Saturday, 18 December 2010

Competition fairy strikes back

In the last few months I thought i'd up the competition entries as things were running a little dry in winning land. So instead of around 400 a week I entered as often as I could so it amounted to probably over 1000 entries a month.

Now that has had a positive effect on my wins as lately I've won so much more and it certainly gives you a little happy feeling in the pit of your stomach :)

Recent wins include:
Ipad from Promotional Codes
Tent from Misco
Brit Awards Launch party tickets
Recliner chair which i've yet to receive
New trivial pursuit game
Christmas hamper
Several sets of tickets which don't really interest me much sadly

So far that's all but hopefully that list will continue to increase as the days roll by :)

Comping is so worth it people!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cambodian water festival disaster

When reading the Metro newspaper on Tuesday I was shocked to see the picture of the Cambodian bridge disaster when party goers were crushed after panic spread.

I have to say reading the account the situation must have been terrifying trapped in a bridge with others falling on top of you and knowing there was no possible way you could escape. To me the idea of being crushed is one of the most horrific ways to die. God bless their souls.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Urban legends

The other day I was round my friends and we were discussing as you do urban legends. I was reading a few out from my iphone and seeing if they agreed they were scary. I told her and her boyfriend the one about the girl who had a dog that was chopped up by a psycho and instead had him licking her hand under her bed but I got it a bit muddled up and they didn't find it scary. Then there was the one where a guy driving one night sees another car with its lights off so flashes them, the story goes whoever flashes them gets chased and then supposedly killed. Apparantly that story was true and occured in London years ago (doesn't surprise me if it did).

As we were watching Saw 4 at the time (quite appropriate I think) I brought up how when you get into your car at night don't you ever think there's someone sitting in your back seat and just when you look in your mirror they leap up with an axe, knife, rope or any other appropriate weapon. Of course it's too much horror movie consumption for me but my friend agreed so clearly its a girl thing. That night on my way home I checked the back seat just to make sure...

Do any of you have any worries about urban legends coming true?

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Contemplating the facts of life...

Contemplating the facts of life (Ooh hooray a update!)

Hello people. I wonder how the not so successful people get successful in life. In recent times I have started to wonder what it is exactly I want to do in life, as my past intention of writing for a living isn't panning out too well. Perhaps I am losing my motivation, as I didn't fall straight into a job I don't know but right now it's not happening. I'm good at Administration and it's what I've been applying for till now but it's not too exciting. So onwards I go onto trying to get my name out there through applying for various castings on Star now and seeing what luck will throw my way.

So far the path to success has included a fruit sellers role in the Pirates of Caribbean 4 movie (not too bad you might say, money certainly wasn't!), a starring role as a hair model in the Great British Hairdressers competition in which my hairdresser got through to the next round. Shame she didn't have time to finish my hair cut!

I also earned a bit of money through selling my story about learning to swim at a later age, which appeared in Love It and a recent newspaper story about good-looking girls who find it hard to get boyfriends, as they're afraid to approach, which is yet to go into print.

So... what's happening at the moment? Well I've got a interview with a agency tomorrow which I hope is worth the train fare! Friday is a quick meeting with the Grazia team for a new show that helps people who are more then stuck in a rut... situation sounds quite familiar funnily enough. Hopefully they will see my dilemma in that I need a little direction for my next step. I have considered starting a writing course but it's quite expensive at £400+ with VAT and I still have a lot of clothes to buy so its quite hard to balance it all out. However I recently started my Avon business (ahem) up again and so far apart from three non-starter streets I have started to do quite well on my first order. With almost £200 worth of orders and another 2 weeks of canvassing to go I could do very well indeed and see sky high commission... woohoo! Then I can put that commission aside into my little ATM piggybank, which is currently sporting £0.00 pence.

Right now I was doing some admin work for my dads sort of business but as that's drying up I have to find some more part time work to earn the pennies until I get some sort of interesting permanent job or until I land my big film part... haha. I think as I'm quite ambitious I will fall on my feet somewhere along the way, whatever that is I don't know yet but I'm still quite young so there's plenty of time. It's just when I creep up to the wrong side of 30 and I still haven't got myself something permanent that I probably need to start worrying a little more!

Monday, 23 August 2010

X Factor Auto Tune Scandal

A scandal rocked the entertainment world as it was revealed that the X Factor used Auto Tune software.
The expensive editing software was used during the qualifying stages to make contestants sound better. It gives the idea however that if such software is being used then effectively the audience is not seeing a real performance.
ITV who dubbed the act as simply applying post performance effects have asked does it really matter that they were used on the contestants.
However in a contest where entrants are judged on how well they can sing it is clear that it matters a lot.
The editing came to light after the series first show on Saturday when one of the dubbed favourites Gamu Nhengu performance had a large number of digital pitch effects that made her song Walking on Sunshine come out in spooky, computer like precision.
Whilst the use of effects on famous guests on the show such as Britney Spears and even Cheryl Cole herself are not anything new it is the fact that these are contestant who effectively we as a audience will have to judge.
So why should we care if its something thats all over the face of British pop? The fact is X Factor is a designed as a talent show that gives those people who never had the opportunity - the single mum, or the dustbin man who's doing it for his kids to get their chance at being on stage.
If we lose our faith in those human triumph against the odd moments there will really be no need for us to watch it anymore as effectively everything that we see could be fake.
So despite ITV bosses saying the editing was done purely for entertainment factors it's clear it has in fact turned completely against them. After all the audience are the judges too

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Just for fun!

As I was bored one evening I took some stills of my Remington video.

