Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Superdrug launch Bubble T a fabulous new range of bath and body treats

The Hype
Bubble T have launched a fabulous fun new range of bath and body treats which are designed exclusively for Superdrug. The Bubbles and Tea edition has a gorgeous girly pink design that debuts with their Summer Fruits Tea fragrance including a shower gel, body spray, bath fizzies, melting marble bath pearls, bath and shower jelly and bath infusion t-bags.

Gone are the days of boring bath products, Bubble T really makes your bathroom come alive. The range is infused with a delicious summer fruit blend of ripe raspberries, strawberries and blackberries with a twist of white tea. The scentsational products are also infused with Goji  Berry for added antioxidants.

The Lowdown
For the purpose of this review I am testing the Summer Fruit Tea Shower Gel, Summer Fruits Tea Body Spray and the Summer Fruits Tea Bath Fizzies. When I was sent information on this range I
fell in love with the super cute girly design. It seems the products are marketed at teenage girls but I think this would be a hidden pleasure for any girly girl out there!

The shower gel has a nice smell but I wouldn't say it was overly strong. The lather is quite thin and remains quite faint when you have dried off.

When I put two of the fizzies into the bath I was expecting my whole bath to change colour like you'd experience with a lot of bath bomb products. I was surprised to find the fizzies were more of a scent infusion and added the sensation that I was bathing in fruits. The smell was lovely and if you like your bath to smell great but don't like the change in colour some bath bombs can add these would be perfect for you. They dissolve really quickly and by the time your bath is run only the smell will remain.

My favourite product would have to be the body spray. It has a delightful fruity smell with high notes of raspberry that lasts for hours. Whilst it is a body spray and not
a perfume I would say the lasting power is more intense then some perfumes that I own.

This range is super cute and they have a great smell which is the real selling point. They're a great price and perfect for when you want something cheap but of a good quality.

I give it 4/5


  • Every product in the range is under £10 and starts from £2.99 - perfect for those saving the pennies
  • Has an amazing smell
  • Perfect for the girly girl


  • Would be good if the scent on the body wash lasted a little longer

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Spooky halloween nail art tutorials

Halloween is just days away so I wanted to get creative just in time for the big night. The posh skeleton nail tutorial is pretty simple and has one feature nail as the main focus. It encompasses the idea of a simple nail manicure as well which once you have got the hang of it is easy to create.

1. Cover your nails with a pale pink shade
2. Grab a white nail polish and carefully follow the natural arc of your nails to create french manicure tips on all your fingers and thumb apart from the middle finger
3. Get a black nail art pen and carefully line the arc
4. Using the nail art pen draw a small bow on each manicured tip
5. On the middle finger use white nail varnish to cover your nail
6. Get your black nail art pen and carefully draw two eyes
7. Draw two small holes for the nose
8. Draw a smile
9. Finally line the smile with small lines for the teeth


Monday, 26 October 2015

How to create spooky halloween chocolates

Halloween is just around the corner and whilst this post is probably a bit late there's still time for you to create your own Halloween surprise.

These chocolates are super easy to design and only require two ingredients, a bar of chocolate and a halloween mould. The finished look is very professional and your friends and family may
even mistake it for professionally made chocolate sweets.

I used a bar of Galaxy chocolate and a super halloween silicone mould which I purchased from Poundland.

To recreate pour hot water into a saucepan and heat the water up. When the water starts to steam put a bowl in the water and then place your chocolate in the bowl. Leave the chocolate to melt till it has liquidated and then stir so its completely runny. Use a spoon to pour the chocolate into each of the moulds ensuring that you have a even level.

Have a boo-per Halloween!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Reduce oiliness with Skin Doctors T-Zone Control Oil Cleanser

The Hype
There's nothing worse than oily skin to make your skin prone to spots and your makeup more likely to slip off. Skin Doctors have developed a new T-zone control oil cleanser that is paraben free to remove excess oil, makeup and dirt whilst working to purify your pores and balance the skin.

The Lowdown
Whenever I apply makeup I always end up with a really oily t-zone. It really ruins the effect of my makeup, despite using powder, and leads to it partly slipping off. I felt the cleanser was perfect for me due to this and I was keen to see if it would help eliminate this annoying problem!

The cleanser has a slight lather and a really lovely fresh smell which will help you wake up in the morning. After washing it off my skin felt more toned and really soft. My skin did appear slightly less oily around the forehead area.

