Monday, 31 October 2011

Britains Next Top Model Review

On Saturday me and my friend Rachel visited Britain's next Top Model event in the ExCel centre in London. Having been to a similar event before I was pretty sure what I would be expecting, and I do love a good free sample or competition.

The exhibition was way back at the far end of the ExCel centre and wasn't very highly publicised in comparison to the Batman and comic book character show that was clearly prominent in the various characters wandering around the centre!

There were a few fashion stalls, a lot selling make up and beauty goodies as well as your catwalk which you could take part in to feature with the real models, as well as a under 14 masterclass. Sadly there wasn't many free samples on hand, other then toothpaste, Elemis skin cream samples and free makeup applications.

I was eagle eyed for the competitions though and found about 5, there was the NYX face of 2012 model comp, Gingersnap Model comp, Colour Coture model comp as well as a highly established agency being there (Models 1)

The event was a pretty fun shopping experience, with some nice freebies and opportunities thrown in too, and is perfect for the aspiring model. They were also selling the goody bags off at the end which had some good bits in like toothpaste, a full size Galaxy bar, Famous makeup, Nivea samples, Well Woman sample pack and lots more.


Monday, 24 October 2011

Create a scary halloween face and get rewarded!

If you love experimenting with makeup you've probably heard of MyFace cosmetics, a new range of makeup inspired by celebrity make up artist Charlotte Tilbury.

Myface.cosmetics are giving you ladies the chance to win over 15 products and Kabuki's signed spider woman sketch simply by creating your own halloween makeup design.

Get creative and get spooky and who knows you could be the lucky winner of some fantastic quality makeup.


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Tesco's Barbara Daly Flawless primer

If you get to the end of the day, look in the mirror and wonder where your makeups gone you're not the only one.

Foundation is great when first applied, making you look just like a catwalk model, but when it fades you really don't have much base left.

So what's a girl to do? The best way to keep your makeup on your face is to invest in a really good primer, apply this before your foundation and somehow it makes your makeup 'stick'.

Whilst browsing through Tesco's the other day I thought I'd give the Barbara Daly primer a go, I've tried the 17 one before, and whilst the results were okay I got fed up of using it after a while as it wasn't brilliant.

The primer is like whipped cream, it has a very light texture and goes on really smoothly. I apply all over the T zone, cheeks, forehead and face and then leave it a minute or two and apply the foundation on top. The foundation seems to just slip on with ease and application is very easy.

Several hours later my makeup is pretty much still there I don't have too much slippage and I would probably say the makeup has reduced by about 20% but considering you often wipe your face without noticing that's not a high percentage. Overal a very good product with good consistency and staying power!

You can buy Barbara Daly primer in all good Tesco stores for around £9.
 Morning shot

                  Evening shot

  • Lovely whipped texture that goes on easily
  • Very good results
  • Small pot but a little lasts a long time
  • Some may consider it pricey
  • Can only be bought in one place so could be seen as hard to get hold of

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