Capture the fun of the day:


busy little bee

The last few days have been pretty busy for me with several trips up to London. Firstly for a interview for this feature on the new Paul O Grady show, not to work there but to feature obviously lol. Only lasted about 15 mins though so bit dubious whether that was another waste of time!

Sunday I was a hair model for a brand new show that will be airing on E4 in March. It involved a lot of waiting around for hours but around half hour after the audition was supposed to wrap we went in to have our hair cut. After warnings that the hairdressers might do something crazy and you have the chance to opt out now we went in, and luckily it wasn't too bad. I kept my length, just had the ends chopped off and a interesting full fringe put in. It involved a lot of retakes due to car alarms, ambulances etc and had the hairdressers completing a 40 minute challenge to create a hair cut that represented them.

James Brown judged and Abbey Clancy presented but I didn't get autographs off either! lol. Check out the final result below. My hairdresser got through to the next round of judging so it must have been an award winning cut! lol.

As a sidenote have definitely (i think) been accepted as a extra on a major blockbuster. Should be fun if I get it!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Reach for the stars!

Every girl dreams of aspiring to something be it being a nurse, doctor or politician (not a easy one but not impossible as demonstrated by the iron lady).

I would love to do something interesting that's a bit creative and where I could use my writing skills to help someone else spread the word.

I've entered into a Simple Star comp where the idea is to find the best person to promote their brand. It offers a salaried role doing something that I would really enjoy - writing and I would love to be given the chance.

If you could help me by dropping your vote by and maybe spreading the word you'll be greatly appreciated. Every vote is vital!!

The link is Simple Star Vote Link

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Burqa's - right or wrong?

I know burqa's are worn by religious women of a certain faith (Islamic) however after seeing many women wearing them on a recent trip to Whitechapel it got me thinking is it really right? Generally these women wear these as their men do not want other men to find them attractive hence all you can see are their eyes.

I just believe it is demeaning to take ownership of someone elses body like that even if it is for religious reasons.

Just because a woman is pretty doesn't mean they will stroll off to the next man that finds them attractive. In my opinion they should be destroyed.

What do you think?

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Miss Pretty - Where's Kathy?

So the official video of Miss Pretty has been completed and did I get much face time? No! What a joke. So much for every girl getting a bit of face time, you only saw me if you look hard in the background of girls. If you want to try and spot me get your magnifiying glass out and look on here:


Sunday, 25 July 2010

Miss Pretty video recording

Yesterday I took part in the recording for Jonathan Haselden's Miss Pretty video. I had never done one before so it was a bit scary, but all the girls were really friendy and it was great fun.

The unknown singer had managed to get a piece on him in the Sun newspaper on the piece and on a few other sites which was impressive. Still girls love to get a bit of exposure don't they. Around 50 of us turned up and there were some coming from as far as Aberdeen. That's dedication for you!

There was lots of dancing, waiting around and dancing again but hopefully I'll get more then 2 seconds of face time!

The tune is pretty catchy,  check out the demo video at

I'll post the new video when it's up and running!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My name in lights

So after a lot of effort (consistent submissals) I may have finally got a story in a magazine. I can't quite remember what magazine as I submitted the idea to every one going but one phoned me up and asked me to tell them a bit more about it. They said they'd come back to me when they've written the story and see what I think of it. Expect to see my name in lights soon! lol!

If you wish to do the same and get your story into print you must first think of something that would shock/humour/anger readers. This could include:

  • My hubby slept with my sister/daughter/best friend etc
  • I've had twenty babies by twenty different fathers
  • My lifesaving story
  • I was abducted by aliens
Now those ideas are pretty extreme, and generally it is just something that readers would want to read about. Something that may inspire them to do similar or revolt them by the extents of human nature. You could try submitting your story to Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Company, That's Life, Real People, Chat, Take A Break, Love It, Best, Bella or Pick Me Up and see what happens. To find them online just search on Google for the website and follow the links on there.

Good luck!

p.s I was also shortlisted for a poetry competition. The man organising the competition rung me especially and said he enjoyed my poem 'Paradise'. Pretty unexpected but nice to know :)

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A 2010 plate... really?

The other day my dad signed the deal to get a new Ford KA for me as my little peugeot is getting on a bit (12 years) loves to play up, has issues and has many many miles on the clock. However whilst that is all well and good the car might have a '10 plate but it certainly doesn't have any features that match its year..

As their ultimate basic model it has nothing. But a cd player. It just annoys me due to the principle of the thing really.. you just expect that year car to come standard.. that's why it annoyed me so much. The model up had it but my dad has to have the offer.

Hey ho I'll get some exercise winding up those windows!

Just goes to show...

Competitions are worth the effort!

I've just been checking my emails today and I received one from a competition I entered where I've won a eco weekend which includes meeing some eco celeb with a eco dinner and a 4* hotel stay in a London hotel. Woop!!

Not sure if I can do the celeb meeting thing as it's such short notice... mmm I don't know, interested in the hotel stay though and the dinner. Hope they can rearrange things!

Then clicking on further through I received another one saying I had won £100 worth of Marks and Spencers vouchers!

My horoscope did say things were on the up... :)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Oxis International - target ageing from the inside

Everyone tries their best to hide the signs of ageing - be it by religiously applying anti ageing creams from the first signs of a wrinkle to slapping on factor 60 to combat sun damage. But what if the signs of ageing went deeper then that ? When you start ageing from the inside there is very little you can do and over time free radicals can attack cells causing oxidation which in turn causes cell damage.

As I'm sure you're all aware ageing begins on the surface, when skins looses elasticity and starts to sag causing wrinkles, droopy bits and a loss of youthfullness. Inside however it cause even more damage such as organ detioration, cell ageing and general mental composition over a period of time.

