Monday, 30 September 2013

Are you looking for a eyeliner that lasts all day? Try Be a Bombshell Onyx eyeliner

Be a Bombshell Onyx Eyeliner is a bit like a Sharpie pen. Precise and long lasting

We all want to make a statement with our makeup and the new range of makeup Be a Bombshell will get you making headlines.

Launched in September 2011, Be a Bombshell is the company for women who want their cosmetics to match their personality. 

Be a Bombshell eyeliner in Onyx is a felt tip eyeliner with a thin nib.

Whilst most felt tip eyeliners tend to be quite wet, I found that Be a Bombshell eyeliner was really dry and applied more like a pencil then a pen. I was able to draw quite a fine line as the nib was so precise it was quite difficult to apply more then you wanted. I would say the product was perfect for a simple, casual look but not so good for a dramatic wide eyed look.

The eyeshadow is water resistant which means it's long lasting and no matter how many times you laugh, cry or rub your eyes it doesn't budge.

For its precise application and budge proof formula I give it 3.5/5

  • Long lasting, no matter how many times you cry, laugh or wipe your eyes
  • Creates a precise line
  • Unlikely to smudge
  • The pen is quite dry so it does feel a little stiff as you draw on a line 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono eyeshadow in Spicy Bronze review

Rimmel London Glam' Eyes in Spicy Bronze eyeshadow is perfect for wearing to work or to a formal do.

The eyeshadow comes with its own brush for easy application on the go. 

Once applied the eyeshadow looks very matte and not quite as shimmery as I thought it would be. The colour did seem quite muted in my opinion and was not as intense as I imagined it would be.

As a light brown colour, Rimmel Glam' Eyes in Spicy Bronze is great for those with blue or green eyes and for wearing to work as it's not too 'in your face.'

I give it 2/5 as it didn't quite live up to my expectations.

  • The eyeshadow is perfect for work or a formal ocacsion
  • If you don't like your eyeshadows sparkly, this matte eyeshadow will be perfect for you
  • Long lasting
  • The eyeshadow gives the impression that it will be quite a deep, intense bronze, an expectation which it didn't live up to 
Grab yours at Amazon for only £3.30 , £1.19 less then the Boots price!
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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to apply makeup when wearing glasses tutorial

If you struggle with applying makeup if you wear glasses there are a few very simple steps you can follow to make your life much easier.

This tutorial is part of my beauty guide series. Other chapters include:
  1. How to create Hollywood Glam tutorial
  2. What makeup to wear if you wear glasses

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Create Blue Surprise nail art design

What better thing to do on a lazy day is to make your nails look out of this world!

Blue surprise is a combination of three different shades of blue and black to create a layered effect. To create this design I used

  • BYS Nail Enamel in Chrome
  • Miss Sporty nail varnish in 3303 (turquoise)
  • Miss Sporty nail varnish in 2296 (light blue)
  • Barry M Nail art pen in black 

Firstly grab a shiny light blue and paint your entire nail

Next take your mid blue and paint the top half of your nail

Grab a dark blue and paint the tips of your nails so you have three stripes of different shades of blue

Once the varnish has dried grab a thin brush and black nail varnish or use a nail art pen like the Barry M one I used

And voila you're complete in four simple steps.

If you have any nail art ideas you'd love me to recreate please drop me a line on the contact me option across the page. I always love hearing your opinions and seeing your creations so drop me a line!


Monday, 16 September 2013

Check out MUA Make up Academy's fabulous range of £1 lipsticks - Highly pigmented and gorgeous

You don't have to pay a lot of money to get a decent lipstick. Even the average drugstore brand can make a impact.

MUA lipstick in shade 013 is a bold red lipstick that makes the girl stand out in the crowd. Not one for the wallflower you will turn heads wearing this shade.

The lipstick has a smooth tip and glides on like a lip balm. It doesn't feel sticky on my lips and despite needing a few touch ups is a long lasting product. As the colour is so highly pigmented you won't get the disappointment you get with some brands where the colour looks amazing, but in reality it's actually really flat.

Even better, you can grab this lipstick, or one of the other 15 shades for just £1!

I give it 5/5

What are you waiting for?

