About me

Hello, and welcome to Glitz and Glamour Makeup!

My names Kathy Cakebread, I'm 29 and a media graduate currently living in Kent.

I'm a real beauty addict and you'll be sure to find lots of the latest makeup reviews, beauty features, tutorials, latest buys and more. I love to shop and have so many clothes I don't know what to do with them! 

I love going out with friends, trying new things, theme parks, traveling, pick 'n' mix, The Big Bang Theory and trying to make my mark on the world.

My blog is my way of expressing myself and helping people decide on the right makeup for them. 

If you ever have any questions or anything you want to discuss, even if it's just a beauty concern please get in touch!

Lots of love,
x Kathy x

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tiggerific1973 said...

Just wanted to say Hi, so Hello!! :) I am now 41 years young and decided its time to get my beauty on! So I am now following lots of blogs to get some tips. I look forward to learning a few tricks to improve my look :)

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