Friday, 26 July 2013

Soap and glory show good face 2 in 1 skin energizing foundation and primer review

Soap and Glory's Show Good Face is foundation and primer that aims to give you radiance through its lighscramble technology. It certainly talks the talk but does it walk the walk? Find out here!



  • Fantastic quirky packaging
  • With foundation and primer in the same bottle you're saving money and time by applying it in one product
  • Adds slight radiance
  • I was expecting the product to do a little more then it did


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Create sophisticated salon inspired nail art in three simple steps!!

It's time to add a bit of glam to your nails with the heart and bows nail art tutorial.

It's so simple to do and all you need is your favourite nail colour, nail glue and some nail charms.

Step 1:
Grab your favourite nail colour and paint one or two coats till completely dry. I love Missguided in Mistify for its bright grab me pink colour.

Step 2:
Grab your favourite nail charms and add nail glue to the back. I got mine from Poundland where you can get a set of 6 for £1. Make sure you don't apply the charms till the glue is tacky or it will just slide off. You live and learn!

Step 3:
Enjoy your salon like nails and wait for the compliments to roll in!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Blast of Summer nail art tutorial in 3 steps!

Create a blast of Summer with this neon inspired nail art tutorial.

You will need:
  • Two contrasting colours, one for the base, one for the triangle
  • A thin nail art brush 

Paint your nails in a bright summery colour, I chose Miss Sporty in Fuschia

Once the first coat is dry paint on another coat and leave it till it is no longer tacky.

Next use the thin nail art brush and dip it into the second contrasting nail colour. I chose Miss Sporty in bright yellow.

Carefully draw a small triangle on the top of your nail. Repeat this for each finger and thumb.

Voila you're done in 3 easy steps!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, or have any questions please get in touch

Monday, 15 July 2013

Estee Lauder Art of eyes Dramatic Smoky: One of Harrod's fantastic beauty gifts

If you're looking for a present for your mum, sister or even your gran, Harrods  have a great range of cosmetic and perfume gift sets available.

The Estee Lauder Art of Eyes Smokey Dramatic gift set comprises of a mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and concealer for just £32.00. With each item retailing at more then £10 a piece this is one bargain set you won't want to miss!

Having kindly been sent a sample set to test I had fun unravelling the goodies inside!

Each product comes individually wrapped in tissue paper inside which keeps the products well protected. Each product is full sized from the Estee Lauder range.

 Estee Lauder Pure Colour Kajal Eye liner in Black
The Kajal eyeliner in black is a soft crayon eyeliner that has a strong black colour. The liner can be easily sharpened with a specially designed eyeliner pencil or even one you find in the stationery shop (just be careful not to snap it!). The liner glides on really easily and didn't feel itchy or scratchy on my eye lid. The colour is quite strong and lasted all day.

  • The liner applies really easily and doesn't scratch the gentle skin of the eyelid
  • Has quite a strong colour
  • The line created by the Kajal stick isn't as precise as it would be on a liquid eyeliner for example.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Black mascara
The Estee Lauder Sumptous Extreme mascara aims to add a lot of volume to lacklustre lashes. The mascara packaging is gold and shiny with a fancy Estee Lauder logo on the side. The wand is quite long and trim so it can easily get under all the lashes.  The mascara gave good elongation to my lashes and they were certianly lengthened to some extent, most notably hte bottom lashes. I did get a horrible itchy feeling from the mascara however that made my right eye water. I have experienced this before witha cheaper high street mascara so it's disappointing that this same ingredient is in a more premium brand. For the record I don't tend to have a problem with most mascaras, just the odd few.

  • Gave me lengtheed top and bottom lashes
  • Captures virtually every lash
  • Has a ingredient that left my right eye itchy and watering

Estee Lauder Pure Eyecolour Eyeshadow for smokey eyes
The eyeshadow set which comprises of 5 colours is perfect for creating a smokey eye look. The colours which range from white to silver and black hues can be used alone for various day time looks or altogether for an elaborate evening style. The eyeshadow comes with a eyeshadow brush and a handy guide on the back tells you what each shade is.

