Monday, 27 January 2014

Blink Refreshing Daily Eye Drops review

I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, both at work and home and often my eyes can suffer as a result. Tired, itchy eyes are something many suffer with but we don't have to put up with the symptoms.

Blink Refreshing daily eye drops is designed for those living in the modern world. The replenishing formulation gives an instant boost to your eyes, giving them a natural moisture that leaves them bright cool and alive.

The product is safe to use with contact lenses and you don't need to remove them to apply the drops.

I applied a few drops to my eyes and instantly they didn't feel so scratchy or tired. The renewed moisture made them much more comfortable and the effect lasted around a couple of hours. If your eyes are often dry and tired then you will have to apply this a few times throughout the day.
 As you can see the difference is very subtle but in the after photo my eye is slightly less red and bloodshot.

Get yours for £3.99 at Superdrug

  • The drops treat those with lack of sleep, who work in air conditioned environments, or are surrounded by a lot of dust or pollen
  • Eyes felt instantly revived
  • To keep the effect you will have to reapply throughout the day 
*this was sent as a sample

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Models Own collaborate with Midori to create Discover your Midori

Models Own unveil their latest collaboration collection Discover Your Midori.

The Limited Edition set comprises of three green shaded varnishes that have the unique Midori Melon scent.

The varnishes were quite thin so they did require a few coats before my whole nail was completely covedred. I chose to alternate wtih the My Midori, Golden Green and used Dancing Queen varnish as a statement nail. Golden Green has a great finish and areal shine but I did feel My Midori was a bit of a let down, even after three coats I could still see my nail through the colour. I layered Dancing Queen on and it makes a fab 3D effect.  Dancing Queen has a real mix of colours with blue, green, gold colours in a range of different shapes.

I can't say I really noticed much of a melon smell which is a shame as the colleciton is based on the Midori liquer.

Find out more at Discover Your Midori

I give the set a 3/5

Buy yours for £15 at Models Own. Be quick it is Limited Edition!

  • Three fab nail varnishes in one set
  • You can create varied looks with the set layering the glitter on top of the gren shades or using it alone
  • I couldn't really detect the melon scent 
*this was sent to me as a sample

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Whiten your teeth the easy way with White Glo Professional Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste

White Glo Extra Strength Whitening toothpaste is the professional choice for film stars and models.

Voted the most effective No.1 whitening toothpaste the product has fluoride protection against cavities, low abrasion so it's safe for daily use and a effective whitening formula that according to statistics really works.

Developed in Australia this premium flouride enriched toothpaste offers maxium oral care hygiene. The extra strength formula lightens discoluration which can be caused by foods and drinks.

This fantastic pack comes with a White Glo Anti-Stain toothbrush that is extra condense with high quality US Du-Clean bristles to polish teeth surfaces effectively wtihout abrasion. The White Glo Dental Flosser toothpicks help to clear food particles from in between your teeth effectively and without damaging the gum like you can with typical toothpicks.
 The toothpaste has a pleasant mint taste and foams up really well for a good clean. The tooth brush wasn't very kind to my gums and felt quite rough when I was brushing. I didn't notice a instant whitening effect but my teeth were very shiny and polished.

Get yours for £3.99 on Amazon 

  • The set comes with two bonus products to aid dental health - tooth pick and a specially designed toothbrush
  • The product is voted the No.1 for whitening effect
  • Used by professionals whose teeth are always on the front line
  • Effects are not instant and may take a few months to take effect  
*This was sent to me as a sample to test

Monday, 20 January 2014

Get your teeth glowing with White Glo Night and Day Toothpaste

It can be frustrating seeing images of celebrities with glowing white teeth but you have to remember they've paid thousands of pounds for that million dollar smile.

There are many ways you can help your smile shine again and it doesn't involve having to pay hundreds for a tooth whitening procedure at the dentist.

White Glo 24 Hour Toothpaste is a revolutionary new tooth product that will change the wy you brush your teeth. Each product is designed to meet the massively different oral care needs during the day and night in order to provide 24 hour protection.

The day toothpaste adds shine to tooth enamel and helps to repel stains form food and drinks. It has a unique micro wax protective shield which gives an extra shield to your tooth's enamel. The night gel is formulated with Green Tea a super antioxidant  and revitalises the mouth to help reduce morning breath.

The set comes with a special flosser toothbrush so you can get between your teeth and gums with ease.

