Thursday, 31 March 2016

40 Money Saving Beauty Tips

40 money saving beauty tips

Makeup is amazing and can give you so much confidence to face the world. It can however be expensive to keep topping up your makeup bag, especially when beauty brands release amazing must have items virtually every week. So don't break the bank trying to buy everything, this article will give you 40 ideas on how to save money on makeup.

1. Bought a new lipstick but realised you can't stand the colour or it doesn't suit you? Why not mixing the lipstick with another shade to create a new colour that only you have.

2. If your makeup is broken you don't need to throw it away there's a few tricks you can do to repair it. Read my article to find out how!

3. If your mascara is drying out it may seem like the end of the world (it's not). Instead of buying a new mascara add a few drops of saline and your mascara will have a new lease of life.

4. Once you've finished with your Mac, Kiehl and Lush containers take them back to the shop to get new products in return.

5. If you only have a small amount of product left place it into warm water till it melts. Once it has melted transplant it into a new container like a small compact case.

6. Get clumps out of your mascara by placing it into warm water.

7. Don't spend a lot of money on items like makeup cleaners as you can create these yourself at home.You can create this by mixing 1/2 olive oil with 1/2 dishwasher soap.

8. Johnson's No More Tears Baby Shampoo is a great alternative for a makeup remover (and it's much cheaper)

9. In any department store or supermarket that sells makeup, retailers put the most expensive items at eye level. This is of course because these items are what you'll see first and be more inclined to buy. Try looking around as the cheaper product which may not be directly in your eyeline may work just as well.

10. Do you love the brush on your expensive mascara? Often the brush is what makes the product cost more than the budget brand. Once the product has finished save the brush and use it in cheaper mascara.

11. If you only have a few drops left in your perfume you can actually use this to create a perfumed body lotion. Pour the drops into a unfragranced lotion to get the most out of your favourite scent.

12. Applying foundation with a sponge can actually use more product as it soaks up into the material. Use a foundation brush to get the best coverage and life out of your product.

13. When you buy makeup a lot of companies will give you samples as freebies. Often these will be a decent size so you'll get some new products to try for free.

14. Blogger sales will often have premium brands available for great discounts. Don't miss your chance to grab that Bobbi Brown product you've been longing for.

15. Look out for voucher codes which will get you a discount or cashback. Sites like Topcashback (referral link) will give you cashback on your shopping and VoucherCodes may have a major discount. Who would say no to getting money off?

16. If you've used up all your product pull the packaging apart to see if you can find any unused product.

17. If you fancy a new perfume ask for a sample so you can try it out first. That way you can try it over a few days and will only buy it if you really like it thus saving money on wasted perfume you turn out to hate.

18. Sometimes travel size products can actually work out cheaper then buying the product full size. Brands like Benefit often do a number of sets with samples of their most popular products. Check out their full range of gift sets here

19. Did you know you can actually use paintbrushes instead of makeup brushes? It sounds crazy but paintbrushes are actually available in the same size and texture as makeup brushes.

20. Get false looking lashes by applying talcum powder in between your lashes with a cotton bud.

21. Instead of buying a expensive lipstick or highlighter get a dupe. They look pretty much the same but save you a lot of money as you're paying high street instead of high end prices. Here's a example of some dupes 

22. Buy your favourite products off season to save some cash. Brands will often mark up products that are considered in fashion, i.e. pastel shades in spring, bright shades in summer and darker shades in winter. They'll sell the same products all year long so get it cheaper whilst you can.

23. Get a foundation or bronze a shade darker then normal and mix in a moisturiser to give the product a longer shelf life.

24. Stop your eyeshadows breaking in your bag by placing cotton wool inside.

25. Instead of buying a pricey lip enhancer you can make your own by using peppermint oil. Here's a recipe to show you how.

26. Cut your makeup sponges or cotton wool in half to get more use out of them.

26. Avoid pumping your mascara wand as this can trap air into the tube causing it to dry out quicker. Instead spin the wand to get rid of clumps.

27. If you're going somewhere hot and you don't want your lipstick bullets to melt and fall off transfer them into a little pot. It's easier to mix shades together that way too.

28. Store your products in the fridge to give them a longer shelf life. A lot of products contain oil which can go off over time. Keeping them fresh will prevent this process occurring for as long as possible.

29. Use activated charcoal for a chemical free smokey eyeliner.

30. Youtube video hauls from popular channels will often have discount codes which you can use to get money off your favourite brands.

31. Check out discount stores like TK Maxx as they often sell big brands at virtually 3/4 of the original price.

32. If your favourite eyeshadow has broken all is not lost you can transform it into a beautiful nail varnish colour. Simply transfer the pigment into a clear polish and voila - new nail varnish.

33. Vaseline is fantastic as a budget friendly multi use beauty product. You can use it as a lipgloss, foot moisturiser and even a makeup remover.

34. Show loyalty to your favourite brands and you will be rewarded. Shops like Superdrug and Boots have a fantastic loyalty card program. Check out my guide on the best loyalty cards available here.

35. Make your new manicure last longer by painting the top of your nail with a top coat. Damage often starts at the top so by nipping it in the bud you're giving your fresh colour a longer life.

36. It may sound obvious but only spend money on products you'll know you'll use. Often we buy products that we don't really like and they just end up gathering dust for the next few years in a drawer.

37. Get your makeup done for free for a special event at a department store. This way you'll get a fantastic look and you're not using your own products.

38. Don't apply too much makeup when you're getting ready for the day or evening. Apply what you need and if you need a touch up then apply as necessary. You won't use so much product so your makeup will last longer.

39. Use a bar of soap rather then a body wash as it's cheaper and can actually last longer. It also creates less waste in the environment.

40. Large sized shampoos and conditioners can save you money as they will last longer and you'll get more use out of them.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

5 Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

5 ways to step out of your comfort zone

Often in life we become accustomed to a routine where we do the same hobbies and see the same friends for weeks on end. This sense of routine can often be comforting and familiar which is why we let it continue. Often when a traumatic event occurs in your life like a death or a relationship breakup that same routine can seem suffocating and you put steps in to refresh your life and step out of your comfort zone to make things feel better. You don't need to wait until something bad happens to change how you see life, you can step out of your comfort zone right now and in this article I'll show you how.

Let yourself go
Often people don't like to try new things because of how they might look. If you're not good at something you might think you'll look daft or stupid which will stop you trying something new. There are millions of people on this world and everyone's different. One person may be the light of someone's life whilst another may really irritate them. The point is everyone's perspective is different and you can't base your life on what people think of how you act. So don't hang around take up that new hobby whether it's archy or jumping out of a plane.

