Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Herbalife Line Minimising Serum tried and tested - the results

herbalife line minimising serum

So a couple of weeks ago I told you about Herbalife Line Minimising serum which claims to reduce ageing in 7 days.

The serum was part of the recently launched SKIN range, innovative high performance products full of a powerful blend of Vitamin B, antioxidant Vitamins C and E and Aloe Vera.

My first impressions of the serum were good, it had a lovely thick consistency and quickly sank into my skin without it feeling greasy. I didn't really notice any difference in the wrinkles in my t-zone but straight after applying the skin around my eyes was firmer and more taut.

Over the week the serum had a similar effect around my eyes every time it was applied but nothing really happened with my t-zone.

At the end of the testing period my eye area seems a little more firm than normal but the fine lines are still visible (albeit you have to look quite hard). Unfortunately the wrinkles on my t-zone are exactly the same which I'm quite disappointed with.

Overall I feel the serum does have some good points, it's really good for instant effects and gradually making less affected areas firmer over time. I can't say it will have much effect on deeper fine lines/wrinkles.

I give it 3/5

You can buy the serum from your independent Herbalife distributors.

before and after herbalife line minimising serum


  • Has a great instant firming effect on less affected areas 
  • The serum sets into the skin quickly and there's no greasy effect 


  • Doesn't really have an impact on larger affected areas

Monday, 27 February 2017

February Beauty wish list

february beauty wish list

Whilst we're not quite in the depths of winter anymore, February can still be a gloomy, cold month so taking care of your skin is important. When it came to choosing my top picks for my February wish list I want to focus on skincare must haves. Of course I've seen quite a few makeup pieces I simply adore and they also feature highly in my must haves for this month*.

Miller Harris Lumiere Doree Hand Cream
My hands get so cracked and dry in winter that I always need a hand cream on standby. The new release from Miller Harris smells amazing and leaves the skin feeling supple and soft without greasiness.
Get it for £18.00 at Miller and Harris

Too Faced X Kat Von D Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection
Omg this palette is a dream. A combination of two of the hottest brands in the beauty sphere -Too Faced and Kat Von D have teamed up to create the ultimate palette. The limited edition collection features eye products from both brands - a total must have.
Get the palette for £52.35 at Sephora

Panasonic 3-in-1 Micro-foaming Facial Cleansing Brush
The new cleansing brush from Panasonic sounds pretty amazing. It works on the traditional Japanese facial cleansing secrets to effectively remove makeup whilst deeply cleansing the pores at the same time. It uses ultra-fine bristles with a gentle but luxurious microfoam to leave skin feeling cleansed and refreshed with a brighter complexion.
Get the panasonic electric facial brush for £149.99 at Panasonic

Temple Spa Aromatherapy Resting Cream
A spa trip sounds pretty lovely right now. As that's not really possible then the new Temple Spa Aromatherapy cream is the next best thing. The moisturiser is filled with the smell of the spa and has ingredients that will leave my skin looking fabulous.
Get the cream for £40.00 at Harrods

Delilah Pure Light - The Collection
With so many highlighters to choose from it's pretty hard to find one that will suit me. The new collection from Delilah has three highlighting powders in a range of shades including champagne and pink tones so it's perfect for different skintones.
Get the palette for £48.00 at Space NK

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016
I've never owned any Tom Ford makeup  - mainly because of the price tag  - but they are so pretty! The Lips and Boys lipstick collection has expanded to feature even more mini lipsticks that are perfect for applying on the go.
The lipsticks are £28.00 at  Net-a-Porter

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Moisturising and Embellishing Mask
The new mask from Givenchy is perfect for revitalising my skin for Spring. It's been formulated with a soothing texture to leave skin looking bright and glowing. I'm loving the packaging too!
Get the mask for £40.00 at House of Fraser

Olehenriksen Power|Bright 
The powerbright is a 3 step skincare product from Olehenriksen. You start with the sugar scrub mask, follow with the Vitamin C Intensive Treatment and finish with the melting cleanser. Once you've finished you're left with super soft supple skin that smells like chocolate oranges. A skincare product that's good enough to eat sounds like the perfect treat!
Get it for £40.00 at John Lewis 

What favourites are on your wish list this month?

*this is a sponsored post but all views and opinions are my own.

