Saturday, 29 June 2013

Make your lashes go to Infinity and beyond with Avon Infinitize mascara:video review

volumising mascara
Avon Infinitize mascara is a intentive new mascara dreamed up by Avon. The eyecatching product has a really unique brush that has three dimensions of bristles designed perfectly to capture every lash.

Watch your jaw drop as you see the volume emerge in one stroke.

Avon Infinitize mascara is applied to the left eye

  • Eyecatching tube that will look great in your makeup bag
  • Gives your lashes fantastic volume and length
  • Grabs every lash
  • A few lashes are left slightly clumped

Avon Supershock Eyeliner and shadow video review

Avon's Supershock eyeliner and shadow duo is a super soft crayon that can be used to create a array of alternative looks.

  • Duo product that allows for lots of alternative looks
  • Can be used together or alone
  • Product can also be used in conjuction with other eyeshadows and used as a eyeliner
  • As a cream eyeshadow it may be more liable to creasing which means you will need to touch it up more often
  • It is more difficult to blend in as the shadow has a slightly sticky feel

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A smokey eyed video review with Avon Steel smoke eyeshadow and liner

With smokey eyes a key part of show stopping mascara it's always good to find a cosmetic brand that saves time and money with a dual product.

Avon Steel Smoke eyeshadow and liner is a double ended pencil with a smokey grey eyeshadow, and a liner on each end.

Watch on to find out whether Avon Steel Smoke created a  Hollywood smoulder, or a daytime grey.


  • Dual ended product which saves money
  • Small enough to fit into the smallest space in your makeup bag
  • Suitably priced for any budget
  • The colour was rather faint, this may suit some people but many might want a deeper smokey eyed look
You can buy Avon products from your independent Avon Rep or at Avon Online

Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex mascara video review

Rimmel mascara review

Rimmel Scandaleyes  Flex Lycra is a mascara designed to flex your lashes into shape.  

So raise that brush and get it ready for a workout to add some volume.

I found Rimmel Scandaleyes was really effective in seperating the lashes but how effective was it in creating volume? Watch on to find out!


After using Rimmel Flex in Lycra
  • Adds volume to lashes
  • Lashes do seem more defined
  • There was some clumping of some of the lashes

Avon Ideal Flawless Loose powder makeup in fair, how does it fare?

Are you experiencing oiliness in your T-zone or other areas? Avon Ideal Flawless is a loose powder that aims to redue oiliness nad replace it with radiance.

Did it work for me? Find out here!

  • Does reduce oily patches
  • It did look slightly caked when I applied it in one area, however this may be down to me applying too much
 So how did you get on with Avon's Ideal Flawless Loose powder? Would you rate it? As always I love to hear your views!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Does Jelly Pong Pong mascara really make your lashes flutter like a butterfly?

fairy lashes mascara flutter

Jelly Pong Pong are cute and unique British makeup brand have recently lauched their new mascara Fairy Lashes.

The mascara comes in a gorgeous baby blue box with gorgeous illustrations of a flower and full information on the product. When mascaras traditionally come just as they are it's lovely to see a product that is a little bit different!

Jelly pong pong mascara information
jelly pong pong mascara box

Having received a Fairy lashes mascara from May's Glossy Box I put it to the test.


After using Jelly Pong Pong mascara

  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Gives a small amount of volume
  • There was a great accentuation of my lower lashes 
  • On removing the mascara it leaves loads of odd fibres which are quite difficult to get off
  • Clumped a few of my lashes together 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Want makeup for free? Buy your favourite beauty and fashion magazines!

Beauty magazines are fantastic for giving us the latest gossip and products in the fashion and beauty world. They're also a great way of trying new products when you get a free gift *yay*!

Cosmopolitan June issue has a free pair of sunglasses and strawberry Mentos. If you go to Sainsburys you'll also find a exclusive free gift that you can't find anywhere else.

Marie Claire has a fantastic Ciate nail polish set worth £10. With a creamy brown shade and little stones you're getting a really great set for the cost of a magazine.

