Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Three star hair products you won't want to miss!

The L'Oreal Steampod RRP £150, is the latest star hair product to hit the market. The SteamPod is a compact version of a salon service, and is the next generation straightening iron. The product works by pumping high pressured steam through ceramic irons that promise to give you three days of straight hair. It also has the added benefit of giving you that much loved high gloss shine and movement that only seems to be achieved after a visit to the hairdresser.

This is one product I'm dying to try, if only it was a little cheaper!

If you've ever wondered how the actresses on the red carpet achieve that perfect hairdo it may be down to the new Charles Worthington range. As one of the sponsors of the BAFTA's, Charles Worthington Salon is constantly producing products that are innovative, with real bounce and shine. Using the latest advances in technology Charles Worthington brings the salon to you in his new range. Charles Worthington Salon Instant Amplifying Volume Treatment £14.99 aims to give you instant volume without the fuss.

When it was released in the US last year the new Pantene range hit the headlines for the budget product that gives super shine. Pantene Deep Moisture Souffle with Pro Vitamin B RRP £4.49 works to seal moisture in your hair using their specially formulated Pro Vitamin B complex. The shine lasts up to 48 hours, so why not race down to Tescos today and snap one up today  with your moisturiser.


Sunday, 28 April 2013

How to do a pedicure at home using items from Superdrug #cbias

Instead of spending lots of money on a salon to get a pedicure done, why not do it yourself? I was lucky enough to be picked for Collective Bias Superdrug pedicure shop and was challenged to find items for a pedicure for £10.

We're often on our feet all day, doing the cooking or even when we're out with friends and feet are often left neglected. A pedicure, very much like a manicure works on softening the skin on the feet, removing any dead skin, priming your nails and finally making them look pretty with eye catching nail varnish.

For my pedicure I bought the following items from Superdrug:
                                                               Pedicure File £2.59
                                                       4 in 1 Buffing file £1.99

                                                           Toe clipper £1.59
                                                    Miss Sporty Top and base coat £2.29
                                                   Miss Sporty nail polish £1.99

                                                           Emery boards £1.09
 After a long cold winter I haven't been paying much attention to my feet, but with the weather (finally) warming up I think it was about time I let my feet breathe some air. I normally tend to focus on my hands more so my nails were due for a cutting and a lovely perk me up colour was in dire need!

When doing a pedicure it's important to start from the beginning, so to get my skin soft enough to remove dead skin I bathed them in warm water.
After soaking for ten minutes I dried them off and used the pedicure brush to remove any dead cells. Pedicure brushes should only be used when the skin is soft after bathing as it may leave heels more rough if used in normal conditions.
The pedicure brush is really handy as it acts a bit like a cheese grater and any dead skin goes into the back of the pedicure brush. Don't forget to empty it if you buy one though!

After using the pedicure brush for several minutes I felt my heels were a lot smoother and it was the perfect time to apply some foot peppermint lotion. This cream gives extra moisture to feet which is essential especially after skin is removed to help smoothen the surface.

 With my skin softened it was time to get the clippers out and trim my nails to a acceptable length. It is better to use nail clippers rather then scissors as they clip your nails in a straight line, which avoids the temptation to cut nails around the edges which can cause ingrown toe nails.

One of the best buys I found in Superdrug today has to be the 4 in 1 nail buffer. This handy tool offers lot of different uses and is perfect for those painting on the go. Each side of the buffer is colour coordinated and there is step by step instructions on the back. Step 1 files nails down using the grey side so they're all straight and smooth.
Step 2 uses the pink side to smooth any ridges on the nail
Step 3 uses the blue side to buff the nail and remove any dust ready for nail polish
Finally step 4 utilises the grey side of the buffer to give a shiny polished effect that looks great even without nail polish.
With the main part of my pedicure over it's time to apply Miss Sporty base coat. It's important to always use a base coat when using bright colours as they can stain the nails.
Once dry I applied the first coat of Miss Sporty nail polish in hot pink. I love the colour of this nail polish and how it's so eye catching.
After finishing several coats of the Miss Sporty polish I finished off with another layer of the Miss Sporty top coat/base coat product.
 So after a complete pedicure from start to finish I have the final result, a polished pretty set of nails and perfect soft skin.
Let me know what you think, do you spend a lot of money on pedicures or do you prefer to do it at home? I always love to hear from you :)

*Disclaimer*  I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® #CBias #SocialFabric. All opinions are my own.


