your lids. I did feel the gold wasn't particularly bright and would probably be more suited to a day look.

I think this shade of brown is quite sparkly but a little bit more mature then the gold eyeshadow. It suits blue eyes well and would go fantastic as a smokey eye look.

This beige shadow appears very light when its applied - almost like a dewy finish. It may be more suited for a very casual 'no makeup' look, but even for daytime I don't think it's particuarly suitable especially if you like your eyeshadow to appear visible!

This pink shadow adds a lovely dewy pink colour perfect for a summers day. It's not too over the top so it doesn't look like you're wearing loads of makeup but you can still see the colour so you get a real pretty girl next door look.

This black eyeshadow is great for a smokey eye look on a night out perhaps matched with the brown shadow on top of your brow bone. Unlike some black eye shadows its not too dark so if you smudge it to create a further smokey effect you won't look like someones drawn all over you with permanent marker.

This white shadow is very similar to the pink shadow, only slightly lighter. The white shade is definitely suited to a more casual look perhaps mixed with the pink shadow for a girly summers day look. Another alternative for the bare look as well.

The blusher was a cheerful rosy pink colour that added quite a bit of warmth to my cheeks. It applied quite easily and was easy enough to blend in to my skin with little excess product. I did try what I believed to be the darker blusher/bronzer and felt that it was perhaps too dark for my skin tone and that it was the only disappointment on a otherwise very useful kit.

  • Lots of choice - great value for money
  • The eyeshadows are good quality, can use some for day, some for night
  • A few shadows such as the beige one didn't really add anything to my lids - just looked like i'd applied a highlighter or shimmer
  • The blusher applies nicely and added a warm pink colour
  • I felt the dark brown blusher/bronzer was way too dark for a shading product 
You can buy this for £6.99 (reduced from £10!!) from Premium Fragrances

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Rimmel London Quad Eyeshadow

This quad eyeshadow by Rimmel offers a shade that would appeal to everyone. The colour base of purple, dark blue, light blue and grey give you the option to mix and match, apply singly or go for a really dramatic look depending on the time of day.

The packaging is relatively simple with a clear front and black background. It is easy to open and store and the product has lasted me quite a while so a little really does go a long way.

The eyeshadow is quite matte and applies very easily to your eyelid. As the shadow is matte it means it's very unlikely to crease or diseppear by the end of the day. On this occasion I only applied the purple eyeshadow, the main reason for this being I do feel in many ways the colours are mismatched. For example you could simply use the two blues together, but as for purple and grey I just don't feel they mix all that well. I find that with a lot of Rimmel's trio or quad eyeshadows the colours always tend to be a little contradictory of each other.

The purple shade is quite vivid and really draws attention to my eyes. It is however quite plain and there's no added sparkle or anything to the shadow.

Overall it's a eyeshadow that does give you value for money with the palette of colours, but I do feel that whilst they work great alone, as a quad the colours don't quite work.

  • Selection of 4 colours to choose from
  • You can wear the colours alone or mix and match
  • Long lasting
  • Matte eyeshadow that doesn't tend to crease
  • The colour scheme doesn't mix very well

New CID I-Pout Lipstick in Berrylicious

The I-Pout lipstick in berrylicious comes from the new makeup brand New Cid. The lipstick comes in a small white box and the lipstick itself is in a white rectangular tube.

Ever since I first tried New Cid lipsticks I have been a big fan, mainly because unlike most lipsticks they don't feel sticky and uncomfortable on your lips. The colour is a very dark raspberry shade which would go quite well for those who aren't quite daring enough to try red.

The lipstick glides on really easily, gives my lips a lovely berry shade that isn't too dark on my skin as I'm quite pale, but still gives me a bit of colour.

As with most Cid lip products there's a  added light on the lipstick which makes applying in the dark a dream as there's a mirror attached as well.

The product has a fantastic perfume smell that is absoloutely gorgeous, but it does not leave any aftertaste on your lips.

New Cid lipstick in Berrylicious is a great product, and perfect for all those lipstick lovers

 Before                            After

  • Gorgeous perfume smell
  • Nice raspberry shade
  • Glides on really smoothly
  • Has a added mirror and light 
  • The only real disadvantage would be that New Cid is not the easiest makeup to get hold of

Friday, 17 February 2012

The Benefit Hervana experience

When I think of a harvana I think of paradise and that was exactly the effect Benefit were hoping to achieve on their latest product launch party.

Linked as a collaboration between Benefit and Elle magazine the party was exclusively for competition winners and those who were invited.

When we were allowed into the event area I was amazed by how different to a normal event it was. Instead of a room full of chairs there was a large swimming pool with large flowers floating within as well as candles. There were comfy lounge sofas and wooden benches all around. The luxurious image it conveyed was that of a harvana - well done Benefit

As part of the night we got to choose one treatment each - nails, massage and brows. I had been wanting to get a better shape so I went for the brow treatment. It involved waxing - ouch. My friend went for the nail treatment and got a lovely purple nail varnish painted on.

