Saturday, 18 December 2010

Competition fairy strikes back

In the last few months I thought i'd up the competition entries as things were running a little dry in winning land. So instead of around 400 a week I entered as often as I could so it amounted to probably over 1000 entries a month.

Now that has had a positive effect on my wins as lately I've won so much more and it certainly gives you a little happy feeling in the pit of your stomach :)

Recent wins include:
Ipad from Promotional Codes
Tent from Misco
Brit Awards Launch party tickets
Recliner chair which i've yet to receive
New trivial pursuit game
Christmas hamper
Several sets of tickets which don't really interest me much sadly

So far that's all but hopefully that list will continue to increase as the days roll by :)

Comping is so worth it people!
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