When outside components such as cigarette smoke, UV rays, pollution and fatty foods hits the skin a process called oxidation starts to take place and starts to disrupt the structure of human cells (stress oxidative). Over a prolonged period this can start to cause cardiovascular disease, premature ageing, cancer and so on.

So if there was a chance to prevent such a process wouldn't you jump at it? Oxis International are in the process of developing a number of antioxidant products that will help tackle free radicals and help eliminate inner ageing. These antioxidants normally available to apply from the outside produce their own free radicals that can help tackle the oxidation process. These products can be taken orally or intrevaneously and include enzymes that include glutathione and penny stock.

Oxis International http://www.oxis.comis a company that is engaged in the research of development in produts targeted against anti-ageing both inside and out, and is in the process of producing further lines of skin products.


Friday, 18 June 2010

England 0 - Algeria 0 = TERRIBLE!

Yet again England have scored a brilliant result in the World Cup (not). I wonder what causes world class players to suddenly lose all the excellence they have in their club games and turn them into a bunch of opportunity missing jessies!

It looked like the star play Rooney was home sick and missing his baby, and the rest of them clearly couldn't support the rest of the team. I may not be the expert, but if a formation aint working then the simple solution would be to change it wouldn't it?

Still onwards and upwards to the next game - England V Slovenia let it be 5 - 0 - I'd like to win one of my free bets on Opinion World!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Mystery shopping special

After joining several more mystery shopping panels I'm starting to get a bit more then the occasional job in. Last week I did two visits for the panel I've worked on for 2 years, to Abbey and Thomas Cook, and with another two panels to Chelsea and Macdonalds.

Whilst the pay isn't amazing, (varies from around £7 to £25) for the panels that I do use, if you consistently carry out these the money will begin to build up. For example when all my shops are confirmed I should receive in the region of about £60.

So for those who are dithering over whether it is worth it, I recommend if you have the spare time and the means of getting there do it. It's a bit of extra cash for doing something you would probably do anyway, it isn't difficult and it really doesn't take long to write up the report either.

To start on your mystery shopping journey why not try signing up to the following panels:
BARE International - I've not had any assignments with this panel yet as they've always been further then I wanted to travel. Quite a few available though
GAP Buster - Gap Buster is perfect if you like your food. It has assignments with a number of food groups, along with petrol stations and select high street stores.
Grass Roots - I have been with Grass Roots for around 2 years now and would highly recommend it. Fast payers, easy assignments and I've never had any queries about the work I've submitted.
Optimum Contact - I have just completed my first assignment with Optimum Contact and have to say they are very good payers and well worth signing up to.

There are other mystery shopping panels available, and some are accessible on Money Saving Expert, however the above panels I have used and been succesful with so I can easily recommend them. Remember when recieving notifcation of job available for mystery shopping never leave it to the last minute as everyone else pinches the work!

Remington video

Hello, finally the pictures of my Remington shoot are now officially on the Remington micro website. Check them out at Remington Hair Flick Challenge

Watch the video of the shoot here:

Let me know what you all think! :)

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Are you a real Del boy ? If so read on...

If you love making a bit of money on the side in your spare time, be it via surveys, mystery shopping, blogging or other avenues I'm sure you'll always be looking for news ways to generate a bit of cash. Having spent many man hours browsing I found lots of wonderful tips, although most of those involved a lot of hard work (i.e. Avon, Betterware, Bodyshop at Home etc).

I did however come across Read Bud, this site is perfect for those who enjoy reading internet articles and would do so anyway for free. All you need to do is select 50 interests and then you start reading. You earn on average $0.04 + for one article which really isn't bad at all for 30 seconds skim reading.

Well worth it if you ask me!

Alternatively you can try My Lot, it's not as fast a earner as Read Bud but you can get paid for simply joining in conversations with other members and undertake tasks.

Happy earning money! :)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Opportunities in the rat race...

Since I started working a lot more in my current job I just feel I never seem to have enough time to do everything I would like to do. For example I have to prioritise my money making schemes (lol) checking emails, whilst arranging time to go out and every other thing that needs doing. I'm sure everyone else is in the same or similar positions but it's just so annoying that when you want to do things you have no time and when there's nothing to do there's all the time in the world.

Like today for example I needed to clear out the rest of my emails because I've signed up to so many sites I get junk through every day, plus survey invites and everything else that takes hours to clear. I try to look every day but it just doesn't happen!

Then I try to look on Starnow for more creative opportunities (most of which I never hear from again) but the ones that I do are such short notice I don't have time to do them as I'm working. It's a bit of a bummer really.. ho hum such is life!

Complain when I'm bored, complain when I've too much to do!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Remington Photoshoot

So the day finally dawned for my Remington photoshoot. It didn't take too long to find after following a map from Angel to the studio, and probably took less time then a cab would take!

As soon as I got there, everyone was so friendly and the studio was gorgeous. It was quite large, with luxurious white sofas as a centrepiece, a fridge with drinks from coca cola to wine, a bowl of fruit and a bowl full of crisps. There were even bagels on offer too. It was quite overwhelming to see around 10 people all there just for me.

The stylist had picked out a wide range of clothes to suit every taste and told me to have a look through and see what I liked. In the end, due to time constraint I picked out this gorgeous purple dress, this fairy like yellow and multi coloured skirt dress and a vest that I wore with leggings.

Two freelance filmographers were filming throughout the shoot at various intervals, from the make over to the actual picture taking to the exit interview. I posed, I danced and I spun to get those interesting photos you only see in magazines. With a photographer who had worked with the likes of Richard Branson, the pictures were bound to be good and I got compliments all day long (which I loved!). The best thing would have to be how he managed to make me look tall, where all other photographers had failed he had conquered.

