Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Create a fantastic new look for the Summer 2014 party season

Are you looking for inspiration for the party season? This video will give you a quick guide on how to create a a side curly swept do.

What do you think? Is there any hair styles you would like to see recreated? As always I love to hear your comments. 

Monday, 26 May 2014

Kardashian Beauty Light Stroke Double Sided Luminizer in Illusion review

The Kardarshians are well known for their polished looks and healthy tans, not to mention the reality TV series that brought them to the helm of all our TV sets. Did you know that they recently brought out their own makeup range, Kardashian Beauty? Part of their Kardashian Beauty range is the double sided Light Stroke Luminizer that highlights the face in two easy steps.

One side of the pen shaped wand is a roller ball and the other side has a more simplistic crayon like tip. Illusion is a very pale pink shade and when swatched the crayon offers a very sheer streamlined stroke whilst the rollerball is a lot more pigmented and more defined.

The crayon is great for highlighting the eyebrow bone but takes a little longer to blend into the cheek area. The effect of the crayon is very slight and I can't say it really added much of a shimmer. The rollerball seemed quite promising when swatched but on applying to my face the rollerball stuck and seemed to dry out. The result was quite faint and quite hard to blend in.

The dual nature of this luminizer is a great aspect for applying to different parts of the face but the effect is very slight and hardly noticeable. There are a lot better cheaper alternatives out there that perform at a far higher level.

I give it 2/5

Get yours for £11.95 at Feel Unique 

  • Has two different ways to apply with different effects
  • The formula may be too sparkly for some. 
  • Very light effect that is not very noticeable

Friday, 23 May 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 Makeup trends: Blue is back

It might remind you of eighties disco glamour, or girls who have just discovered makeup but blue eyeshadow is back - and it's back big with a modern twist.

Hot on the Spring/Summer catwalk 2014 blue electric blue eyeshadow was blended all over the lid, on the lower lash line and used as a alternative to liner on the top lash line.

To keep the look modern it's important to keep the rest of your makeup minimal and make your eyes the ofucs. That means going easy on the blusher and leaving the lipstick at home!


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sparkle away with Rimmel London Space Dust nail varnishes

It's time to blast your nails into space with Rimmel's Space Dust nail varnishes.

The special effect nail polish offers a highly textured, intense glitter finish. Available in 5 striking shades the polish is best applied straight to the nail.

I loved how sparkly these polishes looked on the shelf and the intense sparkle of the purple silver shade Moon Walking. The formula is very thick and completely encrusted with different sizes of glitter for that original textured look. Unlike many glitter nail polishes that are very thin, the thicker formula means you don't need to apply over a base colour like many glitter polishes. Ideally you only really need one layer of this and your nails fully covered but a extra layer gives it that extra bit of coverage. The colour is simply gorgeous and makes my toes look awesome.

Keen to try my new sparkly wedges on I love how fantastic the pair look together!

For it's intense sparkle, thickness and lovely colour I give it 4/5.

These seem to be a bit hard to get hold of at the moment online but you can get two of the shades for £3.99 at Boots!

  • Intense sparkle
  • Only needs two coats
  • Available in five shades
  • Not available freely online, may be easy to buy in the shops

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

George Creme Blush in Hyacinth review

With summer coming up we don't want our makeup to look too heavy so cream blushers are perfect for giving that 'pop' of colour.

George Creme blush are part of the new makeup range with four fab shades available. Whether you go for a subtle look or like your blusher to be more obvious, the palette of reds and pinks offer a range of alternative looks.

Hyacinth is a deep rosey pink, very much like the rosey glow you see on those little China dolls. 

The blusher has a really light feel and is super moisturising so you don't feel like it's drying out your skin. With strong pigmentation you only need a little to give your skin that just flushed look. The great thing about these little pots is the fact it can also be used as a liptint.

At only £3 these little beauties will be your next goto in your makeup bag. With easy application, great pigmentation and a blusher and lip colour in one you're getting fantastic value for money.

I give it 4/5

Get yours here

  • Lightweight
  • Creamy and moisturising
  • At only £3 these are great value
  • Gives a lovely natural look
  • Can be used as a lip tint
  • Cream blushers don't suit every skin tone

Monday, 19 May 2014

Perfect officewear makeup: Rimmel's Glam Eyes in Smokey Brun

Designed to fit into the London scene, Rimmel's Smokey Brun' Glam' Eyes Quad palette is a inexpensive way to create a low key smokey eye.