Friday, 24 February 2017

How to get glowing radiant skin

how to get glowing radiant skin

If you had to pick one thing that you'd love your skin to look like it'd probably be radiant right? With so many products claiming to leave you with beautiful glowing skin it's hard to decide what will work for you. The important thing to remember is that a lot of radiance comes from within, a combination of feeling good and revitalising skin products will get you well on your way.

work out more to get glowing radiant skin

Work out more
It's true, exercise really does you good. By working out more you'll be boosting your circulation which increases the bloodflow around your body. This in turn will bring blood faster to your organs and skin which will make it look a lot brighter.

  • Top tip -  If you don't like the gym why not try dancing or boxercise
Get some more vitamins
Vitamin C is fantastic for boosting the radiance in your skin as it plays a role in collagen formulation and neutralising free radicals. You'll also find it's beneficial in reducing the signs of fine lines, uneven skin tones and red marks. It's available in capsule form to work from the inside out, or you can get it in a moisturiser for a topical effect.
Try Korres Wild Rose 24-hour moisturising and brightening cream (£30.35 at Sephora) or Forza Multivitamin for dieters (Currently £6.99 at Very

fake tan to get glowing radiant skin

Fake it baby
If it isn't natural then fake it - with fake tan. I bet whenever you've come back from holiday glowing with your summer tan people have complimented you on how healthy you look. Whilst I wouldn't recommend baking yourself under the real sun, fake tanning does just fine for making your skin glow and revitalising dull skin.
Try Fake Bake 60 Minutes  Self-tan Liquid (£26.95 at Feel Unique)


Thursday, 23 February 2017

New Look Gel Nail Varnish in Electric Crimson review

new look gel nail varnish in electric crimson

What the brand says
New Look's gel polish nail collection features 15 fabulous shades for rich colour and a hi-shine finish. Unlike traditional gel nails there's no need for a UV lamp, perfect for saving money on those monthly trips to the salon.

The Lowdown
I'm really loving how New Look have completely revamped their makeup collection recently. The range has doubled and there's now a full range of makeup including foundation, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow and more. For the review I'm trying out Electric Crimson, a vivid vibrant pink nail varnish.

The varnish has a medium coverage and it took 4 coats to fully cover my nails. It dries pretty quickly and there's no gloopy consistency.

The varnish is a great price and it has a lovely shiny finish that intensifies when reflected under the light. Whilst it claims to last 7 days with a topcoat, I was disappointed to find it chipped after 2 days. Admittedly I didn't use a topcoat but I still expected it to last a little bit longer without chipping without.

I give it 3/5

Grab it for £3.99 at New Look

wearing new look gel nail varnish in electric crimson


  • With 15 shades to pick from there's a wide range of looks you can choose to suit your look
  • Each nail varnish is only £3.99 so the whole collection would be around the same price as one trip to the salon


  • Chips after two days or so

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How to cover up blemishes

how to cover up blemishes

So you've woken up on the morning before that hot date and *shock* *horror* there's a massive spot on your face. With an eruption the size of mount Etna it's easy to go into meltdown, board yourself up in your room and not leave until the spot has gone. Or you could stay calm and read my tips on how to cover up blemishes.

Reduce the swelling
Spots often looks so bad because the skin around the blemish is sore, red and inflamed. Often the first thing you'll do when you see a spot is to pick it, and that's probably the worst thing you could do. The first thing you'll need to do is reduce this inflammation so you'll only have the head to contend with. Glycolic acid is perfect as it exfoliates the skin and removes any dead skin cells. Tea tree oil is also great to use as its penetrates the skin unblocking the glands, disinfecting pores and drying out whiteheads and blackheads.

  • Top tip - you may want to use ice to further reduce the inflammation.

how to cover up blemishes use the appropriate coverage

Use the appropriate coverage
When choosing a foundation avoid products that promise a dewy glow or satin finish as this will only bring attention to your spots. Opt for a foundation that is designed to treat skin whilst covering up any blemishes. Examples include Dior Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation (pore refining effect) or Clinique Pores Refining Solutions Instant Perfecting Makeup (minimises the appearance of pores without clogging).