The cleanser can be used daily as a face wash and is really gentle to use. It's a lovely cleanser that leaves your skin looking and feeling great. Give it a go.

I give it 4/5

It's available for £14.95 at Skin Doctors.


  • Can be used daily
  • Paraben free
  • Designed specifically for the t-zone which is prone to oiliness
  • Smells fresh and helps to awaken your senses


  • None that I can see

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Turn back the signs of ageing in five minutes with Skin Doctors Instant Facelift: Tried and Tested

The Hype
Have you got deep wrinkles or fine lines that makes you dread seeing your appearance in the mirror?

Do you want to turn back the signs of ageing in less than five minutes?

Skin Doctors Instant Facelift is a surgery free cream alternative that is designed to immediately tone, tighten and contour your skin.

The treatment uses specialised cosmeceutical properties to lift, firm and smooth tired skin to help it look years younger. It uses three highly specialised lifting and firming technologies to form a tightening matrix that works to hold the skin taut and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

After testing 84% of users found their skin to be smoother, 76% found their skin to be softer and 54% believed their skin was more radiant.

The Lowdown
I've tried quite a few anti ageing creams over the last few months but very few have claimed to offer 'instant' anti ageing. It's a very big claim to make and hard to pull off. I obviously don't have massive wrinkles but I do have quite apparent fine lines on my forehead, on the t-zone and around the eyes. I applied the cream after cleansing a applied it onto the problem areas. It has a lovely pleasant fruity smell and wasn't greasy when applied to the skin. I left it for five minutes as requested but after the time I was disappointed to find there wasn't much of a difference. The cream may be more effective on very obvious ageing skin rather then subtle ageing. I was a little sceptical I have to say and it didn't work for me but it may be worth trying if you have deep set wrinkles or sagging.

I give it 2/5

Get it for £30.60 at Skin Doctors


  • Good for using as a pick me up before you head out for a special occasion
  • Can be used as a makeup primer for matte skin


  • Doesn't work on minor signs of ageing

Monday, 19 October 2015

Keep your hands soft in the winter with Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb Hand Lotion

The Hype
Noble Isle's new range of hand lotions are enriched with handpicked natural extracts from across the British Isle. The range is comprised into three scents, Heather Honey, Rhubarb Rhubarb! and Sea of Green which are designed to stimulate your senses whilst leaving your hands smelling and feeling amazing.

The Lowdown
For the purposes of the review I am testing Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb! hand lotion. I've tried the handwash which smells delightful and I was expecting the same standard with the hand lotion. The fragrance is bittersweet with a combination of forced rhubarb, juniper berry and muddled rosemary. There are also base notes of moss, cedarwood and central notes of tarragon.

The hand lotion comes in smart packaging which is perfect for a bathroom but not so great for applying on the go. Rhubarb is known for its skin care properties so its use in a hand cream is a good one. I often get dry cracked skin on my hands during winter so this is the perfect time to start using it. I applied a pea sized amount the first time and it took quite a while to rub into my skin. Once it had absorbed my skin felt very soft albeit a bit sticky. I would probably advise that a little goes a long way for this product. The scent is very rich and fresh and remains for hours which leaves me confident that the product will continue to protect my skin during that time.

A lovely hand lotion that leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling great. It is expensive for a hand lotion so probably more of a one off treat, perhaps for Xmas.

I give it 3/5

Get it for £20.00 at Noble Isle 


  • Leaves hands feeling super soft
  • Smells amazing
  • Rhubarb has fantastic skin caring properties


  • Can't really be used for on the go hand lotion due to its size
  • Expensive

Friday, 16 October 2015

Autumn Shopping Haul Video Review

It's been a while since I've done much shopping but today I decided to see if I can find some new goodies. Here's a quick snapshot into what I found in my latest shopping haul.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb Handwash Review

The Hype
Remind yourself of a dewy spring day in yorkshire with the bittersweet fragrance of rhubarb in the new Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb hand wash. The delightful scent of rhubarb is combined with top notes of Juniper Berry, base notes of moss and cedar wood which is juxtaposed with the central notes of rosemary and tarragon.

