Friday, 27 October 2017

Top beauty tips to look more awake when you're tired

top beauty tips to look more awake when you feel tired

Late and sleepless nights can play havoc on your skin. The lack of sleep causes your skin to lose its natural glow, increases dryness and limits the time blemishes have to heal. Dark circles are also a dead giveaway that you've not had much sleep and can scream to bosses that you've been burning the midnight oil. So if the idea of a early night is about as much fun as pulling teeth there are plenty of beauty cheats you can use to make you look wide awake in no time.

Keep your skin looking fresh 
When you're tired your skin starts to look redder whilst your lips seem dry and parched. When you're tired it's important to get the hydration back into your skin as soon as possible.

Benefit Total Moisture face cream

Moisturisers are great for reducing redness and plumping up the skin by adding much needed hydration.
Try Benefit Total Moisture face cream (£33 at John Lewis

Pur Illuminate and Glow primer
Primers are great for targeting certain concerns like fine lines, redness and visible pores.
Try Pur Illuminate and Glow primer (£24 at Marks and Spencers

Inika blusher in Peachy Keen

Avoid using a pink blusher if you're tired as it can accentuate red skin. Use a peach blusher as it will add a warm natural looking glow.
Try Inika blusher in Peachy Keen (£21.00 at The Hut)

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow
Finish your look by adding highlighter to the highest point of your face such as your cheekbones and brows.
Try Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow (£49 at Net-a-Porter

Make those eyes shine 
Ever wonder why tiredness shows so prominently in dark circles around your eyes? The skin is generally quite thin around your eyes and has less oil glands so is prone to dehydration. Don't worry though there's plenty of tricks you can use to get a more wide awake look.

REN Keep Young and Beautiful anti-ageing eye cream
Use a eye cream that helps to energise, hydrate and depuff skin. Look for eye creams that contain peptides, hyaluronic acid and glycerin to give the skin around your eyes a much needed vitamin boost.
Try REN Keep Young and Beautiful anti-ageing eye cream (£28 at Feel Unique)

MAC Full eyelash curler

Lash curlers are perfect for opening up your eyes and letting the light in. Make sure you curl your lashes before applying mascara as using the tool on loaded lashes can make them brittle and break
Avoid the smokey look if you're feeling tired!
Try MAC Full eyelash curler (£16 at John Lewis)  

Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette

Highlight the inner corners of your eyes and use colours like gold, brown and purple to make eyes look brighter and more alive.
Try Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette (£39.50 at Selfridges)

look more awake when you're tired


Thursday, 26 October 2017

How to apply false lashes - the beginners guide

how to apply false lashes

Heading on a night out? Want your eyes to be the first thing people notice when they see you? False lashes are amazing for really finishing a look and making you look gorgeous. Whilst they look great applying false lashes can be really tricky and the half off lash look is never a good one. Whatever the occasion here's my top tips to making your false lashes rock the show.

Ardell Fashion False lashes Demi Wispies

Choose your style  
Individual lashes are 'so' fiddly and I've never got the hang of them. I prefer strip lashes which are a lot easier to handle and apply. Opt for lashes with a thin hand as the thick ones hurt and don't feel natural at all.
Try Ardell Fashion False lashes Demi Wispies (£5.49 at Superdrug

High Definition precision eyebrow scissors
Measure your lash
If the lashes don't fit you can trim them to size by snipping form the outside corner.
Try using High Definition precision eyebrow scissors (£9.95 at Look Fantastic

Nars Audacious mascara in Minerve
Apply some mascara 
Before you apply your falsies apply some mascara so the blend between your own and the false lashes will be seamless.
Try Nars Audacious mascara in Minerve (£21.00 at Net-a-Porter

benefit eyelash glue

Use quality glue
One of the major drawbacks of wearing false lashes is when the glue disappears and you end up with a false lash hanging off your eye. Invest in a decent false lash glue that will keep your lashes firmly glued to your eye. Make sure you let the glue go tacky before you apply so it doesn't slip off.
Try Benefit eyelash Glue (£7.00 at John Lewis


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

How to make life changes when you feel stuck in a rut

how to make life changes when you feel stuck in a rut

Do you feel like you're on a life train that has no destined stop? It can be easy to get into a set routine in life where you become comfortable and things just keep rolling. When we get used to something it can hard to make changes but if you're not happy that's more important than ever. It may only be October but why should you wait till January to start making changes to your life. Your happiness is the most important thing so think what you need to make over and start doing it. I'm going to breakdown some of life's biggest brain aches and how you can get over them.