Each product looks different with a blue gel for night and a typical white paste for the day. The day toothpaste has a smell that reminds me of the dentist but it does has a pretty normal mint taste. The toothbrush was so comfortable unlike new toothbrushes which can often feel really scratchy on your gums. The bristles are really soft and have extra filament that helps reach right in-between your teeth to remove any plaque. The night gel I have to say had a rather unpleasant taste that was more of a chemical mint. After brushing my teeth look and feel so polished like I've buffed them to make them shine. My mouth did feel a bit tight after using the night gel and quite hot like it was burning on one part of my mouth. I can't say there was a instant tooth whitening effect but my teeth definitely did shine. 

Get yours for £3.99 at Amazon
 Sorry the after picture is a bit rubbish but you can still see the shine.

  • Two products in one for a full tooth whitening experience
  • Each product is designed for different needs according to the time of day
  • Comes with a special flossing toothbrush
  • The whitening effect will not be as dramatic as a treatment you have at the dentist
*This was sent as a sample to test 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Lip Balm Review in Redder the Better

Rimmel Long Lasting Colour Rush long lasting intense colour balm is a blast of colour in a small pen.It comes in 7 kissable shades from light pink to purple and aims to combine colour with a moisturising effect. 

The Redder the Better balm has a lovely vanilla smell and the colour is a lovely vibrant red. Unlike most balms which are often clear or have a very faint colour Rimmel's Long Lasting Colour Rush balm has a intense splash of colour which is perfect for those casual days when you don't want to apply lipstick.

Applying the balm is really simple and almost like colouring in a stencil with a crayon on a piece of paper. The colour settles on my lips quite well and doesn't leave them feeling sticky.

I love how intense the colour of the balm and how it keeps your lips moisturised which is perfect for the long winter days.

I give it 4/5

Get yours for £5.99 at Boots

  • The balm has a great moisturising effect 
  • Fantastic vibrant colours
  • Lovely vanilla smell
  • Lasts quite a long time, even after drinking the colour is still going strong
  • Comes in 7 lovely shades
  • Some shades look a little flat

Monday, 13 January 2014

Get your lashes reaching for the sky with Maybelline Volum' Express Flared Falsies: Check out the review here!

Transform your lashes with Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Flared.

The dual shaped brush has one side that is curved and the other is flat to promote curl and volume.

The brush is really flexible so it's easy to move around your eye area and can get into the smallest corner without scratching your eye like some brushes can. After one application my eyelashes were long and fluttery with the lashes well defined. I can't say there was any curliness after applying the mascara but I love the fact that my lashes were so well separated. It has great staying power and doesn't end up smudged all around your eyes after a few hours.

With its lengthening properties in just one coat this is a fantastic mascara at great High street prices.

I give it 4/5

Grab yours at Feel Unique for only £7.99

  • Lashes are left lengthened and defined after one coat
  • Flexible brush means you can get into even the smallest areas
  • The brush is friendly to your eyes - no nasty scratching
  • No visible disadvantages

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Eye of Horus Egyptian based makeup hit the UK: Eye of Horus Liquid Definer eyeliner review

Eye of Horus, an Australian based eye care makeup brand creates products based on Ancient Egyptian formulas and ingredients.

The brand began with humble roots after several girls tired of suffering from sensitive eyes researched how the Ancient Egyptians used natural waxes and oils in their iconic eye makeup.

Representing regeneration, health and protection the Ancient Egyptian symbol of the Eye of Horus ensures healing, wisdom and propensity to the bearer. Included within the formula of the Eye of Horus brand include natural ingredients like Beeswax, Ricebran Wax, Jojoba Wax and more.

The products avoid nasty chemicals so they're great for sensitive eyes and are long lasting and non irritating.

For the purpose of this review I'm going to be testing Eye of Horus Liquid Definer eyeliner. The product comes in gorgeous packaging with a designer like black box with gold lettering. The eyeliner comes in a felt tip style pen and has a really precise nib so it's difficult for even a beginner to smudge the lines.

As with most pen eyeliners the ink doesn't 'flow' that easily but it does form a nice precise line. As the nib is so small it's easy to get into the really small corners like by the tear duct. The eyeliner has a really stylish feel to it and I love how the makeup isn't tested on animal and is paraben free.

For its ease of use and chemical free formula I'll give it 4/5

Check out what Eye of Horus have to offer here

  • Comes packaged perfectly so perfect if you want to give it away as a gift
  • Not tested on animals
  • The makeup is free of nasty chemicals
  • Is based on the Ancient Egyptian philosophy of using natural waxes and oils in their makeup
  • Suitable for sensistive eyes
  • Primarily a Australian brand so you won't find it on the High Street
  • Will dry out if you leave the lid off

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The matte eyeshadow palette: Rimmel Glam Eyes HD Brixton Brown 5 colour eyeshadow palette review

Rimmel Glam Eyes Hd in Brixton Brown is a 5 colour eyeshadow palette with a selection of dark earthy shades.

