Monday, 25 January 2010

If you want two minutes of fun...

Check out the WKD website.

In it you can ask two guys any sort of questions you want, the answers are quite accurate really if you ask them silly things like 'are you gay' they will say nooo or something along those lines, or they might shout obscenties at you. It keeps me amused anyway!

You can also enter the competition to win the pop up bar if you wish!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Who's a hero?

I'm a hero!! lol!

Check this video out:

Woop woop lol.

If you want to make your own just go to Become a hero!

Don't worry, be happy!

I was browsing my facebook yesterday and came across this very old photo of me looking estatically happy. Now if you saw that wouldn't you break into a smile?

So if you're ever feeling down you could always take a look at my lovely, beaming face to raise a smile of your own. Give it a try. Lol


Popping out the feelers...

Today I have been emailing every (or almost every) bookseller in Kent to see if they'd be interested in selling my self published novel Love Comes Knocking. Now I know that's a hell of a long shot as they like to turn their noses up at self-published stuff but it's worth a go isn't it, nothing ventured, nothing gained. In the least they might note that I'm local and maybe arrange some sort of event? who knows.. it's completely up to them, and I'm bracing myself for the rejections! lol.

To be honest the whole publishing world is like most industries these days really, really tough to break into. All you need is that one big break but getting that is incredibly difficult. Still I have my hope and as hope is the last thing to die I'll be okay for a while yet!

Keep your comments coming people! :)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

My suit sold...

Just a quick post to say my suit sold for £60.33 woop woop! Best lot yet!

My first day as one of those that likes to annoy! lol

Hello all, hope you are all well. Today I started my first trial shift of the call centre job. I found out that you only get paid if you get 2 'bites' a hour but with around 80-100 calls going out that shouldn't be too difficult, although you do get dry patches. In my first proper hour I got 4 bites *woop* lol and one visit I think from that. If they leave a price I'll get a extra £5. Not bad for my first day lol.

A lot of people didn't seem to be in and a lot of people weren't interested but to be honest i don't blame them, no one said fuk off though which was nice. Lol

On my way home though I went into this little cafe to get a sandwich and I said to the lady can I have a tuna mayo salad sandwich, so what do I get? Cheese salad? seriously!? I didn't think they sounded too similar myself!

Now you're probably thinking why didn't I go back? Well I was halfway down the street by this time and I thought f'k it. So I scrapped the cheese off and had a salad sandwich. Yum.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Things are looking up?

So I have been jumping onto the job hunt and must have applied for over 40 jobs in the last three or four days. Talk about being proactive!

Anywho I am still waiting to hear back from the full time jobs that I have applied for but in the meantime someone from my old workplace the University of Greenwich phoned up with a possible job offer. There is a temporary position of a Receptionist for 2 days which will go down brilliantly! In addition I went for a interview, well I say interview but more of a informal discussion about a call centre job. Whilst I hadn't been keen on call centre work before, it is money at the end of the day and it really didn't seem that difficult.

It was a relaxed atmosphere with the radio on and people just sitting around tables, I'm going for a trial on Saturday. Wish me luck!

As you can do any hours you want it would probably fit in pretty well with the receptionist job. .. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Stupid Warnings

Today I was in Sainsburys doing me shopping and came across a warning on the back of a Salmon packet. Guess what it said? May contain fish... REALLY!? I would never have guessed.. my god how stupid do they think we are?!

It reminds me of other warnings such as 'Slippery when wet' or 'Hot water may be very hot'.  The mind boggles.. anyone happen to come across any eye raising warnings?

Saturday, 16 January 2010

More wins

The other day I got through the post my Brook Taverner suit that I won back in December, took its time coming I must say!

Also got through the post the other day a Rimmel Self - tan solution. I seem to win every competition they put out as they offer so many prizes to everyone, for example with 10,000 products you're prettty likely to win one!

Lastly I won Wild Wonderful Alaska Seafood.. that will be going straight on Ebay!

Me, attitude?

Now why is it whatever workplace I go to people seem to assume I have some sort of attitude. It does get a bit boring after a while to keep hearin complaints from your boss etc, and often very nit picky comments. But as it's a new year and a new start, I have vowed to not take their comments too much to heart and improve on what they say. I don't think I'll ever satisfy them and I can only really do my best.

I'm trying to see the positive in everything these days as being a negative person doesn't really keep you in too high spirits but there's only so much positive in every situation! Still least I'm aware of it and can change it, and make them more tea/coffee as they requested! (and stop looking at the Internet all the time).

On the other hand I am working on my other resolutions too, as this week I went out Monday, Thursday and Friday so I'm keeping my going out statistic pretty high! It would have been 4 days had I been bothered to go to dancing, ohh and i'm out tomorrow as well. Aren't I a busy lass!

Not looking forward to Monday, I have a meeting with the boss :(
My first self-published novel Love Comes Knocking has really gone live with  submission to both Google books and Amazon. It will take around 8 weeks for them to show up but I was soon be listed!

