Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Maybelline Lumi Touch Concealer Review

Maybelline Lumi Touch is a highlighting concealer that claims to use a gel based formula to diffuse light and highlight as it conceals.

Available in 6 shades the Lumi Touch is allergy tested, noncomedogenic, suitable for sensitive skin and for all skin types.

The concealer uses a twist cap to dispense the product and I initally had to twist it about 15 times before any product emerged. Once you manage to get the concealer to appear you will need to twist it quite slowly as it dispenses a lot of product each time you twist it.

There is a buildable brush extension at the end of the pen which you can use to build up the product. Rather then using the brush I dotted the product on then used a concealer brush to apply.

I chose the lightest shade in 01 Ivory and I really liked how close to my skin shade it was. 

I have quite noticeable dark circles and felt that whilst the concealer does lighten them somewhat I don't feel they were completely eliminated, especially on the right side. I also used this on a small blemish and it concealed probably about 60% of it.

I don't think the Lumi Touch has amazing staying power, but it does last a few hours. If you wear this during the day and go out in the night you will have to reapply as it seems to completely sink into the skin.

If you have dry skin you may need to moisturise before use to avoid the product sinking into the dry skin and making it stand out. 

The product works well as a highlighter on its own but you won't get the shimmery effect from a typical highlighter.

I give it 3/5

  • Works as a highlighter or concealer
  • Effective on light dark circles or blemishes
  • Quite light
  • Has a brush applicator so you can pack light for travelling 
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Not suitable for heavy dark circles or blemishes
  • May not work very well with very dry skin

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation review

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is a semi matte foundation that has a unique combination of apricot, melon, apple and ginger to give a perfectly glowing complexion and toned skin.

I like the unique feel of this foundation which uses fruit therapy for a radiance boost.

Claiming to last up to 16 hours the Light Vanilla shade is both light and soft on my skin. I liked how close to my skin tone shade 51 was, it blended in really easily and didn't leave me looking orange. Unlike some foundations my face didn't feel sticky after use and I felt it did even my skin tone out somewhat.

Whilst the foundations primary aim is to add radiance to the skin I don't feel I achieved as much of a dewy glow as I do with other foundations. Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation is a good example. Overall the result is quite flat, which is great for thsoe who just want to achieve a matte complexion.

I didn't feel there was a overly fruity smell despite the ingredients, which surprised me as other reviews reported it as smelling very fruity. 

Despite evening out my complexion I did still need concealer to cover up any blemishes as the consistency isn't heavy enough to conceal.

The product does last well into the evening, however I don't feel it quite achieves its 16 hour claim, as by that point the product would have faded and lost much of its effect.

Bourjois Healthy Mix is a average foundation that gives a matte finish.

I give it 3/5

Get yours for £9.99 at Superdrug

  • Evens out the complexion
  • Gives a matte finish
  • Each shade is very closely matched to the skintone it was intended for
  • I don't feel it achieves as much of a radiance finish as I would have expected

Monday, 25 November 2013

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara review

Launched in February 2013 the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara is bringing you the latest chapter in the Diorshow Mascara adventure. Inspired by the big screen eyes of movie stars icons, your eyes will look simply Iconic.

The brush is flexible and has a slight curl to fit the nature overture of your lashes. With bristles that are perfect for coating all your lashes, even the little ones, and a consistency that is not too thick but not too gloopy this mascara is just right.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl adds a nice amount of volume to the lashes and even a slight curl to my curl-resistant lashes. The mascara is buildable, although if you want to layer it on you will need a lash comb as the lashes tend to stick together.

The mascara is pretty easy to remove with a formula that doesn't leave any resisude on the lashes.

I really like this mascara and its volumising properties. It's also available in Over Brown or Over Blue.

I give it 4/5

Grab yours at your nearest Dior counter or online at Selfridges

  • Adds quite a bit of colour and volume to the lashes
  • The curled brush helps to add a slight curl to your lashes
  • Easy to remove at the end of the day
  • Doesn't smudge or leave you with panda eyes
  • At £23 it may be a little steep for some

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Girly Goddess Nail Art Tutorial

Are you looking for nailspiration?

This simple nail tutorial uses a combination of pastel colours and gems to create a girly canvas.

I used:
  • Miss Sporty Clubbing nail varnish in Light Blue
  • Miss Sporty Clubbing nail varnish in Yellow
  • Missguided Splash polish in Misstiuque
  • MyFace Cosmetics in Lil'Bling
  • 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish in Pink Lemonade
  • Pink gems
  • Miss Sporty Nail Expert Manicure Base and Top coat

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Rimmel Glam Eyes HD 5 Colour Eyeshadow in Golden Eye review

Rimmel Glam Eyes HD Golden Eye is a set of five eyeshadows in a rich smokey palette.