What's the worst that can happen?
Okay so if you try something new and absolutely hate it at least you tried. You might not like the new hobby you chose but it's another skill to add to your life CV and at least it's something to entertain with at the pub. It shows you have courage and that's a pretty good strength to have.

Face your fears
Some people never experience the beauty of the world as they're terrified of stepping foot on a plane for fear it might crash. Other people believe if they go on a rollercoaster they'll feel really ill or a catastrophic accident could occur where the rollercoaster falls apart injuring everyone (anyone seen Final Destination 3?). Whether it's big or small fear can really rule your life if you let it. Just last year I faced my fear of the dentist (10 years without a check up) and going on roller coasters with loops. Guess what? Nothing bad happened, the world carried on turning and I felt fantastic for facing my fears!

Get used to taking risks
I'm not saying you should go overboard and jump off a bridge without the right safety equipment, but minimal risks can really help you grow in confidence. People stay in their comfort zone because it's what they know and they're used to. Changing that and taking a risk is a scary thought as you could fail. Life is all about uncertainty and accepting that you can't decide everything that happens in your life. Start little, for example if you like to gamble you can have a little flutter with money you won't miss if you lose. Bet £20 and see where you go, you might win, you might not but you have fun and you're not losing anything in the long run. Over time you'll come to accept that bad things happen but that's okay because the good things are just around the corner.

Enjoy not knowing what's going to happen
Have you ever read a really good book flicked to the last page and then realised you've ruined the story. Like a good book excitement builds up when you don't know what's coming next and you're so eager to see what happens you can't put the book down. If you're always in your comfort zone you'll never experience the excitement of the unknown as you always know what's going to happen. So step back, try that hobby you've always been dying to do and let the butterflies fly.

I hope this article helps you if you're struggling with the monotony life can sometimes bring. Do let me know what new hobbies you've tried and how they've made you feel.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

No7 Airbrush Away Radiance Boosting Primer Review

No7 Airbrush Away Radiance Boosting Primer

The Hype
No7 Airbrush Away Radiance Boosting Primer SwatchNo7 Airbrush Away Radiance Boosting primer helps to give a airbrushed look with its light diffusing properties. Skin is left looking smooth and healthy with a radiant glow.

The Lowdown
The No7 primer has a white cream consistency which develops into a silky veil highlight once massaged into the skin. I've tried quite a few highlighters over the years and feel this is quite unique and something I haven't seen before. After applying I let it dry then applied my foundation on top with powder to set it. For the purpose of the review I am comparing it with Sheer Cover primer to see how effective the new No7 Airbrush Away is. I used the same foundation and powder on top of both primers for effective comparison. After application on comparison with the No7 Airbrush Away to the Sheer Cover primer, I felt the No7 product had more of a silky finish whereas Sheer Cover was more matte.
Before and After No7 Airbrush Away Radiance Boosting Primer

After several hours I felt the difference between the two primers was minimal. Unfortunately I didn't have the best light to take the photos but the results are fairly similar. With both primers my forehead looks quite oily and my makeup whilst it's still visible and hasn't smudged has lost its vibrancy.

No7 Airbrush Away is not the cheapest primer and whilst my makeup is still visible at the end of the day I was expecting more of a radiant 'just done' finish. I was a little disappointed with this especially as it was on the higher end of the No7 price range but the initial effect was quite nice.

I give it 2/5

Available for £16.50 at Boots 


  • After application my skin has a lovely glow
  • Skin does look dewy after application


  • Doesn't maintain that 'airbrushed' look like you'd expect from the product promise
  • Quite expensive. 

Monday, 28 March 2016

Veet & Scholl Pampering Event Goody Bag Reveal

Veet and Scholl Pampering event goody bag

So as you all know if you read my post on the Veet & Scholl event (if you haven't you can ready it here) after being pampered I came away with a fabulous goodie bag packed to the brim with new releases from Scholl and Veet.

So here's a snapshot into what I got.

Veet and Scholl pampering event goody bag contents

Veet Professional Warm Wax
The brand new wax is one of the first waxes that doesn't come with a strip. Simply heat it in the microwave, place it where you want it, wait a minute and then rip the wax off.

Veet Natural Inspiration Facial Hair removal kit
Made with purely natural ingredients the new facial hair removal kit is perfect for getting rid of unwanted facial hair.

Veet Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream
Instead of that nasty chemical smell you get with a lot of hair removal creams this smells simply beautiful. So fresh and clean you won't want to pick up a razor ever again.

Scholl Gel Activ Extreme Heels
Killers heels can look great but they're certainly not kind to your feet. Scholl's new Gel Activ are gel pads that are designed to fit different kind of heels.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil
Enriched with a 7 oil complex this little baby will take care of your nails preventing them from breaking or splitting.

Scholl Nail Varnish
One of the new nail varnishes in the brand new nail range.

Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System
Demonstrated during the event the new nail care system can buff, file and polish your nails saving you a lot of time doing it manually.

Selfridges £50 Gift Card
One of my favourite parts of the goody bag and pretty self explanatory. I'm planning on what to buy right this moment!

Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Foot File
If you've got hard skin on your feet it can be quite hard to get rid of it. The new nail file is powered by batteries and can be used in and out of the shower. Lighten the load and get the nail file to do all the work.

I was so pleased with this goody bag, Scholl and Veet were extremely generous and the whole event in all was fantastic. What do you think of the event and the goody bag? Have you been to any blogger events? Do let me know, I love to hear your comments!

Friday, 25 March 2016

20 Unknown Facts About Me

Want to know a bit more about me? In this post I'll reveal 20 unknown facts you probably never knew.

1. I'm a competition addict. I have been entering competitions since 2008 and have had so many opportunities through this hobby. I have won a trip on a private plane, explored Belfast, stayed in a amazing apartment on Princes street in Edinburgh, won a amazing makeover, ipads, Iphone 4 and so much more.

2. I get very nostalgic for old food and drink I used to love. I remember eating Spaghetti flavour monster munch when I was a child (not that anyone else can!) they were amazing and I can't believe they stopped selling them. I feel the same for recent products that have disappeared like Britvic cranberry, apple and raspberry fizzy juice drink and the little orange and blackcurrant juice drinks I believe were sold by Innocent.

3.I love to collect things be it jewellery, makeup or magazines I seem to have a stash of everything! I have one old email account where I have emails dating back to 2002 as I don't like to delete anything that feels nostalgic.

4. Once I'm hooked to a program I have to binge watch through to the end *thank god for Netflix!*

5. I love sandwiches, especially the little triangle variety they just seem to taste better.

6. I have over 60 perfumes... told you I like collecting things!

7. I can cook a amazing homemade cottage pie.

8. I like buying lots of things to start up a hobby like soap making or card making but often get bored and give up after making a few creations.

