Friday, 27 April 2012

Who has the fairest gold eyeshadow of them all?

I love a bit of glam, and nothing speaks glamour more then a gold eyeshadow!

I've decided to put 4 gold shaded eyeshadows to the test, to see who's the pick of the bunch. In the running are Collection 2000 in Bedazzled, Maybelline in Gold Diamonds, Rimmel in Royal Gold and Collection 2000 in Gold Digger.

The shade test

Collection 2000 Bedazzled
Collection 2000 in Bedazzled is the most glittery of the four. It comes in a small little tub with a screw top lid and a protective inner container to keep the glitter inside. I have however removed the inner container as it was so impossible to get the eyeshadow out!

The eyeshadow applies easily and gives a gorgeous bright gold effect that is instantly noticeable as soon as someone sees you. In other words it's a real compliment machine!

The only real downside is that as it is glitter it may end up all down your face if you're not careful.

Maybelline Gold Diamonds
Maybelline in Gold Diamonds is a really subtle gold that looks like a dull beige in the packaging. It comes with a handy brush to apply and the effect is very matte and fine. On application I found the colour to be a very light shimmery gold that seems to play with the light and give a multicoloured tone.

The only real downside to this eyeshadow is that the colour is quite faint and it does take a lot of applications to make it more visible. Even after several layers you're still only going to get a light effect, so it's perfect for casual days.

 Rimmel Royal Gold
Rimmel in Royal Gold on the surface appears very similar to Maybelline Gold Diamonds. Both eyes shadows are matte and appear almost beige in the packaging. The eyeshadow comes with a very handy brush for application and I found that you only need one or two layers for the colour to become more apparant.

The end result is a shimmery gold that looks quite solid and tends to be one of the more longer lasting ones.

 Collection 2000 Gold Digger
Collection 2000 in Gold Digger is another matte eyeshadow that appears a dark gold colour on first appearance. It comes in simple plain packaging with cute little pink bubbles on the surface. Even though it's another Collection 2000 its apperance is completely different to Bedazzled.

The eyeshadow doesn't come with a brush but is easily enough applied with your fingers. The colour is surprisingly very similar to Rimmel's Royal Gold, even though the colour shades couldn't seem more different in the packaging. The shadow is very matte and has a light gold glimmer to it.

On testing of each shadow it appears that despite how they might look in the packaging, they are actually very different when applied. Three of the eyeshadows, Maybelline's Gold Diamonds, Rimmel Royal Gold and Collection 2000 Gold Digger all come out very similar shades whilst Collection 2000's Bedazzled is a really bright intense glittery shade. Only you can decide what shade you like best but for me it's Bedazzled all the way.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fantastic Sex and the City perfume ranges for only £9.99!

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Illusion Eau de parfum 15ml
Innocent Eau de Parfum 15ml
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Best revitalizing shower gel 200ml
Best Body Lotion 200ml
Best Eau de Parfum 100ml
Best Eau de parum 20ml
Desire Eau de Parfum 20ml
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Sensation revitalizing shower gel 50ml
Sensation Body Lotion 200ml
Sensation Eau de Parfum 100ml
Sensation Eau de parum 20ml
Emotion eau de Parfum 20ml
Caress Eau de parfum 20ml

This Giftset Contains:
Shower Gel 150ml
Body Lotion 150ml
Eau de Parfum 100ml
Eau de Parfum 15ml
So Smooth eau de Parfum 15ml
So Wet Eau de Parfum 15ml
So Erotic eau de Parfum 15ml
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Sunday, 22 April 2012

New CID Cosmetics - Putting I Glow in Ice Pop to the test!

When I first looked at the box for this product I have to admit  I thought it was a compact powder as that's what the first words on the box made me think when I read the word powder.

However I got a lovely treat when I opened it up to find a multicolour swirl of reds, pinks and golds. This multi toned blusher is perfect for adding a rich glow and shimmer without having to use any other products.

The product comes in a slightly bulky ivory box which you push open to reveal the product and a handy large mirror.

You can use the colours individually by swatching your brush in the one colour or swirl it all around to get a multi toned effect. I love my blushers rosey and glowy so I swept all the colour onto the brush and applied it to my cheekbones.

