Friday, 14 December 2012

Beauty UK Posh Polish in Intergalactic: The ultimate festival nail polish

It's Sparkle all the way with Beauty UK's new range of Posh Polishes.

Posh Polish is a rich combination of red green and yellow glitter which really envokes the colours of the festive season.

I applied the polish literally and it was quite thin on the first coat but had more coverage on the second application. It will probably look better as a overcoat on another colour such as pink or red.

The polish did unfortunately start peeling a day or so in and i'm left with a few nails with only half the polish remaining.

At just over £3 this is a fantastic bargain product that you can pick up in most high street stores. It's a fantastic imitation of a rather more expensive Nails Inc glitter polish and will look great on top of another colour.

I'll give it a 3.5/5

  • Great festive colour
  • Cheaper imitation of more expensive Nails Inc varnish
  • The glittery polish will look fantastic on top of another colour
  • Bit too thin to be used as a standalone polish
  • Chipped quite easily
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Purity said...

Nice for xmas! A great bargain, xoxo.

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