The product comes in simple black packaging with very little fuss or pretty packaging. The palette is light weight, easy to fit into your makeup bag and even comes with a handy eyebrow brush. The shades range from cream to muted and dark browns and have a fair amount of pigmentation.I did feel the eyeshadows are not as highly pigmented once applied as they are swatched.

Rimmel claims all 9 of their Glam' Eyes palettes offer a soft silky formula with smooth saturated colour for long crease resistant wear.

The eyeshadow applied really easily and if you don't have much inspiration for how to apply the handy guide on the back demonstrates how to create a smokey eye in 4 easy stpes.

The colours don't crease and are really resistant, with the shadow still staying firm by the evening.

A great budget palette which is perfect for a simple office look at a low price.

I give it 3/5

Get yours for £6.99 at Superdrug

  • Under tenner, so won't hurt your bank balance
  • With four colours you can mix and match your shades
  • Lightweight and easy to fit into your makeup bag for application on the move
  • Simple, polished look for work
  • Decent amount of pigmentation
  • The eyeshadow is less pigmented once applied


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Win a goody bag filled with Halo wipes

With the summer holidays approaching that can only mean one thing and that's schools out!

With the warmer weather and more time on your hands it's time to pack everything away and go on that much needed holiday. If you're anything like me you'll be strugggling to fit everything into your luggage but you don't need to worry about convenience iwth Halo wipes. Halo comes in handy handbag sized packs which gives you that extra bit of room for that extra pair of shoes.

Eye Makeup Remover pads
Whether you're holidaying on a sun kissed beach in Greece or your styles more Haven holiday park, you still need the much needed eye makeup wipes. Halo's hypoallergenic wipes and handy size will fit into your bag and leaving your eyes feeling fresh and clean.

Handy Hygienic Wipes
Release the horror you feel inside when you need to eat and your hands aren't clean. With Halo it won't matter whether you have to brave one of those awful portaloos or make sure your hands are clean before a picnic as their hygenic wipes come to the rescue.  If you can't get to a sink, these wipes are a convenient, effective alternative to washing your hands.

Deodorant Wipes
Whatever we're doing, we want to stay smelling amazing. Halo's deodorant wipes will refresh you and give you the confidence to continue your day in style.

In addition to Halo's holiday essentials they offer a range of other wipes for day to day use. 

You can find Halo wipes for RRP £0.99 at selected stores.

To show you how unmissable Halo wipes are they're giving away one fantastic goody bag to one of Glitz and Glamour Makeup readers.

The prize will include:
  • Halo Toilet Tissue
  • Halo Toilet and Surface Wipes
  • Halo Deodorant Wipes
  • Halo Handy Hygenic Wipes
  • Halo Eye Makeup Remover pads
To enter simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter. The giveaway will run from the 18th May 2014 to 18th June 2014 to midnight
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win one of ten Formoline Diet pills worth £24.95 each!

If you’re looking to lose a few lbs for the bikini season, formoline L112 can lend a helping hand. It is, and has been since 2007, Germany’s number one slimming supplement and works by reducing the overall calorie intake from food – specifically from dietary fats - removing them safely from your body before they are digested. Results show a possible weight loss of up to 7kg over a 4-week period. Formoline L112 usually costs £24.95 for 48 tablets but Glitz and Glamour Makeup has 10 free boxes to give away. You can purchase formoline online at Health Stuff. 

The Rafflecopter will run for one month from 18th May 2014 to 18th June 2014 at midnight. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to get your body looking fantastic for your holiday in the sun!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Kiss launch Look so Natural eyelashes with Tapered End Technology which make false lashes feel more natural

When people think of false lashes they always think about how false they look.

So what would you do if you could try false lashes that look perfectly natural?

Kiss new Looks so Natural eyelash range is designed to subtly boost your natural beauty with lashes that have a innovative Tapered End Lash Technology. Designed to create a natural look the eyelashes are perfect for the girl who doesn't want to look like she's made too much effort.

The new Tapered Lash technology means the lashes are a lot more lightweight then traditional Falsies and combine effortlessly with your own lashes to avoid that 'stuck on' look.

Whatever look you want to go for whether it's for shopping with the girls or a night on the town Kiss Look So Natural eyelashes has a eyelash for every occasion. With six variations you could try a different look several times a day if you really wanted to, and you'll do ti the natural way. The lashes are easily trimmed and can be molded to different eye shapes with ease.

Each set of lashes comes with a glue which is handy for when you're on the go. I found the majority of the lashes to be quite comfortable and light however I felt Flirty was quite sticky and uncomfortable. The effect of the lashes is really quite slight (enlarge to see the pictures close up) and I don't think they were as obvious as some falsies you can buy. 