Yellow coloured concealers are best for acne
Yellow concealers are great for toning down the redness you get with acne or most spots. Avoid using your fingers as the oil may irritate your blemishes and make them worse.
Try Benefit Lemon Aid concealer (£16.50 at Boots)

how to cover up blemishes set your makeup with powder

Set your makeup with powder
Once you've finished your makeup use a powder to set your makeup and remove any remaining oil. Use a powder that matches your skin tone and avoid applying more than one layer as it can start to get cakey.

Take your makeup with you
Makeup has a nasty habit of fading as the day goes on. To keep your look intact take your makeup with you and touch it up on a break or lunchtime.


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Get ready with me using only Bourjois

get ready with me using only one makeup brand

Normally I wear quite a few brands when I'm getting ready for the day so I thought it'd be fun to get ready using just Bourjois makeup.

The look I'm creating is quite strong with smokey eyes and bright red lips.


So what do you think of my look? I wasn't too sure on the eyeshadow but the City Radiance foundation is great at concealing my rash and giving my face a gorgeous glow. What is your favourite Bourjois product?

Monday, 20 February 2017

L'Oreal Lip Paint Lacquer in Red Fiction review

loreal lip paint lacquer in red fiction

What the brand says
L'Oreal have released their first ever liquid lacquer lip paint that's bound to wow with supercharged pigments for bold lip colour. Available in 5 shades from the neutral Gone With the Nude to the very bold purple Dark River.

The Lowdown
I feel L'Oreal was a little slow on jumping on the liquid lipstick bandwagon but it's better late then never. The lip paint has been formulated with a smooth creamy formula for a comfortable finish. Unlike a few other liquid lipsticks I've tried Lip Paint Lacquer has a separate brush, like a lipgloss; this is great as I don't need to use a separate brush. The brush has a slanted side for more precise application, and deposits just the perfect amount of product for the optimum look.

loreal lip paint lacquer in red fiction brush

L'Oreal claim that the bold paint like finish will last for 8 hours, which in my opinion is a bold claim to make. I often find brands say their lipstick will last 'this many hours' or 'last all day' but often they will only last a few hours before needing to be touched up or applied again completely.

The brush makes the lacquer so easy to apply and the formula glided on so smoothly. It doesn't feel drying at all and is really comfortable to wear, so much so it feels like it has a water based formula. The colour is really bold pillar box red.

I love the bold paint like intensity of the lip colour and the perfect shine. It lasts for at least half a day before fading and that was after eating and drinking. A fantastic lip colour that looks great, smells great and lasts for ages.

I give it 4/5

 Get it for £6.99 at Superdrug

If a glossy finish isn't your style L'Oreal also have a range of Lip paint matte shades for you to try.

before and after loreal lip paint lacquer in red fiction


  • Comes in 5 vibrant shades
  • Has a glossy finish
  • Slanted brush for precise application


  • Whilst it says there's no bleeding I did find there was a slight element of this especially on my top lip


Friday, 17 February 2017

The secret to barely there makeup

the secret to barely there makeup

You've probably heard of the no make makeup trend where people use very few products to create the au naturale look. So what's the secret? It's actually a lot easier to create then you might think.

Skin loves moisture
One of the most important parts of a natural look is to have hydrated moisturised skin. This will give you the perfect smooth base to apply your makeup on top off to avoid any flakiness. You can  mix moisturiser and foundation for a more natural look ala CC creams.

the secret to barely there makeup cream textures

Go for creamy textures
You'll want to choose makeup that has creamy textures that will melt into your skin. Think cream blushers, highlighters and powders.

Keep to one colour
Try not to vary your colour palette too much as one shade will create more of a streamlined effect. To avoid that made up look you get with brushes try to use your fingers where you can as the natural warmth can help blend the products.

the secret to barely there makeup natural eyeliner

Go easy on the eyeliner
If you love your eyeliner you can still wear it by dotting it along the lash line instead of creating a strong line.


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Maybelline launches The Falsies Push Up Angel, a revamp of the original The Falsies

maybelline the falsies push up angel mascara

What the brand says
Maybelline's new Falsies Push Up Angel combines volume with curve to give a glamorous false lash wing effect.

The unique wing brush is designed to push lashes aside whilst lifting and plumping from the roots.

The Lowdown
Falsies Push Up Angel is a revamp of the original The Falsies which launched last year. Push Up Angel looks a lot more girly with a cute purple tube.

maybelline the falsies push up angel mascara curved brush

The mascara features a teeny tiny brush that is nothing like its predecessor. I was quite surprised by this as there's not many mascaras that go for brushes that small. The plastic brush curves around and has the tiniest lashes I've ever seen.

