Saturday, 29 May 2010

Are you a real Del boy ? If so read on...

If you love making a bit of money on the side in your spare time, be it via surveys, mystery shopping, blogging or other avenues I'm sure you'll always be looking for news ways to generate a bit of cash. Having spent many man hours browsing I found lots of wonderful tips, although most of those involved a lot of hard work (i.e. Avon, Betterware, Bodyshop at Home etc).

I did however come across Read Bud, this site is perfect for those who enjoy reading internet articles and would do so anyway for free. All you need to do is select 50 interests and then you start reading. You earn on average $0.04 + for one article which really isn't bad at all for 30 seconds skim reading.

Well worth it if you ask me!

Alternatively you can try My Lot, it's not as fast a earner as Read Bud but you can get paid for simply joining in conversations with other members and undertake tasks.

Happy earning money! :)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Opportunities in the rat race...

Since I started working a lot more in my current job I just feel I never seem to have enough time to do everything I would like to do. For example I have to prioritise my money making schemes (lol) checking emails, whilst arranging time to go out and every other thing that needs doing. I'm sure everyone else is in the same or similar positions but it's just so annoying that when you want to do things you have no time and when there's nothing to do there's all the time in the world.

Like today for example I needed to clear out the rest of my emails because I've signed up to so many sites I get junk through every day, plus survey invites and everything else that takes hours to clear. I try to look every day but it just doesn't happen!

Then I try to look on Starnow for more creative opportunities (most of which I never hear from again) but the ones that I do are such short notice I don't have time to do them as I'm working. It's a bit of a bummer really.. ho hum such is life!

Complain when I'm bored, complain when I've too much to do!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Remington Photoshoot

So the day finally dawned for my Remington photoshoot. It didn't take too long to find after following a map from Angel to the studio, and probably took less time then a cab would take!

As soon as I got there, everyone was so friendly and the studio was gorgeous. It was quite large, with luxurious white sofas as a centrepiece, a fridge with drinks from coca cola to wine, a bowl of fruit and a bowl full of crisps. There were even bagels on offer too. It was quite overwhelming to see around 10 people all there just for me.

The stylist had picked out a wide range of clothes to suit every taste and told me to have a look through and see what I liked. In the end, due to time constraint I picked out this gorgeous purple dress, this fairy like yellow and multi coloured skirt dress and a vest that I wore with leggings.

Two freelance filmographers were filming throughout the shoot at various intervals, from the make over to the actual picture taking to the exit interview. I posed, I danced and I spun to get those interesting photos you only see in magazines. With a photographer who had worked with the likes of Richard Branson, the pictures were bound to be good and I got compliments all day long (which I loved!). The best thing would have to be how he managed to make me look tall, where all other photographers had failed he had conquered.

The pictures and the video will go on the Remington website when they're finished. I will keep you posted! (Meanwhile here's a few I made earlier!):)

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Miss Great Britain Heat

So today I attended the Miss GB Greater London heat and I have to say I didn't win unfortunately! However I didn't really expect to, but would've been nice obviously. There were a lot of seasoned pros out there who had attended tons of pageants just to win that one, so obviously they had that advantage over everyone else. I must say a few had gorgeous dresses, that were clearly very expensive and obviously showed out in the evening wear round. I don't think spending hundreds of pounds on a dress you'll only wear once is really worth it to be honest.

There was a lot of standing around and I ended up being the lead girl which was pretty nerve wracking. However there wasn't too many people in the audience so I have to say it wasn't as bad as I thought. My legs don't half ache after all that time wearing heels though!

With lots of paps there, and OK magazine, I got my picture taken loads, although how many pictures they actually use is debatable. A little latin photographer did give me his business card and asked for my email though so I might be appearing on his little website one day soon.

One contestant was really late and got really annoyed when she didn't get placed anywhere, but then if you're late judges (interviewers) never look favourably on you anyway. She said it must be a fix because the girls who got in the top 8 were in the two three last time but then they probably shined more then the other girls.

Who knows hey!

p.s left my bag in the hotel toilets, what a tit.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Updates on competitions

So we're now at the beginning of May.. and what beautiful weather to start it off with!

Pretty typical for a bank holiday though to be honest. Well I won a few more things in April so here's a quick update:
  • A Clinque mascara from a survey competition
  • Boy in the striped pajamas book
  • Another thriller from James Patterson I think
  • The Who album
  • This other book from some other competition I entered can't actually remember what the title was...
That is about it for now but I may have forgotten something here and there. I'm hoping that a lot of the closing dates were the end of April so all my other prizes are just waiting to roll in...
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