Sunday, 29 January 2012

Benefit They're Real Mascara

94% saw dramatic length and volume

90% saw base-to-tip curl

94% saw visible lift

100% saw long-wearing results

Benefit have just launched their brand new mascara They're Real. A consumer panel survey run by them boasted the most impressive results with a amazing 100% claiming to have seen long wearing results. With such rave reviews hysteria was generated - but does it live up to its claims?

My interest in this mascara was established when I saw a picture of the results the mascara had on lashes with a before and after photo - and the result was amazing. If you've read my review on Bad Gal lash mascara, I wasn't too impressed so I was really hoping for results this time.

The mascara comes in a pretty small silver tube with pretty plain packaging. Another surprise for Benefit who are famed for their quirky designs, so perhaps the product is what makes it this time around.

It has a plastic brush with a spiky bit on the end which gives it that added oomph. As the instructions required I waved the wand both horizantly to give my lashes volume and length then vertically to add curl which I emphasised by rolling the brush.

After applying I was pretty impressed with Benefit's They're Real mascara, my lashes were longer then when a traditional mascara was used and I managed to get a curl effect.

At £19.50 the product isn't cheap, but on this occasion I would say it was well worth it as it gives the best false lash effect I have had with any mascara. On the downside the product comes out quite quick so you will get slight clumping - but I can live with that.

I'd give it a 4/5.


  • Lives up to its claim of They're Real!
  • My lashes were volumised, lengthened and curled
  • Best False Lash effect I  have ever got from a mascara
  • Quite pricey if you're on a low budget
  • Tube is quite small so may not last forever
  • Minor clumping issues

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hyperink Question of the Month

Reading is a number one love for me and I think you can get so much enjoyment out of it. By reading a book you're creating a movie in your mind, a unique set of imageries where no two versions would be alike. I recently read Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews.

It is the sad tale of a family who in the beginning of the book lose their father in a car accident. Forced into poverty, the mother is left to contact her estranged parents setting the ball rolling for a whole series of disastrous set of events. Stuck in an attic the mother and her four children are locked away, seemingly forgotten. However as time drags by the mothers love for her children is overcome by her greed and seeking for wealth leaving the children to the elements almost like rats...

The book covers a number of very sensitive topics such as incest, abandonment and death but I feel these are not used flippantly and you really feel for the characters. It is a story that is incredibly deep but will have you rapidly flipping pages to the end. I would also highly recommend the prequel to the Flowers in the Attic (Garden of Shadows) as it will really help you understand the iron maiden's grandmothers actions.

Does anyone else have a favourite book? What do you like about it? Leave a comment below.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How to keep your skin looking good in Winter

In winter it's even more important to take care of your skin as the combination of cold winter air and central heating cause havoc.

The three most significant areas are dull parched skin, irritated tight skin and chapped lips. We often just slap a bit of moisturiser on and hope for the best, but sometimes getting a product that is specific to your problem may help it go away.

Dull parched skin
When your skin feels dry and rough like sandpaper, it's lacking one crucial element - moisture. Short of spraying water on your face every five minutes there are products that will help get back that vital element. Aim for a moisturiser that has the keywords 'nourishing, hydration, radiance and moisturising'. Save with the Simple brand Hydrating light moisturiser, a moisturiser that not only adds moisture to skin but adds that vital glow too. Or why not spend on Clarins Blue Orchid face Treatment, a world famous brand that uses emolient patchouli to drench and revitalse skin.

Simple Hydrating Moisturiser £3.25

Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil £29

Irritated, tight skin
If your face feels a bit like someone is giving you a improptu face lift there's probably something wrong. Not only does your face lack moisture but it needs a awful lot of tlc to get it back to its original condition too. Try to find a product that has the words 'soothing and hydrating on'.Save with the combination skin treatment Avene Trixera at £9, a solution that works on Eczema sufferers both adult and children as well as helping heal sore skin. Or if you're feeling flush buy Elemental Herbology Purify and Soothe Facial cleansing balm at £29 to hydrate and nourish your skin with vital nutrients.


                         Avene Trixera +Selectiose Emollient Cream 200ml


                          Elemental Herbology Purify and Soothe Facial Cleansing Balm 75ml

Chapped Lips
One of the number one problems in winter are chapped lips. Having sore wind bitten lips is not only painful but not very pretty too. To get back your perfect pout for those nights in all you need is a soothing and nourishing formula that will restore your lips to their former selves. Save some pennies with the famous Burt's Bee's lip balm at £2 or splash out on the honey Reve De Miel lip balm that offers a luxurious creamy texture that will heal your lips with its natural elements.


