Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Recreate Jessie J's look with this celebrity tutorial

Every week I aim to bring you a new celebrity makeup tutorial and this week I have brought you... wait for it Jessie J.

The look is really easy to recreate using a combination of high street makeup products.

What do you think? Are there any looks you'd like me to recreate?

Monday, 28 October 2013

How to make money with your beauty blog: A useful guide

If you've come to this page it's probably because you want to make a bit of money on your beauty blog.

Perhaps you've been blogging for a while now, plugging away generating great content and increasing your visitors. So surely it's time all that amazing content should start to earn you dividends.

It's true there are bloggers out there earning a living off their blog and it is possible. But it does take quite a bit of hard work.

In this guide I'm going to tell you a number of the ways in which you can generate income off your blog. Some methods may be aimed at those who have already grown the audience of the blog whilst others may be suitable for even the newest blog.


One of the oldest and most obvious money makers around. Used by industries everywhere advertising essentially is what makes the big bucks. However it's also one of the most competitive and depending on your audience rates can start low.

Ad Sense
Suitable for everyone, all you need is a blog (or website) and a email. You are paid every time someone clicks on a ad and earnings can be relatively small. However if you can build up your audience you will potentially get a lot more clicks which is a lot more income for you. You can only sign up once and Google will know if you try to register again. Goto Adsense to sign up

You Tube
Typically a extension of Ad Sense as you need Ad Sense to sign up but it's still another way to earn money through advertising. In the same principle as Ad Sense to earn a lot of money on You Tube you need to have good content that people will want to watch. Try creating videos that are funny, informative or educational. Perfect for those who like to create beauty videos or tutorials. Sign up to You Tube here

Glam Media
Glam Media is perfect for those with a beauty blog who wants someone else to bring potential advertising opportunities. I'm not entirely sure what kind of opportunities are offered as I don' t have enough viewers yet (you need 100,000 page views a month ideally) but I've heard it's a pretty good earner. Sign up here 

Handpicked Media
You may have seen this icon on a lot of peoples blogs. Handpicked Media is a little community of blogs in which money can be earned through advertisements, sponsored reviews and the chance to participate in unique events exclusive to Handpicked Media. I believe you need at least 10,000 page views a month to get accepted but it may be more. Register here

Generate your own!
Depending on whether you're proactive or not this can be considered a simple or difficult option. There's no need to aim at the big brands if your audience is only small. Start small by looking for local businesses or websites that need a little help but can't afford a big advertising budget. You can do this with a simple search on Google for what you write about, for example sites that sell makeup. Create a media kit with all your essential statistics on like Twitter followers, Facebook likes, Pinterest etc and send this out with your introductory email.  Set your rates according to the size of your audience, and who you're targeting. Get tips on how to create a media kit here

Sponsored Reviews

You've probably seen this hundreds of times on blogs, a sponsored review is essentially a review that has been commissioned or sponsored by a company. Sponsored reviews don't have to be difficult, and you don't have to seek them out yourself either.

Social Spark
One of my favourite websites, Social Spark offers a lot of fantastic opportunities for bloggers. Upload your blog information, stats etc and get your blog verified by Google Analytics for more opportunities. You will get notified of leads which you can accept and if you're picked, get to write about the product. Whilst a lot of the leads offered to you won't always be to your target audience you can write about new topics you wouldn't normally and learn something whilst you're at it. Typical payment is normally £14 a article. You can also earn by placing a ad code on your blog which generates a passive income over the year. Join here
Collective Bias
I only discovered this site this year but I'm glad I did. The site is very new to the UK so there aren't as many opportunities available for UK  bloggers as there are for Americans but it's worth signing up to. Payments for reviews are very generous and all you need to do is take a lot of pictures and write a concise and informative review. Registrations were on hold for a while due to popularity but it's worth bookmarking for future reference. Join here

Affiliate Links

You've probably all heard of affiliate links but wondered what on earth are they! Essentially affiliate links are products that are linked to a company that will earn you a income whenever they're clicked on. If you can create a  large network of affiliate links on your blog and you have a large audience you could potentially do very well as a affiliate. It does however take a lot of hard work and the money certainly won't be instant.

Amazon Associates
One of the most well known and best paid affiliate networks. You can promote products through adverts or banners on your site, as product links like at the end of a review, create a widget promoting various products or even create your own shop. You will only earn money on items people have bought so even if you have 500 clicks, if no one has bought anything there's no money for you. This is where pay per click (like Ad Sense) and affiliate marketing differ.

