Monday, 28 February 2011

Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic: That Gal Primer

We all have those days when perhaps we can't really be bothered to do our makeup and just want something simple to prep our skin, or maybe we want an all over glow that a blusher just can't do.

In times like these we turn to a product that will make our skin glow, and that is exactly what That Gal is intended to do. The product is priced at around £21 for a full sized product but its quite large so it will go a long way. I'm testing the small tube that came in the Confessions of a Concealaholic set.

It's quite hard to squeeze out of the tube but as this is just the minature version it probably won't apply to the full size stick. The product is a nice pink colour and rubs in gently like a moisturiser. I can't say I really saw the difference after applying the product but it may be more of a subtle glow that only other people can notice.


Before That Gal                                                                                           After That Gal

As you can see from the before and after photos the difference is very subtle but there is certainly more of a glow that is given off by the That Gal primer.

So if you're looking for a cream that will give you a barely there makeup look this is ideal as it gives you a rosey cute complexion that doesn't require a lot of makeup to achieve.

Rating 3/5.

  • Nice natural glow
  • Versatile as it can be used both before and after makeup
  • Quite an investment product because of the price
  • If you're looking for a dramatic look this certainly won't give you that

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Make Up Academy Eye Dazzle

Makeup Academy aren't one of the larger brands like Maybelline or Max Factor and you're probably unlikely to heard much of them. I got this as a present from a friend for Xmas and have only actually just got round to trying it. It applies like a pen and you shade the colour onto your eyelid like you would colour in some paper.

It feels quite dusty going on but applies pretty well and you do get an all over colour. Whilst the colour does appear gold on the outside the overall effect is more of a bronze type look that doesn't suit every skin tone, as it does tend to wash out pale tones.

Whilst the colour does stay on the lid quite a while it does tend to fade after a few hours and to get back its vibrancy you will need to reapply.

If you're looking for something new to add to your makeup wardrobe maybe give this a try. Rating 2.5/5.

  • Easy to use
  • Quite long so will probably last quite a while
  • Versatile as it can be used for both bottom and top lids
  • Not available universally so quite difficult to get hold of
  • Colour fades after a while

Friday, 25 February 2011

Maybelline Superstay Powergloss in Glass Rose

Maybelline Superstay powergloss lipgloss is a double ended wand with colour on one end and gloss on the other. The idea is that it provides 12 hours of colour shine to keep you looking good all night long. I have to say the promise doesn't live up to reality. Like most products you're lucky if you can keep this on for more then a hour especially if you're drinking all night.

When you apply the coloured end you find that it is really quite sticky and doesn't feel as smooth as some lip glosses. After application my lips still feel sticky and almost stick together when pressed on top of each other. When I applied the gloss I also noticed that the colour actually comes off on the gloss brush so it does make you think maybe you have to wait a while before applying the other side.

The overall result you get in the end is quite a nice sparkly colour that has a slight glean to it. However I wouldn't say the gloss really adds much to the effect. This lip gloss is okay for the money (around £5-6) but don't listen to the hype - it's rubbish.

I'd give it a 2/5.

  • Nice sparkly finish
  • Nice range of colours available
  • Feels really sticky on your lips
  • Colour comes off when applying gloss
  • Does not last 12 hours
Maybelline Superstay powergloss is available in all good supermarkets and high street stores. 

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Revlon : Diamond Lust eyeshadow

The most important thing about a eyeshadow is that is makes your eyes the centre of attention.

Revlon Diamond Lust eyeshadow comes in a rather bulky package which takes up a lot of room so take heed if you don't have much space!

It appears really sparkly and pretty through the see through case which inspired me to buy it as generally that's the result i'll end up getting. The eyeshadow doesn't come with a brush so you just apply it with your fingers and it goes on really smoothly, although it does feel a bit salty under your fingertips.

Diamond lust is a almost beige/gold colour that is most likely to suit all eye colours although it may bring out lighter ones more. After application your eyes immediatly look really sparkly and the light reflects off the shadow really well. However the colour is not that lookatme that people will instantly notice it and comment.  This eyeshadow is great for a subtle look that is good for work or more private affairs. If you were to wear this of a evening it can be spruced up with massive false eyelashes and a lot of eyeliner.