The shades vary from silver to gold and work in conjunction to create a a gorgeous smokey eye, perfect for a night on the town.

Each colour is highly pigmented and has a real sparkle when the light hits it. The palette comes with a eyeshadow brush with two sets of applicator tips so you can use it on the go.

On the back of the set is a instruction diagram to coordinate how to apply each shade to various parts of the eye.

I began by highlighting the arch of the eyebrow with a silver shade (1) before adding a darker silver near the inner corner of the eye (2). I contrasted this darker silver shade with a deep grey (3) and added a gold to the centre of each lid to break up the grey (4). Finally I shaded a deep charcoal on the outer edge of the eye to create the ultimate smokey eye. (5)

I love this look and how well the colours go with each other. The shadows are long lasting and the colours still maintained their intensity well into the evening. I really recommend you pick it up if you're planning a night out for Christmas!

I give it 4/5

*Nb Number 5 is missing in the above photo as I applied 4 and 5 at the same time.

  • A great palette with colours that really work well together
  • Creates a great smokey eye
  • With five shades in one you won't need to fork out for extra eyeshadows to complete the look
  • Highly pigmented
  • Comes with a eyeshadow brush so you can use it on the go
  • None that I can find.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Get your nails ready for Christmas with Barry M Nail Paint in Boots Limited edition 336

Barry M Nail Paint in Boots 336 is a limited edition nail varnish especially for Christmas.

Whilst the glitter looks quite densely packed in the bottle a base coat will be needed to ensure the glitter doesn't look too faint and washed out. There is a combination of green, red and purple colours combined in the polish. I love how the jazzy metallic sheen of the red topper really gets you into the Christmas spirit.

I used Kate Spade New York, a rich vibrant red to match the undertones of the glitter.

The glitter seemed to kind of melt into the base coat so it look more engrained rather then just a top layer. It gives quite a textured effect, although there wasn't as much sparkle as I expected with this glitter nail paint.

I give it 3/5

  • The mixture of colours are perfect for Christmas
  • Adds a little bit of sparkle to your nail varnish
  • Gives a textured effect
  • The glitter doesn't sit on the top of the base coat quite how I expected 
This nail varnish was kindly sent to me for review.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Get a great LCD TV for Christmas at TJ Hughes

With only 5 Saturdays left till Christmas the countdown is on to find the perfect gift for your loved ones in time. With both online retailers and high street to chose from the choice can be immense. Do they want the latest hair styler, make-up, perfume, a stereo, clothes or even sweets? The task of finding the perfect gift can be the ultimate headache and leave you biting your nails until the big days when the presents will be unveiled. There's one present that everyone will love and they will be kept entertained for years to come. What is it you ask? It's been entertaining households since the 1950's and it will be entertaining them for many years to come. The LG TV is a fantastic gift that can improve and enhance a families life.

TJ Hughes is a online bargain retailer offering famous brands in every department. Whether you want to kit up your garden, buy a new duvet or even a new perfume there are great brands for affordable prices. 

TJ Hughes offers a fantastic range of LG TV's at great prices. Whether you want to treat your little one to a Spongebob inspired Crab 19” TV for their bedroom or you want to buy a brand new TV for the living room the LG 50” HD ready Plasma TV will have you seeing your favourite drama in true crystal clear clarity. There's a great range of prices available from £129.99 to £429.99 so whatever your finances there's a TV for everyone. Get a great LCD TV for christmas.

As you receive your families Christmas list and wishes you'll be inspired by all that TJ Hughes has got to offer. Whether you want to buy your loved ones that fantastic new LCD TV or even a new toy or a bottle of perfume TJ Hughes gives you every option to shop online and get a fantastic branded gift for no cost at all. Shop online at TJ Hughes


Get glammed up for Christmas with Paul's Hair World Hair Extensions

With the Christmas season approaching the invites start coming in thick and fast. Invites to the work Christmas party, new years eve with your friends or even a sneaky rendezvous with your boyfriend. The festive season is a lot of fun and glamour but finding the right hair style to suit your outfit can be a real headache!

When deciding on what way to wear your hair the most tempting is bouncing ringlets or curls. Often seen on the Red carpet, this hairstyle is both glamorous and suits almost everyone. Whilst many girls love the getting ready process the frustration of setting your hair in curls, or spending hours using GHDs or tongs to curl your hair is enough to make you drink half that bottle of vodka before you even leave the house. What's more humidity and sweat can often make hair collapse and the curls simply fall out. Why not ditch the tongs and try using gorgeous curly hair extensions.

