Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Contemplating the facts of life...

Contemplating the facts of life (Ooh hooray a update!)

Hello people. I wonder how the not so successful people get successful in life. In recent times I have started to wonder what it is exactly I want to do in life, as my past intention of writing for a living isn't panning out too well. Perhaps I am losing my motivation, as I didn't fall straight into a job I don't know but right now it's not happening. I'm good at Administration and it's what I've been applying for till now but it's not too exciting. So onwards I go onto trying to get my name out there through applying for various castings on Star now and seeing what luck will throw my way.

So far the path to success has included a fruit sellers role in the Pirates of Caribbean 4 movie (not too bad you might say, money certainly wasn't!), a starring role as a hair model in the Great British Hairdressers competition in which my hairdresser got through to the next round. Shame she didn't have time to finish my hair cut!

I also earned a bit of money through selling my story about learning to swim at a later age, which appeared in Love It and a recent newspaper story about good-looking girls who find it hard to get boyfriends, as they're afraid to approach, which is yet to go into print.

So... what's happening at the moment? Well I've got a interview with a agency tomorrow which I hope is worth the train fare! Friday is a quick meeting with the Grazia team for a new show that helps people who are more then stuck in a rut... situation sounds quite familiar funnily enough. Hopefully they will see my dilemma in that I need a little direction for my next step. I have considered starting a writing course but it's quite expensive at £400+ with VAT and I still have a lot of clothes to buy so its quite hard to balance it all out. However I recently started my Avon business (ahem) up again and so far apart from three non-starter streets I have started to do quite well on my first order. With almost £200 worth of orders and another 2 weeks of canvassing to go I could do very well indeed and see sky high commission... woohoo! Then I can put that commission aside into my little ATM piggybank, which is currently sporting £0.00 pence.

Right now I was doing some admin work for my dads sort of business but as that's drying up I have to find some more part time work to earn the pennies until I get some sort of interesting permanent job or until I land my big film part... haha. I think as I'm quite ambitious I will fall on my feet somewhere along the way, whatever that is I don't know yet but I'm still quite young so there's plenty of time. It's just when I creep up to the wrong side of 30 and I still haven't got myself something permanent that I probably need to start worrying a little more!
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