The pictures and the video will go on the Remington website when they're finished. I will keep you posted! (Meanwhile here's a few I made earlier!):)

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Miss Great Britain Heat

So today I attended the Miss GB Greater London heat and I have to say I didn't win unfortunately! However I didn't really expect to, but would've been nice obviously. There were a lot of seasoned pros out there who had attended tons of pageants just to win that one, so obviously they had that advantage over everyone else. I must say a few had gorgeous dresses, that were clearly very expensive and obviously showed out in the evening wear round. I don't think spending hundreds of pounds on a dress you'll only wear once is really worth it to be honest.

There was a lot of standing around and I ended up being the lead girl which was pretty nerve wracking. However there wasn't too many people in the audience so I have to say it wasn't as bad as I thought. My legs don't half ache after all that time wearing heels though!

With lots of paps there, and OK magazine, I got my picture taken loads, although how many pictures they actually use is debatable. A little latin photographer did give me his business card and asked for my email though so I might be appearing on his little website one day soon.

One contestant was really late and got really annoyed when she didn't get placed anywhere, but then if you're late judges (interviewers) never look favourably on you anyway. She said it must be a fix because the girls who got in the top 8 were in the two three last time but then they probably shined more then the other girls.

Who knows hey!

p.s left my bag in the hotel toilets, what a tit.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Updates on competitions

So we're now at the beginning of May.. and what beautiful weather to start it off with!

Pretty typical for a bank holiday though to be honest. Well I won a few more things in April so here's a quick update:
  • A Clinque mascara from a survey competition
  • Boy in the striped pajamas book
  • Another thriller from James Patterson I think
  • The Who album
  • This other book from some other competition I entered can't actually remember what the title was...
That is about it for now but I may have forgotten something here and there. I'm hoping that a lot of the closing dates were the end of April so all my other prizes are just waiting to roll in...

Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Dreams of Being published!

Well today I was looking throught the Writers and Artists Handbook for more agents I could send my novel to and low and behold I've realised there's only about 5 pages left. So far I feel I could paper a wall with the rejection letters I'm receiving from these agencies. It does make me think are they right ? Or is my story like the Harry Potter series where JK Rowling had many rejections before someone took her on.

*My collection of letters from the agencies!*
It does make me wonder however, how many rejections did she have exactly? When I look at published writers stories I don't think my novel is that different. Still if they want to miss out on a gem I guess that's their loss when I'm rich and famous... *dont laugh. * :)

Monday, 12 April 2010

Remington Wet to Dry prize .. woop woop

For the best hair flick video on the Remington Wet to Dry competition I have only gone and won a glamorous photo shoot with one of London's top photographers, backstage pics and videos to be placed on their website, free lunch, my travel paid for and a full cd of the days pics.

Now that is more like the kind of prize I love to win!

I will post the pics of the day on here when I have them! :)

Writing to win...

I spend a awful lot of money trying to win these short story comps and I sure hope my hard work, determination... and cash pay off! lol!

Today I got a email notifying me I had been shortlisted (again) for the Meridian Writing competition. Check out the website here and look for Mistake of a Lifetime.

Wish me luck!  :)

Monday, 5 April 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend was Eggcellent!

Hey hey everyone.

Had a Bank holiday weekend, went to a work's Ann Summers party earlier on in Saturday and then went out for a rare night out with some old friends from school. I was disappointed that the shops weren't open on Sunday, I always seem to forget they are and wake up far earlier then I should have!

Today I went along with my mum to the Museum of Kent Life where I stroked a few sheep and baby lambs, got startled by a pig who decided he wanted to jump up to say hello and then had a look at all the old replicas of cottages during the 1940's, 1950's etc. We also attempted a bunny hunt but forgot all about it halfway through and then remembered again and only got a total of about 5 bunnies. Damn I missed out on a tiny mini egg. So disappointed. lol. Then we headed off to Sherwood Oak for a quick bite to eat and I got in the wrong lane on the roundabout and almost smashed my car up hahahaha. Still alls well that ends well eh!:)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Road Rage!

Two posts in one day, aren't you all the lucky ones :) lol. Well I was driving home from seeing Kick Ass last night (a very interesting interlope of slight humour, Kill Bill style and film noir I must add) and I got stuck behind a BMW doing 30... what!

If you're going to drive a Beemer surely you should drive more to the speed limit as this was in a 40, and instead he just took the piss or she I didn't see and drove like a complete moron, and every time they sped up slightly they slowed down just a quick to fucking fuck me off I bet! Fucking dangerous loons, as soon as they went to turn right I was off!

Had another berk today doing about 40 in a 60... seriously who put these people on the road?

Oh Barry! (Manilow that is)

Hello, got another win through the post today, this time a Barry Manilow Greatest Love Songs of All Time. What a prize lol, as it's not really my cup of tea I've posted it on Ebay, if you wish to check it out click here!

On a side note that photo makes him look around 20, the airbrushers are doing a great job!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Weekends shenigans

I've had a busy weekend this week.. for once lol. I had a friends party on Friday and then went out with work on Saturday. Many people from work let us down though party poopers! lol.

It was a good night boogying on down in Moons but I certainly wasn't impressed when my manager dropped my camera on the floor and broke it! I hope he's planning on buying me a new one! :-/

And today I woke bright and early like around 7am, god knows how and woke constantly every half hour for ages till I just gave in and got up.

This post may not seem too interesting but hey at least I'm keeping you in the loop ;-) Be good everyone!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Death wish?

