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The 10 top surveys sites to make money from

10 top surveys sites to make money

Whilst taking surveys won't make you millions it will certainly earn you a few extra treats to spoil your family with. Here I'll give you a insight into the top 10 survey sites you can make money from.

Pinecone is a fantastic reward site that gives a guaranteed £3 per survey. You pretty much never get screened out and surveys are on a variety of topics from household cleaners to crisps. I've been sent a lot of products to try for this site and the surveys can be very interesting. You can use your points on Pinecone to get gifts like Swarovski necklaces, perfume, clothing vouchers, paypal and lots more. It is invite only but if you hunt around you can find a invite to join. Referrals can be found on Moneysavingexpert and through other survey sites.

Visit  Pinecone

I-Say is a great survey site that regularly sends out well paying surveys. Occasionally you'll get invites to longer activities which will get you more points. I've been sent a number of items in the past including crisps, household products, food items and lots more. To cash out you need around 1200 points which equals a £10 voucher which you can spend on shops like Amazon and John Lewis. Surveys are on a wide variety of topics.

Visit I-Say

Opinion Outpost
Opinion Outpost is a good survey site with regular surveys. The points for each survey does seem quite low but you do only need 50 points to get a £5 Amazon voucher. Contents on surveys vary from what you use for your electronics, the type of phone you use, food etc.One of the best things about this survey site is the speed at which you will receive your reward, you definitely won't be kept waiting!

Visit Opinion Outpost

Mindmovers is fantastic for quick surveys which soon build up your rewards balance. Survey rewards vary from 50p to £3 normally but are generally around the £1 range. If you're not suitable you get screened out quickly so you don't waste your time filling it in if you're not suitable.

Visit MindMover

Valued Opinions
Valued Opinions has been around a long time and provides regular daily surveys. Surveys generally pay from 50p to £1 but you occasionally get invited to online or physical focus groups or longer tasks for more rewards. With your points you can buy Amazon vouchers, Boots vouchers, Sainsbury's vouchers and lots more. You do have to pay a bit extra for the administration of the vouchers (50p charge on a £10 voucher) which is a bit of a pain but not the end of the world.

Visit Valued Opinions

Some people love Toluna some don't. Toluna send out regular surveys varying from 1200 points to 11,000 points (rare). It can be a little confusing in regards to what the points are worth as they seem quite high, but you can get £35 paypal for around 185,000 points. They do take a little while to pay out but you'll get there in the end. Rewards vary from high street vouchers to Paypal.

Visit Toluna

Populus Live
Populus Live is a fabulous well paying survey sites with regular interesting surveys. Surveys generally have rewards of around £2 per survey and cash out is reached automatically at £50. You will then be sent a cheque to the address you gave on registration (unless you've changed it). They are very heavy on quality control and will instantly screen you out if you click something that is inconsistent with something you said previously. You have been warned.

Visit Populus Live

YourWord sends out regular daily surveys with rewards normally ranging from 50p to £1. Rewards do build up really quickly and you can exchange them for highstreet vouchers and Amazon. Occasionally they'll do a forum or longer survey for higher rewards. I've been a member for about a year or so now and I'd highly recommend them. YourWord do a variety of rewards including Amazon and high street vouchers like New Look.

Visit YourWord

Your Say Pays
This is a relatively unknown survey site but I think it's great. Surveys are super quick and whilst its quite low payment (around 25p-50p a survey) the rewards do soon rack up. For some reason they don't send email invites often so it's best to keep checking the site. You can catch out at £20 through Paypal or Amazon.

Visit Your Say Pays

Opinium Research 

This is a good survey site that sends out fairly regular surveys. You pretty much never get screened out so you are guaranteed rewards. Surveys are often related to politics and banking but you do get other subjects. Payment is sent once you reach £25, you can exchange it for BACs, cheque or a Amazon voucher.

Visit Opinium Research

Do let me know if you join any of these panels and whether you think it's worth the time!

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