Elle have a Rodial self tanning product - perfect for creating a natural looking tan to replace the sun that never seems to come out.

If you're running out of room to store your makeup Company have a free makeup bag

Glamour have got a great free gift with a choice of four Model Co products- a mascara, a choice of two lip glosses, lip liner or eyeliner.

Collection makeup Cover and Go duo foundation and concealer video review

Budget brands are great for picking up a bargain but do they make good quality foundation?

I put Collection's Cover and Go foundation and concealer to the test.

Wearing collection cover and go foundation and concealer duo
After using Collection Conceal and Go

  • Is a handy dual product which saves room in your makeup bag for other essentials
  •  Having the foundation and concealer in the same product means you won't have to search around for matching shades
  • You get a lot in one tube
  • Good coverage
  • Has light reflecting particles
  • Be careful how you squeeze it or you'll end up with half the bottle on your hand!
 Grab yours here!

Monday, 17 June 2013

VO5 Create A New Style Challenge

 I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

Having the same hair style day after day can get you down so when I had the chance to glam up my do with VO5 I jumped at the chance!

Naturally my hair is quite flat and lacks volume so for my chosen hairstyle I wanted to go for a voluptulous, volumised do with free flowing waves. To achieve this I decided to go for a quiff which would give me amazing volume on the front of my hair and ringlets to give the lengths some movement.

VO5 have a fantastic range of products that are designed to create a large range of hair styles, including adding volume, defining layers or protecting the hair from heat damage.

VO5 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph powder (Superdrug price £4.05) is a white powder that is used on the roots to build up volume. The bottle is quite small but you only need to use a little bit of powder at a time. I rubbed the powder in after applying and it disappeared almost immediately so there was no need to worry about people thinking I had dandruff!

The powder did make my hair look like it had more life almost instantly but it did leave quite a grimy feel on my hair which wasn't that pleasant.

VO5 Plump it Up Dry Backcomb Spray (Superdrug price £3.69) is a spray designed to take the work out of backcombing your hair. I noticed there was definitely a lift in my hair after spraying Plump It Up on which gives the perfect foundation for backcombing the front of my hair into a quiff. Whilst the product does say there is less need for backcombing, I felt for the ultimate lift I would use a comb to give my hair a little more life.

With the front of my hair backcombed and full of volume I inserted a volume insert near the back of my head and secured the front of my hair over it. With the quiff achieved it was time to give the length of my hair some life with some feminine ringlets.


I used GHDs to add curls to my hair and slowly went down each plane of hair to achieve soft, loose curls.

VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Serum (Superdrug Price £4.05) is a dual use product that can be used on wet or dry hair. As I finished curling my hair I wanted to add extra shine which would really finish my look. I applied VO5 Smoothly does it serum to the sides of my hair and the quiff where I wanted the most shine. 

The serum initally looks quite wet on applying but dries to a smooth finish. I did notice however the serum didn't really leave much of a shine on my hair.

Once I had achieved the look I was going for I wanted to make sure it would last as long as I wanted it to. VO5 Strong Hold Hairspray (Superdrug price £3.05) has 5 vital benefits including:
  • All day hold that brushes out easily
  • Weather protection providing a shield against humidity for 24 hours which prevents frizz
  • Ultrafine fast drying spray with no sticky residue
  • Healthy shine to finish your style
  • UV filter to help protect against environmental damage

The hairspray dried quickly but did leave some of my hair feeling a little bit crispy (never a good thing). I love how the spray is strong yet still has protection from the weather so my hair isn't destroyed with the onset of rain.

Each of the VO5 products I used had their own merits and were efficeint in helping me create my super volumised style. With a great fragrance they don't leave your hair smelling funny and give you the tools you need to make your hair go from drab to glam.

Friday, 14 June 2013

If you want a bit of glimmer in your makeup bag Rimmel Coral Gold lipstick is for you

buy rimmel coral gold
Rimmel lipstick in Coral Gold is a delightful combination of a light red and gold shades.

