Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Avon Irresistibly sexy put to the test

As a Avon lady I have the advantage of seeing a Avon catalogue every month and finding all the latest beauty products available.

The new mascara Irresistibly Sexy was on offer as a new promotion and looked perfect with the aim of adding volume to lashes through its unique fibre enhanced under-wire brush.

Having never seen a underwired mascara before I wasn't sure what to expect and didn't think it'd look much different to normal.

The mascara comes in a very cute pink tube with a simple label of Irresistibly Sexy. Inside was the unique brush they had mentioned in the catalogue. Whilst a normal mascara brush tends to be just one straight line this was twisted in a spiral shape.

Applying the mascara with the unique underwired brush meant it was a lot easier to get into the corners of my eyes and apply it to the little lashes that normally get missed. I can't really say it added much more volume then a traditional mascara did but it didn't clump and my lashes looked defined and with 2x increase on my natural lashes.

With a price of £8.50 this mascara fits in with the region of most high street brands. It is made unique through its underwired brush which really helps get into the corners of your eyes and apply to the little lashes but it doesn't give quite as much volume as it claims.

I'll give it a 4/5 for it's original factor

  • Fibre enhanced
  • Unique underwired brush
  • Easy to get into the corners of your eyes and apply to the smaller lashes
  • Non clump formula
  • Defines lashes
  • Adds 2x volume
  • Like most mascaras there result wasn't as dramatic as the claim of 4x increased volume

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