9. My favourite restaurant has to be Zizis as I adore their spaghetti bolognaise (no one can come close).

10. I'm quite little at only 5ft 1 but I like to think I'm small but perfectly formed.

11. I love reading especially crime thrillers. I would also recommend the novel version of Stephen King's film adaptations like The Body (Stand by Me) and The Green Mile as they have so much more detail then the films.

12. I love cats! Whenever I see a cat I go aww, it's a problem.

13. I really don't like big dogs that bark and jump up at you when you visit someone. I just think they're going to bite my fingers off.

14. I really want to go skiing after watching Chalet Girl. This urge was of course encouraged by the beautiful Ed Westwick.

15. I would love to visit New York and go shopping in Macy's.

16. I love bananas when they have just turned from green to yellow. I'm not a fan of the leopard look and taste.

17. My middle name is Louise.

18. My favourite TV program at the moment has to be Pretty Little Liars. I'm on series 4 and I'm dying to know who A is!

19. I feel guilty if I kill a insect but not if it's buzzing around my light all evening.

20. I am a single pringle but hopefully will meet Mr right sometime soon!

I hope you enjoyed these 20 unknown facts about me! I love to know if you have any facts you haven't revealed about yourself in the comments below!


Thursday, 24 March 2016

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche in Jardin Des Roses: Nail of the day

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche nail varnish in Jardin Des Roses is a pretty baby pink shade that is perfect for Spring. The brush is wide so it is a lot easier to coat your nails in one swipe. It has excellent coverage and after just two coats I had a matte super shiny finish. The range of 22 shades are formulated with a blend of precious oils to nourish your nails whilst maintaining intense colour pigmentation. It has a delicate rose scent and dries really quickly.

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riches Jardin Des Roses is a gorgeous shade with some amazing qualities. I love how it nourishes my nails whilst still giving really intense colour and the perfect shiny finish.

Grab it for £4.99 at Superdrug


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Asda George 3D Fibre Lash Mascara review

George 3D Fibre Lash is part of the Spring 2016 makeup releases from Asda.

Over the last year fibre lashes have risen in popularity due to their ability to really boost and transform your lashes. Asda launched a Fibre Lash mascara last year but the new 3D Fibres has been transformed into a gold tube with a emphasis on the 3D aspect.

Having tried a few of George's mascaras in the past I've always been fairly impressed with the results especially in comparison to the cost of the mascara. I like the packaging as the gold tube makes it look more premium than it actually is. It has quite a long bristle brush with a pear shaped wand that starts out wide and narrows inwards towards the bottom. George 3D Fibre Lash aims to extend and curve your lashes so I was excited to see the kind of result I would get.

The formula is not very wet and quite drying so whilst you definitely won't get clumpy lashes you won't get a bold finish either. Unlike a lot of fibre mascaras it didn't have any additional fibres which can irritate the eyes. It did separate my lashes and they did look defined but I was really hoping for more of a stand out look. The long wand was great at capturing every lash but I can't say there was much added curl or length. Up close my lashes look lovely but from afar you don't really notice much of a difference. I was expecting a bit more impact form this mascara which is a shame but at only £3 you're not splashing out so it can be hit or miss. I would say this mascara is perfect for a casual day when you don't want to dress up too much.

I give it 3/5


  • Budget beauty bargain at only £3
  • Has a bristle brush
  • No clumping
  • Captures every lash
  • Lashes are left looking defined


  • Doesn't add much curl or length
  • Has quite a drying formula so doesn't give lashes that bold 'wow' impact

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

My Favourite Perfume

One of my favourite perfumes of all time has to be Harajuku Lovers Baby. The perfume is one of a range designed  by Gwen Stefani that was inspired by Japanese fashion. Each perfume has her own unique style whether it's coloured hair or cute shoes.

I'm a real sucker for sweet floral perfumes and this ticks all my boxes. The perfume has a vanilla base with notes of white peach, apple, freesia, frangipani, orchids, jasmine, amber, musk, vanilla and creamy sandalwood.

The perfume is quite hard to get hold of in the shops but you can get it online and I highly recommend it as it's amazing!

You can get it here, but it looks like the bottle has been changed.


Monday, 21 March 2016

Veet & Scholl Pampering Event Showcase

Two of the biggest names in the beauty sphere, Veet and Scholl joined forces in an exclusive pampering event. Manicures and pedicures were the highlight of the evening, with some of the brands latest ranges being introduced.

Set in one of London's event hotspots, Vanilla, I received a warm welcome. Scholl's brand new nail range were revealed during the complimentary manicure and pedicures which included a vibrant range of glossy colours. I chose a hot pink which was applied after my nails were filed, buffed and shine with Scholl's new Velvet Smooth Electronic nail care system. The beautician applied a glossy top coat once the colour had dried and a oil to moisturise the cuticles. With just two coats my nails have full coverage with a gorgeous glossy finish.

Veet want to change perceptions about waxing and hair removal creams with their latest releases. Typically hair removal creams tend to have quite a potent off putting smell that discourages some women from using them. Their new hair removal cream smells beautiful with a really fresh clean smell you'd be happy to apply. There was even a smell test where the new range was compared against the current range and a standard brand.
The standard brand had a very potent and chemical like smell, whilst the current and new range of Veet Silk&Fresh hair removal cream smelt fairly pleasant. Hair removal creams are constantly changing and the scent is nowhere near as off putting as I remember when I have used hair removal creams in the past. Their new Stripless Veet Professional Warm Wax is very unusual in that it can be applied straight to your body after heating in a microwave. The wax dries into a putty which you can then pull off as if it was a strip. The demonstrations made it look very effective with really good hair removal.

During the event a fantastic range of canapes were being served, with delights including mini hamburgers, lamb bites, chicken teriyaki, beef skewers, brownies and more. Drinks included Bellini cocktails and delicious iced fruity Mocktails.

I left with a amazing goody bag filled to the brim with Scholl and Veet goodies including a extra little surprise.  Don't forget to keep checking in for a exclusive post on what was inside the goodybag!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Colour in Pinking of You

The Hype
Maybelline Superstay 24 hour lip colour is a dual ended product that is designed to challenge expectation on the length of time the colour lasts. Available in 35 shades the lip colour aims to prevent crumbling, caking, fading, feathering and transferring onto objects.

The Lowdown
I know Maybelline Super Stay isn't a new product but I always love trying new lipsticks. For the purposes of the review I am trying Pinking of You. Whilst there are 35 shades advertised on the Maybelline website I was a bit bewildered to see Pinking of You wasn't there. I found the lip colour in Asda but you can also pick it up at Morrisons online for £6. You'll probably find the colour availability is a bit hit and miss depending on the venue you buy it from.