The lipstick comes in fairly standard Rimmel packaging and the stick itself has the appearance of a light coral shade.

coral gold rimmel inside

I had no problems applying the lipstick although I did feel the colour seemed quite faint on first glance. I would say Coral Gold is perfect for those who want to advance to red lipsticks but don't want to begin with a shade that is too bold.

Coral gold rimmel

I liked how the lipstick seemed quite subtle yet there is a glow to it that is gained from the gold pigments in the lipstick.

A great little lipstick for the casual user but may be too light for some.

I give it 3/5

rimmel coral gold
Before applying Rimmel Coral Gold
Coral Gold rimmel lipstick
After using Rimmel in Coral Gold

  • Is quite subtle which is good for those who don't use lipstick regularly
  • Has a nice gold glow

  • Might be too faint for some people

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Create a Green Goddess look with MyFace eyeshadow in Crystalline Green

The colour green isn't on everyone's top lists but if you take one key item in that colour you can create a very tasteful makeup style.

By using MyFace eyeshadow in Crystalline Green I created a centre point which I complimented with other more toned down makeup products.

MyFace eyeshadow has a foil like effect that sparkles and really draws attention to the eye area. YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat creates a natural glow which is complimented with the MyFace blusher in Paridisio that sculpts the cheeks. To ensure the eyes are a talking point I used Avon Irresistibly Sexy mascara which adds curve and length to lashes and MyFace slinky eyeliner which creates a really fantastic eye flick.

Green Goddess 


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Dainty Doll Eyeshadow base makeup review

If you're a eyeshadow fan it can often be a pain when your eyeshadow fails to last the whole day.

There are many eyeshadow bases out there that are designed to prolong the life of your eyeshadow and often intensify the colour.

Dainty Doll eyeshadow base is a eyeshadow base designed with longevity in mind. It has Vitamins A, E and C to help reduce wrinkles and age spots, Shea butter to help protect and restore and Rice bran to condition and protect the eyes. It is designed for longer lasting crease proof eyeshadow and can be used with or without eyeshadow.

The base comes in a cute little box with a quirky picture of a pale ginger girl on the front. As the range is designed by Nicola Robert's of Girls Aloud fame it has characteristics that are very quirky and imitable of the singer.

I applied the eyeshadow base on one eye and left the other bare to test the strength of the base. After applying the eyeshadow I compared the two and did feel there was slightly more glow to the eyeshadow on the eye with the base. By the end of the day however I felt that there was very little difference between the two, probably around 1% at the most.

I felt it was a cute little product but didn't seem to have much of a effect on sustaining the life of a general matte eyeshadow. With its added vitamin products and added glow it has some benefits but may have more use on glitter or cream eyeshadows that are more suspectible to fading quickly.

dainty doll eyeshadow base applied on the right eye
Dainty Doll eyeshadow base is on the right eye
Dainty doll eyeshadow base with eyeshadow
Dainty Doll base with eyeshadow applied
Evening view of dainty doll eyeshadow base
Later on in the evening

I give it 3/5

  • Quirky packaging
  • Has added vitamins A, E and C, Shea butter and Rice bran
  • Adds a slight glow to the eyeshadow
  • I didn't feel it had much of a effect on the shelf life of the eyeshadow once it's applied 
For more reviews of Dainty Doll products click here

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dainty Doll blusher makeup review

Nicola Roberts has come a long way since the early days of Girls Aloud. Emerging from the shadow of other girls she's become a Ambassador, embraced her natural hair and skin colour and launched her own range of make up Dainty Doll.

Specifically designed for pale skinned girls the makeup is designed to highlight and emphasise the beauty of pale skin.

  • Comes with a handy compact mirror so it's perfect for travelling
  • Strong pigmented colour
  • Really highlights and emphasises the cheeks 
  • A little really does go a long way
  • The powder seems quite messy after one use which you don't often see
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