Monday, 30 May 2016

Maybelline the Blushed Nudes Palette Review

Maybelline the blushed nudes palette review

What the brand says
Maybelline has taken inspiration from the catwalk to create the Blushed Nude palette. Incorporating 12 complementary shades from light to dark you can  create a nude look for everything from lunch with the girls to a night on the town.

The Lowdown
I originally picked this up in Superdrug as it looked really pretty. I have the other Maybelline palette The Nudes but haven't yet got round to trying it. Too many palettes, so little time!

It has a range of matte and shimmery shades, although pretty much every shade has quite a lot of sparkle. The palette is really varied with colours ranging from white to pinks, silver and black. The shades are all quite subtle although I wouldn't say the palette is what you would consider 'typical nudes'.

Maybelline the blushed nudes palette shadesMaybelline has designed the palette to be worked in two, three or four shades and has a guide on the back. The guide doesn't actually state which shade should be used with which so it's very ambiguous and open to your own interpretation. The way its designed makes me think you use the sets of shades as they're set out in the palette, although I'm not sure certain colour combinations would work together.

MAybelline the blushed nudes swatchWhen swatched I felt the lighter shades were really hard to see even after a lot of applications. The darker shades had a lot more pigment and quite a lot of shimmer.

When I started to apply the eyeshadows I found that they broke apart really easily and after I used each shade once the palette was a complete mess. I used each shade in the quad designs which are highlighted on the back and I wasn't particularly impressed. The majority of the shades didn't make much of a colour impression even when pressed hard, and the overall finish is very faint. The shades don't tend to blend very well and the composition of the different shades just didn't look right. I also think when each shade is worn as a four the finished looks are almost identical!

As you can see in the swatch the majority of the shades did look fine on their own so it would probably work in that respect. I don't really think the palette works in the way Maybelline intended as the colours just don't mix very well.

I give it 1.5/5

Get it for £7.99 at Boots*
Maybelline blushed nudes look 1

Maybelline blushed nudes look 2
Maybelline blushed nudes look 3


  • It has 12 shades which you can use alone or together to create lots of different looks
  • Under £10 which is pretty good value for the range of shades you get
  • The majority of shades are quite pigmented


  • The shades don't blend very well
  • When applied the shades are very light and take a while to get real colour impact
  • The shades in the palette don't work as Maybelline intended for example wearing the four shades as a quad. 
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Friday, 27 May 2016

Next Make Me Beautiful Perfect Cheeks Blusher Review

Next make me beautiful perfect cheeks blusher review

What the brand says
Part of the new Make Me Beautiful collection is the gorgeous shimmer brick. The multi colour blusher is designed to give a radiant shimmer which is long lasting.

The Lowdown
NExt make me beautiful blusher swatchThis blusher brick is simply beautiful and ever so pigmented. It comes in sleek silver packaging and has 5 shades of blush. The colour spectrum is quite varied with a white shimmer, light pink, mid pink, plum and deep pink. When swatched most of the shades had deep pigmentation with intense shimmer apart from the white block which was a lot fainter. The palette is so versatile and can be used altogether as a blush, separately as a blusher using the individual shades, as a highlighter or even as eyeshadows.

I swirled my brush in the four bottom shades to use the palette to its full potential. The colour is simply beautiful with high impact shimmer. The blusher added such fantastic shimmer that I didn't even need to add highlighter to wear with it. The colour does fade over the day and the shimmer isn't as strong by the evening but the colour is still visible. I used the white strip as a highlighter on its own when wearing with a normal blusher. The shimmer is quite subtle and it does look like a natural highlighter.

A gorgeous palette that is so versatile and has so much colour impact. I can't recommend it enough.

I give it 5/5

Get it for £8 online* or in Next stores


  • Has 5 different shades that can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow or blusher
  • The palette is incredibly pigmented
  • Each shade can be used on their own or separately
  • Gives a beautiful highlight with one swipe using the four lower shades so there's no need for a separate highlighter 


  • The white shade is quite faint and not as strong as the others 

*affiliate link

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Budgeting tips for beauty addicts

Top budgeting tips

As much as we'd love to buy all the makeup and beauty products our heart is set upon, life often gets in the way. The cost of living is so expensive these days and it can be frustrating having no money to buy little treats once all your bills have been paid. This article is here to help and will give you some useful budgeting tips to help you buy that extra eyeshadow palette or mascara at the end of the month.

Work out what you need to pay each month
Set up a spreadsheet outlining what bills you have and how much money you should save for each bill. The worst thing that could happen is a Direct Debit coming out unexpectedly when you have no money in your account. It may be useful to open up a separate bank account and transfer your 'treat' money over so the money left can pay your bills.

Sort out your debts
If you have a lot of credit card, loan or catalogue debts it's easy to get into a difficulty as you struggle to pay each account. Some companies can apply interest which only makes the problem worse as the amount owed increases. The first step you should take is to consult a free debt advice company like Stepchange who will help you decide the best step to repay the accounts. You could then consider consolidating the debts into one so you make just one payment a month which is a lot easier to manage. Once you have cleared your debts that money you pay will be yours to spend as you please.

Use comparison sites
If you think you're paying out a lot for your gas or electricity it's probably time to 'go compare'. Comparison sites like Compare the Market, Money Supermarket etc allow you to get quotes on everything from home insurance to the best credit cards. Companies often offer lower quotes to new customers as well which is a great way of saving money. Never rely on a quote a company sends you when your renewal time is up, I guarantee you it will be at least 20% cheaper on a comparison site. For example one year Sainsbury's sent me a car insurance renewal quote for about £620, bearing in mind i'm over 25 and the year before it had cost around £400. I did a comparison online and it came out at around £430. They just rely on you being lazy and not doing your research so you pay more then you need to.