Share a Sale
In the same way as Amazon Affiliate works you can earn money through promoting various products related to your site. As I'm quite new to the site myself I can't say too much about it. Join here

There are many other sites and opportunities open to those who want to make money through their blog but these are just a start. If you haven't already you can create your own advertising/pr pages to give information to potential PR companies/advertisers who might be looking at your blog. If there's no info available you may lose out on a potential lead.

I hope you've find this article useful and I love to hear your comments so please do tell me what you thought!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

GlossyBox takes on a Dark romance theme for October: Check out the contents inside

As the calendar strikes October, the nights start to get darker earlier and everything seems much more cosy. So what could be more perfect then a Glossybox themed around Dark Romance?

Check out what I thought of October's GlossyBox in this reveal video, does it really fit in with its bold theme? Click to find out. 

Monu Illuminating Primer
Formulated with light reflecting Mica particles and soft focus technology to brighten the complexion.  The product adds a instant sheen to enhance your natural radiance. Other ingredients include Vitamin E to detoxify the skin and Cassia Alata leaf extract to protect and prevent skin against UV damage. It can be used alone as a tinted moisturiser or under makeup to make it last longer.
Glossy Box supplies a 20ml version.
You can get a full size product for £24.95 at Monu

Premae Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum
As the worlds first allergen free brand Premae products are more then kind to skin. The serum is the ultimate saviour for combination skin using its unique formula to soothe redness and hydrate skin whilst keeping it matte and shine free.
You can use this morning and night as part of your routine to prep skin before moisturising. Alternatively you can mix it with your liquid foundation to create a shine control bb cream.

Glossybox supplies 20ml bottle.  You can go full size for £22.50 at Premae

Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar
This 100% natural bar provides gentle and deep cleansing of the skin. The product hydrates, promotes elasticity and encourages skin to self repair. Great for all skin types especially those with sensitive skin.

Glossybox supplied a full size bar. You can buy this for £21 at House of Fraser

Mememe Cherub's Blush
Here's one for the makeup fans. Get a sultry look which lasts from day to night with this versatile product. The product comes with its own brush so you can be glam on the go.

Glossybox supplied a full size of 12ml which you can buy for £5.50 at MeMeMe

Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance
This new striking fragrance from Katy Perry shows off her rebellious spirit. Killer Queen is a charming yet playful fragrance.

Glossybox supplied a small 1.5ml sample. You can grab a full size 50ml perfume for £29.50 at Boots, Superdrug, The Perfume Shop or The Fragrance Store.

My subscription to GlossyBox has now come to a end and i'm unsure whether to renew it, most of the products are hit and miss which is a shame. What do you think of GlossyBox?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Look like Rita Ora in this simple makeup tutorial

She's Rhianna's best friend and famous for singing hits like How We Do (Party) and Shine Ya Light. Rita Ora has become a British favourite and what could be better then copying her signature style of hot red lips and cat eyes.

You too can look like Rita in a few very simple steps. Click play on the tutorial to find out how!


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What's in my bags? Autumn shopping haul

Check out what I splurged out on last time I went shopping with my Autumn shopping haul!


So what do you think? See anything you like or have a haul of your own? Comment below!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Win a fantastic hand gel and cleanser from GeoSkincare!

 As part of the prize you will win this fantastic Geoskincare Hydrating Hand & Body Cream. Blended with organic chamomile and avocado oil this superior hand and body cream gives maximum hydration to dry or sensitive skin.

But that's not all, you'll also be the proud new owner of Geoskincare Daily Cleansing Gel. The gel is a  light, non oily, cleansing product formulated to soothe and refresh the skin. Organic aloe vera, manuka honey and green tea extract leave the skin clean and bright.

 What makes Geo special?
  • uses silica (known as the beauty mineral)
  • certified organic by respected body called BioGro (similar to Soil Association in the UK)
  • full treatment range to international beauty treament and salon standards
  • healthy not harmful ingredients, no phenoxyethanl, parabens, palm oil, mineral oil etc.
A little about Silica
Whether your hair, nails, bones and muscles are healthy and strong depends largely on how much silica is present in your body.  Silica holds moisture to the skin and makes it plump - producing a youthful complexion and strong shiny hair.