Coming home from dance today I encountered some strange lights in the near distance. I did wonder what the hell it was and whether aliens had somehow landed but no it was in fact the lights of some wanderers bicycle. Now why would you cycle on a unlit country lane with just a tiny teeny light to make drivers aware of you?!

Not only that, the cyclist was wearing black lol, so they were of course completely visible. The bends on that lane are bad enough without some driver having to make a quick jump into the path of another car lol.

Some people are so smart. :P

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Comic relief...

Is it just me or did James Corden (from Gavin and Stacey) seem to insult virtually every sports personality last night? None of them looked dead pleased about it either, but then what do you expect from a comedian hosting the show?

I'll tell you one thing, Freddie Flintoff's face was priceless when he talked about his excessive drinking, yet the funny thing is when he started taking the piss out of another celeb they quite happily laughed.

Still they couldn't be that offended he did get a standing ovation after all! Only a comedian can slag someone off and then get clapped for it!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Howdy y'all

Hello there all.

Just another update on how things are going. Well it's almost Easter (sort of) and the weathers getting warmer by a centigrade every month.. woop! lol.

I didn't have much luck in the interviews I've been having lately but I did have glowing feedback, well apart form the one that seemed to think I was rude.. strange little lady. ! I think asking one question is rude personally!

Still working hard at work, last week I got £6 a hour as I got a 1.6 conversion but this week I missed it by one, what a bummer! :(.

Yesterday I did some more mystery shopping and what was supposed to be a 3 mile drive from Maidstone ended up being a 30 odd mile one because I went the wrong way.. gutting! Ended up taking the slip road towards the motorway and you can hardly decide to turn around when you're stuck on there!

I do wonder if some berk has done that before.. it wouldn't surprise me!

Anyway I hope you are all well. Let me know if you want me to write about anything!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Traffic lights are red for a reason!

Today I went out and did a bit of Mystery shopping to earn a bit of extra dollar then headed off to Chatham to spend a Debenhams voucher I'd got off my earnings from Toluna. On my way there I encountered the ridiculous traffic works that hold everything up for half hour and when I got to the front of the line some stupid berk decided to go. Even though his light was clearly red as mine was green. Then he had the cheek to thank me... well I was hardly going to drive into you you twit! Clearly as the title says traffic lights are red for a reason. 

Anyway back to the story, when I finally got to chatham and managed to find ap arking space I ended up buying stuff that I don't need as usual which included:
  • Pink vest top from Primani
  • Black vest top from Primani
  • Pearls with a pink flower on from Primani
  • White cardi with shoulder pads :) from New Look
  • Another black vest top with a white bow from New Look
  • Pink vest top with flowers down the middle from Miss Prodigy
  • Top for my mum for Mothers day (ssh)
  • Pretty pink vest top with bow under the boobage
  • My butterfly necklace from Debenhams
  • Pink bracelet from Debenhams
However I did have a voucher for Debenhams so they don't really count. Also got two necklaces and a ring from Accessorize yesterday, and more cardis, socks and earrings from Primani in Maidstone yesterday. Funny how money just burns away isn't it!

My wardrobe is now not fit for purpose as it really is a struggle to generally get anything into it hanging up wise. I can't find anything that I want to get rid of either. Nightmare..
If you look carefully you'll see the rail slowly starting to bend... :(

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Interviews are interesting...

So what have I been up to lately? Well I had two interviews on Thursday, one of which I had to cancel working for so I wasn't too impressed with it really. I got there and had to do this handwritten letter exercise and she gave me some mumbled explanation of what the response to this letter was and then walked out without making sure I was clear of what to do. Great start...

Then they came back in 15 mins later and I had seen she had all these questions written down because she'd left it in the room. So she comes in with another woman, asks me to tell me about herself and whether I have any questions (twice!?) then she goes 'right that's it, now we'll let you know about Friday time'. And I was like ???????? what?? is that it? are you going to ask me anymore questions as I've seen that list... 'no.. fraid not'. Weirdest fucking interview ever.. and a complete waste of my time, clearly she didn't like me from the get go for what ever reason.. maybe I looked better then her and she was jealous! lol. Can't think of any other reason.

Another annoying thing about this woman she had no expression on her face at all, she was like a blank canvas, which made things really difficult as how do you talk to someone who doesn't react? Pfffh!

The other one was a meeting with a agency in London. She was really friendly, personable and nice and she'd even checked up and found my blog.. I was bit surprised really to hear her talking about my modelling pictures lol. If you're following me now, hi! lol.

Went to see Leap Year yesterday, and after watchign so many crap films I have to say that was a warm relief. It was very funny, heartwarming and the perfect romantic comedy! Well recommend it!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

New photoshoot pics

I recently did another photo shoot with a local Photographer called Dom and here are the results. Check them out people!

What did I win today... ohhh yes

To add to my list of winnings is two boxes of Jordans Cereal and 4 spotty Cath Kidston cereal bowls worth £15 ! Result! lol. In addition I won a voucher for a Ristorante Pizza which I got for the most romantic story in which I gained inspiration from the Internet. Oh I love winning.. now lets hope I get all 6 numbers on the lottery! lol!

Keep your comments coming I do read them and enjoy seeing them, have fun everyone!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Excellent make up tips!

Today is a little article for the ladies/transexuals/drag queens with tips on how to wear good make up and how to avoid looking like a toddler experimenting with their mums makeup.

To help you get kitted up for my make up guide take a trip to Eyeko and enter the code E7737 at the checkout to get a free gift with your purchases!