Pinking of You has a gorgeous silky pink shade that glides on without any resistance. The lip colour does feel quite dry initially but the attached gloss really helps to add a bit of moisture to your lips so its feels a lot more comfortable. The colour is quite light but it does have a really glossy finish. Unfortunately the lipstick doesn't live up to its promise to last 24 hours. In just a few hours it had completely disappeared and you'd hardly notice I had even put it on. It did however keep to the promise of no caking, crumbling, feathering or transferring onto objects.

I was a bit disappointed with this, I don't know if it was the colour but I was really expecting it to last longer.

I give it 2/5


  • Available in 35 shades so you're bound to find a lip colour you like
  • Feels quite moisturising on your lips after applying the attached gloss
  • Lovely glossy finish


  • Simply doesn't last very long, few hours at the most and nowhere near Maybelline's 24 hour claim.


Thursday, 17 March 2016

What's on my bedside table

Bit of a random post today but I'm sure it will satisfy the curiosity in you. So I rarely let you into how I have my bedroom (mostly because it's a bit of a mess) but today I want to share what's on my bedside table.

My bedside table is pretty neat and doesn't have much on it apart from a few photos that I value dearly. I love photos and have so many I have run out of room for frames.

On the front left is a picture of me and my mum taken on a trip I won to Berlin, the middle photo is a old photo of me and my friends before a night out (I can't even remember what year it was!) and on the front right is a photo of me and my cousin on our holiday to Costa Brava last year.

On the back right I have a lovely photo from a glamorous photoshoot I won in 2010. The dress was beautiful but far too big and was pinned at the back!  The photo on the back left is me and a friend in a pub many years ago (I was probably 18 at the time). I love flowers but they do take a lot of maintenance so I have opted for a lovely fake green flower. In my opinion it looks pretty genuine!

I have a diamante clock that unfortunately has stopped working for now as the batteries probably need changing. There is also a light and a couple of earrings scattered around.

My bedside table is all about keeping precious memories close to me and I love looking at the photos. What do you keep on your bedside table? I'd love to know!


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

15 Fun Things to Do in London For Free

London is not only the capital of England, it is the perfect tourist destination with so many attractions, restaurants, landmarks and more to explore.

What do you do if you're skint though I hear you say? Even if you're a little low on spends you'll still find some fabulous free things to do. Here's 15 options to keep you occupied.

British Museum
The British Museum is one of the world oldest museums. It houses collections from the Rosetta Stone, Lindow Man, The Mummies and more. The British Museum has so many artifacts only a few can be on display at one time which means you could potentially get a whole new experience every time you visit.
Visit the website

V&A Museum
If you love art the V&A will really hit the spot. The V&A has one of the world's largest collection of decorative arts, sculptures, portrait miniatures and photography.
Visit the website

Museum of London
Here's you'll find the ultimate history of London from prehistoric times to present. The story is told through detailed pictures, archaeological finds, reconstructed interior and street scenes. The range of exhibitions, talks and walks change all the time so be sure to check the website regularly.
Visit the website

Science Museum
Probably one of the best free venues in London is the Science Museum. With seven floors of educational exhibits the museum is very interactive and demonstrates science in a non stuffy way. The Medical history gallery contains a large amount of medical history treasures, Wellcome Wing showcase developments in modern science whilst pattern pod introduces under eights to the importance of patterns to science. There's a lot of hands on opportunities and chances to have a play (that means lots of button pressing).
Visit the website

Natural History Museum
This gorgeous historic building is home to a collection of 70 million plant, animal, fossil, rock and mineral specimens. The galleries are devoted to telling the story of these specimens with unique displays like the Life Galleries. Here you'll find items from creepy crawlies to a large plaster cast Diplodocus.
Visit the website

National Gallery
If you like the V&A then you'll want to take a visit to the National Gallery. Originally founded in 1824 with just 36 paintings, the gallery now houses over 2000 works. You'll find masterpieces from artists like Giotti, Piero Della Francesca, Titian and Raphael. Whether you prefer Italian paintings or those from Dutch masters you'll find something that will please you.
Visit the website 

Crystal Palace Park
Crystal Palace Park is a large park which houses full size dinosaurs, outdoor concert stage, a farm, kids playground, national sports centre and lots of green space. Why not take a selfie with a dinosaur?
Visit the website

Tate Modern
Set in a original turbine hall, the Tate Modern is home to a jaw dropping collection of modern art. There are a number of large-scale temporary exhibitions whilst permanent collections including works from Matisse, Rothko, Bacon, Twombly and Beuys.
Visit the website

Have a giggle
Angel Comedy Club have free comedy every night of the week. Get in there early to get a good seat.
Visit the website

Like your music? 
The Southbank Centre regularly host free musical performances in the Royal Festival Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall. Check the website for more details.
Visit the website

Check out some signage
Find a array of vintage neon signs and old movie props at God's Own Junkyard.
Visit the website

Have fun in a tropical arena
Barbican Conservatory houses tropical plants, trees and fish for you to explore. Check out their colourful collection and chill out as you stroll through.
Visit the website

Watch a ritual unique to London
Whether it's the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace, Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London or watching Tower Bridge rise you will only find these unique experiences in London.

Wimbledon Common
If you just want to relax Wimbledon Common is perfect with its ponds, natural trail and a cute windmill.
Visit the website

Southwark Cathedral
Southwark Cathedral is one of the oldest cathedrals in London. You may have only heard of St Paul's Cathedral till now so why not pay it a visit, it's free after all.
Visit the website

I hope you enjoy visiting London for free, do let me know in the comments what you get up to!


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Makeup Bag Essentials For Beginners

Are you new to makeup and have no idea what products you should start off using?

The world of makeup is fun and colourful. There's so much opportunity to experiment and try new things. When starting out I would recommend you start with the basics and slowly branch out into trying different styles. You may want to stick to the budget brands at first to see what you like so you don't waste your money unnecessarily.

In this guide I'll break the must have products down into different sections so it's easy to absorb. You may only want to try a few products at a time, that's absolutely fine. Simply bookmark the page and come back at a later date.


1. Foundation brush 
You'll need something to apply your foundation with and a foundation brush is perfect for pretty much all the foundation formats. It will help you guide the product onto your face without getting your fingers messy and will help you to blend the product in.
2. Foundation
Foundation is a essential in any makeup bag, it helps to even out your skintone and cover any blemishes. There are a variety of foundation formats out there including cream, powder and liquid which all have different finishes. I recommend liquid foundations as they are easy to build up and I feel they give the best coverage.
3. Concealer 
I couldn't live without concealer, it can cover a thousand sins. Concealer is perfect for covering up the little blemishes that your foundation is not able to cover. You can get various strengths of concealer which will vary the type of coverage you get. If you have blemishes that are hard to conceal you may want to try Benefit Boiing (£17.50 from Boots).