Initially on application I felt the colour was too much and when I rubbed it in a bit more the colour seemed to diseppear altogether! I applied it again and it seemed the right sort of colour effect that I desired. The effect was a rosey red but when I turned my head to the side the light reflected and produced a gold glow.

The I glow does live up to its claim to give you a lovely shimmery glow that means you don't need to use both a blusher and a shimmer product.

Yet another travel friendly product from New CID cosmetics!

  • Gorgeous array of colours which means you can apply individually or as a swirl of colour
  • The shimmering bronzer effect means you only need one product instead of two - saving money as a result!
  • Has a fantastic mirror attached so it's absoloutely perfect for travelling!
  • Apply too much and you might end up looking like a clown


DivaDerme - Lashes in a Bottle

I'm all for false lashes without the hassle of applying falsies. The problem is there are so many products on the market that claim to give you a false lash effect but fail on the first hurdle.

So first on the starting line is the Diva Derme Lashes in a bottle. This fibre rich product aims to give your lashes a false lash effect by the fibres adhering to your lashes to add a bit more length.

Unlike another False lash product I have tried the fibres are black instead of white which is a improvement I have to say.

The instructions say you should look forward when applying so you don't get any fibres in your eyes, and to apply straight after a layer of wet mascara. I did as the instructions asked, and applied the fibres straight after a layer of mascara. I found that the fibres just didn't seem to stick too well to my lashes (it may be because I couldn't see them very well as they were black mind) and just fell down onto my face.

Once you've applied the fibres you quickly apply another layer of mascara on top and then the idea is your lashes will be massively extended. At times despite looking down fibres still got in my eyes and really did irritate them.

I have to say I was disappointed. My lashes didn't look much longer then my other eye where I had only applied mascara. After all the amazing reviews of Divaderme I actually expected this product to do a fantastic job, but the result was merely average. Try it if you want but don't pay full price as many voucher sites are offering it for a fraction of the cost.
                                                                With Divaderme applied
You be the judge!

  • Does extend lashes by around 5-10%
  • This false lash product means you don't have the hassle of applying false lashes and glue
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Very pricey in some parts
  • I don't think it lives up to the reviews
  • Very itchy and irritating on your eyes if you don't get the fibres in the right place!
**** HOT TIP ****
You can find Divaderme for just £6.99 at this Ebay shop!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Why you should visit the Waldorf Hilton

When I'm visting London there's nothing better then knowing there's a nice comfortable hotel at the end of it  where I can throw my bags down and relax for the night.

Waldorf Hilton situated in theatreland is my ideal of a dream hotel. The 5* exquisite lodgings have a indoor pool, Grand Salon restaurant,Homage private bar that offers afternoon tea and Godfrey's bar where you can sip a cocktail or two.

The London Eye is a amazing way of seeing the city at its best, and I've yet to experience the amazing wonders it has to offer. Situated just minutes from The Waldorf I see no better opportunity then to book a ticket and embark on a journey to the heavens. Whilst I must admit I'm quite a wimp when it comes to rides I'm hoping this 443ft tall ferris wheel won't have me clinging onto the sides. 

London Dungeons is my next stop and just a few tube rides away. The attraction is so fun I always come back and find something new in place. History really comes alive in the torture chambers, plague ridden streets, the mystery of Sweeny Todd's barber shop, the deep dark street of Jack the Ripper's Whitechapel and so much more. If none of that is going to scare me, perhaps the plunge on the Drop Ride to Doom will leave me hanging?...

I'm quite a glamorous lady and I love musicals. My first ever was The Lion King which simply took me aback with the amazing singing and dancing which really made the show come to life. When I'm staying at the Waldorf there'll be no taking it easy at night for me; I'll be sipping a Sex on the Beach before heading out to see Wicked or the equally amazing Stomp.

Whilst London may be on my doorstep (almost) the big smoke is a city of fun and fascination that I come back to again and again.

Free night in a hotel
London Hotels


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Barbara Daly Velvet Blush in Peaches and Cream

This tiny little cream blush actually packs some pretty big surprises.

The Barbara Daly range which is only sold in Tesco stores has a good selection of innovative makeup products, and having bought a blusher before and been impressed I thought I'd try on of her cream selections.