The Lowdown
The handwash is made more authentic as the rhubarb is sourced from E Oldoryd & Son, a sixth generation rhubarb farm in the Yorkshire Triangle. The product has simple but expensive looking packaging that will smarten up any bathroom. Rhubarb is a fantastic skin care agent and works well to soften and cleanse skin. It is a well known vegetable but is used to sparsely in cosmetics so it's nice to see it make a apperance. The handwash has a really rich perfumed smell which leaves your hands smelling amazing for ages.

Whilst the handwash maybe a little bit expensive for some it is a great smelling product that will certainly have guests talking when they're visiting!

Get it for £18.00 at Noble Isle


  • Smells amazing
  • Uses real rhubarb sourced from a genuine rhubarb farm


  • Very expensive for a handwash

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Win a set of Martha Hill skincare products

Martha Hill, a skincare specialist who was a pioneer in the field of natural cruelty free skincare has just launched a revamped range of her famous skincare products. The range of four items includes a cream cleanser, gel toner, day cream and overnight cream that are all enriched with organic rosewater.

The products are suitable for all skin types and help to leave skin looking brighter with a natural healthy glow. You'll get the best results by following the four step routine.

No1 Essential Cream Cleanser
'Clear skin' with organic rosewater and cucumber is perfect for both morning and evening. It removes all traces of makeup and daily grime leaving skin smooth and supple. It's enriched with vitamin rich ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil and sodium hyaluronate.
Available for £7.90

No2 Essential Gel Toner
The toner helps to refine your skin with organic rosewater and cucumber. The cooling rose scented pre-moisturising treatment helps to refresh and brighten your skin using sodium hyaluronate to restore moisture and cucumber to soothe and refresh. It also includes Witch Hazel and Allantoin to soothe and calm the skin.
Available for £8.50

No3 Essential Day Cream
Leave your skin looking radiant with organic rosewater and avocado in this day cream. The light moisturiser helps to soften and smoothe the skin leaving a natural and healthy looking glow. It's enriched with natural ingredients such as sesame seed oil, aloe vera and Vitamins E and A to help restore vitality and soothe minor irritation. Over time you will find your skin looks more even and firm.
Available for £8.50

No4 Essential Overnight Cream
When the day is complete you'll want to complete your routine with a adequate night cream. Essential overnight cream includes organic rosewater and cocoa butter to moisturise and protect your skin during the night. The formula is easily absorbed and is enriched with skin nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, beeswax and olive fruit oil to keep skin hydrated during the night.
Available for £9.90

I've been lucky enough to be offered four products to give away to my readers.

The competition will run from 13th October 2015 to 13 November 2015. To enter all you  need to do is follow the rafflecopter instructions. Please make sure you complete all the mandatory requirements as you will be disqualified if you're picked as a winner and you haven't done so. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
If you can't wait to see if you'll win you can buy these products and more online

Monday, 12 October 2015

The best beauty advent calendars 2015 guide

Chocolate is great but it's quite fattening and when you get the same chocolate every day it can get a tad boring.

Step aside chocolate for the new trend in advent calendars for the over 15s is the beauty advent calendar.

Beauty advent calendars have been in fashion for the last two-three years and have a variety of sample and full size beauty treats every day up to  Christmas Eve.

This year there are even more advent calendars on offer so you can even choose the best or be greedy and have as many as you can afford. But be quick, they sell out very quickly!

Lookfantastic Advent Calendar
This is the first year I've seen this advent calendar hit the proverbial shelves. Only on sale online it retails for £70.00 and is worth over £250.00. The calendar has a range of hair, cosmetic and skin products on offer. Unfortunately there's no clue to the contents so you could end up with a whole array of products you already have/don't want. The good thing is it's a complete surprise and isn't that what Christmas is all about? It's available to buy from 1st November 2015 but you can pre-order so you don't miss out.
 Buy here

Clarins Advent calendar
Clarins is also a new contender for 2015. The calendar retails for £60.00 and inside you'll find hit products including Beauty Flash Balm, Radiance Boosting Complexion Base and Miniature Instant concealer amongst other skin and cosmetic products. There are twenty four treats to reveal so this is perfect for the true Clarins lover. If you're not such a fan of the unknown you can find out exactly what's inside on the website. It's available to buy now!
Buy here