The brush was a little bit awkward to work with and was quite messy especially on my right eye. The mascara does give some volume and length to my lashes although I'm not sure it's anymore then a normal mascara. The lash lift that's supposed to last all day tends to start sagging after a few hours. I also found there was a small amount of clumping.

If I'm honest I probably do prefer the original The Falsies which has a traditional brush. I also feel the original made my lashes look a lot more 'false' then Push Up Angel. A shame as I was expecting a lot from the revamp!

I give it 2/5

Get it for £7.99 at Boots

before and after maybelline the falsies push up angel mascara


  • The curved brush is designed to fit neatly around your eye shape


  • The small brush is a little difficult to work with and can make things a bit messy when applying
  • Small amount of clumping 
  • Does not give much of a False Lash effect
  • A little bit messy due to the small brush

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Bright and bold makeup is the perfect way to feel good in 2017

bright and bold makeup is the perfect way to feel good in 2017

There's nothing that makes me feel brighter then a pop of bright red lipstick to complete my look. It's been scientifically found that looking at brighter colours releases dopamine, the feel good hormone that is known to improve mood. It's time to ditch those nudes and embrace your brighter self.

bright and bold makeup wear red lips

Go for red lips
Red lips have universally been known as a glamorous Hollywood inspired shade. Red is also known to be a sophisticated, bold shade and will help you to embrace your inner confidence.
Try Nar Sheer Lipstick in Manhunt (£21 at Net-a-Porter)

Go neon with orange nails
Orange is such a powerful shade and symbolises pretty images such as sunsets or flowers. It's great for creating energy and so is perfect as a nail varnish because it gives a instant pick me up.
Try Topshop Neon Nails in Voltage (£6.00 at Topshop)

bright and bold makeup wear blue eyeshadow

Makes eyes pop with blue eyeshadow
You may think it's a bit ott but blue eyeshadow does suit all eye colours. There's a great variation of blue shades to pick from and a quick sweep over your lids will instantly make your eyes brighter. Why not check out my article on how to use blue eyeshadow for inspiration.
Try Makeup Forever eyeshadow (£16.98 at Sephora)

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Essie returns to its Retro roots with a revival of their classic shades

essie retro revival collection

What the brand says
To mark Essie's 35th anniversary, they've launched Retro Revival, a collection which features 6 of the classic hard to find shades.

The releases feature the gold star- emblazoned cap which mimics the sign of the Stardust casino, the original birthplace of the brand in Las Vegas in 1981.

Included in the release are:

  • Bold Beauty - a deep red perfect for the art of seduction
  • Pure Chiffon - turn heads with this mid-century inspired shade.
  • Prima Bella - mesmorise everyone around you with this vibrant pink
  • Sweet Tart - your nails will be nothing but sweet with this shade
  • Chastity - stay pure in the Sin City with Chastity
  • Flawless - show off your girly side with this dainty cherry blossom shade

The Lowdown
Out of the Revival Collection I was sent Flawless and Sweet Tart to try. Flawless is a gorgeous baby pink shade that would be perfect for Spring. It has quite a large brush so quickly covered my nail and as the formula was quite thick it only took 2 layers to fully cover my nail. It has a lovely shiny gel like finish.

essie nail varnish in flawless

Sweet Tart is a little different to what I expected. The colour was a lot darker then I thought and it's definitely more of a nude classic shade. I would say the colour is more of a creamy coffee. The formula isn't as thick as Flawless and doesn't have the same overly shiny finish.

essie nail varnish sweet tart

I've only tried 2 of the new collection but they're a good example of how different the shades are. Depending on your mood you can go girly or the classic look so the varnishes are perfect to express your personality.

I give the varnishes 4/5

If you want to buy some of the classic shades you better be quick as the collection will stop being sold after 14th March 2017. The collection should be available to buy soon.


  • A good mix of girly and classic shades
  • Flawless has a gorgeous shiny gel like finish
  • Quick drying 
  • The varnishes  have large brushes so it's quicker to paint your nails
  • A chance for you to grab some of the classic iconic shades from the Essie collection


  • The formula of Sweet Tart isn't as thick so takes a few more layers to get a full result

Monday, 13 February 2017

My experience of the new Rush Holborn salon

rush holborn salon

The brand new Rush store in Holborn opened its doors just before Christmas. I was excited to be invited along to get a complimentary cut to try it out.