The colour is a lovely warm orange peachy red that feels really smooth and velvelty to the touch. It's easy to apply with just the fingertip and with one sweep it soon melts into the skin.

I was left with this gorgeous warm glow that looks lovely and healthy. Whilst the pot is small I think it will last quite a long time as you only need to apply a little at a time and that's more then enough.

Cream blusher is perfect for older women as it doesn't settle in wrinkles or fine lines, and a lot of cream blushers can be quite moisturising.

                                                         Before blusher

                                                         After blusher

  • Gives off a lovely subtle glow
  • Gorgeous colour
  • A little makes a massive impact!
  • Great for older ladies
  • Sometimes it needs to be rubbed in a bit more as the colour is too intense

MYFace Blingtone Eyeshadow in Limelight - Look gorgeous in green!

Whilst green isn't quite the pastel colours of the season it certainly does give you that 'are you wearing something new effect'.

This lovely little pot of green glamour is simply but nicely packaged and with the MyFace label you know it's going to be good.

Without a brush included you're either going to have to buy one or use your fingers, but it applies really nicely with just your fingertip.

For maxiumu affect I reapplied shadow to my finger around three times to cover the entire eyelid area. The effect is not a deep green but quite a light turquoise shade. This gorgeous pearl pigment formulated shadow really does give your eyes a bit of extra sparkle, and can compete in the glitter stakes with the Barry M glitter pots.

Thankfully I didn't end up with glitter all down my face as the shiny particles are infused with the shadow so you get all the gain without the pain. The only real downside is by the end of the night there are a few lines wearing into the shadow where it has creased. However considering the amount of wear it would have had this is to be expected, and not a bad result at all!

  • Easy to apply
  • Gorgeous green colour
  • Lovely glittery shine which is bound to get you compliment galore!
  • Doesn't come with a brush
  • Slight wear in the eyeshadow by the end of the day with slight crease lines 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

MyFace Blingtone eyeshadow in Rasberry Beret

MyFace have come up trumps again with another pot of bling.

The eyeshadow in the Rasberry Beret shade is a very girly colour that instantly appealed. The packaging is quite simple but effective at the same time.

The pots don't come with a brush so I applied with my finger and found the powder passed on with little problem. When I was applying it to my eyelid I came to realise the colour that appears is ever so slightly lighter then it appears in the packaging. The overall effect is a very sweet, baby pink shade that is perfect for a casual trip to town or even the beach.

As a result of the eyeshadow my eyes look very sparkly and even dewy when the light shines on it.

All the MyFace eyeshadow range are made with pearl pigments which explains the amazing sparkle they give off. If you haven't tried any yet I really recommend you do as they are so perfect at making your eyes stand out!

If you want to know how to wear the MyFace Raspberry Beret eyeshadow try out the Pretty in Pink guide 

  • Gorgeous colour
  • Gives off a really sparkly look
  • Great for dressing up or dressing down!
  • The MyFace range is only really available in one store (Boots) and online
This product was kindly sent to me by the MyFace team

Want to get the pretty in pink look?

I love the colour pink and sometimes that can translate in the way I wear my makeup.

This pretty in pink style is really easy to achieve and only needs a few essentials. The makeup staples you'll need are:
  • Bourjois Volume Clubbing in Ultra Black
  • MyFace Blingtone eyeshadow in Raspberry Beret
  • MyFace MyMix Foundation in fair
  • Barbara Daly Velvet blush Peaches and Cream
  • Colorsport 24 hour eyeliner
  • Mac Studio sculpt Concealer in Nw20
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

How to achieve the look:
  1.  Firstly I apply the Colorsport 24 hour eyeliner and make a line that wings out at the end. 
  2. I use several coats of Bourjois Volme clubbing mascara, making sure that the wand grabs every lash.  
  3. The MyFace eyeshadow goes on next to give the look that authentic 'pretty in pink' style. 
  4. I apply the Mac concealer just after the eyeshadow as if any drops down under my eyes I can easily wipe it off before applying. 
  5. For foundation I apply small blobs to the top of my hand as it's a lot easier to apply to your face. I find this foundation leaves your face really luminous (read the review here) and dewy.
  6. Powder is essential for ensuring the foundation doesn't end up wiping off, and leaves it looking less 'greasy'
  7. The Barbara Daly blusher is a absolute delight and gives off such a gorgeous colour, I sweep little bits on with my finger to my cheek bones
  8. Finally I finish the look off with another line of 24 hour eyeliner under my bottom lashes
  9.  Perfecto!
                                                      The finished look


Friday, 13 April 2012

Free Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara

Do you want big, volumised lashes?