Shop around
There's a lot of ways to make your food shopping a lot cheaper. Whether it's shopping in discount stores like Aldi or Lidl, using coupons, vouchers or loyalty cards, there's so much scope to save money on your shopping. Head over to my Loyalty card guide for some tips on how to get rewarded for doing your shopping.

Are you due any benefits?
Depending on your situation you may be due some benefits. It may only be £20 extra each month but every little helps.

Check your bank statement
Have a look at your bank statement and see if there is anything that you buy regularly that is unnecessary. It may be a old Direct Debit you forgot to cancel or a subscription to something you don't really need. If you don't want it cancel it, that extra money will go towards your beauty fund.

Put aside some money for a rainy day
You might not be able to save much but if you can put aside £1 a day, by the end of the month you should have at least £28. If you continue this for a year you'll end up with £336. You can put this towards a little weekend away or even have a large makeup splurge.

Let me know how you get on with these tips and if you manage to save a little bit extra each month to buy yourself something nice.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My latest beauty buys

april beauty buys

So the last few months I've been having a little splurge on beauty. There's been so many great releases recently and I've also enjoyed picking up some classics. Check  out my hauls and see what I bought.
Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How to get radiant skin

tips on getting glowing skin

If you suffer from uncomfortable irritated or problem skin it can be easy get jealous of perfect looking celebrities on tv or in magazines. Dont take everything you see as face value though as everyone suffers from problem skin, even those celebrities you admire. It's easy to take care of your skin and help restore its radiance and it's not necessary to have a lot of money to do so. Here's 10 top tips to help your skin look healthy and glowing.

Detox yourself
IF you eat a lot of fast food or drink a lot of alcohol it's easy to build up a lot of toxins in your body. These toxins can get into your bloodstream which will eventually effect your skin causing irritation and breakouts. To avoid this try to cut down on junk food and the amount of units you drink a week. You can also take this further and try to cut out sugar for an entire week and up your fruit and vegetable intake. Try cutting down completely (or as much as you can) on alcohol for a week and see how different you feel!

Get juicing
If you can't face eating lots of fruit but still want to get your 5 a day, juicing is a much easier alternative. You can put a number of different fruits into the juicer to make up your shake, and you'll get the goodness from all the fruits you put in.

Use makeup that makes you glow
This one is probably more of a cover up then a solution but it's certainly a quick fix. Find a foundation for radiant skin and a highlighter to give skin a glowy, dewy finish. The highlighter will add shimmer to your cheeks to finish the look. I use Bourjois City Radiance foundation (read the review here) which gives my skin a fabulous finish. Buy it here* for £10.

Have a good skincare routine
If you don't really care for your skin then you're letting all the dead skin cells just sit on the surface. Every time you apply makeup you'll be placing it on top of dead cells allowing the makeup properties to further clog your pores. Regularly incorporate exfoliating and cleansing into your morning/nightly routine. This will allow you to remove dead skin cells, allowing the lower layer to show and reveal its brand new radiance.

Try coconut oil
You've probably heard of coconut oil by now, it's in everything from hair products to face moisturisers. Coconut oil has antioxidant properties which helps to repair and heal problem skin leaving a radiant glow.

Take vitamins
Everyone's diet needs a good dose of vitamins to give your body the best chance to fight infections and stay healthy. The most important vitamins to incorporate into your diet are Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Vitamin B helps to regenerate skin cells and slow ageing, Vitamin C allows you to achieve a bright even complexion whilst Vitamin D prevents breakouts and sallow looking skin. For the best result try taking food supplements that contain all of the above and more.

Use products that give nutrients to your skin
There's a lot of moisturisers and other face products that have ingredients such as Green Tea and Grape Seed extract. These natural ingredients are full of beneficial antioxidants which will help to restore your skin's natural properties. They also aid in preventing damage by the sun, stress and pollution.

Ice, ice baby
By running ice all over your face you are chilling the millions of cells which results in the blood running to the surface. This can lead to firmer, plumper skin and a natural rosy glow. Whilst this is only a temporary method you may find it useful to try out before a night out when you want to look your best.

Clean your makeup brushes
Did you know if you don't wash your makeup brushes you're not alone. Shockingly over 72% of women don't wash their makeup brushes. The bristles are amazingly adept at capturing dirt and bacteria which can lead to skin irritation and breakouts. By not washing your brushes you are compacting the problem day after day. Wash your brushes once a week and over time you'll start to notice a difference to your skin. Check out my guide on how to wash your brushes to get started.

Clean your smartphone
Your smartphone is probably one of your most loved possessions and you probably can't live without it. Surprisingly (or maybe not so much) smartphones breed bacteria and are actually more germ infested then a public toilet (rank). Have you ever noticed after speaking to someone the glass on your phone is sweaty and covered in makeup? This is landing on your face and every time you speak to someone you're spreading bacteria around your cheeks and jawline. Wipe the screen down with a antibacterial wipe every day to clear the germs away and avoid skin irritation.

I hope this helps you start to clear up any skin irritations. Do come back and let me know if it has helped at all!

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Monday, 23 May 2016

Rimmel The Only 1 Cheeky Coral Lipstick Review

Rimmel the only 1 cheeky coral lipstick review

What the brand says
Rimmel's The Only 1 is a lipstick that combines long lasting colour, comfort and moisture to give you a lipstick experience you won't forget.

The lipstick is currently available in 15 shades.

The Lowdown
I discovered this lipstick when I was doing a little shopping the other week. For the purpose of the review I'm testing Cheeky Coral, a mid shade red. There are quite a lot of nudes in this collection, with a few key girly pink and red shades. I don't think nude lipsticks really do anything for me and a lot of brands seem to be focusing on them at the moment which is a little disappointing. It comes with a slanted design which Rimmel state is for easier application, although I do prefer the normal bullet shape. It has a slightly artificial tropical smell.