The Holborn salon has a luxurious feel to it with comfy sofas, chandeliers and magazines to take away any boredom whilst waiting. They use the latest products including GHD, Kerastase, Redken and lots more. Their expertise is clear from the range of treatments available including a Brazilian blowdry, consultations, hair treatments and wedding hair in addition to the essentials like hair dyes and cuts. 

rush holborn facilities

My appointment was with Roshell and she spoke to me before about what sort of cut I was looking for. The salon was quite accommodating in doing a cut using spray water instead of a full wash as the sinks leave my neck really sore. The salon was pretty quiet with just a few clients, music and little chatter.

rush holborn salon availability

I went for a similar cut to what I always have (creature of habit I'm afraid!) a side sweeping fringe with layers and the dead ends cut off. The lady cut my hair then styled it into relaxed waves. I wasn't too sure at first but at the end it did look great. 

On their website Rush say that they will advise you of products you can use at home to keep up the upkeep of your new look but unfortunately I didn't get any guidance on this.

rush holborn refreshmentsThere was a good selection of complimentary drinks available including wine, apple juice, orange juice, tea and coffee in addition to two yummy Lindt Lindor chocolates.

It was nice to try out the Rush store and it was set in a beautiful location with cute adornments like the flowers. I would've loved a bit more chatter though!

Have you tried out Rush? You can find out more on their website where you'll find a 50% off offer to all new clients for the Holborn salon. 

Friday, 10 February 2017

Common nail problems and how to solve them

common nail problems and how to solve them

Your nails are an extension of yourself - the perfect way to showcase your personality. So when dry flaky nails ruins that lovely shade of red you'll want to take action.

Are your nails yellow or discoloured?
It's possible that a lot of bright nail polishes have changed the colour of your nail beds over time. To reduce it why not try Nails Inc Nail Kale Nail Bright (£15.00 at Selfridges).

You wear falsies a lot and you're starting to notice your nails are peeling.
If you're wearing false nails a lot you're probably replacing them every 3 weeks. Every time you remove the old nails you use a acetone based remover that will leave your nails dry and brittle. To add some much needed moisture try Elegant Touch Nail Apothecary Nail Quencher (£7.95 at Boots). It contains jasmine and flaxseed oil to combat dryness.

Your nails bend and tear easily leaving jagged edges
Often when your nails bend easily they are lacking nutrients which results them in being a lot weaker then normal. In the long run you can treat this by taking daily vitamins to get back essential nutrients. In the meantime use Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener (currently on offer for £8.96 at Look Fantastic) to help create thicker, stronger nails.

Your nails chip easily
If your nails chip as soon as you try to paint them then they're probably very weak. Like brittle nails you can take vitamins to help reduce the problem. Rimmel London Nail Nurse Stronger Nail (£4.49 at Boots) will add extra calcium and keratin to help strengthen the nail beds.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

10 fun things to do on a rainy day

things to do on a rainy day

In the UK it probably rains 300 out of 365 days. With so much bad weather to contest with it's essential to come up with a foolproof plan of what to do on the days where the sun doesn't want to shine. Here's some of my faves.

1. Check out a new TV series or film on Netflix. Why not try a genre you wouldn't normally watch.

2. Have you been dying to read that book you bought 6 months ago but still haven't got round to it? What better time is there to snuggle up with a good book then a gloomy rainy day.

things to do on a rainy day baking

3. Bake some yummy cakes or biscuits.

4. Check out Youtube and try out a new makeup look or trend. Maybe film it live on Facebook if you want to showcase your new skills?

5. Clear out your wardrobe and get rid of any clothes you haven't won for at least 6 months (or simply don't like anymore). You can sell it on Ebay or donate them to charity.

things to do on a rainy day paint your nails

6. Paint your nails

7. Play a board game with your family. It will get you talking and you'll soon realise how much fun you're having.

8. Try something crafty - whether it's making handmade soap or cards, it's a fun way of making something for family and friends that has a personal touch.

things to do on a rainy day play video games

9. Play a video game. Simple but fun!

10. Enter some competitions - it's one of my favourite hobbies and can be so rewarding. This month I won a 55inch 4k TV!
Check out my article on how to win at competitions
You'll find more tips in my book How to win at competitions

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

How to save money as a new pet owner

how to save money as a new pet owner

A couple of months ago I got my kitten Tara. Initially I was a little naive and didn't think the cost of owning an animal was that excessive. Experience has taught me never to underestimate the cost of having a pet.