Tip 1
  • Every girl should have a basic make up bag with a number of essential tools. These may include:
Mascara in my opinion is the number one beauty tool, it frames your eyes and really finishes off your look. Black is best for really making your eyes stand out, but if you're really fair brown may be a better choice. Try to buy mascaras that fan your eyelashes out rather then ones that just clump them all together as you'll end up with a rather spidery look. The best mascara is Rimmel The Max Volume Flash.

Eyeliner is great for creating a dramatic look in seconds, think ala Amy Winehouse. But if you don't want to go for that zany you could always tone it down with pencil liner and smudge the look for sexy, smoky eyes or just use a small line of liquid liner on a night out.


The perfect eye shadow will outline your eyes and really make them stand out, although  the wrong shade can do quite the opposite! If in doubt stick to neutrals or follow the handy eye shadow guide below!

If you only want to wear one piece of make up then this is by far the best choice (after Mascara of course). It adds colour to your face and can work to really add life to your lips and make them stand out. Like everything you should find a shade that suits your skintone as wearing something that doesn't suit you just because you liked the colour is a bit of a silly choice!

Concealer is perfect for those late nights you may have been  having lately! For dark shadows use a yellow based one under the eyes to cancel our dark circles and get one that is half a shade lighter then your natural skin colour so no one can actually tell you're wearing it!

For many women foundation is the number one make up item as it covers blemishes and uneven skin tones and helps protect the pores from any dirt or grime from blocking your pores. Finding the exact shade that matches your skin tone can be a difficult task but once found you will never have to look again (unless its discontinued of course)!.

The liquid and cream varieties are the most popular. Oil-based liquid foundation is best for dry or   more mature skin as it gives a matte finish. Water-based liquid foundation gives a lighter coverage, and is more suitable for oily or sensitive skin. Creams are also good for dry skin. Although the coverage they provide is heavier than some liquid foundations, they still offer a glossy finish.

Power will set your foundation in place and give a smooth finish to your make up. It is also very good for eliminating oily patches that may appear in you T- Zone - forehead, nose and chin. You should aim for loose translucent powder as unlike pressed power it  will give you a natural finish that wont streak. For those with oily skin a matte translucent powder will be more useful as it will absorb any oil in your skin.

Blusher is perfect for creating a warm little glow that makes you look like you've got a bit of colour in your skin. There are two varieties you could use such as powder or cream, although powder is generally less fiddly then the cream version. For the more mature lady cream is the best option as its less likely to settle in your skin and will give you a very healthy glow. Try to aim for a blusher colour that is the same shade as your natural glow as anything stronger may make you look very red cheeked!

Tip 2
  • Always try to accentuate your best feature, bet it your eyes, lips or cheeks. The best tools for these are eyeshadow, lipstock and highlighter. This will make you stand out more and make the other sex come a flocking.
Tip 3
  • Use eye shadow that contrasts with your eye colour to make your eyes really stand out. Follow the eyeshadow guide below:
  1. If you have brown eyes consider yourself lucky as they suit most colours. You can experiment with a number of looks from soft neutrals to neon colours, alternatively metallic eyeshadows go very well with this eyecolour.
  2. Blue eyes tend to suit brown, taupe, gold, plum and peach shadows. Metallic shades such as gold or bronze also go very well but don't go too over the top as bronze shadow does not look too amazing in photos and it can almost wash you out. Another good suggestion is to use purple eyeshadow as shown in my pic (click to make larger), this really accentuates the blue and makes them stand out.
  3. Golden brown, taupe, rich purple, peach and violet shades will set off green eyes, and emphasise them as a striking feature. Whilst purple works very well with green eyes, try to remember less is more and go for lighter shades such as plum and violet shades.
  4. If you have grey eyes, you're more likely to suit charcoal, brown and purple shades. Soft purple colours such as violet often work well with grey eyes and really work with your eyes to make them a stunning feature.
  5. Try to remember you shouldn't wear a eye colour just because you like tthe look of it or all your friends have got it, as it may not work for your eye colour or your skin tone. After all if you're naturally pale you don't want to wear a really dark charcoal shade that will completely wash you out and make you look ill!
  6. If in doubt stick to neutral colours which tend to suit most skin tones/eye colours and never forget avoid having shadows exactly the same as your eye colour!
Tip 4
  • As mentioned earlier when putting on your make up you should remember to only try to accentuate one main feature at a time, i.e. eyes or lips, or you'll just end up looking like Jodie Marsh, and I'm sure you don't want that!

If you want more make up guides drop me a line at or write your query in the comment box below!

If you enjoyed this article please spread the word! Thanks!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

More competition wins

Lately I've won a few more competitions. I won a book The Personal History of Rachel Dupree, a tube of diet supplements :S lol, two wedding event tickets and I finally got my Guiness t shirt through the post! lol.

I've been making a tidy sum on Ebay of late, all thanks to my unwanted competition wins. Yay. My suit bagged me £60 and my trainers £20. Nothing like getting some money for nothing!

Hello I've not deserted you all!

Hello, sorry for the lack of updates I've been a busy girl!

I'm still doing pretty well at work and I'm on the 'bestest people in the world' list. Woop lol. Last week I made a £25 bonus and this week I made the same, yay. :)

Hopefully next week I can make it up to £50, lol nothing like positive thinking!

I've been on a few dates lately but for some reason they never go past the first one, their loss I guess! lol.

I'm also thinking of entering Miss Great Britain as there's no sponsoring fee, I've entered Miss England in the past but due to the text vote its impossible to get anywhere unless you have about 2 million friends who want to vote for you :( It's more like a popularity contest then a beauty one!

