Friday, 25 May 2012

MyFace Slinky Matte Eyeliner

MyFace slinky matte eyeliner comes in a attractive white tube that really stands out with its black lettering on a white background.

The eyeliner is a liquid consistency that instantly flows from the brush nib so there is no messing around with trying to get the colour onto the eyelid.

I felt that it created a really nice dark line that dried really quickly and had a lot of pigment in it.

Eyeliner is of course a completely versatile tool in which you can create a huge number of looks, such as cat eyes or straight and simple. See this guide for more details.The colour is very long lasting and is as bold as it was when it was first applied many hours later. Thumbs up!

For it's simplicity and bold colour I will give this eyeliner 4/5.

  • Flows onto the eyelid so easily
  • Bold, dark colour
  • Long lasting
  • None! 
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