Visit MUA 

Before MUA Lipstick in shade 013

After MUA lipstick in shade 013

  • MUA which is available at Superdrug or online has over 16 gorgeous colours to choose from
  • MUA lipstick in shade 013 is bold and bright and really compliments the face
  • It is long lasting and only needed a few touch ups during the day
  • The lipstick really moisturises the lips and you won't be left feeling sticky or uncomfortable
  • Highly pigmented for fantastic colour
  • Costs £1!
  • None!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hollywood Glamour Tutorial

Everyone loves a bit of glamour,  and what could be more glamorous then a Hollywood starlet?

To create this look you will need:
  • Rimmel Stay Matte compact powder
  • Barbara Daly Peaches and Cream blusher
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow palette
  • Dainty Doll eyeshadow primer
  • Elizabeth Arden concealer
  • 17 Specil edition eyeshadow palette
  • Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner 
  • Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless
Follow the very easy steps in my Hollywood tutorial to make your eyes smoulder and your lips pout.


MUA Lash Boom mascara review: Does it give lashes high impact?

MUA Lash Boom has a dual shaped brush which is designed to give you both volume and length.

There's been quite a trend in makeup brands creating new mascaras with unique brushes so it'd be interesting to see if one of the more low end brands can really make a statement.

The mascara comes in a really funky purple tube with bold in your face wording that gives the impression of a eye catching product.

My lashes are generally quite fine so I'm always impressed when I can find a mascara that makes my lashes look really long. Sadly MUA Lash Boom doesn't quite achieve that. I felt the results were minimal and the mascara didn't give me much more of a result then a typical product.

After its claims I am quite disappointed by this, especially as I've been so impressed by other products the MUA brand has to offer.

I give it 2/5

Before MUA Lash Boom
After MUA Lash Boom
  • Fun packaging
  • Has a unique brush which is designed to aid adding volume and length
  • Gives minimal results - I didn't really think it achieved on it's claim to make lashes Boom

Saturday, 14 September 2013

GlossyBox September 2013 Exclusive unboxing - A box with a really unique theme

A real must by for the British girl. Glossy Box September edition is really paying homage to London Fashion Week with their London themed beauty box.

The box itself couldn't look more different then normal with the England flag emblazoned on the box and London icons on the tissue paper.

Watch the contents unveiled with me as I first opened the box...

Elizabeth Arden Untold is a mini 5ml version of the retail 50ml or 100ml. A luxurious and modern fragrance Untold celebrates the sophistication and intrigue of the multi faceted modern woman. With a sparky fruity introduction, a radiant floral heart and a mysterious warmth it really is the definition of femininity in a bottle. Now I love perfumes so to have this little extra is fantastic.

Be A Bombshell eyeliner in Onyx has a felt tip applicator for easy application. Whether you're after a casual look or something a little more dramatic, Be a Bombshell can accommodate both thick and thin lines. Perfect for replicating the A/W 2013 catwalk looks.

This full sized HD Brows blusher gives cheeks a natural flush with a soft burnt rose colour. With long lasting staying powder the blush is perfect for all skin tones and gives off a lovely glow.

Toni & Guy Hairmeetwardrobe is a classic shine gloss serum that was created by the legendary Lulu Kennedy. With its unique formula it controls frizz with lightweight shine and alignment.

Eylure pre-glued lashes are perfect for a night out. Save time you'd normally spend on applying mascara and just stick on these babies.

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Friday, 13 September 2013

Leave the chemicals behind with natural makeup brand Bella Pierre

For those concerned with the effects makeup can have on sensitive skin, mineral makeup has been the way forward for quite a few years now.

Bella Pierre mineral blusher in Desert Rose is a highly pigmented rosy pink blush that amazingly only has around 3 ingredients. When you consider what is in the ingredients of many typical high street makeup products it does make you think what damage could all these chemicals actually be doing to my skin?

Despite having so few ingredients the blush has a SPF 15 to protect your skin and the powder is really fine so you really only need a little on each application.

Unfortunately the blusher does have one of those annoying twist mechanisms to get the blusher out but for some people that's better as you're unlikely to spill it all down your favourite top. I shook out a little and applied it onto my face with a blusher brush and did feel that it seemed to stick in one place. Any intensity can obviously be decreased by a makeup wipe or by smudging but it's better to keep how much you're applying to a minimum and increase as you go along.

The overall colour wasn't too strong and did fade a bit over the day but gave me quite a natural, dusky glow.