Benefit Advent Calendar 2015
The much desired advent calendar award for 2013 and 2014 goes to Benefit. For the last two years the Benefit advent calendar sold out in minutes and left many ladies very sad and frustrated. Party Popper is the new calendar on offer for 2015 and includes 12 sample sized Benefit treats to wake up to. Items include best selling products such as They're Real mascara, High Beam highlighter, Hoola ultra plush lip gloss, BadGal mascara and the POREfessional pro balm amongst others. Unlike a lot of the other calendars there are only twelve products available and at £79.17 you may not feel it's worth the effort of trying to buy one (it's not easy). It's available from 15 October 2015 so put the date in your diary and make sure you refresh your page regularly so you don't miss out!
Buy here

No7 Advent calendar
One of the cheapest and best value beauty advent calendars is the brainchild of Boot's No7. The calendar retails for only £38 but has skincare and cosmetics, bath products and accessories worth £148. Whilst many of the products are samples there are six full sized products available. What a bargain! It's on sale from 28th October at Boots and Boots online. You can sign up to be informed when it's available online now here.

M&S Beauty Advent Calendar
Even cheaper then Boot's No7 calendar is M&S Beauty which retails for only £25 (only valid when you spend £25 or more on M&S Beauty). You'll find 24 festive treats worth over £200 including treats from top brands like Rodial, Neals Yard, REN, Stila and Cowshed. It's available from November in Marks and Spencers stores nationwide.

Ciate Beauty Advent Calendar
If you love your nails you're going to adore Ciate's 2015 advent calendar. The calendar has enough varnishes for you to match every outfit over party season. You'll find 18 different colours and treatments to keep your nails in tip top shape. Watch out for the exclusive Olivia Palermo X Ciate collection. You can buy it for £49.99 at Selfridges, ASOS, Boots, Look Fantastic and Very. It's available now!
Buy here

Cheeky Advent calendar
One of the newer nail brands on the scene is Cheeky. They've launched their first ever advent calendar for the 2015 season which includes 24 cheeky shades including Gold Digger, Crush On You and Feeling Grape. You can snap this up at Cheeky Holborn, Cheeky at Barber and Parlour, Cowshed Spas and It's available now!
Buy here

Lush Advent Calendar 2015
If you've walked past the Lush shop and wished you could condense the smell into several delightful little packages, your wish has been granted. Lush's first ever advent calendar 12 Days of Christmas is filled with its famously fragrant bath treats for you to pamper yourself with. Available for £49.95 at Lush shops and Lush online. It's supposed to be available from 2nd October but I couldn't find it online.

Liberty Advent calendar 2015
If you don't mind splurging and want to give yourself a big treat this christmas then Liberty's advent calendar is perfect for you. At £149 it's not cheap but has top brands such as Decleor and Kiehl's to surprise you with. Available at Liberty from 29th October.

Jo Malone Advent Calendar 2015
If you love your Jo Malone, you'll adore 2015 calendar offering. The calendar has a gorgeous Georgian townhouse design that offers you 24 mini perfumes and scented body creams. If you love your perfumes and can't decide which one you want most then this is the solution to all your problems. At £260 it's not cheap but think of it as a investment. It's available at Harrods from October and nationwide from November.

The Bodyshop Advent Calendar 2015
Whether you want to splurge or save the Bodyshop has catered to everyones budget with two versions of their 2015 advent calendar. The standard version will save you more then £30.00 (retails for £60.00) whilst the luxury version will save you £47.00 (retails for £80.00) compared to if you bought the products individually. You'll find favourites from the skincare, bath, body, fragrance and makeup ranges. It's available now.
Buy it here

L'Occitane Advent Calendar 2015
L'Occitane have upped their game this year by increasing the number of products in their advent calendar from 12 to 24. You'll find some of their top skincare, hair and body products to delight in. Available at L'Occitane boutiques and online from 21st October.

Charlotte Tilbury Advent calendar 2015
Everyone's favourite makeup artist has released her 2015 calendar and it's as wonderful as expected. The Book of Makeup Magic includes 12 of mainly her best selling hero products with a range of travel size and full sized products. If you can't decide what to buy first then this is a dream for the makeup addict. At £150.00 it's not cheap but if you've always wanted to try Charlotte Tilbury it's great for a starter kit. It's available exclusively at Charlotte Tilbury online, Selfridges, Selfridges online and Brown Thomas. You can sign up at Charlotte Tilbury to be notified when it's released here 

House of Fraser Beauty Advent Calendar 2015
This is a new launch and at only £20 is a very reasonably priced calendar. The calendar houses House of Fraser's  own brand Colour Couture and has something to build up a makeup kit from scratch. It's available here but unfortunately it's sold out. They may get more in so keep checking back.