There were waiters constantly coming round with canapes of lamb, chilli with chicken, ham wraps, goat cheese cakes and the best little mini fish and chips - they were gorgeous.

For dessert we had pancakes with a choice of banana, chocolate, cream, sugar and cinnamon and lemon juice. What a feast.

Now the best treat had to be the naked butlers wandering around. They had nothing on but a apron and their bodies and bums were amazing! I even got a man sandwich :)


Finally on our way out we all got a cute little goody bag with a complimentary Hervana blusher and a Benefit Hervana umbrella - nothing like a bit of free advertising I guess!

I was surprised there was no free Elle magazine considering they sponsored it

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Putting St Tropez Moisturiser to the test!

St Tropez are considered the creme de la creme of tanning brands. So as I recently won a St Tropez tanning kit I thought I'd put them to the test!

Part of the set I was sent included a medium to dark moisturiser which gradually tans your skin the safe way. The moisturiser comes in a bright white solution like a traditional moisturiser and has a really nice summery smell - no biscuits here!

It sank into my skin easily when rubbed in and felt quite luxurious. Now after applying there was no visible result of any tan appearing but it is only day 1.

This is how I looked after applying

Lets hope day 2 has better results!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Day 2 of the St Tropez Tanning Test

So day 2 arrives of the St Tropez moisturiser tanning test.

After day 1 I felt there wasn't much of a result and I'm still as white as ever!

Upon applying the 2nd layer I still don't think there's much of any tanning going on. What do you think?


New Cid Coco Pop Lipgloss for luscious lips

I don't often wear lip gloss as I prefer a splash of scarlet red lipstick but now and again I'll try something new.

New Cid lip gloss in Coco Pop comes in a standard plastic tube where the real surprise is in the lid. The tube has a small mirror along the side which you can actually see yourself in unlike some where all you get is a blurred image. Inside the lid is the most wonderful surprise, a light which means you can apply your lipgloss in dark locations such as clubs.

The gloss has the most amazing chocolate smell which makes you just want to eat it. It applies really smoothly and does not feel sticky on my lips like some lipgloss residue. The colour is a chocolate brown so probably best worn alone rather then on top of coloured lipstick.

Generally most lip glosses do not tend to last longer then half hour as you subconsciously lick your lips which is completely natural and unavoidable. However I felt the lipgloss lasted probably around two hours without reapplication.

The only downside would be the fact that the colour brown doesn't go with a huge amount of things and it would look slightly silly applied over say red/pink lipstick.

The overall result was one of glossy lips that felt smooth, not sticky, and with a delicious after taste.

I'd give it 4/5

                        Before                                                                                  After

  • Gorgeous chocolate smell
  • Easy to apply
  • No stickiness
  • There's a light inside so you can apply even in the dark
  • Added mirror
  • Much longer lasting then most lipglosses
  • The colour doesn't match many shades of lipstick so you can't apply the gloss on top
  • Colour maybe too dark for some

Saturday, 11 February 2012

New CID Cosmetics KohL Eyeliner

They've been voted best new makeup in Customer Beauty Awards - who are they - New Cid

New CID is a relatively new kid on the block for a make up brand. It's not currently stocked in beauty outlets like Boots or Superdrug but it is on the up and up.

As part of the makeup I was kindly sent by their Pr company I'm currently testing the Kohl eyeliner. Some eyeliners you can buy are often quite hit and miss - they might be really stiff and end up scratching your eye or the pixel is so weak you get no result whatsoever. Luckily for CID I have to say they flew well above the rejects.

The eyeliner comes in a very long silver pencil shape, probably longer then any other Kohl pencil I've ever used which demonstrates its longevity. To apply I just remove the silver lid and rub it along my lower lashes.

The pencil applies really smoothly and generally there's no snagging of my skin (except when I move it the wrong way) The line comes out really black and defined and it's quite clear I could do a lot with this pencil. I applied the pencil this morning and so far it has not shifted so there's a element of waterproofness there too.

A fantastic Kohl pencil all round with great results and styling.

Overall I'll give it 5/5.
                                               Enlarge to see the picture in more detail

  • Very long pencil so it's bound to last you a very long time
  • Applies easily, you don't have to fight with it
  • Deep black colour so it's clear you're wearing eyeliner
  • Doesn't streak
  • Quite a new brand so not the easiest to get hold of
You can buy New CID cosmetics here

Barry M Eyeshadow Turquoise Gold

If you want to sparkle on your night out then Barry M is the eyeshadow to wear.

Barry M dazzle dust in shade 92 comes in a vivid sea-green colour which is very deep and pixelated. The shadow is easy to apply and a little goes a long way so the pot will last quite a long time.