For that reason I give it 4/5

  • Only has three ingredients so for those concerned with the effects of chemicals in makeup it's a lifesaver
  • A little product goes a very long way
  • The blush is really pigmented and the instant colour is really strong
  • The final colour is a warm dusky glow that looks really natural
  • Apply too much and you'll look like a clown
  • Quite difficult to remove from the plastic container
  • Seems to stick slightly when you're applying with a blusher brush

Make your complexion glow with Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation is perfect for the girls who would rather spend a extra hour in bed then spend hours on their makeup in the morning.

Stored in a glass bottle, it has perky bright orange packaging that gives off connotations of bright, sunny mornings when you bound out to work, your face a'glowing.

I can be a bit wary of foundations that look a bit dark in the container, despite the shade, as I have been left various shades of orange many times. However despite looking conspicuously darker then my skin tone I found that the foundation blended in quite well.

The consistency is very creamy and one to two blobs is more then enough to cover your whole face. The product aims to give you a dewy, glowing complexion and the product did feel light on my skin and left a notable dewy accent.

The majority of my face from my eyes to my chin looked matte but the area where my skin can be the most oiliest the t-zone was a bit uneven. As you're probably aware Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation is designed to make your face glow, so if you do have oily skin it's probably not the best product for you.

A lovely little product that gives a dewy glow but offers full coverage at the same time.

I give it 4/5

  • Gives a nice dewy glow
  • If you like getting ready quickly this will save you applying various makeup products as it gives you that 'alert' look in the two minutes it takes to apply
  • Great value high street product
  • Not really suitable for those with oily skin as the glowing particles give off a dewy look that might not appeal

Monday, 9 September 2013

Create a stunning Confetti nails art look

Make your nails sparkle with Primark's Confetti nail kit.

The bargain set is good for any pocket at the small price of £2 and will give you a alternative look that will have people going 'wow'.

The set has a light brown/purple nail varnish, a pot of glitter confetti shreds and a tray to put the contents in.

 To prepare I took the glitter confetti and poured it into the tray which had been especially designed for its use. I painted my nails with the colour and then quickly dipped my still wet nails in the glitter tray. I shook off any excess back into the tray and then let my nails dry. The instructions on the back make it really easy to use and by following the steps you'll have a 3D effect in no time.

With both painting and applying the glitter it probably took me 10 minutes for both hands. Obviously as you can imagine it is glitter so you will get a LOT of excess glitter falling on the floor, on your jeans...etc you get the picture.

The conffeti look is great for a night out or a hot date but not so good for day to day use.

I give it 3/5

  • Grab it at the bargain price of £2!
  • Super easy to use, only took around 10 minutes to apply to both hands
  • Your nails will sparkle the night (or day) away!
  • The glitter falls off really easily
  • This isn't a long lasting product so be aware when applying

Friday, 6 September 2013

Are your features drowned out by your glasses? Use these fantastic tips to make your makeup centre of attention!

It's been a long time coming but here's one of the installments of my beauty chronicles. When I ran a competition recently I asked everyone what their beauty concerns were. One of the ones that came up were what kind of makeup can people with glasses where to make them stand out. You'll find lots of useful tips and advice in this snappy video!

I always love to hear what you think, and love any comments you write so don't be scared to drop me a line! If you want me to create a video for your beauty concern send me a email on the contact me page.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Primark eyeshadow stick in gold review

Primark don't just sell clothes they sell a great range of makeup too!

On a recent splurge I picked up this little eyeshadow pencil in gold.

The pencil has a lid to protect the nib and actually applies with a really soft touch which I wasn't expecting.

The colour is very light and quite basic so probably more suited to casual day wear or even as a eyeliner if you don't like your eyeshadows light.

Overall a great little bargain for the grand old price of £1!

Good old Primark. I give it 3/5

•A real bargain at only £1
•Gives a night light shimmer on the eyes
•Could be used as a casual eyeshadow or as a shimmery eyeliner

•The colour may be too light for some people

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Fysiko serum lash treatment challenge: week 2

It's onto week 2 of the Fysiko challenge and I've been applying the product pretty religiously. I did miss a day or two unfortunately.

When I face myself looking in a mirror my lashes do look a bit longer but I can't be sure on this.

From the side there is perhaps a bit more natural volume.

What do you think? Do you see much of a difference?

As always I love hearing your views!

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