4. Powder
Powder is perfect for setting your makeup and gives it more of a polished look. Normally powders come in a range of beige shades, I'm currently using Proto-col Colour Correct which is why it has lots of different colours.
5. Power brush
Use a large powder brush to help sweep the powder onto your skin. Use downward motions for the best finish.
6. Concealer brush
Concealer brushes will give you a precise application and will help you blend the product in. I prefer to use my finger as the warmth helps the product to absorb quicker.

7. Blusher
Blushers can really add warmth to your face and help to sculpt your cheekbones. I have so many blushers of varying shades as I love how alive they make my skin look.
8. Blusher brush
Use a blusher brush to sweep the blush onto your cheeks. Apply to the apples of your cheeks for the most natural look.
9. Brow pencil
Brow pencils are available in either pencil,liquid or wax formats but all do the same thing. You can use a brow pencil to fill in any gaps in your eyebrows for a more defined look. You don't need to spend a fortune, lots of budget brands have little brow kits you can use. I recommend Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit

10. Highlighter
Highlighters can work in conjunction with blusher to add sculpt and definition to your face. Highlighters are available in varying shades from shimmery white, pinks and golds. Depending on your skin tone you may prefer one type of highlighter to another. Try experimenting to see what suits you. I've not included it in the picture but you'll want to buy a highlighter brush so you can easily blend it on. The brushes with the slanted tip are the best for precise application.
11. Primer
Before applying your foundation you can use a face primer to give your base more staying power. Primers come in gels, creams and even sprays and can give the skin a silky veil.
12. Bronzer
If you want that sun kissed look without lazing on a beach in Barbados (or other sun kissed country) you may want to invest in a bronzer. You can blend bronzer onto all the areas that would naturally receive the sun including your nose, forehead and cheeks. If you want to try your hand at contouring you might want to check out this useful guide.


1. Eye primer
It's up to you whether you use a eye primer, I personally don't. Eye primers are great for giving your eyeshadow a bit of extra staying power and helps to prevent them creasing.
2. Eyeshadow brush
Simple as it sounds - the eyeshadow brush helps you to apply the eyeshadow to your lids. There are a variety of brushes you can  use to help you blend your eyeshadow, these can include blending brushes and crease brushes.

3. Eyeshadow palette
There are so many eyeshadows on the market I could fill many pages telling you all about them. Some of my favourite brands including Makeup Revolution and Urban Decay. Their eyeshadows are so pigmented and the shimmers are a-h-m-a-z-i-n-g. I prefer more neutral shimmer shades as the bright blues/pinks/greens aren't really my scene anymore. Don't be afraid to experiment though, the brighter colours are perfect for holidays or parties. For a start I recommend Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2 (a bargain at £4.00). There's a range of neutral shimmer and matte shades which are perfect as one of the first additions to your makeup bag.

4. Mascara
The holy grail of makeup is of course mascara. There's so many types of mascara available that you may find yourself getting confused. Whether you want volumised lashes, defined lashes, curly or spiky lashes there's a mascara for every look you could want. Mascara will help to darken your lashes and make your eyes stand out. For a start I recommend L'Oreal False Lash Sculpt mascara(video), it sculpts your lashes and you can tightline your water line as well (like eyeliner it fills in the gaps between your lashes)
5.Eyeliner pencil
You can get eyeliner pencils in either gel, liquid or kohl formats. Kohl pencils are really easy to use and the good ones simply glide on with ease. Liquid and gel tend to require a more steady hand but you can create some really exaggerated looks using these formats including cat eyes or wings.


1. Lipstick
One of my favourite makeup pieces is lipstick. I have so many but simply can't stop buying them. Lipsticks can come in shimmery creamy formations or a matte consistency depending on the finish you want. There's a wide range of shades available from bright vibrant reds and pinks to nude browns and oranges. Not every shade will suit everyone so try out different colours and see what you prefer. Lipsticks can come as cheap as a £1 from brands like Makeup Academy. 
2. Lip stain
Lip stains are a little bit unusual in that they use a wet felt tip applicator to apply the colour to your lips. You essentially do feel a little bit like you're colouring your lips in with a pen. They're quite easy to use and as they essentially 'stain' your lips the product doesn't come off so easily.
3. Lip gloss
If you want a more low key look you may want to opt for a lip gloss. You can get coloured lipglosses or more neutral shades. The colour payoff tends not to be too strong but you do get a lovely glossy finish.
4. Lip liner
Lip liners helps to prevent your lipstick from bleeding.
5. Lip crayon
Lip crayons are quite soft and easy to apply. Some crayons can have really strong colour payoff whilst others are not so good.

Other useful tools

1. Sharpener
When your eye shadow pencils or eye liners start to get blunt you'll need to sharp them to get more product. The makeup sharpener is literally like the sharpeners you had at school.
2. Eyelash curler
You can use this before applying mascara for more defined and curly lashes. You don't
need to pay a lot for these, they're available for budget prices at most stores.
3. Tweezers
Perfect for plucking out all of those unwanted eyebrow hairs. You can get really cheap version although you may want to go a bit more premium for a pair that really catches the hairs.

I hope you found this guide useful if you're just starting out. Do let me know what you think I always love to hear your comments!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Modern revolution lipstick in Red Carpet Red Review

The Hype
The matte lip trend is massive at the moment and Charlotte Tilbury offers a luxury matte experience.

The Matte Revolution collection has a range of 11 beautiful shades from the baby pink Between the Sheets  to the nude Very Victoria and everything inbetween.

The collection has been exclusively designed using Charlotte's experience to create the illusion of fuller, wider lips that are lit from within.

The Hype
Having heard so many good things about Charlotte Tilbury I recently placed my first ever order. I bought two gorgeous red lipsticks and Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold (see the review here) which I was pretty excited to try.

What I loved most about Charlotte Tilbury's promise, was the fact that it was a matte lipstick with added benefits. Often matte lipsticks can feel quite dry. The lipstick is enriched with Lipstick Tree extract, a natural antioxidant that protects the lips. It also contains Orchid Extract which soothes and hydrates for a soft cashmere buildable finish.

Unlike a lot of matte lipsticks it also has 3D Glowing pigments which gives for a inner glow.

For the purpose of the review I am testing Red Carpet Red, a delectable Hollywood red that any icon would love to grace the Red Carpet wearing. As you all know I love a good red and having loved Charlotte Tilbury Love Bite (also £23) I had high hopes for this lipstick.

