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Lottie London Slay All Day in Werk It review

lottie london slay all day lip kit in werk it review

What the brand says
A new must have from the Lottie London collection - a velvety smooth liquid lipstick with a long lasting lip liner that helps to define the lips.

The lip kit is currently available in four shades; Dusky Berry (Werk It), Vintage Berry (Fleek), Terracotta and Brown (Hey Bae).

The Lowdown
 So when I first picked this up I actually thought 'Werk It' was a dark red shade. In reality   it's more of a nude pink brown.

Slay All Day lip kit has a liquid lipstick and accompanying lip liner in a similar shade. Unfortunately I have to say I did not like the lip liner at all. When I first opened the lip liner the  liner tip broke completely and I had to sharpen it before I could even use it. The formula is really dry and thick and when I drew around my lips the result was lumpy and uneven. I tried a number of times to get a smoother line but it wasn't having any of it, I can't say I've ever tried a lip liner with a formula as poor as this one.

lottie london slay all day lip kit in werk it swatch

The liquid lipstick on the other hand fares a little better. Despite not being a fan of nudes I quite like this shade, I think the subtle pink undertone makes it standout a bit more then a typical nude brown. It applies quite smoothly and surprisingly for a liquid lipstick doesn't really feel drying at all. It has a matte finish. The overall effect of Werk It is quite subtle and it adds a bit of colour without making it look completely obvious you're wearing lipstick. The lip liner is a close match to the shade of the lipstick but because it's so thick and hard to manage, it does look quite obvious you're wearing a lip liner up close. In terms of longevity the lipstick didn't last very long, probably around 2-3 hours. The lip liner also faded pretty quickly.

This lip kit is a bit hit and miss. If you're buying a lip kit you're expecting both products to look and go well together. The lip liner in my opinion is a complete miss and is only good for the bin. I'm not sure if I got a defective product or what but I'm not impressed. The lipstick on the other hand is a lot nicer, feels nice on the lips and has a really smooth application.

I give it 2/5

Grab it for £5.95 at Beauty Expert

before and after lottie london slay all day lip kit in werk it


  • Werk It is a nice pink brown nude that is great to wear if you don't want to make it too obvious you're wearing lipstick
  • The lipstick has a non drying formula and is comfortable to wear


  • The lip liner formula is dry and hard to manoeuvre
  • The lip liner is also really lumpy and it's quite hard to get a smooth line 
  • The lipstick and lip liner do not stay put for very long


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