learn how to save

Problem no 1 - I don't know how to save
Want to save for a mortgage or even a luxury holiday in the sun but don't know how? At first you need to think small. Don't set a savings goal that is so large it's unrealistic. Work out how much money you spend each month on bills and living and figure out what you can afford to save. It can be as low as £5 but it all adds up. If you're really struggling you could start by cutting out your daily coffee or that lunch you buy at work. Over time you'll get used to saving and you'll be able to set bigger savings goals.

how to meet people if you're permanently single

Problem no 2 - I'm permanently single!
You're preaching to the choir sister. I've been single for a long time and it can be very hard to meet Mr right. Why not try a new hangout where you know there'll be people you've not met before - perhaps you could start a new hobby? Or what about trying a dating app like Plenty of Fish (fondly known as pof)

learn to appreciate your surroundings

Problem no 3 - I wish I was sunbathing on a beach
Don't we all! Whilst it's great having those two weeks when you can put your feet up and drink cocktails all day - we can't afford to do that all the time. I bet if that's all you did you'd get pretty bored - and skint too! Why not spend more time outside getting fresh air and away from the stuffiness of the office or home. You could do a daily walk or even start running.

start swimming to appreciate your body

Problem no 4 - I wish my body looked better 
Your body is an amazing thing and whilst you may wish you had the body of Rosie Huntington Whitley please don't dismiss the one you have. Appreciate what your body can do - dance a little, go swimming, try yoga or even rock climbing. You'll start to feel better as you're exercising and you'll probably get trim whilst you're at it!

learn to love your job

Problem no 5 - My job is a nightmare 
Do you really hate your job or do you just think you do? Don't let those little niggles wind you up. Try to think of the positives of the tasks and people you deal with daily and work out what rewards it gives you. If you really do hate it work out what you want to do and companies you want to work for. You can the refresh your cv and start with a fresh look for your new career.

how to stop being distracted by everything

Problem no 6 - Everything distracts me! 
One of the worst offenders when it comes to distraction has got to be whatsapp. When things are constantly popping up on your phone or work computer it can be hard to stay focused as your mind is constantly being distracted. Try switching off your notifications and ignoring the pop ups and seeing how much you'll achieve.


Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Get great makeup at budget prices with Asda George revamped makeup range

 Get great makeup at budget prices with Asda George revamped makeup range

If I was to tell you this entire collection was created by the supermarket brand Asda George would you be surprised? The recently revamped makeup range made my Monday night shopping trip that little more exciting when I discovered it. Forget the chunky cheap plastic packaging of the old range - the new collection is modern looking with sleek designs and pretty products. What caught my eye instantly was the highly pigmented blushers and large collection of lipsticks. Who could turn down a new lippie? Whilst I was tempted I couldn't buy everything but I did buy a few items I thought would be a great addition to my makeup collection.

george eyeshadow collection nude

George eyeshadow collection in Nude
This collection of 8 shimmer and matte eyeshadows are so pretty. Available in a range of neutral shades the palette is great for work or for adding a little sparkle on a night out.
Available for £5.00 in Asda

george eye velvet eyeshadow in sizzle

George Eye Velvet  in Sizzle
I only bought one of the single eyeshadows but there were quite a few different shades available. Sizzle is a really pigmented shimmery neutral shade. Another great addition for work.
Available for £2.00 in Asda

 George matte lipstick in Smooch

George matte lipstick in Smooch
The new bullet lipsticks were available in satin and matte finishes. Smooch is a subtle pink rose shade with a gorgeous vanilla scent. The lipstick feels comfortable to wear and adds a touch of colour to my look.
Get it for £4.00 in Asda

George Illuminate concealer

George Illuminate concealer
As you probably know from reading my blog  I'm always buying concealers. The Illuminate concealer is designed to work under eyes to conceal the appearance of dark circles. Hopefully it won't be too bright! There was also a highlight concealer available a la YSL Touche Eclat.
Get it for £4.50 in Asda

George Illuminating primer

George Illuminating primer
It's all about the glow baby! The illuminating primer is designed to act brightness and radiance to the skin,  giving your foundation the perfect base to adhere to. I love the idea of this as I'm always looking for a primer that actually succeeds in adding a glow to my base makeup.
Get it for £5.50 in Asda

