Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cambodian water festival disaster

When reading the Metro newspaper on Tuesday I was shocked to see the picture of the Cambodian bridge disaster when party goers were crushed after panic spread.

I have to say reading the account the situation must have been terrifying trapped in a bridge with others falling on top of you and knowing there was no possible way you could escape. To me the idea of being crushed is one of the most horrific ways to die. God bless their souls.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Urban legends

The other day I was round my friends and we were discussing as you do urban legends. I was reading a few out from my iphone and seeing if they agreed they were scary. I told her and her boyfriend the one about the girl who had a dog that was chopped up by a psycho and instead had him licking her hand under her bed but I got it a bit muddled up and they didn't find it scary. Then there was the one where a guy driving one night sees another car with its lights off so flashes them, the story goes whoever flashes them gets chased and then supposedly killed. Apparantly that story was true and occured in London years ago (doesn't surprise me if it did).

As we were watching Saw 4 at the time (quite appropriate I think) I brought up how when you get into your car at night don't you ever think there's someone sitting in your back seat and just when you look in your mirror they leap up with an axe, knife, rope or any other appropriate weapon. Of course it's too much horror movie consumption for me but my friend agreed so clearly its a girl thing. That night on my way home I checked the back seat just to make sure...

Do any of you have any worries about urban legends coming true?
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