It comes in the gorgeous gold bullet that is iconic for Charlotte Tilbury. It has a dark red bullet with subtle glitter infusion. The bullet also has a unique square angled tip to mimic the shape of a lip brush making for easier application. It has a delightful vanilla fragrance that's quite divine.

Even with the unique shape the lipstick is really easy to apply and the colour goes on quite easily. It is a lovely dark red and even though its matte it has a bit of a sheen thanks to the glitter infusion. Unlike some other matte lipsticks it's very comfortable to wear and isn't drying. I also love how it's managed to make my bottom lip look a lot bigger. The colour lasts a good few hours before it disappears with only a hint of colour left.

A lovely lipstick with strong colour that's comfortable to wear. It's a little on the pricey side at £23 so good for wearing on special events.

I give it 4/5

Available for £23 at Charlotte Tilbury 


  • Has a unique angled tip for easy brush application
  • Lovely vanilla scent
  • Has glitter pigments for a matte lip that simply glow
  • Lipstick tree and Orchid Extract helps protect and soften lips


  • A little on the pricey side

Friday, 11 March 2016

76 Ways to Promote Your Blog and Increase Blog Traffic

Blogging can be a fun and interesting adventure with the chance to discover new friends, brands and products. There are also a lot of challenges to face including keeping your blog fresh and interesting to new and existing readers. In order to rise the status of your blog and to increase your chances of being offered new opportunities it's important to promote your blog on a regular basis. Promotion is something every brand must do in order to stay ahead of their competitors but it doesn't mean you have to fork out lots of money for expensive marketing campaigns.

This post is a simple breakdown of the best ways to promote your blog.

1. Publish more posts
One of the easiest and probably most overlooked way to promote your blog is to post more content. Research has found that blogs who post 16+ times a month got 3.5 times more traffic than those who only post 0-5 blog posts monthly.

2. Produce longer (but interesting posts)
You may find it hard to believe but longer posts - with around 2000 words or more rank better in the search engines. They also get more shares which is getting your posts over to more people. When writing longer posts make sure you keep the post to the point and don't ramble.

3. Email newsletters
Newsletters are a fantastic way of letting your existing subscribers know you have just released a new post. This can cause your traffic to spike and increase page views. To get subscribers encourage people to subscribe in a post or on social media. Alternatively you could request this as part of a competition.

4. Guest blog
One of the most successful ways to increase traffic to your blog is to guest blog for others. Aim for a blog in your niche that is more successful than you who is willing to work with other bloggers. Make sure your pitch is personal to get the best chance of getting your guest blog accepted. Remember not everyone accepts guest bloggers so don't be disheartened if they say no.

5. Optimise your blog
I cannot stress how important it is to optimise your blog. You can promote your links through social media as much as you can but if your blog isn't showing up on Google or other search engines, once your efforts stop, the traffic stops. People search sites like Google every day for answers to their questions and your site could be that next click. Familiarise yourself with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and use keywords and meta tags to get your blog to be search engine visible.

6. Comment on other blogs
Try to comment as much as you can on other blogs that are popular with a lot of visitors. If you post a comment that catches someone's eye you could potentially be rewarded with a lot of traffic. Don't post lots of comments asking them to 'visit your link' or you'll find most of your comments will end up deleted.

7. Blogger outreach
Once you've published your post you'll need to start sharing it. Unless you're a well established blogger like Zoella it's unlikely people will come flocking once you've released a new post on the world. Establish a plan that you'll use to promote each new post - share it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and any other social media platforms you use. You can also request that brands you may have mentioned or bloggers share the post for you as well to spread the word. It may be ideal to build up relationships first before you start asking people to share your links.

8. Mention other bloggers
People love being mentioned it's a real ego boost. When you write a post put links to other bloggers that may be relevant to your content. Once you've published your post let them know you've mentioned them and sit back and watch the shares roll in.

9. Expert blogger roundup
Reach out to expert bloggers in your niche and ask them 1 or 2 key questions. Do this for around 30 bloggers and then compile the answers into one post. When you've published the post you'll have a really comprehensive view of a certain topic that will potentially be shared by every blogger you mention!

10. Do a case study on a important person in your niche
Depending on what you're writing about there's bound to be established celebrities or icons who have a lot of knowledge to share. For example my niche is beauty so a few years ago I got the chance to interview make up artist to the stars Olivia  Newman Young. This was of interest to a lot of people as the role of makeup artist is seen as a attractive position and she gave lots of interesting tricks in how to achieve that.

11. Feature or interview owners of large social media groups
Whether it's a Facebook Group with a very large following or a Google+ group it can be very tempting to ignore the board rules and post lots of links to your new post. A lot of people do that and it often results in your link being deleted/being considered spam. Another way to approach these groups is to ask to interview the owner and then ask them to share the article in the group. As you probably know flattery is very tempting and they will probably share it and you have potentially a lot more viewers. You can also use this technique for large forums and encourage the person you interviewed to share the post.

12. Host a competition
Hosting a competition is one of the most easy and successful ways of promoting your blog. Ask participants to share the post as a requirement to enter the competition and you'll find your content meeting new audiences. If possible try and get a few sponsors for your competition and encourage them to share it on their own channels. For example you can approach a brand you love, advise them why you this is a great opportunity for them and voila you have a new relationship and lots of potential new visitors.

13. Develop a social media strategy
These days with the level of people using social media it's not enough to simply publish and share your article. You need to network on social networks, engage with top influencers, brands and key pages and gain interest and followers this way. It's important to regularly recycle your old content also. A lot of blogs you post are considered evergreen (article topics that are relevant throughout the year) and are perfect to share at various intervals. Try not to spam but don't be afraid to post regularly at certain intervals.

  • With Facebook you can share your article twice
  • With Twitter and Google+ three times is ideal
  • Pinterest benefits from up to five shares a day

14. Submit your work to big blogs like Huffington Post
If your blog is published on Huffington Post your work is being exposed to a very large readership. Publishing your post to a large blog will gain you a lot more views and possibly new readers. Contact the big networks and ask them if they want to publish your posts.

15. Link up with other bloggers
You've probably seen big bloggers collaborate with other bloggers for a review or tutorial. By exchanging links you have the chance to generate new traffic and both sites audiences will get to see fresh new content.

16. Promote your blog in popular forums
Popular forums can often have thousands of members that could be a potential new source of audience for your blog. However word of the wise, do not join a forum and start spamming your link. You will get blocked. Take the soft approach and join in conversations, contribute valuable insights to the various conversations. You can add your link to your signature and the more you post the more your link will get seen and potentially viewed.

17. Create a ultimate guide on a topic 
Create a guide in your niche that gives a fresh view on a certain topic. For example you can produce a guide that will really help your readers accomplish a tricky hobby or a number of different looks. Ultimate guides are often 5000-10,000 words. As I mentioned earlier Google and your audience loves long posts so it's a win all around.