The lipstick felt quite soft on my lips when I applied it but it did take a few swipes to get full coverage. The overall finish is quite a subdued red. It's not the most long lasting of lipsticks and had completely gone after around 2-3 hours.

The overall finish was quite matte and the colour was quite nice but the longevity was a little disappointing.

I give it 2/5

Grab it for £6.99 at Boots


  • Available in 15 shades so you're bound to find a colour you like that suits your skintone
  • Soft and comforting on the lips


  • Only lasted a few hours before disappearing completely

Friday, 20 May 2016

Seventeen Long Lash Mascara review

Seventeen long lash mascara

What the brand says
Long Lash is the latest mascara release from Seventeen that claims to give fuller, intense bold lashes that last all day.

The Lowdown
It's been a while since I last tried a Seventeen mascara but when I have I'm always pretty impressed.
This purchase came about after a quick browse in St Pancras Boots and of course a new mascara always draws me in. Long Lash has really unique packaging that has a rainbow prism of colours that appear when you  move the box in different angles. The brand new mascara has a mini brush that is designed to capture even the smallest hairs and really build up your lashes. There's a picture of a before and after on the box although the model appears to have rather long lashes (possibly lash inserts) in the before photo which is cheating really!
Seventeen long lash mascara brush

The wand is a bristle brush with tiny bristles that are smaller at the end and increase as they reach the centre of the brush. The brush felt really soft on my lashes when I applied it and there was no scratching. With the small brush it was even able to grab the smallest lashes.

After one coat my lashes did look quite defined and separated. Once I had applied two coats though whilst there was added length my lashes were slightly clumped together as you can see in the picture.

Seventeen Long Lash mascara is okay but I can't say it really gave any better results than any other high street mascara. There was also the small element of clumping that may put some people off.

I give it 2/5

Have you tried Long Lash mascara? If so what did you think of it?

Get it for £6.99 at Boots
Seventeen long lash mascara before and after


  • Lashes are lengthened
  • The small brush enables you to grab even the smallest lashes


  • Has a element of clumping if you apply more then one coat

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Four fantastic tips for great hair

four tips for great hair

Our hair is our crowning glory so if we're having a bad hair day it can feel like the end of the world. Essentially your hair is what completes your look and if it won't behave it will leave you feeling miserable and thinking about it all day. Having great hair is easier than you think, here's 4 fabulous tips to get great hair.

Colour appeal
If your hair is starting to grey or your hair has faded from a previous dye that has grown out it can leave you looking washed out or older then you are. The best way to get the right colour for you is to look at your skin tones and see what is the best match. If you're not sure you can go to a salon and they'll be able to help. You don't have to spend loads in the hairdressers either, once you have your colour sorted you can dye it at home. Try to go for a ombre look or highlights to start as they're not so extreme and are easier to start with then a full block of colour.

Your hair needs to be cared for too!
Just like your skin, your hair loves receiving nourishing treatments to keep it healthy and strong. If you don't look after it your hair will start to get dry with split ends and may become very fragile leading to breakage. The best treatments will also leave hair looking really glossy and healthy. Opt for a intensive moisturising treatment once a week for the best results. I recommend Malin & Goetz intensive hair conditioner *(RRP £20).

Shape it baby
One of the best tips for good hair is to get a haircut that suits your face shape. Whether it's to get your haircut in the latest trend or even just a few inches off, it will get rid of any dead hair and give your hair a whole new lease of life. You'll also get a lovely pampering hair wash with head massage which I'm sure will go down a treat too!

Only apply product where you need to
I'm as guilty of this one as anyone else. When you pop into the bath or shower to wash your hair your go to move is to probably plop a large dollop of product in and massage all your hair into one big lather. Oils are produced on the scalp so it's really unnecessary to apply products to the ends of the hair as it could damage the hair properties. When you rinse your hair out the lather will of course coat the lengths of your hair so it will all get washed without direct product contact.

These tips will help you to add a bit of extra tender loving care to your tresses so you can swish your hair with pride. If you have any tips that work for you do let me know!

*affiliate link

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

10 common makeup mistakes and how to fix them

how to fix makeup mistakes

Makeup is fantastic for embracing your features and exploring the numerous different looks you can create. As amazing as it is the endless potential of makeup means mistakes can be made. Whether it's the embarrassing memory of the day you plucked all your eyebrows off or when you thought plastering hair glitter all over your tresses looked really cool everyone has made a few makeup mistakes in their time. The picture you can see is of course me sporting a rather exaggerated eyeliner look. I didn't think it looked bad at the time but we live and learn!

Even when we get older mistakes are still made, here's 10 top tips on the mistakes you might be making and how to avoid them.

Excessive use of eyeliner is a no-no!
Eyeliner is great for accentuating your eyes and adding a bit of glamour. It can be very easy to go a bit crazy with the eyeliner and end up with a massive black line around your eye (see above for said example). To avoid looking like a racoon with tiny eyes try to make your liner as slim lined as possible. You can use a eyeshadow brush to line some powder underneath your eye for extra definition.

Don't skip mascara
Mascara widens your eyes and makes them appear a lot bigger. If you skip mascara and apply makeup everywhere else the look will not look finished. There are hundreds of different types of mascaras available including volumising, curling and defining so the opportunity to try different looks are (almost) endless.

Always apply suntan lotion
Not every makeup product has sun protection factor in it so it's important to still apply it when you wear makeup.Skin cancer is all over the news nowadays and being exposed to the sun with unprotected skin makes you a prime target. There are products with sun protection factor in them and a setting powder with a high SPF will give you the best chance of protection from sun damage.

Wearing too much foundation
You want your foundation to  conceal any blemishes and look like a second skin. What you don't want is a face that looks like you've applied your makeup with a trowel. You know the look, the rather orange greasy looking faces where every spot and fine line has been accentuated. The key is to get a foundation that suits your skin type and only accentuates what you want. I.e. a foundation with a hydrating formula to give you a dewy finish. Less is more so start off with one coat and if you need more then build the coverage up.