When I applied it I got a little surprise as mixed in with the blue is a shimmering gold. Now I love eyeshadows that have gold in or gold mixtures as I really think it adds a lot of glam to your look.

The shadow is so versatile you can add it under your eye or fan it out for an all over evening look. It's certainly different to the smokey black eye look.

The eyeshadow has absolutely fantastic staying power and hours after applying it looks just as good as it did on the first application.

The only downside, which is not a big thing at all is that when you apply excess powder may fall onto your face and any other makeup you have applied.

Oveall I'd give it a 4/5.

                                                     The picture shows the mixture of blue and gold
  • Gorgeous mixture of green and gold
  • A little goes a very long way
  • Gives a really glam evening style - for the whole eye or just the lid
  • Reasonably priced
  • May drop onto the rest of your face when applying

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Reach For the Stars

In my bid to reach world domination (well I'll settle for higher profile) I have been trying really hard to get my blog out there and to get people to recognise I offer a service in which I will review products for free.

Well I'm glad to say the fruits of my labour have paid off. After contacting the pr companies of many different makeup brands I've had successes with Models Own and New Cid cosmetics. I adore New Cid lipsticks so I was delighted to find they'd sent me a whole batch of their products. Amazing!

So I will be very busy with reviews over the next few weeks. Keep tuning on for that latest review!

Above picture shows the samples kindly sent by the above brands pr companies.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Carmine January or is it February box!

Well I have to say this month... what a disappointment Carmine.

The box which is expected to turn up around the 25th January didn't turn up... At all... till I sent a frustrated email to support who then sent out another box first class. So despite me not receiving anything Carmine were still quite happy to take the money out of my account.

So I was hoping that after my very long wait the box would be worth it. Well I'm not really sure it is.

In this months box is:
  • Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturising and brightening cream - A organic wild rose face cream that brightens and repairs your complexion. Also adding plumping hydration for the next 24 hours.
  • Eldora False Eye Lashes - Handcrafted eyelashes especially designed to give you a extra bit of sparkle. Not bad I guess as I do like to go False from time to time.
  • Radiance Face Oil - A 100% natural facial oil that will dramatically renew your skin and make it glow.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt - A natural mineral rich 30 minute soak in the bath that gives your skin the ultimate detox. Equivalent to a 3 day fast. Now not something I would normally buy but it'd be great if it works!
  • Eyeko - Fat eyestick in Petrol blue
So what do you think? I just hope they pull their socks up next month or rather this month!

Avon True Colour Silky Eyeshadow Gilded

When it comes to Avon you either love it or hate it - or you're inbetween.

As a Avon representative I find myself buying bits now and again but not too much, otherwise it will bite too much into the old commission!

However I decided to try Avon True Colour Silky eyeshadow in Gilded as I liked the colour as i'm a big fan of goldy/bronze. The tube is very long, almost like a mascara tube so I have no doubt this eyeshadow will have some staying power!

To apply you simply take the wand out and gently pat onto your eyelid. The shadow goes on quite well but it does have that rather sticky feel you get when you put wet shadow onto your eyelid.

The trouble I normally have with these wet application eyeshadows is that they so often crease they're not worthwhile bothering with. However I felt that with Avon True Colour eyeshadow it had more staying power then I gave it credit.

The colour did last most of the day and I felt the colour suited me so I felt quite good about myself that day. The wand is also great for applying under your bottom lashes, as with a typical eyeshadow it can be quite tricky to get a nice line as there's no applicator. (unless you buy one of course!)

I would say the only major downside is that the liquid applies quite thinly so it is quite hard to build up a real well of colour. However from afar the effect is pretty much the same - a goldy bronze eyeshadow that gives you a bit of glam.

  • A glam colour that suits most skintones
  • Very long tube so extra long lasting
  • With the wand you can apply easily to both your eyelid and under your bottom lashes
  • As Avon is not sold in the shops you have to get it online or through a representative
  • Applies quite thinly so it's very hard to get a thick colour consistency
If you are by any chance interested in getting a Avon representative and you're in the Medway area just drop me a email!

Friday, 3 February 2012

The Winner Is...

As i'm sure you're all aware there's been a competition up for a while to win a fantastic Su-do Tan Exfoliating product.

I'm happy to say the winner is Hazel Christopher who has been notified of her win.

New competition coming very soon.


Competitions are worth the effort!

A couple of years ago I had just left university and by the end of 2008 the economy market hit a massive landslide and we went into one of the biggest depressions since the 1920's.

It was a tough time and after facing rejection after rejection I decided to take up my brother's hobby - competition entry.

I did this as I couldn't believe how much he was winning for a start and thought maybe a few wins would generate a bit of cash. My first win was a cook book but from then on I was on a roll, winning dvds, albums, a £1000 makeover (with all the pics) hotel stays in London and more!

I submitted my story to Pick me Up and they printed it. Here's the story:

If you're a avid competition enter or you're just starting do post a comment, i'd love to hear from you!
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