Monday, 23 August 2010

X Factor Auto Tune Scandal

A scandal rocked the entertainment world as it was revealed that the X Factor used Auto Tune software.
The expensive editing software was used during the qualifying stages to make contestants sound better. It gives the idea however that if such software is being used then effectively the audience is not seeing a real performance.
ITV who dubbed the act as simply applying post performance effects have asked does it really matter that they were used on the contestants.
However in a contest where entrants are judged on how well they can sing it is clear that it matters a lot.
The editing came to light after the series first show on Saturday when one of the dubbed favourites Gamu Nhengu performance had a large number of digital pitch effects that made her song Walking on Sunshine come out in spooky, computer like precision.
Whilst the use of effects on famous guests on the show such as Britney Spears and even Cheryl Cole herself are not anything new it is the fact that these are contestant who effectively we as a audience will have to judge.
So why should we care if its something thats all over the face of British pop? The fact is X Factor is a designed as a talent show that gives those people who never had the opportunity - the single mum, or the dustbin man who's doing it for his kids to get their chance at being on stage.
If we lose our faith in those human triumph against the odd moments there will really be no need for us to watch it anymore as effectively everything that we see could be fake.
So despite ITV bosses saying the editing was done purely for entertainment factors it's clear it has in fact turned completely against them. After all the audience are the judges too

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Just for fun!

As I was bored one evening I took some stills of my Remington video.

Capture the fun of the day:


busy little bee

The last few days have been pretty busy for me with several trips up to London. Firstly for a interview for this feature on the new Paul O Grady show, not to work there but to feature obviously lol. Only lasted about 15 mins though so bit dubious whether that was another waste of time!

Sunday I was a hair model for a brand new show that will be airing on E4 in March. It involved a lot of waiting around for hours but around half hour after the audition was supposed to wrap we went in to have our hair cut. After warnings that the hairdressers might do something crazy and you have the chance to opt out now we went in, and luckily it wasn't too bad. I kept my length, just had the ends chopped off and a interesting full fringe put in. It involved a lot of retakes due to car alarms, ambulances etc and had the hairdressers completing a 40 minute challenge to create a hair cut that represented them.

James Brown judged and Abbey Clancy presented but I didn't get autographs off either! lol. Check out the final result below. My hairdresser got through to the next round of judging so it must have been an award winning cut! lol.

As a sidenote have definitely (i think) been accepted as a extra on a major blockbuster. Should be fun if I get it!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Reach for the stars!

Every girl dreams of aspiring to something be it being a nurse, doctor or politician (not a easy one but not impossible as demonstrated by the iron lady).

I would love to do something interesting that's a bit creative and where I could use my writing skills to help someone else spread the word.

I've entered into a Simple Star comp where the idea is to find the best person to promote their brand. It offers a salaried role doing something that I would really enjoy - writing and I would love to be given the chance.

If you could help me by dropping your vote by and maybe spreading the word you'll be greatly appreciated. Every vote is vital!!

The link is Simple Star Vote Link

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Burqa's - right or wrong?

I know burqa's are worn by religious women of a certain faith (Islamic) however after seeing many women wearing them on a recent trip to Whitechapel it got me thinking is it really right? Generally these women wear these as their men do not want other men to find them attractive hence all you can see are their eyes.

I just believe it is demeaning to take ownership of someone elses body like that even if it is for religious reasons.

Just because a woman is pretty doesn't mean they will stroll off to the next man that finds them attractive. In my opinion they should be destroyed.

What do you think?

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Miss Pretty - Where's Kathy?

So the official video of Miss Pretty has been completed and did I get much face time? No! What a joke. So much for every girl getting a bit of face time, you only saw me if you look hard in the background of girls. If you want to try and spot me get your magnifiying glass out and look on here:

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