Keep your makeup dry
It may seem handy to keep your makeup in the bathroom as it's probably where you get ready. However if you want to keep your makeup for as long as you can I would recommend avoiding it. Bathrooms tend to be quite damp humid environments which can help bacteria to grow potentially contaminating and drying out your products. After all you don't want to increase your chances of breakouts by rubbing bacteria all over your face!

Using eyelash curlers after applying mascara
This is probably one of the biggest makeup mistakes you can make and I see it a lot. If you apply eyelash curlers after your mascara has dried you could potentially break your eyelashes as they're more frigid. You could also kink them into a unusual shape.

Keeping makeup past its expiry date
Makeup like every product has an expiry date for a reason. Once a product has passed it used by date it doesn't work to its full potential anymore, will start to dry out and breed bacteria. Just imagine how much bacteria is growing in a year old mascara, pretty yuck hey! Here's a quick guide on how long you should keep each product:

  • Mascara - 3 months
  • Lip gloss - 18 to 24 months
  • Lipstick and lip liner - 1 year
  • Concealers - 12 to 18 months
  • Cream foundations - 18 months
  • Oil free foundation - 1 month
  • Powders - 2 years
  • Cream shadows and blushers - 12-18 months
  • Liquid or gel eyeliner - 3 months
  • Pencil eyeliner - 2 years

Applying makeup in the wrong light
Have you ever woke up and applied makeup in the dark? By the time you saw yourself in natural daylight you probably realised it was a big mistake. By that time everyone had seen what you look like. If you apply makeup in the wrong lighting you will probably apply too much/the wrong shade. To avoid looking like coco the clown try to apply your makeup where a lot of daylight hits, like next to a window.

Don't skip your skincare
Skincare is there for a reason, it helps to keep your skin healthy and well nourished. It will also help to avoid fine lines and wrinkles as you get older. By using a regular moisturiser you will eliminate dry skin and give makeup a smooth base so it will glide on smoothly. Regular cleansing/exfoliating will also get rid of bacteria on the skin to avoid breakouts.

Wearing the wrong colour on your brows
Your eyebrows are designed to frame your eyes and can really complete your look. Once you've shaped your eyebrows you'll probably want to fill in your brows. Step carefully though as if you use the wrong shade it will look unnatural and very obvious that the look wasn't real. The best example of this would be having brows that don't match your hair colour.

Hopefully these makeup tips will guide you if you've slipped into a few bad habits. By sticking to a few ground rules your makeup will last longer and you'll look and feel much better!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette review

Urban decay alice in wonderland eyeshadow palette

Urban Decay have teamed up with Disney to launch their Alice in Wonderland themed palette. As soon as I set my eyes on this palette I thought it was beautiful with its unique packaging and it really stood out compared to their other products.

Check out my first impressions video to get a full insight into the product and watch my exclusive tutorial.

Buy yours for £43 at Urban Decay. Also available at other stores.
Have you tried this palette? If so what did you think?

Monday, 16 May 2016

How to win at competitions

Top tips on winning competitions

Competitions are amazing for giving opportunities you could only dream of experiencing. Whether it's sunning yourself in the Caribbean or meeting your favourite celebrity anything is possible in the world of what competition hobbyists fondly call comping. This article will give you some great tips on how to win at competitions.

how to win cadburys chocolateEntering competitions has been a fond hobby of mine since 2008 when I got jealous of all the prizes my brother was winning. I didn't win much at first and my first prize was a cookbook. However I persevered and my comping hobby certainly paid off. I can't list everything but here's a few of the larger prizes I have won:

cadburys chocolate
  • Fly Cadburys trip to Berlin with hotel stay, Segway tour, dinner at the Sky Kitchen Michelin restaurant and £500 spending money.  There was also all the chocolate we could eat! Read my full review of our Cadburys trip here

  • Trip to Belfast with a tour
  • Trip to Paris for the Tour de France staying at a Radisson hotel on the Champs Elysees.
  • Makeover with Remington
  • iPad
  • iPad 2
  • iPhone 4s

pick me up magazine

So now I have whetted your appetite lets get onto the tips!

Enter as many competitions as you can
This one is pretty obvious. The more you enter the higher chance you have of winning a prize. Make sure you do only enter for what you want to win though or when you do win it won't be as exciting as you think.

Go for smaller prizes
Whilst that holiday to Australia is amazing and I highly recommend you enter it, your chances of winning are quite slim. With any high value prize whilst everyone has the chance to win it's just not as likely as a smaller prize. Smaller competitions are still good and offer useful prizes for you and your family. Also opt for competitions where there's more than one prize like 100 sets of makeup for example.

Get creative
People love to enter things that are simple as they're quick and easy. If you want to up your chances of winning get creative! There are many creative competitions that can involve submitting photos, coming up with a witty slogan, making a video or drawing or writing a story. They do require more effort then normal but if you have a certain skill you can draw on it to win some prizes!

Make your entry stand out
Whilst you can't make every entry stand out, for example a prize draw competition, when you have the chance it's worth trying to maximise your chances. If you're sending a postcard off to enter a competition and you're sure it's not a automatic processed entry (you can tell by the address) use colourful postcards with pictures on to increase your chances of being picked.

The art of entering competitions is ultimately to be patient. If you enter a lot and don't win you can get disheartened and give up. Believe me I've been there. All it takes though is that one amazing win and you're right back on cloud 9. Head to The Prizefinder to get started. What has been your most amazing win to date?