Friday, 26 April 2013

Avon Perfect Kiss lipstick in Lacy Mauve review

Avon Perfect Kiss lipstick in Lacy Mauve is a dark vintage pink with a matte finish.

Created by Avon Perfect Kiss lipstick is meant to imitate its name and create soft lips perfect for kissing.

It comes in traditional Avon black packaging and once unwrapped is a rather smart looking metallic tube.

There is a slight inconsistency between the name of the product 'Lacy Mauve' and the actual colour of the lipstick as there's nothing purple about it!

The lipstick has a pleasant smell almost like vanilla and applies really smoothly. After applying my lips feel really smooth but I can't say they look any fuller.

The shade is slightly darker then my lip colour and could be described as a light red.

I love the feel of this lipstick and how it gives warmth to my skin.

I give it 4/5

Perfect Kiss lipstick is available for £8.50 from Avon.co.uk and independent Avon representatives

•Leaves lips feeling moisturised after application
•The lipstick has a nice just red colour to it

•The name of the lipstick Lacy Mauve doesn't really correspond with the actual colour
•Doesn't give my lips the fuller effect that is claimed in the product description

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Too Faced Galaxy Glam eyeshadow in Magenta Moon for that smokey eyed look

Too Faced eyeshadow in Magenta Moon is a luxury eyeshadow in the shade of dark brown and purple.

The eyeshadow comes packaged in a small plastic pot that is packaged into a small plastic box.

The eyeshadow has a powder texture that applies literally with a finger or a brush. The combination of the brown and purple gives quite a smokey purple look that would be great for a night out.

Several applications need to be made for full coverage as the powder applies quite thinly.

Too Faced in Magenta Moon is a good eyeshadow with reasonable coverage and decent colour.

I give it 3/5

•Comes with extra plastic packaging so you can be sure it hasn't been tampered with (or tested)
•Gives off a nice smokey eyed look perfect for a night out

•The eyeshadow applies quite thinly so needs to be applied quite a few times for full coverage

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Win a awesome beauty glamour bundle!

It's that time of the month again - competition time!

Today you're in for a treat as you have the chance to win not one, not two, not three but 8 prizes in this awesome beauty/glamour giveaway!

Included in the prize is:
  • Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate  Hearts
  • 2x Colortrend foundation in Bisque
  • Gerda Spillman Bio-Fond Cream to powder foundation
  • Extracts lipbalm (comes in lemon and bergamot, pomegranate and rosehip and mango and nectarine flavours)
  • Me To You Sketch Book bath set
  • Cocoa Butter mini mix (Includes Cocoa Butter Body butter wash and Cocoa Butter Body Butter)
  • Black and clear dimante bracelet
To enter all you have to do is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter.

Giveaway ends 23rd May 2013

Good luck!
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Monday, 22 April 2013

Check out the new Diesel range of watches

Check out the new Diesel range in this fantastic video


Update your look with Miss Sporty Clubbing Colour nail varnish

Spring is coming and it's time for a colour infusion!

Miss Sporty Clubbing nail polishes come in a range of popping neon colours that are bound to instantly update your look.

I decided to coordinate their yellow, coral and baby blue shades for a funky look.

The varnish claims to be fast drying and I have to say on this occasion they dried really quickly without smudging.

The colour comes out quite thick when applying but not so much it becomes gloopy. The colour is very glossy and two coats is more then enough to completely coat your nails.

I do feel the coral shade is the strongest and looks the most streamlined and glossy however the other colours perform reasonably well too.

I have to say these are a great budget buy and perfect for the upcoming warm weather!

I will give them a 4/5

You can buy Miss Sporty products from Boots and SuperDrug

•Selling at a couple of quid each these nail varnishes are a real bargain!
•The varnish dries really quickly
•The consistency of product on application is thick but not gloopy
•Great sheer shine

•The yellow shade isn't as strong as the others but it's not a major disadvantage

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Pot Noodle search for the new face of their super hot flavour Piri Piri chicken

Pot Noodle are on the verge of launching their brand new flavour Piri Piri Chicken and need a smokin' hot girl to be the face.

So became the search for the Pot-U-Gal (see what they did there?)

The auditions on Thursday 18th April brang together a range of girls of all heights, race, and looks determined to make it as the spiciest model on the market.

So what was involved?