 George matte lip liquid lipstick in Angel Face

George matte lip liquid lipstick in Angel Face
This really pretty liquid lipstick is a gorgeous candyfloss pink. I wasn't sure if it was too bright but I decided to buy it anyway. The consistency of the formula is really thick but  consistent and I love the vanilla scent.
Get it for £4.50 in Asda

George Cosmic blush in Galaxy
With a unique swirled design this blusher has such a pretty finish. The blusher is packed with pigment an d I love the shimmery finish. It could even be used as a highlighter.
Get it for £3.50 in Asda

The above products, especially the eyeshadows and lipsticks are available in a number of different shades. Head over to your local Asda store to experience the new range for yourself!


Monday, 23 October 2017

Xtava Pro-satin Infared straightener hair review and competition

xtava pro-satin infrared straightener

When it comes to styling my hair I look for a product that can both straighten and add curls. With heated appliances being so damaging to hair it's important that it protects against damage and glides down my hair without pulling or catching.

The xtava hair straightener is a sleek appliance which is perfect for straightening my hair. It's been created with Infrared technology which has been found to cause less damage to the hair cuticle. The appliance is a little top heavy on one end so is not as light as some straighteners. It heats up to 230 degrees in 90 seconds and has buttons on the inside so you don't accidentally knock them when using it.

xtava pro-satin infrared straightener

The plates slid down my hair with ease and didn't catch at all. It was pretty good at getting the kinks out of my hair and leaving it looking sleek and straight. When it came to curling however the Xtava failed miserably. As the plates are so wide they don't really grip onto the hair very well and I couldn't get a decent curl. The result was flyaway hair with sideway flicks - not the best look.

Whilst I wouldn't say the device is an all rounder it is pretty good at straightening your hair so will be great if that's what you're looking for. I've teamed up with Xtava to give you the chance to win one of the devices to enjoy. All you need to do is follow the gleam instructions below.

Win the xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener #4

  • Formulated with infrared technology so it's not as damaging to the hair cuticle
  • Heats up to 230 degrees 
  • Great at straightening hair and keeping it looking sleek
  • Top heavy
  • Doesn't do very well at curling hair
If you don't want to wait to see if you've won the competition, you can buy the Xtava from Amazon for £29.99.

Terms and conditions 
The competition will run from 23rd October 2017 to 23rd November 2017.

xtava straightener review


Friday, 20 October 2017

Cosy jumper wishlist

cosy jumper wishlist

The one good thing about winter is that you can get all snuggly in a jumper, eat lots of junk and endlessly binge on Netflix without feeling the pain of FOM (fear of missing out).

I like my jumpers to be both comfortable and fashionable and I think that's easier than ever with today's designs. Here's 10 of my favourite comfy jumpers.

George sequinned flower jumper

George sequinned flower jumper
A little unusual but I love the combination of the grey and the sequinned flower. It's a great price too- you get change for £20.00! Available from sizes 8-24.
Grab it for £18.00 at George at Asda 

LK Bennett Jen Bow detail jumper

LK Bennett Jen Bow detail jumper
The bows on this jumper are super cute and really make it stand out. It has short sleeves so it'll be good for the warmer Autumn days or wearing indoors. Available in sizes xs-large.
Grab it from £87-£135.00 at John Lewis 

Dorothy Perkins womens berry lace hem jumper

Dorothy Perkins womens berry lace hem jumper
This jumper is the perfect colour for Autumn. It has a really pretty lace hem that makes the perfect accidental accessory for your look. Available in sizes   6-22.
Get it for £17.50 at Dorothy Perkins (normally £25.00) 

Numph Nungo jumper in Rose Dust

Numph Nungo jumper in Rose Dust
A dusty pink jumper that's adorned with intricate gold bobbled detail. A subtle but cute addition that gives it that extra edge. Available in sizes xs-xl.
Get it for £69.00 at John Lewis 

Boohoo Mia Chunky Marl turn up cuff jumper

Boohoo Mia Chunky Marl turn up cuff jumper
A simple chunky knit that's perfect for snuggling up in when you're braving the cold.
Grab it for £15.00 at Boohoo 

White Stuff Canter embroidered jumper

White Stuff Canter embroidered jumper
This jumper has such a cute animal design. It'll go great with a pair of skinny jeans and boots. Available in size 8-18.
Grab it for £55 at John Lewis

