Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Dreams of Being published!

Well today I was looking throught the Writers and Artists Handbook for more agents I could send my novel to and low and behold I've realised there's only about 5 pages left. So far I feel I could paper a wall with the rejection letters I'm receiving from these agencies. It does make me think are they right ? Or is my story like the Harry Potter series where JK Rowling had many rejections before someone took her on.

*My collection of letters from the agencies!*
It does make me wonder however, how many rejections did she have exactly? When I look at published writers stories I don't think my novel is that different. Still if they want to miss out on a gem I guess that's their loss when I'm rich and famous... *dont laugh. * :)

Monday, 12 April 2010

Remington Wet to Dry prize .. woop woop

For the best hair flick video on the Remington Wet to Dry competition I have only gone and won a glamorous photo shoot with one of London's top photographers, backstage pics and videos to be placed on their website, free lunch, my travel paid for and a full cd of the days pics.

Now that is more like the kind of prize I love to win!

I will post the pics of the day on here when I have them! :)

Writing to win...

I spend a awful lot of money trying to win these short story comps and I sure hope my hard work, determination... and cash pay off! lol!

Today I got a email notifying me I had been shortlisted (again) for the Meridian Writing competition. Check out the website here and look for Mistake of a Lifetime.

Wish me luck!  :)

Monday, 5 April 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend was Eggcellent!

Hey hey everyone.

Had a Bank holiday weekend, went to a work's Ann Summers party earlier on in Saturday and then went out for a rare night out with some old friends from school. I was disappointed that the shops weren't open on Sunday, I always seem to forget they are and wake up far earlier then I should have!

Today I went along with my mum to the Museum of Kent Life where I stroked a few sheep and baby lambs, got startled by a pig who decided he wanted to jump up to say hello and then had a look at all the old replicas of cottages during the 1940's, 1950's etc. We also attempted a bunny hunt but forgot all about it halfway through and then remembered again and only got a total of about 5 bunnies. Damn I missed out on a tiny mini egg. So disappointed. lol. Then we headed off to Sherwood Oak for a quick bite to eat and I got in the wrong lane on the roundabout and almost smashed my car up hahahaha. Still alls well that ends well eh!:)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Road Rage!

Two posts in one day, aren't you all the lucky ones :) lol. Well I was driving home from seeing Kick Ass last night (a very interesting interlope of slight humour, Kill Bill style and film noir I must add) and I got stuck behind a BMW doing 30... what!

If you're going to drive a Beemer surely you should drive more to the speed limit as this was in a 40, and instead he just took the piss or she I didn't see and drove like a complete moron, and every time they sped up slightly they slowed down just a quick to fucking fuck me off I bet! Fucking dangerous loons, as soon as they went to turn right I was off!

Had another berk today doing about 40 in a 60... seriously who put these people on the road?

Oh Barry! (Manilow that is)

Hello, got another win through the post today, this time a Barry Manilow Greatest Love Songs of All Time. What a prize lol, as it's not really my cup of tea I've posted it on Ebay, if you wish to check it out click here!

On a side note that photo makes him look around 20, the airbrushers are doing a great job!
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