Thursday, 22 June 2017

Collection Gorgeous Glow Blush Block review

collection gorgeous glow blush block review

What the brand says
Get a gorgeous glow with Collection's highly pigmented blusher bricks. Available in 2 formats - 1 blusher and 2 bronzer. The palettes contain easy to blend shades and have a gorgeous shimmery finish.

The Lowdown 
The blusher brick has 5 shades - orange/pink, ivory, orange/brown, light brown and pink. The colour palette of this blush is quite complex and I had trouble working out exactly what colour each shade was!

collection gorgeous glow blush block shades

Running through each shade is a gorgeous gold glittery undertone which makes the colours a lot more 3 dimensional (the picture doesn't pick this up). When swatched I found each shade is quite light and subtle but has a gorgeous highlight running through it. Whilst it's been designed to be used as a blusher it can definitely be used as a highlighter palette as well.

collection gorgeous glow blush block swatch
For the warmest look I swept my brush into all of the shades and applied to my face. The effect is very light and subtle and gives quite a natural glow.

before and after collection gorgeous glow blush block

Grab it for £4.19 at Superdrug


  • The product can be used as a blusher or a highlighter palette
  • Each shade has a gorgeous gold glow running through it
  • Gives a really natural glow to your face so it's not obvious you're wearing blusher 


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