Friday, 13 May 2016

Next Make Me Beautiful Perfect Look eye palette

Next make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadow palette

What the brand says
Next one of the biggest players in the fashion industry have taken a step into the beauty industry with the release of their latest collection. The range has products in each category including blushers, eyeliner, eyeshadows, highlighters, nail varnishes, lip glosses and lipsticks. They have also released a cute collection of makeup bags to store all your new makeup in. Alongside the new beauty collection, Next are due to release a range of body products and mascara shortly.
Next make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadow palette shades
The Lowdown
I was originally invited to the launch of the Next Beauty range and I was gutted that I couldn't make it due to work. On a recent shopping trip however I find some of the new collection in my local Next store. I noticed that some of the products including the blushers, highlighters and eyeshadows were incredibly pigmented.

next make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadow palette swatchNext Perfect Look is a 10 shade eye palette with 6 pigmented and 4 matte shades. It comes in a stylish metallic silver palette and has a small mirror and double ended brush. What struck me instantly was how pretty the palette was and the intensity of the shimmer on the pigmented shades. A sucker for gold shades, the 2nd and 3rd shades really stood out and I'm pretty sure they will look amazing on. Whilst there isn't a huge variety of variation in the colours, this palette will be great for a night out or a special occasion.

I did find quite a lot of the shades had to be applied with a heavy hand for the shadow to appear as vibrant as it does in the swatch. The darker colours did however show up with very little pressure, but I guess that's to be expected. Once I'd seen the eyeshadows perform to their full potential I was actually really pleased. The colours are really pretty and a lot of them, even the matte shades has a subtle shimmer. I'm loving the silver (1), light gold (2), darker gold (3) and dark silver (9) the most as they're stunning shades.

The eyeshadows were really easy to apply although with the lighter shades I did have to do several applications. There was no fall out and they lasted all day without fading.

For the look I went for I used number 2 (light gold), number 3 (darker gold) and number 7 (shimmery brown). Here's how I created the look:

1. I applied number 2 to the whole of my eyelid including under the brow bone
2. Next I applied number 3 to the outer edge of my eye blending the two golds together
3. On the very outer edge of my eye I applied number 7 to make the look stand out more.
Next make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadow palette look

This is a lovely palette with some really pretty shades. At £10.00 it's about a £1 a shade which is pretty reasonable. As I mentioned earlier some of the shades take a little while to get a good result but you do get there in the end.
next make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadow palette finished look

I give it 4/5

You can get it in all good Next stores, or alternatively you can get it online here


  • Contains 10 shades for a number of different looks
  • The strong shades makes it the perfect palette for creating a statement look for a night out
  • Pretty much all the shades has a subtle shimmer with the pigmented shades really standing out
  • A lot of the shades are really pretty and stand out
  • No fall out
  • Lasts all day


  • Some of the shades did take a lot of pressure to get the full colour impact

Thursday, 12 May 2016

8 Ways to Destress

8 ways to relieve stress

As a busy woman finding time to take a step back, relax and destress can actually be quite difficult. It's important to remember that whilst you're making space for your friends and your family you should take time out for yourself. This fabulous article on 8 ways to destress will help you rediscover yourself and what you love doing.

Pamper yourself
Nothing relieves stress more than a warm bubble bath with some sensual body products and a good book. Sink down into the bubbles and let your worries melt away. If you suffer from muscle ache it might help to get a bath product that helps with sore muscles. A bath cushion will also let you lay down without drowning!

Catch up on your favourite programs
I don't know about you but my weekends are lost in Netflix when I'm engrossed in a series. Recently I've watched the whole of Pretty Little Liars (which I'm missing badly, who is the new Big A!?) and before that Gossip Girl. Chilling out in front of the TV may seem lazy but you get to lose yourself and forget about running around after other people for a change.

Do some gentle exercise
I'm not saying you should run a marathon but very gentle exercise is a good way to get those feel good endorphins racing. Go for a leisurely swim or yoga class to get your muscles working and rid yourself of that lazy feel after watching as much TV as you can handle!

Immerse yourself in nature (or look outside your window)
People look out of the window for a reason - it's actually pretty relaxing. Being able to see the world go on around you is great because you're taking your mind off bigger things and experiencing new settings. To make it even better take yourself out to a park and feed the ducks. It's not just toddlers who love seeing those quirky little creatures!

Surround yourself in nature
Flowers are beautiful and they can really lift your mood too. They come in all shapes and all colours of the rainbow and add a bit of style to any setting. It is believed that nature has such a effect on us as they were a means of survival in caveman days when microwave meals and junk food simply wasn't an option.

Kissing time
Kissing makes us feel good as it releases feel good endorphins. Mother nature of course wants to encourage you to reproduce but you can use this feeling to your own benefit. Getting close to someone will relieve your anxiety and help you to feel less isolated. Aim for a 10 second kiss for the ultimate impact.

Don't let your allergies flare up
It may seem a bit weird but allergies can actually have a effect on your stress levels. For example if you suffer from hayfever you may find that when the pollen increases you start to get itchy eyes, a runny nose and generally feel pretty rubbish. This in turn will make your mood drop and you'll be less likely to want to do anything because you don't feel great. This can affect your mood levels which will change your stress levels in the background. The same applies for any other allergies you may suffer from.

Get your feelings out
If someone has really wound you up it's bound to affect your mood and make your stress levels rocket. Obviously you can't talk back to the person who's upset you, especially if it's a customer, but there is a way to let your anger go. Pretend you're still in that situation and say what you'd love to say back to the person who annoyed you. You'll get your feelings out without getting sacked or losing a friend!

I hope these techniques help you to take a step back and realise it's important to set time aside for you. Do let me know how you get on!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My 3 favourite eyeshadow palettes

I have so many eyeshadow palettes that I adore, but I simply wouldn't have time to show you them all. I love eyeshadow for its ability to really transform your eyes and make you stand out compared to the girl next to you. Makeup Revolution is my favourite brand at the moment even above Urban Decay as they have such affordable palettes with amazing pigmentation.