Whilst you may think extensions are only suitable for people with short hair they are actually a option for many hair types. Simply integrate the wefts with your own hair and you'll soon be sporting a mane of gorgeous flowing locks. What's more your hair will stay in place all night long!

Perhaps you have short hair you want to make longer for the Christmas season or you just want your mid length hair longer easy to use pre bonded hair extensions  may be what you're looking for. Each strand is a lot more individual so you don't have to glue in large chunks of hair. Each stick tip is pre-bonded and the tip is a size of a shoe lace ensuring people won't notice your hair isn't real. What's more as you use a heat connector to bond the two together the join will be seamless with your real hair. Forget looking plain this Christmas buy a set of pre-bonded nail hair tip extensions and you can soon party the festive season away looking like the belle of the ball.

Pauls' Hair World is the ultimate website for every beauty focused girl. With items from wigs, to nails and tanning lotion there isn't a product you won't find. Whether it's for a party, anniversary or simply to make yourself feel better there's a product for every need.

Win fantastic pampering goodies!

Win a fantastic Bayliss and Harding Skin Spa set and Nivea Luscious Lips in this fabulous competition. Surprise a loved one this Christmas or even keep it for yourself!

The Bayliss and Harding set contains:
  • Cherry Blossom Oriental Lily and Lotus Flower Steam Shower Body Cleanser
  • Cherry Blossom, Oriental Lily and Lotus Flowers bath crystals
  • Cherry Blossom, Oriental Lily and Steam Cream wash
Nivea Luscious Lips set contains:
  • Nivea Essential Care Lip
  • Nivea Pearly Shine Lip
  • Nivea Lip Butter/Raspberry Rose
  • Nivea Lip Butter original
To enter fill in the Rafflecopter below. Competition ends on the 18th December 2013

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Babyliss Curl Secret the ultimate curling product for 2013

The new Babyliss Curl Secret is a revolutionary new hair styling product.

With its unique technology the styler works by pulling your hair into the chamber and holding it there for a series of several beeps whilst the curl is set. It effectively takes all the work out of styling your hair.

Having seen the video on the Boots website whilst shopping for the Advent calendar I had to say I was suitably impressed. A product that curls your hair for you? Amazing!

Watch the Styler in action:
The product comes with a heat mat, and a set of instructions. I advise you to read the instructions or you will regret it. There is one rule to using this product, and if you don't obey you will not get the results you desire. The styler has to be held with the sticker facing your scalp to avoid your hair getting tangled in the workings. It can be quite difficult to get adjusted to the various spatial awareness as the mirror reverses the image and can get you confused. The best advise I can give is to swap the styler over to your left hand when curling the left side of your head and the right hand when curling the right. When you need to curl the back of your head pull the hair around to the front so you can avoid blind styling.

There are two heat settings and three timer settings with audio beep indicator for different curl effects. Whilst warming up the heating indicator will flash and will stop once it's ready. If you leave the product on for longer then twenty minutes without using it the sleep mode will come on and shut the styler down so you don't accidentally burn down the house.

It took me around twenty minutes to completely curl each section of my hair and the results are simply fantastic. The curls last for hours and even then only slightly lose their lift and movement. When you brush the curls out the next days your hair is left bouncy and volumised.

When using other curling products like tongs or GHD's my hair rarely stays in for longer then a couple of hours. 

Whilst the Babyliss Curl SEcret is not exactly cheap at a retail price of £119.99 it is well worth its price tag. With perfectly formed curls that rarely fall out, extra volumised hair the next day and a styler that does all the work for you what more could you want?!

Put it on your Christmas list girls.

I give it 5/5

Buy it here

  • For hair that is two inches below the shoulder it will take around twenty minutes to curl the whole head
  • Easy to use (as long as you have the sticker facing your scalp!)
  • Curls are bouncy and last all day or all night
  • Leaves hair volumised and bouncy the next morning even after brushing them out
  • Only disadvantage would be the price
  • Takes a little while to get used to initially


L'Oreal "The Powder" True Match: A match made in heaven powder review

L'Oreal the powder true match

L'Oreal "The Powder" True match is a unique powder that is designed to improve skin texture, be super blendable and match skin colour and tone. With 33 shades available there's a powder bound to suit you.

The powder comes in a stylish compact with a mirror and a sponge applicator pad.

L'oreal the powder true match mirror

Typically I use a powder brush to apply powder over foundation or BB cream but you can use the sponge applicator if you want to literally just apply the powder and blend it into the skin.