At around £6-7 Revlon prices it isn't cheap but you can find it cheaper on makeup sites that retail such products or in cheap department stores like TJ Hughes. Try Ebay for a good starting out point for cheap Revlon makeup. I'd give it a 3/5.

  • Applies smoothly and evenly
  • Lovely sheeny colour
  • Great for daytime looks
  • Quite pricey depending on where you buy from
  • Quite a light effect so maybe not so good for a evening look unless you spruce it up with the ideas mentioned above
  • With any glitter product some of it may end up coming off under your eyes

Maybelline Liner Express in black

Some people find applying liquid eyeliner very difficult but it is in fact very simple to do. The trick is to keep a steady hand, perhaps rest your arm on a flat surface whilst applying the product. Maybelline liner express in black offers you the chance to add real versatility to your eyes - to make them really stand out.

The liner comes in two shades black and brown and applies smoothly with enough product on the nib to give you a really nice black line. I've had this product for quite a while now and for the most part its still going strong so it really does last quite a while.

It goes on really smoothly and you can use it for both top and bottom lash lines however you must be aware that the product tends to smudge when wet. Looking like your five year old sister applied your makeup is never a good look.

 With the liner you can create a general day look or for the evening go for something really dramatic like sweeping lines at the side of your eye. Below are a few examples of day time and evening looks.

                                                      General daytime
                                                  Little more extragavant daytime look
                                                   Push the boat out for a night out look
I've always loved eyeliner as its great for making my eyes stand out and this product is really good value for money. It costs around £6 for the product but you get a professional look that people will be more then impressed with. The only real disadvantage with this product is the fact that product builds up inside the tube and it can get very hard to put the wand back in properly. In other words you find it harder and harder to get black onto the wand and this may lessen its lifetime.

I'd give it a 4/5.

  • Applies smoothly and evenly
  • You get a lot of life out of the Maybelline liner express
  • Professional result
  • So versatile that you can create so many looks with it
  • Product builds up inside the liner making it hard to shut and this may result in it drying up before it should
  • If you apply on your bottom lashes it may smudge from the wetness of your eyes

George Creamy Cheek Tint in Tulip

There as so many blushers on the market its hard to find a blusher to suit you and your skin tone. There are two types of blusher available, cream and powder and generally each is designed for different reasons. A powder is great for adding real colour and shape to your cheeks but should be avoided by older generations as it tends to sink into wrinkles and fine lines. Cream blushers add a real dewey look that is suitable for all ages but tends not to have as much of a stronger colour.

The George creamy cheek tint range is quite cheap at around £1-2 (don't quote me on that!) and offers around 3 to 4 colours to suit all. With this product you only need a very small nib size amount as it widens on application and you end up with more product then you thought. The cheek tint is quite messy to apply and often doesn't end up where you want it to and I had to work hard to remove product from sinking into the edge of my cheek and hairline.

I think you need to apply it a few times before you can really see any effect as its such a light consistency and even after several applications the effect is a light creamy glow. The look is really natural and is more for daytime when you simply want a healthy look that will make you stand out amongst your friends.

As the product is quite light it probably isn't going to last the whole day and will probably need to be reapplied somewhere down the line. However at the price it is and for the look it gives it really is worth buying for that healthy glow. I'd give it a rating of 3.5/5
                                                     After application

  • Gives off a natural dewey look
  • Not heavy
  • Very cheap range to buy
  • Isn't as likely to shape your cheeks as a powder one would
  • Effect isn't as obvious so if that's your forte - avoid
  • Can be quite tricky to apply and get the right shade as its so creamy
This product is available in all good Asda stores. 

AVON Magix Foundation

Till about the middle of last year I never felt the need for foundation as I generally have quite good skin. However after a few makeovers or two I realised the beauty of foundation is simply to give you a all over even complexion - clear skin or not.

I've tried a few in the past and haven't had too many horror stories, albeit looking slightly orange with a previous Avon foundation.

Now after finishing my other foundation I decided to finally try Avon Magix which has been sitting in my drawer for over a month. The foundation comes out really smoothly and has a mousse like texture which you can put on your hand before applying.

It glides on easily and gets absorbed quite quickly although you do need to rub in the odd bit a bit more with your fingers. The idea of this foundation is to give you a cashmere finish that is smooth and luminous. I have to say it passed the test - this foundation is fantastic. Not only does it suit my skin tone but it gives me a really classic finish that makes me look fresh and alive. It gave me all over even coverage and even masked many of my blemishes so I had a even base even before I applied concealer.