Kiss have come up with a great selection of low key false lashes that would be perfect for the girl who wants her natural beauty to shine.

Available for only £4.49 exclusively at Boots

  • Has a unique new Tapered End Lash technology that helps make false lashes look more natural 
  • With six styles there's a lash available for every occasion
  • Lightweight
  • Last a lot longer then traditional lashes
  • Limited availability  
*this was sent for me to test

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Ted Baker continue to make their mark on the beauty industry with their new duo nail varnishes

Ted Baker have been showing they're a lot more then a one trick pony recently with the launch of several of their new beauty products.

Determined to make their mark on the beauty industry Ted Baker's latest offerings have arrived at Ted's Sweet Shoppe - the delightful Double Act nail varnish sets. These duo varnishes combine contrasting colours and textures to really make your nails stand out.

For girls who like to combine naughty and nice the Pretty Perfect and Midnight Miracle pink and black shades make up for a daring act. Silver Lining and Delightfully Dusk are designed for the girl who loves a bit of sparkle in her life with a gorgeous shimmering glow. Not to be outdone a flamingo shade of Sweet on You and the sparkling glitter of Champagne Sundays makes the colour pink your new best friend.

I was lucky enough to be able to test Silver Lining and Delightfully Dusk. I love the iridescent shimmer of the varnishes and how even in their pots they look amazing. The varnish is so thick you only need one coat and you can't see the nail underneath. My nails look so girly and pretty I absolutely adore them.

I love the new range and wish I could have tried them all. For the way it made my nails look amazing I give it 4/5. 

Get yours for £8.50 at Boots

  • Most of the colours are gorgeous
  • Great value for money
  • Silver Lining and Delightfully Dusk have a gorgeous shimmer
  • Limited availability
  • Some of the shades may not appeal to everyone 
*this was sent for me to test

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Easy nail art to get you started: Blue Stripes

For those who are new to nail art I created a really simple design that gets you used to using a striping brush along with your nail varnishes.

 1. First things first you'll need three colours a light blue, a white and a silver.
2. Paint your nails in the blue shade but leave one unpainted
3. Use your silver to paint the nail you left uncovered
4. Use your white nail varnish and using the striping brush apply two tiny diagonal lines on one of the nails you painted blue
5. Using the striping brush paint three diagonal lines of silver just under and over the white stripes you have just made.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Turn back time and get a tan at the same time with Fake Bake's The Face a new Dynamic Duo face cream

First there was BB cream, then CC cream and now DD Cream (Dynamic Duo) is the new super-cream on the block.

Fake Bake's The Face is a innovative anti-ageing tanner that not only helps to reduce signs of ageing with clinical levels of Matrixyl-3000(R) but gives your face a warm healthy glow.

This unique tanner is available exclusively at M&S from 31st March to mid May 2014. The Face aims to reduce ageing by stimulating your skin cells with the unique peptide formula to produce collagen, and plumping skin up from within to help reduce the signs of wrinkles and fine lines.

Determined to take the skincare industry by storm The Face is a high end skin care product combined with luxury tanning.

Like most women I have more lotions and potions in the bathroom cabinet then I would like to. We all buy into that promise of turning back time so the idea of having one product that does both sounds fantastic. The lotion is paraben free and comes with a glove to avoid tanner getting on your hand. The product advises the tanner can be applied before bed or in the morning as makeup and touched up as desired.

The cream is very dark so I was a little worried I'd end up looking like a Oompah Loompah but after rubbing into my skin the cream dissipated and left a light sunkissed glow. The cream was absorbed easily and was very sheer however I have to say the smell is pretty revolting!

There is no sun screen in the product so you will need to use extra protection if you decide to use it during the day.

With a unique combination of anti-ageing benefits and tanning The Face is a unique product that will be the new go to in everyone's makeup bag. Whilst it may take a few months to see if the product can really turn back time I love the fact that it means there's two less products I have to buy. The simple sun kissed freckle look was really nice however the smell was rather irritating and I have to say it did put me off using it.

Get yours for £22.00

I give it 3/5

  • Contains the unique anti-ageing Matrixyl-3000
  • With a combination of a tanner and a anti-ageing product you don't need so many beauty products
  • Gives a lovely glow
  • Comes with a glove to avoid the tanner staining your hands
  • The smell is absolutely revolting - I can't describe it but it's pretty much like the smell mousse tanners used to give
  • Doesn't contain any sunscreen protection 
*this was sent to me to test 
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