Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Make the perfect sandwich with Taste Inc

taste inc chicken fillet review

What the brand says
Are you struggling for ideas for your lunch or a healthy dinner? Taste Inc have come up with the perfect solution with their new range of chicken fillets in original and spicy flavours.

The chicken fillets come in a hygienic sealed packs of five and can easily be torn off for lunch boxes or dinners.

The Lowdown
Having grown up eating the Taste Inc chicken burgers (only as a treat mind) it was refreshing to see Taste Inc had come up with a healthier meat based product.

Unlike their chicken burgers which are produced with only 43% chicken, the new chargrilled chicken fillets are much more nutritious and healthy with 100% chicken content. The 100% chargrilled chicken fillets are only 45 (original) -52 (spicy) calories, are high in protein, low in saturated fat, salt and carbohydrates.

taste inc chicken fillet original and spicy review

I love a good sandwich so went for the original chicken fillet with chunky bacon rashers, cherry tomatoes and mayo. The chicken tasted really fresh and I definitely noticed a chargrilled taste. I didn't try the spicy version as I'm not a fan of spicy food, but it's good to see there's more than one flavour available.

Whilst I used the chicken in a sandwich, the chicken fillets are really versatile and could be used in a salad, soup or even as the main ingredient alongside new potatoes and vegetables. The fillets are great value for money, are good for you and taste great. A real treat that will make you feel good with out hurting your pocket.

Available in all good supermarkets for £2.70


  • Both the spicy and original chicken fillets are under 100 calories per portion
  • The packets come in strips of five but can easily be torn off to be eaten on the go, to be used in sandwiches etc
  • 100% chicken
  • Tastes great


  • None that I can see


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