Sunday, 28 March 2010

Weekends shenigans

I've had a busy weekend this week.. for once lol. I had a friends party on Friday and then went out with work on Saturday. Many people from work let us down though party poopers! lol.

It was a good night boogying on down in Moons but I certainly wasn't impressed when my manager dropped my camera on the floor and broke it! I hope he's planning on buying me a new one! :-/

And today I woke bright and early like around 7am, god knows how and woke constantly every half hour for ages till I just gave in and got up.

This post may not seem too interesting but hey at least I'm keeping you in the loop ;-) Be good everyone!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Death wish?

Coming home from dance today I encountered some strange lights in the near distance. I did wonder what the hell it was and whether aliens had somehow landed but no it was in fact the lights of some wanderers bicycle. Now why would you cycle on a unlit country lane with just a tiny teeny light to make drivers aware of you?!

Not only that, the cyclist was wearing black lol, so they were of course completely visible. The bends on that lane are bad enough without some driver having to make a quick jump into the path of another car lol.

Some people are so smart. :P

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Comic relief...

Is it just me or did James Corden (from Gavin and Stacey) seem to insult virtually every sports personality last night? None of them looked dead pleased about it either, but then what do you expect from a comedian hosting the show?

I'll tell you one thing, Freddie Flintoff's face was priceless when he talked about his excessive drinking, yet the funny thing is when he started taking the piss out of another celeb they quite happily laughed.

Still they couldn't be that offended he did get a standing ovation after all! Only a comedian can slag someone off and then get clapped for it!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Howdy y'all

Hello there all.

Just another update on how things are going. Well it's almost Easter (sort of) and the weathers getting warmer by a centigrade every month.. woop! lol.

I didn't have much luck in the interviews I've been having lately but I did have glowing feedback, well apart form the one that seemed to think I was rude.. strange little lady. ! I think asking one question is rude personally!

Still working hard at work, last week I got £6 a hour as I got a 1.6 conversion but this week I missed it by one, what a bummer! :(.

Yesterday I did some more mystery shopping and what was supposed to be a 3 mile drive from Maidstone ended up being a 30 odd mile one because I went the wrong way.. gutting! Ended up taking the slip road towards the motorway and you can hardly decide to turn around when you're stuck on there!

I do wonder if some berk has done that before.. it wouldn't surprise me!

Anyway I hope you are all well. Let me know if you want me to write about anything!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Traffic lights are red for a reason!

Today I went out and did a bit of Mystery shopping to earn a bit of extra dollar then headed off to Chatham to spend a Debenhams voucher I'd got off my earnings from Toluna. On my way there I encountered the ridiculous traffic works that hold everything up for half hour and when I got to the front of the line some stupid berk decided to go. Even though his light was clearly red as mine was green. Then he had the cheek to thank me... well I was hardly going to drive into you you twit! Clearly as the title says traffic lights are red for a reason. 

Anyway back to the story, when I finally got to chatham and managed to find ap arking space I ended up buying stuff that I don't need as usual which included:
  • Pink vest top from Primani
  • Black vest top from Primani
  • Pearls with a pink flower on from Primani
  • White cardi with shoulder pads :) from New Look
  • Another black vest top with a white bow from New Look
  • Pink vest top with flowers down the middle from Miss Prodigy
  • Top for my mum for Mothers day (ssh)
  • Pretty pink vest top with bow under the boobage
  • My butterfly necklace from Debenhams
  • Pink bracelet from Debenhams
However I did have a voucher for Debenhams so they don't really count. Also got two necklaces and a ring from Accessorize yesterday, and more cardis, socks and earrings from Primani in Maidstone yesterday. Funny how money just burns away isn't it!

My wardrobe is now not fit for purpose as it really is a struggle to generally get anything into it hanging up wise. I can't find anything that I want to get rid of either. Nightmare..
If you look carefully you'll see the rail slowly starting to bend... :(
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