So here's to my 3 current favourite palettes.

Urban decay Naked palette

Urban Decay Naked
The original Naked palette is well up there in my list of favourites. The palette is very versatile with a mixture of matte and pigmented shades. The majority of shades are perfect for a neutral eye and I'm loving Half Baked and Side Car. It comes with a mirror and a double ended eyeshadow brush so it's perfect for applying on the go.

urban decay naked eyeshadows
Get yours for £38.50 at Debenhams 

makeup revolution salvation girls on film palette

Makeup Revolution Salvation Girls on Film palette
The Girls on Film palette is super glamorous with 12 pigmented and 6 matte shades. With shades across the spectrum you can create so many different looks taking it from start to finish with a mixture of matte and pigmented shades. The matte shades are not the best but the shimmery shades more then make up for it and I love Lights Flashing and Camera Rolling. It comes with a mirror and double ended sponge brush. Check out my full review here. Did I mention it's on sale for a super amazing price of £4.00!

makeup revolution girls on film shades
Get yours for £4.00 at Supedrug 

makeup revolution pro looks big love palette

Makeup Revolution Pro Looks palette Big Love
The Big Love palette is perfect for when you've got a big night planned. It has three sets of colours for three completely different looks. The quality of the eyeshadows is simply fabulous and extremely pigmented for the price. I love the second and third range of colours the most as they give a really strong smokey eye. Each shade blends really well and there was pretty much no fall out. I wasn't such a fan of the first range of colours as a whole but you can easily mix and match to suit your outfit. Check out my video review here. At £6.00 this is a amazing bargain buy for so many lovely looks. You will also get a large mirror and double ended sponge brush.
makeup revolution pro looks big love eyeshadows

Get it for £6.00 at Makeup Revolution 

Have you tried any of these palettes? What do you think of them?

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

UK Blog Awards 2016 Goody Bag

UK Blog awards 2016 goody bag
Last week I attended the UK Blog Awards 2016 (read my thoughts of the event here) and after the event I went away with a packed goody bag.

uk blog awards 2016 goody bag contents

Here's a quick sneak peek into what was inside:
1. Roast magazine -  it had a few recipe ideas including of course roast dinners.
2. Lypsyl Lip Balm - a lip balm which is good for when you have chapped lips.
3. Stick to Stigu - a essential planner for 2016
4. Piccolo bag - I didn't look too closely at these as they didn't look too appetising but I think they're nuts
5. Ginger teatox Superfood Flapjack - a flapjack bar made of ginger. Perfect for when you want to eat healthily
6. Divine milk and dark chocolate Belgian selection - a collection of delightful milk and dark Belgian chocolates. My mum loves these so she had fun devouring them.
7. Sugru Fix That Thing Glue - this is a interesting glue that can be moulded around anything. So if you have a broken charger wire or something hanging off you can mould it back on.
8. Jar - this was a very heavy jar that had a few things inside including blue glitter, a recipe for a cocktail and something else (I can't remember what). It can be used to store anything including cocktail juice.
9. Mouse mat - pretty self explanatory, a mouse mat with the UK Blog Awards logo on.

In all fairness I was a little bit disappointed withe UK Blog Awards 2016 goody bag. As the 'oscars' of the blogging industry I was hoping for a little more including more utilisation of their large sponsors like Debenhams and Odeon. It didn't matter too much as I had a free ticket but if I had paid £60 I would've hoped to go home with a little more.

What do you think of the goody bag?

Monday, 9 May 2016

Non-touring the new beauty trend for Spring/Summer 2016

what is non-touring

We've had strobing and contouring, but now there's a new beauty trend in town - non-touring. Unlike its predecessors, non-touring which has been trialled by the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, is a lot easier to get the hang of.

So what is it?

Non-touring is a new form of highlighting that uses only a few products and is guaranteed to give you beautiful dewy skin. It's also a lot more natural so if you're not a fan of the 'I'm wearing makeup' look, this is probably more your bag.

With Summer just around the corner it's also perfect for that low key, natural look.

What will you need?
To create the look you will need a primer, tinted moisturiser or bb cream and a highlighter.

Here's a few tips on how to master the technique:
1. Prep your skin with a good primer so your bb cream/tinted moisturiser has a good base to settle on.
2. Apply your bb cream or tinted moisturiser as it's light but gives skin that subtle glow that will really help to complement the highlighter.
3. Get your favourite highlighter and place it on places where the sun would normally hit, think your nose, forehead, cheekbones and cupid's bow.
how to do non-touring

Non-touring is super easy to get the hang of and there is pretty much no blending involved. Let me know what you think of this technique and if you've tried it!


Friday, 6 May 2016

5 steps to Spring clean your makeup routine

Spring cleaning is the time to purge your closets, organize your belongings, and clean to your heart’s desire. It’s the perfect way to start the new season- organized and renewed- and to prepare for the coming summer!

So is it a surprise that you should clean your makeup bag as well? Definitely not. After all, the cleanliness of your makeup bag, like anything, needs to maintained and upheld. If simply left, you'd have a makeup bag full of dingy old products that you never use! Here is QC Makeup Academy's 5-step Makeup Spring Cleaning Routine.

5 Step Makeup Spring Cleaning Routine


Thursday, 5 May 2016

Makeup Revolution Iconic Palette 3 Review

Makeup revolution iconic 3

What the brand says
Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 is the third installment of the popular Iconic palette. The palette consists of 12 shades that are a mixture of pearl, shimmer and matte finishes.

The Lowdown
As you all know I'm a massive fan of Makeup Revolution eyeshadows and recently went on a pretty big splurge (haul will be on Youtube soon). I love the Iconic palettes as the shades are so pretty and have fabulous pigmentation. This palette does have the best of both worlds with half the palette consisting of lighter jewel shades whilst the other half has darker, smoker tones. It doesn't come with a mirror or eyeshadow brush but at  £4 you can't really quibble.