Owning an animal can cost up to £40,000 and that can leave quite a dent in your bank balance. Whilst this figure is excessive, and it does depend on the animal and your lifestyle you will find you'll spend more than you first thought. You have to take into account bedding, food, litter trays (if you have a cat), toys, leads, pet carriers and vet costs.

Whilst Tara is my little bundle of joy I would've loved to have known how to save some money when buying her. Here's some tips you can use so you can keep as much money in the bank as possible.

Get pet insurance
It may seem like yet another outgoing every month but in the long run pet insurance is a great idea. If your animal got sick or hurt in an accident you'll have to fork out the full cost of a bill without insurance - and what if you couldn't afford it? Don't take the risk. Think strategically and you can even get cashback on top of your new pet insurance purchase.
Check out my article on 28 ways to save money.

Save money on grooming
This probably won't affect the cat owner so much (depending on the breed) but dog grooming costs can soon rack up. Why not learn how to groom your pet by watching videos on Youtube and save yourself a bit of money by doing it yourself.

Make your own toys
The principle of a lot of pet toys is pretty simple. They are designed for your pet to chase or bring back to you. Why not be innovative and come up with some of your own inventions - a stuffed sock perhaps.

Wipe your pet before they come inside
Cats and dogs are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to dragging mud through the house. Instead of wasting paper towels unnecessarily grab a old towel and wipe their paws.

Save money on leads
To save money on leads you need to be buying the more expensive quality products. Whilst it may seem a little backwards to spend a lot of money on leads, pricier items are made with better materials that tend to last. Cheaper leads are more likely to suffer wear and tear and you'll probably find you'll be replacing it a lot more.

Consider getting your animal from a shelter
Whilst this tip is probably useless if you've already bought your pet, it's great if you're still considering it. Your heart may be set on a pedigree kitten or puppy and you may think a shelter won't be able to offer you that. Whilst it's true younger animals get snapped up quickly, if you visit regularly, perhaps around the New Year you're more likely to find the kind of animal you want at a fraction of the cost of a breeder. You'll often get certain freebies thrown in - neutering and microchipping - that you'd have to pay for yourself normally.

Keep up to date with treatments
Things like worming and flea treatments should always be kept up to date to keep your animal healthy. If you don't you'll be paying a lot more to get them healthy again!

Sign up to Pets at Home
When I first got Tara I signed up to Pets at Home loyalty card. Every couple of months I get sent money off vouchers and I think they even offer a free vet check (don't quote me on that!).

Consider secondhand
If your pet is a pro at destroying its bedding then it can be pretty expensive to replace it all the time. Instead of buying new why not try Ebay or Gumtree for second hand bargains?

Train your pet yourself
If your animal is disobedient the first thing you'll be doing is googling 'animal obedience classes'. Try to avoid that as it costs money and sometimes doesn't have any affect at all. Break your pets problems down and search up on ways you can tackle them, for free.

Take advantage of promotions
It's true even vets offer promotions. If your vet has a newsletter sign up to it or shop around looking for discounts so you can save money when it comes to taking your pet to the vet.

Avoid buying fashion accessories
They may look cute in it but is it really necessary?They do have a lovely coat of fur to keep them warm after all.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Herbalife Line Minimising Serum review

herbalife line minimsing serum

What the brand says
Herbalife are a market leader known for their nutritional skin products that are formulated to create more youthful healthy skin. They recently launched SKIN an innovative high performance range full of a powerful blend of Vitamin B, antioxidant Vitamins C and E and Aloe Vera.

The range features 11 high performance products that have been developed by top Dermatologists and Ophthalmologists. There's a product for every skin type and they've been formulated without added parabens or sulphates.