The effect was immediate as a friend at work noticed the difference on me, Magix foundation is one that really brings out your own features instead of masking them. At around £10 it's quite pricey but as most foundations are generally its worth the small investment. The packaging is small and quite cute with a shiny magix logo on the front.

I'd give it a rating of 4/5.

 Before Magix foundation                                                                            After Magix foundation

  • Glides on really smoothly
  • Sinks in quickly to give you a cashmere finish
  • Adapts to your skintone rather then masking your features
  • Gives you a fresh just stepped in from a spring days look
  • Can only be obtained through a Avon Rep or online on Avon Shop

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The sweet smell of success

As many of you Kathcakeblogging readers know I recently tried to start a new angle to my blog as I felt I just lacked the inspiration to write anymore which was sad and a real shame. So after finding out I could entwine two things I love makeup and writing I realised I could really make this something good.

So after starting out writing many makeup reviews I started contacting round a few makeup providers to see if anyone would be interested in me providing them services in exchange for reviewing products.

I've had many positive responses which is amazing and I'm so pleased about it, and I got a email today from Lush who said could I send them my address so they could add me to their press distribution list.

Absolutely fantastic news and I just hope it gets better and better! :)

Benefit Confessions of A Concealaholic - Erase Paste

So it's back to reviewing my big box of tricks from Benefit - Confessions of a Concealaholic. Today I will be looking at the small pot of Erase Paste that comes with the set. This is a creamy concealer that comes in three shades light, medium and dark to suit different skin tones.

You can apply using either a brush or your fingers but its generally easier to use your fingers as you can use the warmth of your skin to blend the product in. The general idea is to only apply a small amount to your fingertips so you're not overloading yourself and that way the product will last longer too.

Dab it on whereever needed such as dark eye circles under the eye, blemishes and to cover fine lines and wrinkles.

The product applies really easily and gives off a light reflective surface that is designed to bounce off light so it looks like you don't have any imperfections. I am quite aware of the dark circles under my eyes and I'm always trying new things to try and hide them. In light the darkness isn't as evident and it is a lot less noticeable although its not 100% as no product ever really is.

Overall impression is that skin is a lot lighter and the real imperfection is concealed. I'd give it a rating of 3.5/5.

                                               Photo no1 shows circles before foundation is applied
                                             Photo no2 shows circle after foundation is applied
                                          Photo no3 shows circle after application of Benefit's ErasePaste

  • Only need to use a small amount at a time so lasts ages even in a small pot
  • Easy to use and apply creamy consistency
  • Can be used for both blemishes and undereye circles
  • Product on its own is generally quite expensive at around £19 a pot so if it's not the right shade you've wasted your money!
Benefit products are available at all large Boots stores, Debenhams and other large department stores. You will also find it widely available online. 

Tip - Try before you buy!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

NYC New York Color: Sunsational Mineral Bronzer

In modern times its all about mineral makeup and how good it is for your skin. In all honesty of all the mineral products I have tried I can't say I've been particularly impressed with any of them. They're genreally more expensive and don't really do anything different!

The NYC selection is a really cheap makeup range and having tried a few of their eyeshadows in the past I was impressed. So after seeing a new mineral bronzer available I thought I'd give it a go as an alternative to my other powder bronzers. The product doesn't seem to really come out evenly and just ends up all over your clothes which can be quite irritating so remember to use a clean surface when applying.

Its relatively easy to use with a twist bottom to get powder into the applicator brush and simply means you don't have to get out as many brushes in the morning. I applied this all over my face (cheeks, forehead, nose) etc to get an all over glow and was expecting a reasonable result.

The product doesn't sink into your skin very well and a lot of the powder just sat on my face and I had to try rubbing it in. The product gave a slightly tanned look to my skin but it wasn't really a nice tan it was more a unshimmering version.

                                                       After application

In other words the product didn't really give me a glow. I'd give it a rating of 1/5.

  • Don't need to use a brush to apply
  • Cheap
  • Doesn't give off much of a glow
  • Hard to apply
  • Lid hard to get back onto the brush after use
  • Gives off too much product on application and goes everywhere
NYC products are available in most Superdrug stores. 