The book is available in book form or downloadable so there's the best of both worlds. Take a look at Love Comes Knocking!

If you happen to check it out please let me know what you think I will be happy to hear it!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow driving...

As I'm sure you're all aware driving on snow is very different to driving in normal conditions. You have to stop earlier, be aware of the nutters around you who don't realise there is any snow and account for sliding back down icy hills. In every snow situation there are several key maneouvres everyone will have done at some point. My list includes the following:

Key Maneouvres:

  • Donuts= 0
  • Skids=Numerous, especially on last Wednesday's onset of bad snow blizzards
  • Near accidents=1 - shooting out of a junction in the early hours of the morning
  • Wheel spins=Several - going up icy hills and reversing out of my drive in the snow before Xmas
  • Road closures=0 but I did get stuck on the M2 for half hour whilst they dug out a lorry.
With more snow forecast these figures can only increase!
What are your experiences??

Love Comes Knocking

In previous posts I mentioned my Ebook Love Comes Knocking. I created my own little website in which I offered it for download but alas I don't know if anyone really took a look :(

Anywho I didn't give up and self-published it on This site allows for download and print to order. For example books are only printed when someone orders one rather then printing out a whole batch of books.

If any of you are interested in Romantic-comedies I would love it if you could take a look and spread the word if you're not interested. After all one mans rubbish is another mans treasure! but not in quite those terms!

Pauline, (45 female) The book was quite enjoyable, but was easily put down. It was easy to get into again, and I found it nice and lighthearted. Iwould read another book by the author.8/10

Dianne (39 female) I found the book to be humerous, and a little entertaining, I found much of the story relating back to his name which got a little predictable at times. In general the structure was well done, but I found the situations un believable.  6/10

For more details check out the press release

Love Comes Knocking is available to buy at Lulu

Let me know what you think!

Winter Wonderland...

In the depths of Kent we have snow... lots of it. It is fun to begin with but after a while it just starts to piss you off. Especially if it doesn't stop!

Take today for instance, it has been snowing pretty much constantly since 2.30pm today. I was out shopping for the morning and it was snowing but only lightly so I carried on, just aware that if it starts shitting it down I should make a move. Reason being I would not be getting up North Dane Way if I didn't!

In the end I got 2 dress type things and 3 tops from Primark, a pair of black work trousers from Internationale, a new coat, tshirt, jumper and black dress from Select and the new CSI Deadly Intent game and Boogie Wii game. So quite a nice little shopping trip and barely over £100 quid result!

I seem to have quite a addiction to buying Wii games I never get round to playing. Not quite sure why this is but I have a tendency to play on the PC instead. Maybe I shld have put that on my new year resolutions too - must play Wii.

I will post snow pics for you soon if you want them. It may come to us being so snowed in we can't even open our doors. Hope not as I have shopping to do. I've been sent home early from work twice already for a few snow showers, I don't need it anymore!

How is everyone else's snow experiences?

Ooh another competition win

The other day I received a letter from GM informing me I had won a pair of limited edition Salomon XT Wings trail running shoes. According to them they emailed me but had no response so they wrote instead. I am getting slightly concerned about these emails not getting through.. I check my junk email quite regularly and have never seen such a email.

Still the junk still manages to get through so it must be okay!

I have no idea what they look like so I'll have a nice surprise if they ever arrive. The suit I won hasn't yet either.. nor the album i won months ago.. not impressed!

Somewhere there is a very well dressed postman listening to some bang hard tunes!

(hopefully it has just taken a detour as I don't like the above idea!!)

On a side note I have entered way over 120 comps today, and over 80 on Thursday so maybe I will win a grand total of one if i'm lucky?

Monday, 4 January 2010

At long last.. the day has come....

When I can swim!

I started swimming lessons back in September 2009 and continued them throughout the latter part of the year till today. Tonight it was freezing cold, and even more cold in the pool, but I finally managed to swim!

The only requirement you need to swim is to simply let go and voila you're there. Despite what I thought you don't instantly fall in, you don't sink, you stay afloat! I barely got my face wet, I am quite simply sooo proud of myself.

I just hope I can continue it next week!

Tizz, my little friend also took the plunge tonight and she can swim now too. What a night!

So if any of you who is reading this can't swim, don't give up, take a chance, you can do it!

Happy new year!

Sorry it's a bit late, but better late then never, happy 2010.

I made a few resolutions as I do every year, I aim to:
  • Be more positive
  • Care less what people think of me
  • Get my book published (lol)
  • Get a hunky man?
I'm not sure about the last two but they would be nice if I did achieve them. Although the guy one is a bit dodgy, as relationships typically always go tits up! lol. Still positivity will get me places, there's no such word as can't!

So far I am doing good with the positive stuff, I got lost and went the wrong way home when coming back from Sittingbourne and put it down as a adventure, then today I got stuck in traffic for ooh a hour and 20 mins, took that long just to get onto blue bell hill. MANIC! But I remained positive throughout. Go me!

Anyone else make any resolutions? You broken them yet? lol

Have a good year! x
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