The full range includes:

  • Soothing Aloe Cleanser (suitable for normal to dry skin) £19.25
  • Polishing Citrus Cleanser (suitable for normal to oily skin) £19.25
  • Energising Herbal Toner £14.60
  • Daily glow moisturiser £32.65
  • Replenishing night cream £32.65
  • Line minimising serum £43.35
  • SPF30 Protective Moisturiser £32.65
  • Firming Eye Gel £30.30
  • Hydrating Eye Cream £30.30
  • Instant Reveal Berry Scrub £15.05
  • Purifying Mint Clay Mask £16.35
  • Seven Day Results £19.70

The Lowdown
For the review I'm trialling Line Minimising Serum. It has been designed to improve skin softness whilst adding radiance and luminosity. It uses Chestnut seed extracts and peptides to reduce fine lines and visible signs of ageing.

Like any girl I don't want to get old. I'm not quite 30 and whilst I still look young I do have fine lines around my eyes in addition to between my eyes (hate those frown lines!). I hate the lines between my eyes the most as they're quite pronounced and I'm using this serum in the hopes they will reduce that.

Herbalife claim results will show after just 7 days so I was curious to see if the serum will live up to this. The serum is quite light and has a white creamy consistency. It's a lot thicker then a lot of serums I've tried. After the first use the skin around my eyes definitely looked firmer and more taut. Unfortunately I didn't notice much of a difference on the lines between my eyes.

I'm going to use the serum morning and night for the next 7 days to see how well it performs. Don't forget to check in for the results!

Herbalife Line Minimising Serum is available from independent Herbalife distributors.

Monday, 6 February 2017

So Susan Lip Love January beauty bag review

so susan lip love january beauty bag

So in keeping with a fresh new start for 2017 I decided to try out a new beauty box - So Susan.

So Susan is a makeup brand that prides itself on its 100% cruelty free products. The makeup is unique in that it combines wrinkle relief technology into your daily routine.

Every month So Susan releases a beauty bag which features four of their hit products. The makeup is presented in a unique makeup bag with a different quote to enjoy.

This months makeup bag says 'Dream Big Dare Greatly'. It has a funky orange wildlife design and is said to be worth around $12.

Inside the bag I found:

So Susan LipoPout in Parrots
This lipstick has the most funkiest packaging I've ever seen.The shade was a baby pink but I didn't get a chance to try it as it fell out as soon as I opened the product!
Available for $18.95

Jelly Pong Pong Liptensity in Intensity
The Liptensity gloss comes in cute vintage packaging and has virtually no chemicals or additives that can cause irritation. Intensity is a gorgeous dark red shade that has a fair amount of pigmentation for a gloss. It is quite shiny but it does tend to smudge quickly.
Available for $19.95

Trifle Cosmetics Liquid Glow
Liquid Glow is a highlighter that is kind to skin with no parabens, phthalates, gluten or mineral oil. It's also vegan and hypoallergenic so perfect for those who are allergic to a lot of makeup products. I was expecting the highlighter to be clear so I was surprised at how pink it was. The creamy formula is super pigmented and a little will go a long way.
Available for $19.95

Jelly Pong Pong Dream palette in Midnight Ride
This highly pigmented eyeshadow palette is super cute. It comes with four shimmery shades in light brown, mid brown, dark brown and grey. It also comes complete with a little mirror and double ended sponge makeup brush.
Available for $19.95

The beauty bag by So Susan is quite a unique find. The makeup is generally not available in your local Boots or Superdrug so it's a little more unusual and I do love trying new ranges. I was a little disappointed how the lipstick broke so easily but I do love the eyeshadow palette and I can't wait to try the highlighter properly. The monthly cost is $20.95 so it's on the more expensive scale of beauty boxes/bags but I think the cost does include the postage.

What do you think of the bag? Would you give it a go?

You can subscribe to So Susan in three ways, monthly, 3 month pre pay or 6 month pre pay. Find out more here

Friday, 3 February 2017

3 ways to keep your scalp healthy

3 ways to keep your scalp healthy

Whilst you probably buy loads of products to keep your hair healthy - you may neglect your scalp. Your scalp is quite integral to keeping your hair looking nice and dandruff free so you should always give it as much attention as you do your hair.