Halfpriceperfumes have got a fantastic offer available where you can get a completely free Bourjous Volume Clubbing mascara (normally worth £7.99)

This offer won't last long so get buying asap!

Just enter Freebourjoismascara at the checkout

Win a fantastic Grow Luscious Revlon Mascara!


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Do you want a free MyFace eyeshadow?

Of course you do!

MyFace have kindly offered all my followers the chance to get a full sized myface eyeshadow for FREE if they buy one full sized MyFace products.

If you've read my previous MyFace reviews you'd know how much I rave about the brand especially the eyeshadows and believe me they are something you need to try!

To get your Blingtone single eyeshadow which is worth £9.99 just enter the code blogbling into the checkout box.

Goto Myface Cosmetics

This offer expires on the 31st May 2012

L'Oreal Quad Pro for Blue eyes ~Sapphire Crystal

The L'Oreal Quad pro for blue eyes is a four tone eyeshadow that will create a fantastic smokey eye look.

Each tone in the Sapphire Crystal set is a matte shimmery colour that is designed to compliment those with blue eyes. The kit has a useful guide on the back that points to which numbered colour should be applied to each part of the eyelid.

With two brushes for application there was the right tools to apply each eyeshadow colour and with the guide to follow I easily created the seductive smokey eye look.

The eyeshadow maybe a bit too over the top for a daytime look so some may consider it to be a bit pricey but I would say it's a good investment for a sexy evening look.

You can buy L'Oreal Quad Pro in Sapphire Crystal for £6.99 at Cosmetic House

  • Nice range of colours
  • Gives off a shimmery colour
  • Create a smokey eye look
  • Not really suitable for other eye colours
  • Maybe too intense for a daytime look


Miss Sporty Ohh Blushed Again Two Tones

Miss Sporty Ooh 2 tones blusher is a little pot of joy, a blusher and bronzer all in one container. The tiny blusher has two tones of blush - a large rosey red outer circle and bronzer inner circle.I'm a big fan of blusher but never apply bronzer much unless I'm going out in the evening so having the two in one place is a fantastic idea.

When applying I swivelled the brush in both sets of colours so I got a lovely blush colour for a natural blushed look. With this product it's best only to apply a little bit of product as the colour that comes out is really rich and gives you a instant glow. Sometimes the colour can be too intense and I find I have to rub the product in more so the colour reduces a bit.

As a Miss Sporty product the blusher is really cheap to buy so it's fantastic value for money and you can find it for a great price in most Superdrug stores.

Overall this is a great product that combines a blusher and bronzer all in one that gives a brilliant rosey effect without the price tag!

  • The two toned colours means you can use them together or seperately to create different effects
  • Gives a lovely rosey glow
  • Will last a very long time as a little gives off a mighty kick
  • Sometimes the colour can be too intense so you may need to wipe a bit off

Thursday, 5 April 2012

My Look Entry

On a summer holiday there is nothing I want more then to look designer but feel super cool. On a recent trip to Spain I found the perfect outfit, a long dress like strappy top which was very bohemian which I teamed with a pair of denim hotpants. The outfit is really chic but ultra modern and perfect for a hot day sunbathing on the beach.

My dream holiday would to be sunbathing on a sun drenched beach in Hawaii watching the sun go down.

You can enter ths comp here

Touch of Nature: Grapefruit with Mandarin and Nutmeg Liquid Soap

Touch of Nature are the 100% natural bath products company that produce gorgeous products without the irritants.

The products aim to be SLS, SLES, pareben, synthetic, colour free and ph balanced.

The grapefruit with mandaring and nutmeg liquid soap is a lovely product which looks and smells gorgeous. If your bathroom needs a bit of a facelift having this handwash in might give it a vava voom.

The soap lathers up well and leaves my hands feeling soft when I had finished. I love how natural all the products are and the fact that it's not tested on animals.

I'd say the only real disadvantage would be the fact that it's slightly more pricey then most handwashes in the shop.