The texture of the powder is really light, soft and finely milled so it isn't too heavy on my skin.As the formula is oil free it's suitable for people with acne or combination skin. I typically have quite a oily T-zone and felt this powder was really good in mattifying this.

The powder aims to 'match' to your skin tone and I felt it went maybe a little too light, but this may be because I couldn't apply it as well with the sponge applicator.

If you have dry skin be sure to apply a good moisturiser beforehand or the powder may cling to dry patches and look cakey.

After applying my skin looked really smooth and almost porcelain like a real bonus to start my day.

I give it 4/5

You can buy L'Oreal True Match powder for £8.19 at Superdrug

L'Oreal True match powder

  • Light powder with good coverage
  • Great for oily skin
  • Gives a smooth porcelian finish
  • Comes wiht a mirror and sponge applicator for on the go application
  • It may end up looking cakey if you apply it on to dry skin without moisturising first

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Win a fantastic LED Smile Brilliant Tooth Whitening product

Do you see celebrities mega watt smiles and want a piece of the action?

Well now you can!

Smile Brilliant uses unique LED technology which you use in combination with the whitening pen. Perfect for those on a budget it is far more effective due to its 22% carbamide peroxide tooth whitening gel and high strength LED light which accelerate the whitening process.

 This LED teeth whitening package comes complete with our 4ml, 22% carbamide peroxide, teeth whitening gel pen.To use brush on the whitening pen onto your teeth, put on the cheek protector, turn on the light and leave for twenty minutes.

If you want to win one of these simply fill in the Rafflecopter!

Competition will run for a month and the winner will receive a code which they can redeem on the Smile Brilliant site. 
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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Make up Academy: MUA BB cream primer smoother and concealer in one review

Sometimes we don't want to wear a heavy foundation, especially if it's just a quick trip round the shops for tonight's tea.

Make Up Academy Professional BB Cream is an all in one beauty balm that primes, smooths and conceals.

BB cream can be worn on its own or underneath a foundation.

I used MUA BB cream in light rose and found it matched my skin tone very closely. I generall use quite light foundations as I just need to even out my skin tone and felt it had the same qualities as a light foundation.

I thought the BB cream gave me a smooth complexion but it did lack some of the luminoisity you can get from some foundations. The product is quite long lasting and I still had good coverage later on in the evening. The concealing quality of the cream was average but if you use concealer you will probably still need to dab some on over any blemishes.

At £4 this product is a bargain you won't want to miss!
Grab it at MUA

MUA BB cream
Before MUA BB Cream
With its light qualities this BB cream is perfect for lazy days on the beach, a quick trip round the shops or wearing to work. I give it 3/5
After MUA BB cream
After MUA BB Cream

  • A lovely light cream that's great for casual occasions
  • Has good coverage that lasts all day
  • Each shade matches the skintone pretty well
  • Not so suitable for people who need a heavier foundation for example spots do show through
  • Despite its claim to concealer you will still need to use a concealer alongside

Monday, 11 November 2013

Avon ColorTrend Lengthening Mascara: Tried and Tested

With Christmas coming finances can be tight and that means left money for your beauty splurges.

But fear not. Avon's budget range Color Trend Lengthening mascara really gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

I've tried premium brand mascaras that give very average results so I was pleased to find this mascara performed just as well as its more premium rivals.

The mascara applies really smoothly and didn't feel stiff at all. It coated my bottom lashes really easily and my top lashes looked more defined.The mascara didn't clump and I didn't feel like my lashes were coated excessively in product.

For its budget price and effective results I give it 4/5

Unfortunately this product isn't available from the Avon Shop and can only be bought from the brochure (very strange I must say!)

For £2.99 you can get this fab product from Ebay

  • Has a visible effect and lengthens lashes by around 50%
  • A bargain at only £2.99
  • Performs better then some premium brands
  • Places to buy this mascara are pretty limited, but if you have a Avon rep you're fine :)

Monday, 4 November 2013

Mermaid Sparkles Nail Art

Have you ever wondered what kind of nail varnish a mermaid would go for?

Inspired by the colours of the turquoise sea Mermaid Sparkles is a nail art that will make you want to show off your toes.

To recreate this look you will need:
  • Gemstones or sequins
  • A sparkly turquoise shade for the base
  • Blue glitter or a sparkly glitter varnish for the top layer

First paint your nails in a shimmery turquoise shade. I used BYS Nail Enamel in Chrome

Next grab a sparkly blue glitter or glittery nail varnish and paint over the base. Whilst it's still wet apply gem stones individually to the big toe.
Get ready to sparkle!
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