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10 top Halloween movies

10 top halloween movies

I'm a huge fan of scary movies and  i'm always looking for a new one to watch. There's nothing better then cosying up on a sofa with a really gory- but clever movie that I know will surprise me. I don't scare easily (I watched the Chuckie movie when I was 4 so my mum tells me) but I love the anticipation you get when you know something's going to happen. Here's 10 of the best halloween movies.

scream movie

The original Scream movie franchise gave birth to Ghostface, a killer that was set to change Halloween for years to come. It was a pretty stereotypical slasher movie but it had a great who dunnit.

get out halloween movie

Get Out
Not your typical Halloween movie as there's no teenagers running from a monster brandishing a knife. However it is a very clever psychological thriller that will have you on your edge of your seat. Chris is a black man heading to a unknown town to meet his white girlfriend's parents. The family seem friendly at first but over time he starts to see things that make him doubt himself, her family and ultimately his girlfriend.

halloween movie

Halloween's namesake Halloween, a film about a murderer who killed his brother and sister when he was a boy . He was institutionalised but managed to escape heading back to find his next victim. It has scares in all the right places and you'll be screaming at the telly behind a cushion.

the possession movie

The Possession
I'm not normally a fan of possession movies but this one was a little different. At the start a young girl buys an old chest at a garage sale and takes it home. The chest is full of some very strange bugs that start to take her over and change her personality until ultimately she's possessed. This film even made me jump a little.

sinister movie

When a family move into their new home and find a load of snuff movies in the attic there's bound to be trouble.  After playing the movies the underworld stars to stir and the family's little girl is attracted to the evil living in the cellar. During the film you'll discover the evil entities of the kids stolen by the evil living in the films. A must see.

the babadook

The Babadook
If you're scared of the bogey monster don't watch this film. In the Babadook a lonely widow discovers a innocent looking children's book that is left on their porch. Intrigued she reads it to her son without realising the evil that's contained within.

saw trilogy

Saw Trilogy
I love the Saw movies, I think they're so clever Whilst they may seem all gore, unlike some slasher movies they actually seem to have a storyline, and it is clear at the end of the movies that  there was always a way out for the victims - they just can't see it. I'm so excited for the release of Jigsaw!

final destination trilogy

Final Destination trilogy
After seeing Final Destination we all know not to sit behind a truck carrying logs at traffic lights. I love the  edge of your seat feeling you get when you watch the Final Destination movies, guessing as to when the grim reaper will strike next. A series of movies with some very inventive, unique ways to die.

nightmare on elm street

Nightmare on Elm Street
One two, Freddy's coming for you, three four lock your door, five six grab a crucifix, seven, eight gonna stay up late, nine, ten never sleep again. Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy is about a monster who stalks 4 teenagers in their dreams, his burnt mutilated face and  razor hands taunting them every moment they went to sleep. When Freddy kills them in their sleep they die in real life and struggle to find a way to survive this invisible evil. 

carrie movie

Based on the classic Stephen King novel, this movie tells the story of lonely teen Carrie who possesses telekinesis powers. When the popular kids pull a nasty prank on her at the school ball all hell breaks loose and Carrie's powers get unleashed.

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