18. Include social share buttons on your blog
This is a simple one but it really does have the potential to get your article out to a much larger readership. If you don't have social share buttons people have to put more effort in to share your content. This is fine if they really want to share your message but if they don't have a lot of time to spare and there's no easy way to do it you've potentially lost out on new visitors.

19. Publish regular infographics
Infographics are a fantastic way of generating traffic to your blog, especially on Twitter. Infographics share a lot of data in a short succinct image which is often very attractive for readers. They can potentially get 823% more retweets than images and articles which has so much potential for generating new audiences for your blog. You can also submit your infographic to infographic directories for social bookmarking.

20. Get involved with Slideshare
What is Slideshare I hear you ask? Slideshare is the king of content marketing with over 70 million professionals currently using the website. To use it you submit presentations on a topic in your niche, for example if you blog about beauty then  you could do a presentation on how the beauty industry has changed in the last 40 years. When creating presentations try to use a lot more images than words so your points are easily illustrated. One user gained over 1,400 clicks to their blog in 30 days simply by sharing content on Slideshare.

21. Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups often have a lot of members which are potential new visitors to your website. Just like with forums don't go in just pasting your link, write catchy wording with attractive pictures. After all a picture says a thousand words!

22. Look for interview opportunities
Have you done something successful recently? Has your blog been shortlisted for a award? Whatever it might be look around for blogs or websites that can interview you and showcase your blog. You could try speaking to your local press or even try IdeaMensch.

23. Use the question/answer site Quora
Quora is basically a forum for people to ask any question they desire. You can get involved by answering the various questions in your niche. You can join different groups and really get involved. Good answers get 'upvoted' and this can get you a lot of notice. You can start to share links to your blog through Quora but it may take some time for the traffic to trickle through.

24. Take part in links round ups
A lot of bloggers often host a weekly/monthly roundup of links in different niches. These round ups  have a summary of the best content for that month and can get you some really good exposure.

25. Be aware of what's going on around you
Whether it's Spring, Summer, Winter or Autumn, Christmas or Easter it's really good to schedule your content around what's hot at the time you're writing. If a certain event is high on someone's mind they're more likely to click on your content.

26. Podcast interviews
There are a lot of podcasts that are really successful and like other websites can expose you to a larger demographic of people.  Pitch a interesting story and they'll be more likely to ask you to take part.

27. Blog about a big personality
Try to theme your article around a big personality like Obama or Justin Beiber. Analyse how they act and how this links in with your content. You might even get a share by the icon themselves.

28. Write controversial posts
You might not want to rock the boat but writing controversial posts can actually really boost your exposure. It creates debate and people love a good argument.

29. Be transparent
Being honest about your blog and your statistics is actually very refreshing to your audience and can really help promote blog growth. By regularly publishing income reports you're showing people what you're earning and how this increases as time goes on.

30. Use Pinterest
Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration for many and a perfect source of traffic. It's a social media site that doubles as a search engine where you can find ideas for pretty much anything. Create fabulous images which you can share on Pinterest to get new visitors to your blog. When using Pinterest seriously create a business profile so you can view analytics.

31. Pursue media syndication opportunities
A lot of media syndication sites publish around 50 articles a day which of course is a lot of work. To achieve that they often republish quality content from guests and other sources. Often these sites will only accept content from experts but you can see if sites like Life Hacker  or Business Insider will accept you into their syndication program.

32. Convert your blog posts into PDFs and submit to PDF sharing sites
Converts your popular blog posts into PDFs and share on PDF sharing sites. Make sure to include your biography and a link so people come and visit you once they've read your content.

  • 20 PDF sharing sites to get you started

33. Start a podcast
Podcasts are perfect for sharing content as they provide easy listening. If your content gets popular enough people can even consume your content whilst commuting.

34. Advertise on Reddit
Reddit is one of the biggest online communities and has a reach of 17 million monthly users. Advertising on Reddit is surprisingly cheap with prices at only £0.53 Cost Per Thousand (CPT).

35. Advertise on Facebook
Facebook is perfect for targeting your advertisements to a large audience. It is also a lot cheaper than Google Ads.

36. Advertise on Stumbleupon
Stumbleupon is of course a content sharing site. It is one of the cheapest places to advertise online and has the potential for your advertisement to go viral.

  • Key tip - advertise shareworthy content which has more potential to go viral. For example a attractive image.
37. Sponsor a blogging competition
Instead of running a competition why not sponsor one? You'll get your name linked as part of your sponsorship which will create traffic and fantastic backlinks.

38. Run a competition for a product that's currently going viral
A viral giveaway can really help bring traffic to your blog as that particular product is being talked about a lot. A chance to win that product will therefore gain you a lot of shares and more visitors.

39. Join H.A.R.O
Help a Reporter Out (H.A.R.O) is a platform where journalists and sources come together. Journalists will use H.A.R.O to find people to interview and if you're listed they may approach you. Make sure they include your website if you're approached.

40. Join a supportive blogger community
There are a number of websites that really come together to help each member promote themselves. The community promotes each others content which results in fresh traffic. Sites like JustRetweet  and Triberr  are a good start.

41. Give something away for free
People love freebies and by giving away something completely for free you're giving something back to your audience. Write a Ebook based on your niche and then share it everywhere you possibly can. Don't ask for anything in return, not even a email. Include a biography so your link is included and encourage people to share the book. This can lead to a massive increase in traffic.

42. Run a traffic competition
A traffic competition is a contest with a difference. Challenge those in your community to share your link to as many people as possible. The person who created the most traffic at the end of the contest wins a prize.

42. Create a list of 101 items
I have already mentioned throughout this article how integral articles with 2000+ words can be for increasing your traffic. A list with 101 items on will by definition be quite indepth and comprehensive which will result in a lot of shares and traffic.

43. Publish a ultimate link round up
Create a article with as many articles as you can find on a particular topic. Try and include as many relevant resources as possible and then ask those featured to share it to their audience.

44. Create your own blog themes
People love to customise their blogs and often download custom templates. If you have the skills to create different themes you can offer these to others by submitting them to template sites. At the bottom of each theme you can place your link so people looking at the blog will know who created it. Ensure the link is nofollow to ensure there's no issues created with Google. To get started you can visit Theme Forest

45. Create your own website plugins
Create a plugin which you can share to others in exchange for them placing a link to your blog on their site.

46. Benefit from image sharing sites
Image sharing sites like Flickr use a Creative Commons license which gives you the chance to share your pictures to others who can download them for free as long as they link back to you. Over time this can lead to a lot of back links for you increasing your Domain Authority. Your pictures may even be  used by top media sites which can generate a lot of quality traffic.

