Tuesday, 5 September 2017

In August I've been...

what I got up to in august

August is special as it's my birthday month - and this year brought a very special birthday indeed - my 30th!

I took 3 days off work to make it extra special and tried to pack as much in August as I could. Whilst it wasn't as warm and sunny as I'd hoped there was still some nice days and I enjoyed catching up with friends and family. Here's what I got up to this month.

visiting dreamland for my birthday

Visiting Dreamland
Dreamland reopened in 2015 and was quite frankly a disappointment. The Scenic Railway hadn't yet reopened and the rides were severely lacking. Time is of course a healer and the park in 2017 looks very different with lots of rides and things to do. The prices have gone up to match too - shame.

watching 42nd street

Seeing 42nd street 
I was lucky enough to win two tickets to 42nd street - the brand new musical to hit the west end. I went on my birthday and was in awe at the endless glamour, energetic dancing and amazing costumes. A real show stopper!

feeding the ducks

Visiting a country park with my friend 
I don't get to see my friend much as she's busy with her family so it was nice to see her on a recent day off. We went to a local country park where we played in the park, swung on the swing, fed the ducks and caught up over a pack of Mccoy's. Don't worry we're not too crazy she does have a child ;)

going on a shopping spree

Heading on a shopping spree 
I got lots of gift vouchers for Primark (my favourite shop don't you know!) and new look so headed off to my local town for a shopping spree. I picked up lots of gems including jeans, tops, makeup and lots more!


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