As you can see in the photo a lot of the shades in the palette have very strong pigmentation with real shimmer to them. I do really love 5 and 6 as they're really strong colours but at the same time they're not too intense.

For my look I opted for pretty pastel shades for a pretty Spring look.To recreate it read on:

1. First I covered my lid with number 3, a light pink matte base with surprisingly strong pigmentation
2. On the outer half of the lid I applied number 2, a light pink shimmer
3. For the finish I went for number 5, a pretty dark pink/purple shade on the very outer corner of my eye.

The eyeshadow blends well and applies really easily. The finish was a really cute shimmery eye that is perfect for teaming up with a little tea dress as the weather gets warmer (!). Several hours after applying the eyeshadow is still going strong and hasn't creased. After the initial application there isn't any fall out either.

This palette is so versatile and you can do so much with it. There is the odd shade that doesn't work so well but the majority are really good and give a really strong colour. At £4 it's an absolute steal and I recommend you buy it now!

Get it for £4 at Superdrug 


  • Amazing bargain buy at just £4!
  • The palette is very versatile you can wear shades alone or together for numerous looks
  • Majority of the shades have excellent pigmentation 
  • Several hours after application the eyeshadow still looks great and hasn't creased!


  • One or two of the shades are quite light and don't have a very good colour payoff. 


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

8 ways of dealing with anxiety

8 ways of dealing with anxiety

When you're feeling very anxious, things that normally seem easy start to become difficult and little niggles can become big worries. Whether it's dealing with a presentation in front of a lot of people or even trying something new on your own anxiety often creeps up, sometimes even when you don't expect it. Having suffered with anxiety that feeling of panic and edginess is very predictable and I can start to recognise the patterns.  For me anxiety essentially comes from the fear of the unknown, of being thrown into situations where I don't know anyone and I'm essentially alone. I'll then start to doubt myself and think I'm not good enough. Anxiety is essentially a feeling that comes from the thought that we can't cope. By using these 8 techniques you can start to overcome this anxiety and learn of ways of dealing with it. A lot of these have helped in dealing with anxiety in my life.

Take time out 
Often being thrown into a whole new situation can seem very scary and cause a lot of anxiety to build. For example if you went to a event on your own and knew you had to mingle so you didn't look alone. If that doesn't come naturally to you it can be a very anxious time. Take 5 minutes to assess the situation and come up with a strategy, i.e. I'll choose to talk to those people first and then go from there. The same thought process can be applied to any situation where you feel anxious.

Take deep breaths
So you've got to do a presentation in front of hundreds of people? I can feel your terror already! Public speaking is a skill and it doesn't come easily to everyone. Before your presentation make sure you make key notes for pointers and know what you're going to say. Focus on one place (like the back wall) so you're looking at your audience and eventually you should start to gather your confidence. If you feel stuttery or wary at any time just take a deep breath. Again in any situation where you feel anxious, slow your breathing down by thinking calm thoughts and focus on your breathing. If you can get one, a paper bag will help.

Don't burn the midnight oil..
If you're burning the wicks at both ends, chances are eventually you'll burn out. Don't try to please everyone, if you can't fit a certain activity into your day be honest about it. It's important to get at last 6 hours a sleep a night so your body can rest and restore itself. Sleep is vital for a healthy mind.

Keep it balanced
Having a good healthy diet will give you all the nutrients and vitamins you need to keep your brain in the best condition. If you just eat junk food all day you'll be filling your body with fat and sugar and very little else. Whilst I wouldn't say eating a lot of junk can directly cause anxiety, it would start to give you poor digestive health which in turn can lead to worry and anxiety. Fill your diet with a equal mix of fruit, vegetables and lean proteins to give your body the best nutrients it can have.

Exercising is great
Exercise is fantastic for creating feel good endorphins that make you feel amazing. So not only will you be getting healthier but those feel good hormones will help to drive the anxiety away. Some fabulous exercises for deep relaxation include Tai Chi or Yoga which use slow rhythmic movements rather than energetic exercise.

Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake
Alcohol and caffeine are extremely addictive and if taken in excess can start to cause you a lot of problems. Heavy dependence on these products can lead to anxiety and panic attacks, especially if you don't have any for a certain amount of time.

Sharing is caring
Don't you feel better when you're having a great catch up with your friend? Life just seems like a better place doesn't it? Connecting with people you love is a great way to help share any worries you have and improve your mood. You'll also find if you mention your anxiety that you're certainly not the only one to feel that way!

Connect with the world around you
Nature is beautiful and so many lovely things can be discovered just by embracing it. Take a walk in the park or the woods, ride a bike or even take a hike. The fresh air will help to clear your mind and help you to take perspective on your situation. You're also exercising which again releases feel good endorphins.

I hope you find this article useful in dealing with your anxiety and find strategies to help you cope. If you suffer with panic attacks I have written a poignant article which you can read here.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Win £500 with Maje clothing!

Win £500 clothing vouchers

Maje is a unique clothing boutique originally established in France. Their clothing is very delicate with a real feminine touch. Maje aren't all sweetness and light though as they like to make a scene with their statement pieces. I simply love the pink and yellow dress you can see above.

Why not try your luck to win £500 by signing up to their newsletter here.

You can read all the terms and conditions here.

Competition closes on Sunday 8th May so get in there quick if you want a chance to win!

Good luck!

*this is a affiliate link


The 10 top surveys sites to make money from

10 top surveys sites to make money

Whilst taking surveys won't make you millions it will certainly earn you a few extra treats to spoil your family with. Here I'll give you a insight into the top 10 survey sites you can make money from.