Having tried Rimmel's Glam Eyes HD quad in Golden Eye I was expecting a lot from this palette in terms of pigmentation and intensity.

When swatched only shade 1 and 4 have any real pigmentation and shimmer whilst the other 3 shades are very dark and matte.

I felt shade 1 was very difficult to apply and even after reapplying several times you can't actually see the shade at all. The colours don't merge together very well and if it wasn't for shade 4 lighting the area up the overall effect would be very dark.

For those who like matte eyeshadows this is the perfect eyeshadow palette for you, with predominantly matte shades and very little shimmer. If however you prefer your eyeshadow to be light reflecting and eyecatching Golden Eye is probably the better shade for you.

I give it 2/5

Currently on offer for £5.24 at Feel Unique

  • The majority of shades are matte
  • With five shades in one you can create a multitude of looks
  • Comes with a small eyeshadow brush so you can apply on the move
  • The colours all seem very dark and almost dirty
  • Hard to blend together

Monday, 6 January 2014

George Flawless Creme Foundation in Golden Ivory: Tried and Tested review

With a smooth silky texture and a shade that is true to the skin tone George Flawless Creme foundation is a great example of the impact the Supermarket is having on makeup.

The foundation comes in three shades: biscuit beige, golden ivory and warm honey and promises to leave skin with a velvet finish. As I'm pale I chose the lightest shade Golden Ivory which matched my skin tone really well with no orange undertones.

It feels really light, if a little sticky at first and gives medium coverage with the majority of blemishes being concealed. The foundation does give your skin a bit of a dewy look but unfortunately comes across as looking oily.

The formulation really moisturises your skin and would be fantastic for those with dry skin and I think it would really help conceal dry patches.

At £3 this product is a real bargain, but due to the lack of shades and slight oiliness effect it may not be suitable for everyone.

Get yours at Asda Online

I give it 3/5

  • At £3 this product is one bargain you can't miss
  • Gives skin a velvet finish
  • Medium coverage
  • Has a moisturising effect on the skin
  • Only comes in three shades
  • May not appeal to those with oily skin


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Revamp your new years resolution to get fit in 2014 with the Cycle Scheme

Five days into the new year and already many resolutions are broken and the fat free yogurts and ready meals are festering in the back of the fridge. So how do you get your mojo back and fulfill that new years resolution to get fit for 2014? The simple answer is to join the Cycle to Work Scheme.

The Cycle to Work Scheme is an Government supported initiative which encourages employers and bike shops to work together to get more people out of their cars and on to their bikes.

How does it work?

The scheme is part of the Government's Green Transport Plan and employers register to get a code which enables employees to get a bike completely tax free. The price of the bike is then taken from the employees salary every month and in addition you'll benefit from National Insurance contribution savings. Once your employee has signed up you can go to any Cycle Scheme Shops online to find a bike that's right for you.

The initiative is a fantastic way to help reduce carbon gases. With less cars on the road there's less emissions which means the environment is stronger for longer. What's more there are endless benefits for yourself, by cycling to work you are actively exercising for at least 20 minutes a day with exercise that promotes cardio health. Perhaps you could even take it up as a hobby out of work or even start up a buddy work scheme where you and several other employees cycle to work together.

To have a look at the bikes available head on over to Global Bikes who are part of the scheme

*this is a sponsored post

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The bargain haircare product that will transform your hair: Osmo Wonder 10

OSMO Wonder 10 Spray is a revolutionary Keratin based hair spray that has 10 wondrous effects to improve the texture and health of your hair.

The leave in spray provides the following benefits:
  • Helps repair dry and damaged hair
  • Nourishes and protects for radiant shine
  • Thermal protection from styling tools
  • Delivers softer, silkier more manageable results
  • Contains colour protection complex
  • Creates body and movement
  • Incredible detangler
  • Aids in the prevention of static
  • Conditions both natural and synthetic hair
  • Smoothes split ends and controls frizz
I used the product after washing using just shampoo and conditioner. The product is easily applied using a spray function and has quite a wet runny texture. It sinks into the hair really easily and you don't have to rub it in, even better the smell is amazing and reminds me of a perfume.

Once dry I felt my hair was a lot more streamlined and not as flyaway as it is before styling. It did a bit of extra shine and my hair seemed a little bouncier then normal.

The other benefits are probably something that will come over the time but after one use I have to say I am pretty impressed with OSMO's Wonder 10 Spray.

I give it 4/5

  • Has ten benefits for your hair
  • Easy to use
  • Gorgeous perfume like smell
  • Has effect from one wash
  • At under a tenner it's a bargain!
  • Not all benefits will be seen straight away and may appear over time
Get yours for only £5.90 here

*This was a sample sent for me to test
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