Selfridges Advent Calendar 2015
One of the biggest and well known advent calendars is Selfridges. The luxury advent calendar offers a range of surprises from brands such as Lancome, YSL, Victor and Rolf and Kiehl's. At £95.00 it's pretty reasonable for the top brands and you're bound to find something new. If you don't you could always give it away! It's available exclusively at Selfridges and from mid October. You can sign up now to be kept informed of its launch. Remember to be quick, these get snapped up in no time.
Sign up to be notified when it's launched here

Friday, 9 October 2015

The Balm Nude'Tude Video Review

If you watched my Cohorted September review you'll know that The Balm Nude'Tude eyeshadow palette was one of the products featured. It comes in two designs - naughty or nice - and helps to revamp your image of nude shades. Check out what I thought!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Love My Skin Anti Ageing Compact Testing Results

If you read the blog regularly you probably know that a few weeks ago I tried the revolutionary Love My Skin Anti Ageing Compact. Check out the review here

Unlike your typical creams, the Anti Ageing Compact uses UV rays to help reduce the signs of ageing. Results were supposed to show up after just ten days and I gave it a few more extra days. The compact is really easy to use, you simply switch it on and it automatically goes through a countdown of around 1 minute before it switches off. It's painless and the only thing you need to watch out for is pointing it directly in your eyes.

I have to say I didn't really notice much of a difference in the reduction of my fine lines which was pretty disappointing.

It may have a better effect in the long term but certainly not in the ten days it promises to have a effect.

For the cost of the product I would probably stick to the cheaper creams.

I give it 2/5 for long term potential.


Monday, 5 October 2015

Eye of Horus launch a new range of eyeshadow palettes just in time for Autumn/Winter season 2015

The Hype
Eye of Horus has launched their new eyeshadow range just in time for the Autumn/Winter season. The new Baked Goddess eyeshadow palettes are a welcome addition to their collection of award winning products. In the new range you'll find warm bronze hues and ice cold shades in the new palettes which include Sheba Mystical Goddess Eyeshadow, Maat Dark Temptress and Isis Sun Goddess. They're designed to be super blendable and can be used both wet or dry depending on the look you're trying to create.

The Lowdown
I've tried quite a few Eye of Horus products in the past but not for quite a while. For the purpose of the review I'm testing Isis Goddess Luminous palette. Out of the new shades I have to say this was the one with the most enticing colours. I tend to look a bit washed out with lighter colours so I felt it was better to opt for the warmer hues.

The palette is very compact and comes with three blocks of eyeshadow. I adore the design on this packaging, the egyptian style is so unique and really makes it stand out. It comes with a mirror and a brush and is so small it can easily be slipped into your bag for application on the go. On first glance all three shades are very pigmented.

I applied the eyeshadow dry on the left eye and wet on the right eye. When applied dry it was very pigmented and had a gorgeous gold sheen. When applied wet I felt it had more of a metallic appearance but retained its fantastic pigmentation.

The shades are absolutely gorgeous and really made my eyes stand out. Whilst the palettes are a little bit pricey they'd be great for a bit of a treat.

The palettes are available for £22.50 at Beauty Bay 


  • Pigmented shades
  • Isis Sun Goddess is a lovely palette with warm gold shades
  • Small and compact and comes with a mirror for application on the go


  • May be a bit pricey for some people. 


Friday, 2 October 2015

Win a fabulous Who's Been a Dirty Girl Gift Set

Do you like your bath products a little bit quirky? If you like Soap and Glory you're going to love Bev Ridge and Friends Who's Been A Dirty Girl.

Moonpig has launched a new range of gifts for the lady in your life. With a fantastic range of bath products and candles there's plenty of choice ready for Christmas. One of their new releases includes the fun bath set Who's Been A Dirty Girl. It contains a bath soak, bath salts and body cream to help you looking fabulous. I'd love to keep it for myself but I'm offering it as Glitz and Glamour Makeup's latest prize!

To enter simply follow the rafflecopter instructions. The competition will run from 2 October 2015 midnight to 2 November 2015 closing at midnight. Please be aware if you say you've completed the mandatory options and you haven't you will be disqualified :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway To find gifts like these head over to Moonpig

*this was kindly gifted to me
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