The Happy Couple: Duo Blusher and Bronzer

When you're short on money buying a product that is both a blusher and a bronzer is a real bargain. This blusher/bronzer duo has a lovely cute cartoon design that looks more alike Benefit packaging then Primark and really inspires you to pick it off the shelf.

Today I am just reviewing the blusher part of the package. As described on the box the blusher is sat alongside the blusher and you have half of each to use. As it is quite small it may run out quickly but at only around £2 its a product that will hardly break the bank to get a new one.

The blusher applies really easily and you don't get colour on the first application unlike some blushers where even after five applications you can still hardly see it. The colour is a really sweet pink hue that makes you look really healthy and well.

The blusher has very good staying power and generally stays on for hours without sinking into the skin which is surprising for cheap makeup ranges. Just be aware however as the product is so small you may struggle to get big blusher brushes in and may end up mixing the blusher with bronzer.

Before blusher              After blusher

Overall rating 4/5.

  • Really cheap to buy
  • Strong pink colour
  • Long lasting colour
  • Doesn't take many applications to get a strong colour
  • Quite small so may run out quite quickly
  • Quite difficult to get a brush in because of its size
The range is available from all good Primark stores.


I have always loved the L'Oreal range of eyeshadows as they've always provided a result that seems to surprise you in one way or another. The Chrome intensity eyeshadows are supposed to give your eyes that real intense look you can only get with highly pigmented eyeshadows.

The range is available at variable prices depending on where you shop from around £5 and Chrome intensity has a selection of 4 colours to pick from.

Blue Jean is a vibrant shiny blue that looks pretty in the packaging which made me think it'd be just as good on. The eyeshadow comes with a handy applicator brush which glides on easily with minimal powder and after only one or two applications you have a really strong colour to set off your look.

Blue Jean is probably a little ott for a day time look as it gives off a strong smokey look more suited to a glam night out (even though I wore it) but if you have neutral lips and cheeks it may be good to add a little va va voom to surprise your work mates. After a few hours unfortunately the eyeshadow does start to seperate and you can start to see your eyelid through the shadow. Not a good look. However as the colour is so strong in the first place unless you look really closely that isn't as obvious as it might be with some eyeshadows.

Overall a strong eyeshadow that applies well but could just stay on that bit longer.
Rating 3/5.

  • Strong colour
  • Easy to apply
  • Even after losing its staying power the colour is still quite vibrant
  • Can be quite pricey depending on how much you pay for your cosmetics
  • Starts to rub off after a couple of hours
L'Oreal Chrome Intensity blue jean is available in all good supermarkets/beauty stores. 

Monday, 21 February 2011

W7 Carnival Dust Eyeshadow: The Fuchsia Thistle Sparkle

W7 are a range of makeup that can only normally be found online on sites like Faith Cosmetics but have a large selection of facial makeup available like eyeshadows, mascara etc.

The Carnival Dust range are similar to Barry M eyeshadows in which they are a small pot of glitter that gives a sparkly glam look. Today I tried The Fuchsia Thistle Sparkle in 22 which is a lilacy colour that comes out almost light pink on application.

The eyeshadow gives off a really fresh pretty look that would really suit a spring/summers day with summery makeup and does draw a small amount of attention to your eyes. The colour isn't as strong as some eyeshadows so it would perhaps suit to be worn with a strong lipstick or lipgloss.

The products are pretty cheap and tend to stay on most of the day although you will get a small amount of glitter under your eyes due to the nature of the product. Overall opinion 3/5.
 Before                                                                                                                   After

  • Makeup range is really cheap
  • Lots of colours to choose from
  • Does what it claims to add sparkle to your eyes
  • Nice spring/summery colour
  • The range isn't too easy to get hold of and you won't find it on the High street except in specailist makeup stores such as TJ Hughes
  • Colour isn't as strong as Barry M range

Champneys Collection: Perfect Lips Plumping Lip Gloss

Many lipglosses claim to have the power to pump up your lips but do they really? I put Champneys plumping lip gloss to the test. Champneys products are generally mid range prices but I believe I got this lip gloss on sale reduced from £6 to £3. They are available from all large Sainsbury's or online.