I did feel that some of the silver hues were quite faint even after applying with both my finger and the included brush. This was slightly disappointing as I like my eyeshadow to be quite strong. 

  • Great value for money with 5 colours included
  • Can be used individually or together to create a intense smokey eyed look
  • Comes with a brush for easy application
  • The colour is quite faint regardless of how the eyeshadow is applied

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Play concealer
With a lot of blemishes to hide I'm always keen on finding a good concealer. The concealer has a wand which makes application easier and can be simply dotted on affected areas.

 You only need a few drops of the concealer for good coverage and it masked my under eye circles quite well. The consistency of the product is quite thick and it has good staying power. 

  • The concealer is quite thick so has good staying power
  • Good coverage
  • The product may be a little too thick for those who like lighter formulas

 The Estee Lauder gift set is a great product which is amazing value for money. With four exceptional products you've got a new makeup set almost straight away without paying much for it. Each product has its own pros and cons but is effective in providing a number of new makeup styles. 


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ditch the salon and jazz up your nails with Kiss Nail wraps

With the summer in full swing we don't want to waste time painting our nails whilst our friends are out enjoying the sun.

That's where Kiss nail wraps come into play.

The new range comes in 9 attractive designs with everything from leopard print to sequins to jazz up your nails.

The  wraps are meant to last for ten days, and without the worry of your nails chipping or needing a touch up, it leaves you plenty of time to enjoy the beach.

The set comes with 18 different sizes of wraps, a little nail file with two sides and a small instruction booklet. The wraps were really easy to apply and stuck quite well to my nails. After applying the wrap you gently file the ends off using either the pink or blue side of the nail file according to the design. The wraps filed fairly easily but there was little bits of excess left over which were quite difficult to remove. There was also a slight difference in size to my nail and the wrap which left things slightly inconsistent.

From a distance my nails look really professional like the designs you get in a nail salon.

Kiss Nail Wraps are a great range of designs which gives you funky nails in no time at all. The wraps have the added bonus of no drying time, but in my opinion don't save much time as you have to shape and file the wraps to fit your nails.

You can grab Kiss nail wraps for £5.99 at Asda stores. 

I give them 4/5

  • Comes in 9 attractive designs
  • 14 different shaped wraps to fit different sized hands
  • Lasts up to ten days
  • Comes with a information booklet and a file so you can get straight on to beautifying your hands
  • The styles look really professional
  • Takes a while to shape and file the nails
  • Some of the filing left excess wrap that was slightly difficult to remove
  • Some of the wraps didn't fit the nails perfectly

*This sample was kindly sent by Alex Silver PR. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Find your dream wedding hair style at Paul's Hair World!

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life so you want every part of it to be special. During the lead up you will have many things to consider including the venue, the Wedding breakfast, how many guests you want, your dress and outfits and most importantly how you're going to wear your hair. There are many elegant styles you can choose to go with your beautiful gown depending on the length of your hair and whether you like to wear it up or down. Pauls Hair Worldd is a haven of hair accessories and make-up products that will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your final style.

If you have very short hair and you have always dreamed of Rapunzel style locks on your wedding day Paul’s Hair World has an extensive range of gorgeous and easy touse clip-in hair extensions available from human hair to synthetic. Whatever your budget there is a hair extension available to suit you. Every type of hair is catered for regardless of whether you're Brazilian, African or British. Paul's Hair World has a whole section dedicated to extension upkeep including after-care kits, shampoo, conditioner and special brushes. You can even look like your favorite celebrity with celeb inspired kits.

If you have naturally long hair or simply want to dress up shorter hair there are hundreds of fantastic styles that can be enhanced with beautiful tiaras that can be worn on top of curly hair or a bouffant style. A volumised bun or updo can be made to shine with gorgeous crystal hair pins or even a silver crystal hair comb.

Paul’s Hair World is a fantastic beauty site dedicated to providing budget top of the range products that will make your wedding day the dream you had always imagined. 

*This is a sponsored post
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