First we had the rather simple, but silly walk in a big square with a pot noodle on our heads. I, of course couldn't keep the thing on once, I'm sure I must have a dome head! Others fared much better.
Next up was the rather predictable taste test to see who could eat the most in 30 seconds. I wasn't feeling hungry and spices aren't my favourite thing so my score was a pretty impressive two mouthfuls!
After lunch we had a quick tutorial on a portugese dance which was rather energetic. Then we were split into groups and instructed to do it again from memory. If you look closely you can see me in the back in one of the videos!

Last up was speaking a Portugese phrase which in English translates into "Oh my god that's spicy." There seemed to be a theme of Chinese whispers as the phrase transformed all the way down the line.

With the challenges over it was time to reveal the winner...

It wasn't me. You'll soon find out who it was in the adverts.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Learn how to look good at the races

It may be a bit late but I think this applies to any day when you want to look your best. The video gives some great tips about beauty tips for the races and how you can stand out without picking the biggest and most flamboyant hat you've ever seen!


Thursday, 11 April 2013

MUA trio eyeshadow in Pink Sorbet perfect for girly girls

MUA offer professional style makeup at low, low prices.
MUA trio eyeshadow in Pink Sorbet is a selection of pink shades from pale pink to brown.

The set comes with a handy eyeshadow brush and colour number coordination so you know which shade to apply where.
The light pink shade is very pale and for highlighting only, with the medium shade giving a very feminine look. The brown is purely for defining and lining the eye.
The eyeshadow was long lasting and stayed put till the night. There was no glitter excess and I didn't need to reapply.
There was a light shimmer to the eyeshadow which was nice.
MUA trio eyeshadow in Pink Sorbet is a good cheaper alternative to products like Bourjois trio range.
I'll give it 4/5

•Three eyeshadows in one offers great value for money
•Colours can be used together or separately
•Fantastic cheap alternative to more expensive trio eyeshadows like Bourjois
•None that I can think of
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Monday, 8 April 2013

Avon perfect kiss in pink prance lipstick review

Avon Perfect Kiss in Pink Prance is like a lipstick and lip balm rolled into one.

It comes in stylish metallic packaging with a outer skin for added protection.

The colour, which is a very pale pink, isn't very strong and is perfect for those who prefer lip balms.

The lipstick has a pleasant smell and feels very moisturising on application. The result is glossy but not sticky lips.

Whilst I normally prefer brighter lipsticks this is a good lipstick with moisturising effects. It would be good for those who don't normally wear lipsticks to build up on using them.

I'd give it a 3/5



Overall view

•Has a lovely moisturising effect
•Feels more like a lip balm which is preferable for a lot of people
•Glossy effect

•The colour isn't the strongest which may be disappointing to those who use lipsticks for the strong colour

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Find a outfit for under £200 in this easy guide

Moneysupermarket are holding a fantastic competition where you get the chance to win a whole new wardrobe worth £1000. All you have to do is create three signature looks that are under £200. Simple right?

Here's my entry.

Casual wear
Simple clothing with statement jewellery can often say so much about someone. I went for a simple jean and pretty top look with a statement Leopard necklace. The gorgeous black accented boots stand out and really complete the oufit.

Dark Blue Stud Pocket Skinny 7/8 Jeans £22.99

Cream Mesh Panel Bow Shell Top £12.99

Black and White Piped Western Ankle Boots £34.99

Gold Leopard FacePendant Necklace £7.99

Black and Tan Winged Tote Bag £34.99
Total of outfit= £113.95

Holiday Wear
Despite the current weather being not so glorious we can all plan and look forward to our holidays. For this category I went for a simple but summery look that's great for on the beach and going to lunch with the besties.

Blue Embellished Turn Up Shorts with Dimantes £22.99
Blue Floral You Me Oui Tank Top £12.99
Nude Cut Out Wide Strap Cork Wedges £24.99
Tangerine Playsuit Coverup £30.00

Flora Knot Bandeau Bikini £30.00
Nude Chunky Stone Embellished Sandals £24.99

Everyone loves a party and I'm no exception. This outfit epitomises 50s style glamour with a modern twist.

Alicia Dress by Jones and Jones £60

Babycham Black Polka Dot  Bow Ferm Court shoes £54.99
Cream Dimante Pearl Ball Necklace £5.99
Black and Pink Bow Envelope Clutch £14.99

If you fancy entering the Passion for Fashion competition hop on over to MoneySupermarket
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