To win just follow the instructions on the rafflecopter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This competition is being run on behalf of The Natural Skincare Company who will send the products out on completion of the giveaway. Any participant who enters may be subject to a newsletter from The Natural Skincare Company.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

NYC Expert Last lipstick in Modern Love review

NYC Expert Last lipstick in Modern Love is a budget lipstick in a light raspberry shade.

The lipstick felt a bit waxy when I applied it and I did feel the colour was very faint.
I wore the product for about a hour before  the colour faded completely. 

In terms of colour and staying power the lipstick fails massively and there are many other budget brands out there like MUA that perform far better.

I give it 0.5/5

After applying NYC Everlast lipstick in Modern Love

  • As a budget brand you won't waste much money if you don't like it
  • The colour wasn't very strong
  • The lipstick didn't have much longevity and quickly faded

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Maybelline Eyestudio in Bronze Gold eyeshadow review

Maybelline Eyestudio Duo in bronze gold is a shimmery matte eyeshadow.

The brown is a rich chestnut brown and the gold is quite iridescent -more like a highlighter then a gold shadow.

I applied the brown onto my eyelid and spread the gold above onto the eyebrow arch.
Once applied the brown has a hint of orange in it and the gold adds a real sparkle. As there is quite a high glitter count in the product I did find it spread under my eyes quite a bit.

The colour is nice and not too overpowering.  I give it 3/5 

  • The combination of colours means you can wear together or alone
  • The eyeshadow has a really shimmery finish which will make your eyes sparkle
  • As the product has a high glitter count the eyeshadow smudges quite a lot

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bourjois lip gloss and teeth whitening gel review

Who wouldn't want a lip gloss that promised to brighten your teeth?

Bourjois lip gloss and teeth brightening gel is a duo product that acts in conjunction to make your smile brighter.

 The product comes with a fairly simple set of instructions on the back to guide you on how to apply.
I took the gel first and applied it directly to my teeth. It has a pleasant mint taste which is nice but I couldn't see any immediate effects. Next I applied the lip gloss which is a mid raspberry shade.I think the gel acts more as a shining agent then a whitening product which works with the shine of the gloss to make your smile whiter.

The lip gloss itself doesn't really last very long and had disappeared within a few hours.
In my opinion the product is okay but don't expect any miracles.

I give it 1.5/5
Before the tooth gel and gloss is applied
After the tooth gel and gloss is applied

  • A duo product which saves you from buying each item separately
  • The gel has a nice mint taste
  • Simple to use

  • I don't think it lives up to the expectation it creates

Monday, 14 October 2013

Collection blusher and highlighter duo review

Collection Blush and Highlight cream duo is a cream blusher and highlighter in one.

The blush is a rosy pink and the highlighter a sheer white creme.

I applied the blush first and felt that only one or two applications isn't sufficient for a rosy glow. The blusher is really quite light so I had to apply colour four or five times for the right intensity.

The shimmer went on really nicely and gave quite a noticeable glow. As a budget brand I would say the blusher/highlighter duo is well worth buying as the overall look is quite natural.
I give it 3.5/5

Before Collection blusher and highlighter is applied
After Collection blusher and highlighter is applied

Collection blusher and highlighter sheer finish

  • The product is a blusher/highlighter in one so you save money
  • The look is quite natural
  • The highlighter gives a lovely glow

  • Takes quite a few applications to get the right amount of colour
  • Cream blushers aren't suitable for all skin tones

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Tried and tested: Is code vlm mascara the ultimate mascara

Every woman is on the hunt for the perfect mascara, one that lengthens and volumises all in one.
Code VLM is a brand new mascara designed by two women searching for the perfect mascara.
So does Code VLM tick all the boxes? 

It comes in a stylish packaging with the product name and inside is a black box which the mascara rests in.
So far so good!

I had read so many good reviews on the main website and Facebook page and at a price of £19.95 I was expecting a lot.

The wand looks fairly standard for a mascara and it quite easily coated all my lashes.
I did think the mascara volumises and lengthens your lashes to their best potential but I don't think it adds anything extra. 

The product is smudge proof and can be easily layered for a day to night look.The wand did feel a bit scratchy on my bottom lashes but it was quite hard to apply on one side.
Overall a nice mascara but I don't think it's worth £19.95.

I give it 3/5
Before adding Code VLM mascara
After Code VLM mascara

What do you think? I'd love to hear your views.