47. Utilise your email signature
You probably send lots of emails every day without even thinking about it. Your email signature is one of the best chances to get free promotion of your blog without much effort. Ensure you put your blog link and social sharing sites in to get as many people viewing your link as possible. I've found the best plugin to use is WiseStamp which you can download for free and use on email browsers like Gmail.

48. Focus on a mobile experience
We live in a digital world and that world allows for the use of technology on a go. Make sure that your blog is optimised for mobile use so that you don't lose out on a massive chunk of traffic. Beaware if you don't Google may penalise you - their new algorithm meant websites lost up to 46.6% of their traffic by not making their websites mobile friendly.

49. Research keywords
Before publishing a article it's important you research which keywords are hot. This is the best way to avoid poor searching ratings.

50. Be a influential bloggers success story
There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there and not everyone can generated the thousands of readers that some people find so easy to obtain. Many of these influential bloggers like to publish articles advising how they achieved their success so others can follow. If you can follow their advice and find it works for you in getting traffic, let the blogger know. They'll be so pleased you managed to achieve something they'll gladly showcase you as a success story.

51. Ask experts to contribute to your article
A lot of articles really do benefit from that expert touch. Find a expert in your niche and ask them to comment on what you've written about. This is especially valid if you've written a long article with a lot of key points. Once the article is complete ask the expert to share to their audience.

52. Refresh old posts
Google loves fresh content. Whilst writing up to date content is great for your blog, it's not always possible. You can fool Google into thinking your content is fresh by jiggling a old post, removing old information and updating things so the article is more relevant to today.

53. Create a blog title with proper SEO structure
The way you phrase your blog title can actually have a big impact on your search rankings and traffic. Try to have a descriptive title without too many unnecessary verbs.

54. Proper site structure
Just like your blog title having a good blog structure is very important for SEO. Make sure your blog is indexable, with a archive and is easy for Google/other search engines to crawl.

55. Create internal links
When writing your posts ensure you link to other posts you've written if they're relevant. This can crease deep internal links that can improve your rating in the search engines.

56. Improve your headlines
There's a reason why major newspapers use big headlines - they sell. With any publication a headline has the ability to really pull someone in and get you a much bigger audience. If your headline is boring people are unlikely to read it.

57. Link to authoritative sources
Did you know as well as basing the quality of a website based on how many links point to it, they also factor the number of authoritative websites you link to. If you constantly link to authoritative and successful websites in your niche Google will assume your a google authoritative resource in turn and will rank you better as a result. This will of course generate more traffic.

58. Invite others to guest blog on your site
Guest blogging for other people is a great way of gaining exposure. Asking other people to blog on your site is also a great way of getting your site out there. Reach out to those with a bigger reach then you and ask them if they would like to write a guest blog. They will be likely to share it to their audience which will bring more traffic to you.

59. Listen to your readers
You'll notice sometimes how some blog posts do really well whilst others simply don't. In the same sense trying to promote a unsuccessful post generally won't amount to much. Do a review every month to see which was successful and try to create more content which is similar. Alternatively you can ask your readers direct what they would like to see more of.

60. Basic SEO
When you start to gain a readership analyse your statistics and see what's working and what isn't. Make sure your posts have catchy descriptions (see headlines), good tags and your blog is easy to navigate.

61. Write for the scanner
Whilst longer posts do help increase your rating in search engines, if someone just wants to scan a article they'll probably miss most of what you're saying. Break your articles down with bold headings, italics, bullet points etc so people can take in the parts they want.

62. Offer partial blog feeds
If you've got a blog you probably have a feed where people can consume your content through a feed reader. In order to avoid passive reading why not cut what they can see. By offering partial feeds people will have to visit your blog to see the rest of your content.

63. Images are king
Images are so important when it comes to generating traffic. A appealing glossy image can really pull readers in and add shape to your article. Articles with images get up to 94% more views than those without. They're also great for sharing on Pinterest.

64. Retweet old articles
With people following so many on Twitter it can actually be very hard for people to see your tweet. Research shows that only 1.4% of your followers will engage with your tweet as the other 98.6% simply don't see the post. In order to get as much exposure as possible you will need to constantly promote your link at different times to increase the chance of getting your link seen.

65. Master the best time to post
The time you post can have a big impact on how many views you get. Research has found that articles published on a Tuesday get 3X more views than those published on Sunday.

66. Do a solo ad
Solo ads are pretty much as they sound. A email newsletter will contain just one ad - which will be your blog. You can offer owners of big blogs a fee in exchange for a solo ad.

67. Take advantage of local media
Blogging has become so popular that people tend to forget about local media. Approach your local radio/newspaper and ask them if you can offer your services by writing about your niche. This can results in extra coverage, a brand image and blog traffic.

68. Never underestimate the power of hashtags
When promoting your articles on social media don't forget to use hashtags! Hashtags are pretty much used universally these days and makes your content discoverable just by typing in that tag.

69. Submit your blog to website directories
Whilst times have moved on and blog directories are not as influential as they once were they can still have a impact on traffic.

  • Here's 49 free directories to get you started 

70. Rewrite your articles and submit to article directories
As well as submitting your link to website directories you can also rewrite a article and submit it for publication. Make sure you include your blog link in your articles.

71. Identity top Q&A and community sites in your niche
Q&A sites can actually be a very good source of traffic. By answering questions with relevant and well constructed answers you are demonstrating why people should read your work. Participate in relevant discussions and eventually include links back to your blog. Sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora are a good place to start

72. Submit your blog for inclusion in Google News
Have you covered something newsworthy? If you're first on the scene make sure you submit your article to Google News. This can have a massive impact on your traffic.

73. Translate your blog into other languages
This is a subtle but effective way of boosting traffic to your blog. Often barriers can be put up if someone who speaks a different language tries to read your blog but can't as they don't understand what you're saying. You can use the fresh plugin Transposh to translate your site. Unfortunately this is only suitable for those using Wordpress.

74. Create a app for your blog
Create a app that fits your blog and submit it to Google store and Apple store. If the app helps people they will be likely to share it with their friends and give great reviews. If enough people like it Google will start showcasing it which will in turn boost your traffic. Ensure you include your link somewhere in the app.

75. Organise events
Organise an event in your area and invite people in your community to join in. Showcase your blog link and ask attendees to share it to others.

76. Do a industry survey and make the results public
Create a survey based on popular topics in your niche and publish your survey results. Once the survey is complete you can generate the power of infographics to gain traffic. You can also ask bloggers in your niche to share the infographic.

I hope you find this guide useful. Do let me know in the comments below if you get a lot more traffic from any of these methods or if you know any other ways that work to promote your blog!

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