Pretty Little Thing Stone statement jumper

Pretty Little Thing Stone statement jumper
This jumper is perfect for giving a little extra shape with its belt tie feature. Make a statement this Autumn with the balloon sleeves and unique design.
Get it for £30.00 at Prettylittlething 

Boohoo Niamh ruffle shoulder jumper

Boohoo Niamh ruffle shoulder jumper
Another jumper in the perfect Autumn berry shade. The Niamh jumper has subtle ruffles on the shoulder which is a really simple detail that makes a plain jumper that bit more special.
Get it for £15.00 at Boohoo 

Asos jumper with ruffle off shoulder

Asos jumper with ruffle off shoulder
If you're not willing to let go of Summer just yet then you'll love this jumper from Asos. It's very cold shoulder style - but is made from a much warmer material. Available in sizes US 6-12.
Get it for £11.00 on Asos
Quiz pink light knit ruffle jumper
Quiz pink light knit ruffle jumper
I absolutely love this jumper - it's so girly and has gorgeous ruffle detail and frill sleeves. The jumper is a lot lighter then some so you can wear it whilst it feels a bit warmer. Available in sizes s-l.
Get it for £24.99 at Quiz clothing 

Thursday, 19 October 2017

10 top Halloween movies

10 top halloween movies

I'm a huge fan of scary movies and  i'm always looking for a new one to watch. There's nothing better then cosying up on a sofa with a really gory- but clever movie that I know will surprise me. I don't scare easily (I watched the Chuckie movie when I was 4 so my mum tells me) but I love the anticipation you get when you know something's going to happen. Here's 10 of the best halloween movies.

scream movie

The original Scream movie franchise gave birth to Ghostface, a killer that was set to change Halloween for years to come. It was a pretty stereotypical slasher movie but it had a great who dunnit.

get out halloween movie

Get Out
Not your typical Halloween movie as there's no teenagers running from a monster brandishing a knife. However it is a very clever psychological thriller that will have you on your edge of your seat. Chris is a black man heading to a unknown town to meet his white girlfriend's parents. The family seem friendly at first but over time he starts to see things that make him doubt himself, her family and ultimately his girlfriend.

halloween movie

Halloween's namesake Halloween, a film about a murderer who killed his brother and sister when he was a boy . He was institutionalised but managed to escape heading back to find his next victim. It has scares in all the right places and you'll be screaming at the telly behind a cushion.

the possession movie

The Possession
I'm not normally a fan of possession movies but this one was a little different. At the start a young girl buys an old chest at a garage sale and takes it home. The chest is full of some very strange bugs that start to take her over and change her personality until ultimately she's possessed. This film even made me jump a little.

sinister movie

When a family move into their new home and find a load of snuff movies in the attic there's bound to be trouble.  After playing the movies the underworld stars to stir and the family's little girl is attracted to the evil living in the cellar. During the film you'll discover the evil entities of the kids stolen by the evil living in the films. A must see.

the babadook

The Babadook
If you're scared of the bogey monster don't watch this film. In the Babadook a lonely widow discovers a innocent looking children's book that is left on their porch. Intrigued she reads it to her son without realising the evil that's contained within.

saw trilogy

Saw Trilogy
I love the Saw movies, I think they're so clever Whilst they may seem all gore, unlike some slasher movies they actually seem to have a storyline, and it is clear at the end of the movies that  there was always a way out for the victims - they just can't see it. I'm so excited for the release of Jigsaw!

final destination trilogy

Final Destination trilogy
After seeing Final Destination we all know not to sit behind a truck carrying logs at traffic lights. I love the  edge of your seat feeling you get when you watch the Final Destination movies, guessing as to when the grim reaper will strike next. A series of movies with some very inventive, unique ways to die.

nightmare on elm street

Nightmare on Elm Street
One two, Freddy's coming for you, three four lock your door, five six grab a crucifix, seven, eight gonna stay up late, nine, ten never sleep again. Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy is about a monster who stalks 4 teenagers in their dreams, his burnt mutilated face and  razor hands taunting them every moment they went to sleep. When Freddy kills them in their sleep they die in real life and struggle to find a way to survive this invisible evil. 

carrie movie

Based on the classic Stephen King novel, this movie tells the story of lonely teen Carrie who possesses telekinesis powers. When the popular kids pull a nasty prank on her at the school ball all hell breaks loose and Carrie's powers get unleashed.
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