The product looks quite fancy and claims to give you fuller looking lips whilst boosting your lips collagen. When you apply the product you do feel a slight tingling in your lips and get quite a strong sweet smell from the product. Having taken before and after photos of the product I could only see the smallest variation in lip size. The photo on the right having a minimal 10% increase.
 Before                                                                                                                    After

The product slightly fulfills its claim to give you fuller looking lips but is not perhaps the large improvement many may expect.

So if you're looking for a clear lip gloss that will give your lips the impression that they're bigger then this product will do the job. However if you're looking for a Angelina Jolie job perhaps this product isn't for you. Rating 2.5/5.

  • Nice packaging
  • Somewhat fulfills its claim
  • The overall effect isn't as strong as you want to believe
  • Strange smell

Benefit Confessions of A Concealaholic - Booing shade 2

When you need to cover up a blemish or dark circles concealer can be one of the most vital make up elements known to man. For years I've strived to find a concealer that will hide dark circles and give me back an all over fair complexion. So far I've tried virtually every concealer going (well it feels that way anyway) and still can't say I'm truly satisified. They're either too bright, too dark, just sink into your skin and simply diseppear or make you look like a panda.

So a couple of years back a friend recommend Boiing a industrial strength concealer. So this brings me onto the current review Benefit's Confessions of a Concealaholic. At £32.50 it's incredibly steep for a makeup product but it does include both shades of Boiing concealer (Boing 1 and Boiing 2), That Gal brightening face primer, Erase paste, lemon aid and eye bright.

This review is primarily about the Boiing shade 2 ladies so don't get confused.

The saying less is more certainly applies when applying this concealer and after stroking the brush over once or twice you will have enough coverage for any darkness or marks. The result is suprisingly quite light and depending on whether you like that or not you can cover up with a powder finish.

                                          Above photo shows my face before Booing shade 2 is applied

                                                       After booing shade 2 is applied

Now there is a noticeable difference between the two photos (apart from the clothes of course) of a fresher look in the lower photo. You must take care when applying though as if you don't rub it in properly you will end up with blobs of concealer all around your eye. The concealer does work well on covering up blemishes such as red marks too which I use it for but be warned it doesn't stay on that long.

By about 5 a clock the product will have pretty much soaked into your skin and you will have little coverage left so don't forget to reapply.

  • Good coverage that lasts many hours
  • Versatile so it can be used on both blemishes and dark circles
  • Has a good coverage
  • Strongest concealer on the market
  • Although this product came in a pack the product alone can cost about £19 so it can be very expensive
  • If you don't apply it a certain way you will end up looking like a panda

Friday, 18 February 2011

Little pots of gold...Barry M

I love creating a spectacle of my eyes as I've always been told they're my best features and I have to say the Barry M makeup range are the best eyeshadows out there. They come in a wide range of colours from gold, to pink hues to blacks and blues and they have pigments in them that make your eyes sparkle.

You can buy Barry M dazzle dust pots or fine glitter dust and you can get amazing results from both. If you want a new look for daytime or a glamorous look for the evening you can create so many different looks from these. The problem with many glitter eyeshadows is that they often don't stick and end up all down your face after five minutes but these have pretty good staying power without using any eyeshadow primers.

Over the period of about ten hours the product does eventually start to crease and lose some of its original sparkle but with any makeup that's going to be expected. So if you were using this for the daytime and planning on going out later you'd need to reapply but if you didn't you'd still retain the same sort of look.

They are so quick to apply and leave minimal mess after application. Today I used Barry M Dazzle Dust in 39, a beige goldy colour that brings out the blue in my eyes. I'd give it a 4/5.


The cheek of it pink blusher

Do you feel that expensive makeup is really unneccesary when you can get the same effect without breaking the bank. TJ Hughes department stores have a small range of makeup products you've probably not heard of but they offer decent results for half the price. After browsing yesterday I found The Cheek of it which is a selection of rather pink blushers - from baby pink to excessively pink and thought i'd try it out.

At £1.50 a pop they're cheap and cheerful and provide a nice coverage that doesn't sink into your foundation. You can apply as much or as little as you want and you will still get a nice pink healthy glow that makes you look like you've just stepped in from a brisk walk in the cold.

It also helps you don't need to apply lots of product so you certainly will be getting your moneys worth. I'd rate it 4/5.