But according to them there's no text vote and no sponsorship fee, just a £50 initial fee, I've looked online to see if it's a scam but apparantly not.. hmm. Would be nice to win something cool like that though! lol!

Keep the comments coming people, I will try to update more regularly this week!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Now it was quite a while ago I went to Edinburgh but I've finally got around to posting a few photos. Check them out and enjoy :)


What path to walk?

It's always hard to define what kind of career is suitable for you but I have realised I'm pretty good at this telesales lark. Now I'm not sure if this is because we're just following a script or what but I love the whole idea of bonuses and being able to earn more then your basic wage.

My previous role as a Support Officer and the whole way I was treated has really put me off office work, it's a shame as I enjoyed reception work prior to that, but I just found that job stale and boring. I think I'm just someone who needs a clear definition of what I'm actually supposed to be doing and when I have i'm fine. Which is probably why I'm doing so well in this telesales role and always winning prizes woop, won 2 bottles of alcohol the other day for being the best biter :P woo hoo.

I've even started looking into sales jobs, at least I could earn more with them :)

I got paid this week but went shopping today and have spent it all.. lol. I do get paid weekly just so you don't think I've gone and spent a whole months wages in a day.

I even bought a mouse mat that says 'photo of my cock' pretty funny. Lol.

Monday, 25 January 2010

If you want two minutes of fun...

Check out the WKD website.

In it you can ask two guys any sort of questions you want, the answers are quite accurate really if you ask them silly things like 'are you gay' they will say nooo or something along those lines, or they might shout obscenties at you. It keeps me amused anyway!

You can also enter the competition to win the pop up bar if you wish!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Who's a hero?

I'm a hero!! lol!

Check this video out:

Woop woop lol.

If you want to make your own just go to Become a hero!

Don't worry, be happy!

I was browsing my facebook yesterday and came across this very old photo of me looking estatically happy. Now if you saw that wouldn't you break into a smile?

So if you're ever feeling down you could always take a look at my lovely, beaming face to raise a smile of your own. Give it a try. Lol


Popping out the feelers...

Today I have been emailing every (or almost every) bookseller in Kent to see if they'd be interested in selling my self published novel Love Comes Knocking. Now I know that's a hell of a long shot as they like to turn their noses up at self-published stuff but it's worth a go isn't it, nothing ventured, nothing gained. In the least they might note that I'm local and maybe arrange some sort of event? who knows.. it's completely up to them, and I'm bracing myself for the rejections! lol.

To be honest the whole publishing world is like most industries these days really, really tough to break into. All you need is that one big break but getting that is incredibly difficult. Still I have my hope and as hope is the last thing to die I'll be okay for a while yet!

Keep your comments coming people! :)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

My suit sold...

Just a quick post to say my suit sold for £60.33 woop woop! Best lot yet!

My first day as one of those that likes to annoy! lol

Hello all, hope you are all well. Today I started my first trial shift of the call centre job. I found out that you only get paid if you get 2 'bites' a hour but with around 80-100 calls going out that shouldn't be too difficult, although you do get dry patches. In my first proper hour I got 4 bites *woop* lol and one visit I think from that. If they leave a price I'll get a extra £5. Not bad for my first day lol.

A lot of people didn't seem to be in and a lot of people weren't interested but to be honest i don't blame them, no one said fuk off though which was nice. Lol

On my way home though I went into this little cafe to get a sandwich and I said to the lady can I have a tuna mayo salad sandwich, so what do I get? Cheese salad? seriously!? I didn't think they sounded too similar myself!

Now you're probably thinking why didn't I go back? Well I was halfway down the street by this time and I thought f'k it. So I scrapped the cheese off and had a salad sandwich. Yum.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Things are looking up?

So I have been jumping onto the job hunt and must have applied for over 40 jobs in the last three or four days. Talk about being proactive!

Anywho I am still waiting to hear back from the full time jobs that I have applied for but in the meantime someone from my old workplace the University of Greenwich phoned up with a possible job offer. There is a temporary position of a Receptionist for 2 days which will go down brilliantly! In addition I went for a interview, well I say interview but more of a informal discussion about a call centre job. Whilst I hadn't been keen on call centre work before, it is money at the end of the day and it really didn't seem that difficult.

It was a relaxed atmosphere with the radio on and people just sitting around tables, I'm going for a trial on Saturday. Wish me luck!

As you can do any hours you want it would probably fit in pretty well with the receptionist job. .. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Stupid Warnings

Today I was in Sainsburys doing me shopping and came across a warning on the back of a Salmon packet. Guess what it said? May contain fish... REALLY!? I would never have guessed.. my god how stupid do they think we are?!

It reminds me of other warnings such as 'Slippery when wet' or 'Hot water may be very hot'.  The mind boggles.. anyone happen to come across any eye raising warnings?

Saturday, 16 January 2010

More wins

The other day I got through the post my Brook Taverner suit that I won back in December, took its time coming I must say!

Also got through the post the other day a Rimmel Self - tan solution. I seem to win every competition they put out as they offer so many prizes to everyone, for example with 10,000 products you're prettty likely to win one!

Lastly I won Wild Wonderful Alaska Seafood.. that will be going straight on Ebay!

Me, attitude?

Now why is it whatever workplace I go to people seem to assume I have some sort of attitude. It does get a bit boring after a while to keep hearin complaints from your boss etc, and often very nit picky comments. But as it's a new year and a new start, I have vowed to not take their comments too much to heart and improve on what they say. I don't think I'll ever satisfy them and I can only really do my best.

I'm trying to see the positive in everything these days as being a negative person doesn't really keep you in too high spirits but there's only so much positive in every situation! Still least I'm aware of it and can change it, and make them more tea/coffee as they requested! (and stop looking at the Internet all the time).