You can buy this handwash and other products over at Touch of Nature

If you want lipstick that stays you need to try LipInk!

Like most women I love a bit of lipstick, especially a flashy red number. The only negative thing is the fact that lipstick NEVER stays, ten minutes after applying it starts to diseppear especially if you're drinking a cheeky beverage.

Lipink is a range of semi-permanent lip colours that actually remain on your lips, not your glass, for the duration. The product is patented as the only completely natural semi-permanent lip colour. It aims to:
  • Feel like bare skin
  • A quick drying liqud with the staying power of ink
  • Speeds up the natural exfoliaton of dead skin cells
  • Not tested on animals
  • No added preservatives and wax free
  • Uses layering to create your own individual lip colour
The range has a palette of 50 colours to choose from and there's the option to send off for a test sample so you can find your perfect colour.

I tested pink lemonade, a colour that looked pretty dark in the bottle. The product has to be applied n a three way process to get the ultimate effect. Initially you have to purify your lips with the off solutions to cleanse and exfoliate, blend the colour tube by patting it against your palm to mix the pigment, removing all excess liquid apply in one direction only along your lips. After leaving it to dry for ten seconds I repeated the process and added several more layers to get a fully dimensional colour. You do get a slightly tingly feeling when applying the lip ink but that's completely normal and stops after a few seconds. Finally I applied the shine moisturiser and in no time at all I had a perfect pout to show the world.

I thought this product would be so much more difficult to use then it was, the instructions were detailed but simple and the process was so easy to follow. The end result is a colour that is smooth and despite drinking loads the colour has remained just as it was when I applied it.

I think we might have a revolution here ladies.

To buy this wonderful product goto Lip Ink and browse the products available or email if you want something more specific. They also do permanent eyeliner, lip plumper and volumiser and brow liners.
  • Lives up to its promise! Smudge free, semi-permanent and completely natural 
  • Great result that looks like you're wearing lipstick
  • Huge range of colours and other products
  • You can go to bed with it and wake up looking like you're still wearing perfectly applied makeup!
  • Not the cheapest product in the world but probably worth the price

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Maybelline SilkGlam by Eyestudio

Maybelline SilkGlam by Eyestudio is a quad eyeshadow pallette with a colour range of golds and browns.

The shadows come in a neat plastic container with handy brush which is double ended - including a normal and thin tip.

The colours are designed to compliment each other and there is a handy design on the back telling you what shadow should be applied on what area of the eye. I feel the guide is very simple and easy to use with a picture of a eye cross referencing to the numbers of each colour.

I did feel however that the colours above the main eyeshadow don't really mix too well, I'm not sure if it' just me not doing it properly or the fact that the colours just don't blend in. I felt the overall look was a bit stiff and obvious and not the sparkly look I would expect from such colours.

However you can use the colours as a quad or on their own and mix and match for different looks which always gives good value for money.

I'd give it a 2.5/5


Sunday, 1 April 2012

MyFace Mymix Foundation in Fair

If you have read my other reviews of MyFace you would know I rave about the quality makeup products.

The foundation is no different. Having read good reviews of the foundation I thought I'd give it a try.

The foundation comes in a creamy solution which you rub onto the face, I tend to only apply a few blobs to the top of my hand as there will be a lot of wastage otherwise.

I feel the product sinks in to my skin really easily and only takes a few brushes to get the excess material off and rubbed in. The colour match is pretty good and I don't end up looking orange like I did with the new Rimmel foundation!

The end result is a dewy polished look that could almost appear airbrushed. All of the red areas of my skin are blended in and I look presentable to face the day. I would definitely recommend this product.

Over time a few parts of the foundation do rub off and any discoloured areas may show through so it probably has around 6-8 hour coverage before you need to reapply.

The only other issues are sometimes the bottle seems to get stuck up like it has a blockage. This might give the impression there's nothing less when there is and you might end up throwing away a perfectly usable product. Just watch out for that one!

I'd give it a 4/5.
                                                       Before foundation
                                                   After foundation

  • Great coverage
  • Good colour match
  • Overall look is very polished
  • Bottle gets blocked up quite easily
  • Over a few hours the foundation can wear thin in certain areas so dry skin might show through
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