Before                                After



Avon Anew lash transforming mascara and serum

Any girl who's into her makeup will know there's far too many mascaras out there, that's why its my job to try them all and get back to you whether they're any good. I got this one free after buying a Anew product from the Avon catalogue. It's normally about £10.50 and claims to drastically increase the size of your lashes.

I'm generally not a huge fan of two tipped mascaras as they take even longer in the morning to apply but as it was free I thought why not. You initally apply the white serum which I guess has special potions to make your lashes grow and then you go over with the mascara. 

I've not really been using it too long but when I do put it on I would say there is probably a 15-20% increase in length of my lashes, especially compared to the mascara I was using yesterday (Myface.cosmetics)

In terms of lash growth I guess its a bit too early to tell but they seem to be slightly more refined.

It is quick and easy to use and does make your eyes stand out. I'd give it a 4/5.


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Playboy Stiletto Hot Red Lipstick

When you're out on the town you want your lipstick to stay on and not end up all around your face. I'm just the same and love a hot red lippy to accentuate my lips as my mouths quite small and make it the main feature. A while ago I bought Playboy Stiletto lipstick from TJ Hughes that looked like it would give me a really glamorous effect.
The lipstick glided on easily and had a really bright lip stain in a raspberry shade that immediatly made my lips stand out. I'm quite fair skinned but I don't feel the lipstick washes me out I think it simply just creates a real look at me factor. My lips felt really smooth and moisturised unlike the chapped dry feeling you get with some poorly constructed lipsticks. The product unfortunately doesn't last that long and does start to come off after about a hour or so. Even after the product comes off you're left with much brighter lips then you had at the start.

Overall a good product that is well worth buying if you want a lipstick that can really make your mouth stand out. I'd give this product 4/5.

See for yourself

Before                                  After

Myface.cosmetics mascara review

Have you ever watched the Mascara adverts on TV and thought wow this mascara is simply amazing... well keep watching and make sure you read the small print that's so small you can barely read it. The model's eyelashes are lined with eye lash inserts just to 'even the lash line out' so in other words the ad is fake.

So in line with my new makeup reviews I will show you the real effects of various different mascaras that I own and you can then decide on the best for you based on the truth.

Whilst in Boots in Bluewater a couple of weeks ago I found a new make up line called Myface.cosmetics, I believe it's exclusive to Boots and offers a interesting number of makeup products. You can get nail varnishes, foundations, eyeshadows, mascara, eyeliner etc. After seeing a offer for a free nail varnish, eye liner and lip gloss if you spent over £15 I decided to try their mascara (and eyeshadow but I'll tell you about that later).

The product is very black and glides on easily so you don't have to constantly dip the wand back in for more product and is easy to apply. I felt it does lengthen my lashes slightly but doesn't do much for volumising unfortunately. The end result is a longer look that is very black so its clearly defined against the rest of your eye. The mascara also applies well to the lower lashes and doesn't end up poking you in the eye like a lot of wands can if they're too big.

I'd give this product about 3 out of 5 as it does a reasonable job but I wouldn't say it's the best mascara in the world. Any good? You be the judge!

 Before                                                                               After

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Its time to put a niche to Kathcakeblogging!

It's about time I had some sort of niche for my little blog and after some inspiration from a friend of mine i've decided to give reviewing make up a go. I do use it every day and find it the perfect solution for inspiring me to feel good about myself so why not!

My first review will be on Benefit's Stay Don't Stray solution.

The product priced at around £19.50 isn't cheap but depending on what you're looking for it maybe the perfect solution. I was finding that by the end of the day my make up would simply have diseppeared and for a girl it's quite annoying to have to keep reapplying your makeup.

When I initially bought this product I was pretty impressed at how my make up did seem to stay on a lot longer, and I didn't seem to look as plain jane as usual. I normally applied a few spots on my skin before putting my foundation on and rubbing that in.

The product is mainly for eyes as well to be used a eye primer so you can keep your eyeshadow on for longer but after using this with cream eye shadow I can't say I had much success, as the shadow still creased!

After a while of using this product I do find that by the end of the day my makeup still isn't perfect but it probably stays fresh for maybe half a day longer then it would without the use of this. Perhaps doesn't help that I constantly touch my face all the time!

At the price of almost £20 it's quite a investment buy and you only get a small tube so think carefully whether you want to risk it all on this product or perhaps look for a cheaper alternative. I would rate this product 2.5/5

Your best price is Asos at £19.50
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