On the other hand I am working on my other resolutions too, as this week I went out Monday, Thursday and Friday so I'm keeping my going out statistic pretty high! It would have been 4 days had I been bothered to go to dancing, ohh and i'm out tomorrow as well. Aren't I a busy lass!

Not looking forward to Monday, I have a meeting with the boss :(
My first self-published novel Love Comes Knocking has really gone live with  submission to both Google books and Amazon. It will take around 8 weeks for them to show up but I was soon be listed!

The book is available in book form or downloadable so there's the best of both worlds. Take a look at Love Comes Knocking!

If you happen to check it out please let me know what you think I will be happy to hear it!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow driving...

As I'm sure you're all aware driving on snow is very different to driving in normal conditions. You have to stop earlier, be aware of the nutters around you who don't realise there is any snow and account for sliding back down icy hills. In every snow situation there are several key maneouvres everyone will have done at some point. My list includes the following:

Key Maneouvres:

  • Donuts= 0
  • Skids=Numerous, especially on last Wednesday's onset of bad snow blizzards
  • Near accidents=1 - shooting out of a junction in the early hours of the morning
  • Wheel spins=Several - going up icy hills and reversing out of my drive in the snow before Xmas
  • Road closures=0 but I did get stuck on the M2 for half hour whilst they dug out a lorry.
With more snow forecast these figures can only increase!
What are your experiences??

Love Comes Knocking

In previous posts I mentioned my Ebook Love Comes Knocking. I created my own little website in which I offered it for download but alas I don't know if anyone really took a look :(

Anywho I didn't give up and self-published it on This site allows for download and print to order. For example books are only printed when someone orders one rather then printing out a whole batch of books.

If any of you are interested in Romantic-comedies I would love it if you could take a look and spread the word if you're not interested. After all one mans rubbish is another mans treasure! but not in quite those terms!

Pauline, (45 female) The book was quite enjoyable, but was easily put down. It was easy to get into again, and I found it nice and lighthearted. Iwould read another book by the author.8/10

Dianne (39 female) I found the book to be humerous, and a little entertaining, I found much of the story relating back to his name which got a little predictable at times. In general the structure was well done, but I found the situations un believable.  6/10

For more details check out the press release

Love Comes Knocking is available to buy at Lulu

Let me know what you think!

Winter Wonderland...

In the depths of Kent we have snow... lots of it. It is fun to begin with but after a while it just starts to piss you off. Especially if it doesn't stop!

Take today for instance, it has been snowing pretty much constantly since 2.30pm today. I was out shopping for the morning and it was snowing but only lightly so I carried on, just aware that if it starts shitting it down I should make a move. Reason being I would not be getting up North Dane Way if I didn't!

In the end I got 2 dress type things and 3 tops from Primark, a pair of black work trousers from Internationale, a new coat, tshirt, jumper and black dress from Select and the new CSI Deadly Intent game and Boogie Wii game. So quite a nice little shopping trip and barely over £100 quid result!

I seem to have quite a addiction to buying Wii games I never get round to playing. Not quite sure why this is but I have a tendency to play on the PC instead. Maybe I shld have put that on my new year resolutions too - must play Wii.

I will post snow pics for you soon if you want them. It may come to us being so snowed in we can't even open our doors. Hope not as I have shopping to do. I've been sent home early from work twice already for a few snow showers, I don't need it anymore!

How is everyone else's snow experiences?

Ooh another competition win

The other day I received a letter from GM informing me I had won a pair of limited edition Salomon XT Wings trail running shoes. According to them they emailed me but had no response so they wrote instead. I am getting slightly concerned about these emails not getting through.. I check my junk email quite regularly and have never seen such a email.

Still the junk still manages to get through so it must be okay!

I have no idea what they look like so I'll have a nice surprise if they ever arrive. The suit I won hasn't yet either.. nor the album i won months ago.. not impressed!

Somewhere there is a very well dressed postman listening to some bang hard tunes!

(hopefully it has just taken a detour as I don't like the above idea!!)

On a side note I have entered way over 120 comps today, and over 80 on Thursday so maybe I will win a grand total of one if i'm lucky?

Monday, 4 January 2010

At long last.. the day has come....

When I can swim!

I started swimming lessons back in September 2009 and continued them throughout the latter part of the year till today. Tonight it was freezing cold, and even more cold in the pool, but I finally managed to swim!

The only requirement you need to swim is to simply let go and voila you're there. Despite what I thought you don't instantly fall in, you don't sink, you stay afloat! I barely got my face wet, I am quite simply sooo proud of myself.

I just hope I can continue it next week!

Tizz, my little friend also took the plunge tonight and she can swim now too. What a night!

So if any of you who is reading this can't swim, don't give up, take a chance, you can do it!

Happy new year!

Sorry it's a bit late, but better late then never, happy 2010.

I made a few resolutions as I do every year, I aim to:
  • Be more positive
  • Care less what people think of me
  • Get my book published (lol)
  • Get a hunky man?
I'm not sure about the last two but they would be nice if I did achieve them. Although the guy one is a bit dodgy, as relationships typically always go tits up! lol. Still positivity will get me places, there's no such word as can't!

So far I am doing good with the positive stuff, I got lost and went the wrong way home when coming back from Sittingbourne and put it down as a adventure, then today I got stuck in traffic for ooh a hour and 20 mins, took that long just to get onto blue bell hill. MANIC! But I remained positive throughout. Go me!

Anyone else make any resolutions? You broken them yet? lol

Have a good year! x
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