Pinecone is a fantastic reward site that gives a guaranteed £3 per survey. You pretty much never get screened out and surveys are on a variety of topics from household cleaners to crisps. I've been sent a lot of products to try for this site and the surveys can be very interesting. You can use your points on Pinecone to get gifts like Swarovski necklaces, perfume, clothing vouchers, paypal and lots more. It is invite only but if you hunt around you can find a invite to join. Referrals can be found on Moneysavingexpert and through other survey sites.

Visit  Pinecone

I-Say is a great survey site that regularly sends out well paying surveys. Occasionally you'll get invites to longer activities which will get you more points. I've been sent a number of items in the past including crisps, household products, food items and lots more. To cash out you need around 1200 points which equals a £10 voucher which you can spend on shops like Amazon and John Lewis. Surveys are on a wide variety of topics.

Visit I-Say

Opinion Outpost
Opinion Outpost is a good survey site with regular surveys. The points for each survey does seem quite low but you do only need 50 points to get a £5 Amazon voucher. Contents on surveys vary from what you use for your electronics, the type of phone you use, food etc.One of the best things about this survey site is the speed at which you will receive your reward, you definitely won't be kept waiting!

Visit Opinion Outpost

Mindmovers is fantastic for quick surveys which soon build up your rewards balance. Survey rewards vary from 50p to £3 normally but are generally around the £1 range. If you're not suitable you get screened out quickly so you don't waste your time filling it in if you're not suitable.

Visit MindMover

Valued Opinions
Valued Opinions has been around a long time and provides regular daily surveys. Surveys generally pay from 50p to £1 but you occasionally get invited to online or physical focus groups or longer tasks for more rewards. With your points you can buy Amazon vouchers, Boots vouchers, Sainsbury's vouchers and lots more. You do have to pay a bit extra for the administration of the vouchers (50p charge on a £10 voucher) which is a bit of a pain but not the end of the world.

Visit Valued Opinions

Some people love Toluna some don't. Toluna send out regular surveys varying from 1200 points to 11,000 points (rare). It can be a little confusing in regards to what the points are worth as they seem quite high, but you can get £35 paypal for around 185,000 points. They do take a little while to pay out but you'll get there in the end. Rewards vary from high street vouchers to Paypal.

Visit Toluna

Populus Live
Populus Live is a fabulous well paying survey sites with regular interesting surveys. Surveys generally have rewards of around £2 per survey and cash out is reached automatically at £50. You will then be sent a cheque to the address you gave on registration (unless you've changed it). They are very heavy on quality control and will instantly screen you out if you click something that is inconsistent with something you said previously. You have been warned.

Visit Populus Live

YourWord sends out regular daily surveys with rewards normally ranging from 50p to £1. Rewards do build up really quickly and you can exchange them for highstreet vouchers and Amazon. Occasionally they'll do a forum or longer survey for higher rewards. I've been a member for about a year or so now and I'd highly recommend them. YourWord do a variety of rewards including Amazon and high street vouchers like New Look.

Visit YourWord

Your Say Pays
This is a relatively unknown survey site but I think it's great. Surveys are super quick and whilst its quite low payment (around 25p-50p a survey) the rewards do soon rack up. For some reason they don't send email invites often so it's best to keep checking the site. You can catch out at £20 through Paypal or Amazon.

Visit Your Say Pays

Opinium Research 

This is a good survey site that sends out fairly regular surveys. You pretty much never get screened out so you are guaranteed rewards. Surveys are often related to politics and banking but you do get other subjects. Payment is sent once you reach £25, you can exchange it for BACs, cheque or a Amazon voucher.

Visit Opinium Research

Do let me know if you join any of these panels and whether you think it's worth the time!

Monday, 2 May 2016

UK Blog Awards 2016

UK Blog awards 2016

The 29th April 2016 was a special day in the hearts of many bloggers. It was a night of glamour, recognition and fun, the UK Blog Awards 2016.

I was lucky enough to have been shortlisted for two categories, beauty and lifestyle and was super excited to attend my first ever award ceremony.
uk blog awards 2016 beauty shortlisted categories

The awards were held at the Park Plaza hotel on Westminster bridge, London. This years theme was the BFG in order to celebrate what would have been Roald Dahl's 100th birthday. Lots of bloggers and brands arrived in their droves to celebrate the third year of the blog awards. It was certainly a very well dressed affair. I went on my own to the awards so did find it a bit intimidating as everyone seemed to be in pairs or groups. I did get to know a few lovely ladies though who started chatting to me. Before the event there was lots of canapes going around, they were very pretty with little flowers on top, but not really to my taste unfortunately. I'm all about the little hamburgers. The BFG also made a appearance greeting all the guests and taking selfies!
bfg roald dahl

uk blog awards 2016 odeon pop up cinemaOdeon had a fabulous pop up cinema set up with a large screen tv and number of cinema seats taking centre place. The TV screened the latest trailers and Odeon was giving away yummy packets of sweet popcorn. I even saw the trailer for 'Girl on a Train'. I've read the book which is pretty good but I have to say the film looks like it's going in a bit of a different direction.

So at 8.30pm everyone filed into the main hall for the award ceremony. In each category there were two commended bloggers and the main winner. I thought it was poignant that they mentioned Girl on Top, a blog about a womans battle with breast cancer. Sadly she has since passed away but her blog tells a very inspirational, brave and strong story and that's what blogging is really about. Everyone did amazingly to be picked for the top ten and have that achievement out of 2000 bloggers who entered the awards. Unfortunately I didn't win in either category but to be in the top ten is still a achievement.
uk blog awards 2016 event
uk blog awards 2016 beauty and lifestyle shortlisted blogs

Head over to the UK Blog Awards for a full list of the winners and commended blogs.

After the awards I nipped off home as I had a train to catch. I went away with a goody bag full of interesting tit bits. Keep checking in to see what was inside!
I did go away with two certificates! 

Were you at the Blog Awards 2016? If not do you think it's a great way of celebrating home grown talent?
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