                                   Nuxe RĂªve de Miel - Honey Lip Balm 15ml


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Barbara Daly Peach Melba Eyeshadow

I love eyeshadow, even though I  have a box full I'm always buying more. Whlist I was out in Tesco's this little pot of delight caught my eye. This cute little eyeshadow is known as peach melba and has a trio of pastel shades - baby blue, peach and cream. The shadow is very glittery so will add a lovely sparkly effect to your eye makeup.

The packaging is pretty simple, a black and clear container with a see through lid. It's easy to open and apply and quite small so will fit easily into your makeup bag. The eyeshadow really does make me think of Summer when I look at it as the colours are so cheery. It's very easy to apply and you can wear the colours alone or altogether, layering them for a different look.

The overall effect is quite light but is good for wearing to work or on a casual day out. Probably the only disadvantage would be that it might be too light for some people.

You can buy Barbara Daly makeup from Tesco.
                                         The below result is by using the peach and cream shades

  • Easy to apply
  • Three for the price of one!
  • You can wear alone or layer them together to create a different look
  • Lovely sparkly look
  • The colours are very light pastels so it may not be dark enough for some eyeshadow users who like their eyeshadow to be "totally visible"


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Barbara Daly Fair Concealer

Whilst shopping yesterday I decided to try a concealer by Barbara Daly as I wasn't completely satisfied with my current concealer.

The concealer comes in very plain black and clear packaging and you can see inside to ascertain the colour. The concealer is very creamy and applies to your fingers or a brush very easily. I applied just a little to my problem areas and found that the redness was camoflauged by the cream.

Obviously no concealer will ever be able to completely eradicate darkness or blemishes but I felt whilst it helped reduce the redness it still doesn't achieve the result I want ultimately. For example if you look closely you can still see a semi shadow. Unfortunately the product also shifted on my nose and you can still see the blemish underneath.

At under £4 the product isn't expense and is good to grab in a bargain, but there are better products out there.

You can buy Barbara Daly makeup from Tesco.

                                              The left side has concealer, the right side doesn't

  • Creamy texture means its very easy to apply
  • Reduces most problems areas
  • Cheap to buy
  • The product shifts quite easily, so concealment isn't perfect
  • Even after applying I didn't feel the result was as good as it could have been


Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Bank Job - George Lamb's Boobs up

If you were following the nerve wracking drama of The Bank Job last week (in a real life vault!) you probably noticed George Lamb's continous boobs up. I'm not sure if it was because it was live and nobody could cut the mistakes, but with other live shows I've not seen people make so many mistakes. It made me wonder if they'll choose him to present it next time.

The ending was fantastic, when the two guys went up against each other to see who would win the money. They had the choice to share, or to take it all and if they both decided to take it all, they went away with nothing. You could hear a pin drop as they waited for the boxes to be revealed. They had both decided to be greedy and take it all which meant nothing for them. Now I see quite a life lesson in that game as I've often found when I'm doing a bit of gambling and I go for the more money I lose. Greedy people don't prosper they trip up somewhere along the line for someone else to benefit.

So be kind... share..


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

ING Direct gets you saving for your beauty goodies

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ING Direct for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When we're out buying the latest mascara, new perfume or latest foundation it can be hard to think of the bank balance. In recent times however thinking about finance is more important then anything, especially if you want to be able to budget to buy next months makeup.

If you've grown tired of all the old high street banks - Lloyds, Halifax, Santander why not consider ING Direct - the decent way to do banking. With award winning mortgages at competitive rates of 3.24% and a large range of saving accounts ING Direct give the ultimate value into saving<br />

ING Direct is now the home of 23 million customers worldwide and someone new joins every 20 seconds. The accounts are easy to open with only a pound opening requirement and offer fantastic rates of interest on your money.

Recently ING have created a comparison chart to show you just how much money the average household in your region has. The innovative widget is the perfect application for seeing how much each individual region is saving. All it takes is a few clicks and you could be seeing how well off your region is. If you've ever felt that your savings account didn't really add any interest, this widget could be the perfect start for 2012. It's free, easy to use and could soon be earning you money. So what are you waiting for - get clicking! <br />

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