Are your roots flat?
One thing that I suffer from a lot is flat hair. Flat roots are the offender here so it's important to use products that can increase volume. If you want to keep it more natural you can flick your hair upside down whilst you're blow drying it and pay attention to the roots.
Why not try Alterna Bamboo Volume Holiday Trio (£37.80 at Thehut.com)

Irritated skin
Does your scalp feel sore and itchy? It's quite hard to see what your scalp actually looks like with all your hair on top but you can certainly feel if its suffering. It's possible your skin has become irritated by an ingredient in the shampoo/conditioner you're using. Try to buy products that are anti-irritant and have soothing properties in to relieve any discomfort.
Why not try BC Bonacure hair and scalp dandruff fluid (£7.58 at Gorgeous Shop)

Flakiness getting you down?
The bane of many womens life is dandruff or flaky skin. As we all know dry skin doesn't look good anywhere on your body, but when it's integrated into your hair it can seem ten times worse. Aim for hair products that are all natural so they can comfort your scalp when it's dry and sensitive.
Why not try Leonor Greyl Creme Aux Fleurs cleansing treatment cream (£19 at Net-a-Porter)

Thursday, 2 February 2017

5 things you must do before Spring

5 things you must do before spring

Winter can be a bit rubbish - the nights are long and dark, it's super cold and it has a nasty habit of sucking the life out of your skin. Whilst I certainly can't wait for Spring to arrive (bank holidays yay!) there are some things you definitely must do before the Winter is out. Here's my breakdown of your Winter must dos.

Give your skin some tender loving care
With the long dark nights you'll probably want to do no more than hibernate in front of the TV. Why not take that time to come up with a skincare routine for your skin that you can adapt to suit the season. You could even have a pamper day trying out lots of new products to prepare your skin for Spring.

things to do before spring - plan your holidays

Start planning your holidays
The start of a new year brings a brand new holiday allowance and plenty of time to plan your travels this year. If you're short on money by booking early you'll have plenty of time to save and you'll get in early to get all the best deals.

Clear out your wardrobe
I love going through my wardrobe - I always come across long forgotten tops that I haven't worn for months (my wardrobe consists of clothes compressed in boxes!). Winter time is perfect for having a good clear out, selling or donating clothes you don't like anymore and putting away Winter clothes nearer Spring.

things to do before spring - go on a brisk Winter Walk

Go on a brisk Winter walk
What could be better than a brisk winter walk to get the blood flowing. You probably won't see any snow (unless you live in the Highlands) but it's good to embrace nature, see the frost on the grass and get healthy clear air into your lungs. After all a walk in the Summer will leave you feeling hot and a little sweaty!

Cosy on down
One of the best things about Winter by far is the ability to get cosy in front of Netflix without feeling like you're missing out. After all it's cold  outside, it's raining and it's dark - who wants to go outside on days like that!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How to make friends blogging

how to make friends blogging

The blogging community is made up of so many fabulous people. Whether you're fashion or beauty blogger there are people just like you interested in writing about the latest trends and products to hit the market. So how do you get closer to them?

Be yourself
Don't pretend to be like another blogger just because they're popular and have lots of followers. Believe me you won't be able to keep it up. Just be yourself and let your personality shine through.

Take part in Twitter chats
Every week there are a number of Twitter chats where different bloggers will talk about a certain topic. Whatever type of blogger you are there's a chat for you. People can get to know you, you'll find out about new content and you can even link swap at the end of the chat.
Read my Twitter 101 chat guide

Respond to your readers
If someone took the time to comment on your blog or write to you on social media then don't forget to reply. It can seem slightly one sided if your readers notice you never respond to messages you're left.

how to make friends blogging - let other bloggers know you like their work

Let other bloggers know you like their work
Have you read a blog post you've loved lately? Then let the blogger know. Everyone loves receiving comments, especially when they've put a lot of hard work into writing the post so they will be pleased to see it. A lot of bloggers will also pop by the commenters blog too.

Make your blog easy to follow
So you've got a couple of fans who enjoy your work and they want to make sure they're in the loop when you've got a new post. These fans will probably want to follow you on social media so make sure your icons are easy to find. If people have to hunt for them they'll give up and you'll have lost your chance to gain a new follower.

how to make friends blogging - interview other bloggers

Interview your fellow bloggers
Nothing could be more flattering then being asked to feature in a blog interview. Why not email your favourite blogger and ask if you can feature them in your blog?

Write a blog post about your favourite bloggers
You could even write a round up of your favourite bloggers and why you love their blogs. Once your post is complete tweet them their link and they'll probably share it too. What better way to start a blogging friendship?
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