  • Makes the most of your existing lashes
  • Comes in premium looking packaging
  • Doesn't smudge
  • Isn't worth its premium price tag

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tried and Tested: Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 concealer and highlighting product review

If you're anything like me you're always on the search for the perfect concealer.

I've always got blemishes or dark circlces I need to hide so I was keen to try Rimmel's Match Perfect concealer.

This innovative 2-in-1 product is designed to not only conceal but highlight at the same time.

Designed to go alongside the Match Perfect foundation, this creamy concealer has a squeeze brush tip for easy application.

I used 010 Ivory and placed a few dabs of the product under my eyes and on my nose. The product seems darker in the tube then it does when applying and I felt there was a instant highlighting effect.

With a concealer that has highlighting properties its quite important to not apply too much or you'll just end up literally highlighitng the area instead of hiding it. This concealer is probably not so good for heavy duty dark circles, but more suitable for those party animals who want to hide their lack of sleep the next morning.

It's a lovely little product that's great for giving you a little pick me up with its highlighting effects but may not have much impact on very dark circles.

I give it 3/5
Before Rimmel Match Perfection concealer
After Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer

  • Easy to use
  • You only need a little bit of product each time you apply so I imagine this will go a very long way
  • Has a 2-in-1 effect that has both concealing and highlighting properties
  • Brightens the eye area
  • Not so suitable for very dark circles 

Avon Luminous Finish Face Illuminator highlighter review

Avon Luminous Finish is a budget Face Illuminator that will make your face shimmer.

The product comes in a squeeze tube and has a light creamy consistency with a light shimmer.

The product comes out quite thick when you squeeze it so don't squeeze too hard or you'll end up losing half the product.

I applied the illuminator with my fingers after appying blusher to the top of my cheeks and my eyebrows.

Whilst the product did add a light shimmer the effect was really quite minimal and didn't really make my cheeks or brows stand out.

I'm really quite disappointed with this product as I expected the shimmer to be a lot more intense and noticeable.

For the very subtle shimmer and lack of definition I give this product 1.5/5

Avon Luminous Finish Face Illuminator side view

Avon Luminous Finish Face Illuminator front on

  • You only need a small amount to apply so the product goes a very long way
  • If you just want a subtle shimmer this product will work well
  • Avon's Face Illuminator adds a very small amount of shimmer so the cheeks are never fully defined
Grab yours for £5.25 at Avon Shop

Monday, 7 October 2013

Save your pennies with this £2 MUA Matte Perfect foundation

MUA Matte Perfect foundation is a dream cream for every budgeting fashionista.

With oily skin being one of women's top woes it can be hard to find a product that will make your face look smooth and oil free all day.

MUA Matte foundation is a fantastic budget product which gives dewy skin and a natural fresh glow that is even all around.

MUA Matte Perfect foundation swatch

The foundation is easy to apply and only takes two blobs of product to cover the whole face. As the foundation is creamy it generally sinks into the skin quite easily and reduces most blemishes and dark circles. It doesn't however completely eliminate dark circles like some foundations can.

I generally have quite a oily T-Zone area and have to say I can't notice it as much after applying this foundation!

It doesn't weigh down my skin but it did feel slightly sticky after applying.

Overall a really nice product that you don't have to pay out many pennies for!

I give it 4/5

You can grabs yours for £2 at MUA
Before Matte Perfect foundation
After Matte Perfect Foundation

  • Great budget product
  • Eliminates oily patches
  • Gives a nice even complexion
  • Not too heavy
  • Slightly sticky after applying


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

ELF Mineral eyeshadow in Flirty review: Make your eyes twinkle

Eyes Lip Face mineral eyeshadow in Flirty is a pastel purple eyeshadow that will make your eyes twinkle.

With a mineral based formula the eyeshadow is free of any chemical nasties and comes in a gorgeous shimmery Lavender hue. Rich in Vitamins A B C D and E the highly pigmented eyeshadow will make you feel like the girl who has all the eyes on her.

The eyeshadow comes in a plastic pot with small holes in so you don't get more out then you need. As the powder is so fine it's easier to apply with your fingers then a brush as the warmth of your fingers help the powder sink in better.

The colour looks a lot richer in the pot then it does once applied but still maintains a subtle shimmer that will make your eyes shine.

I give it 3/5

  • Lovely shimmery lavender colour
  • With a mineral formula this is one eyeshadow that is good for you
  • Long lasting
  • The colour isn't quite as deep as it appears in the packaging
Grab yours for £3 at ELF
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